The nurse, the married man, and the minister

The inclusion of the dissident BJP legislator M.P. Renukacharya into the B.S. Yediyurappa council of ministers despite the charges against him, has been roundly condemned by the media and civil society.

Now, the woman at the centre of the alleged “sexual harassment” case, nurse Jayalakshmi, has taken to the streets, questioning how the chief minister could induct such a man and demanding that he be dropped.

The facts of the case, so far, are:

# The lady herself released pictures of the married minister kissing her in 2007 claiming she was his victim.

# She said the minister was forcing her to marry him against her wishes, and filed a petition before the state women’s commission.

# A non-bailable warrant was issued against Renukacharya as he was absconding.

# In the middle of all this, the minister said he had at least 500 pictures of Jayalakshmi in compromising positions. Some of these pictures made their way to the media.

# Jayalakshmi who alleged the minister tried to kill her, is reported to have made two attempts to commit suicide.

# She says the minister owes a “huge amount of money“.

The power minister K.S. Eswarappa says Jayalakshmi should shut up and keep quiet because she herself is not above blame when she was going around with a married man.

Does the nurse have a case?


Photograph: Nurse Jayalakshmi (centre) with members of women’s organisations staging a dharna at the Town Hall in Bangalore on Thursday demanding resignation of minister M.P. Renukacharya (Karnataka Photo News)

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22 Responses to “The nurse, the married man, and the minister”

  1. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The quality of the images you put out is getting bettter all the time. Make them enlargeable. That way the politicians can be seen as even more clownish than they do now.

  2. Vishala Manassu Says:

    Saree pallu and dupatta .
    Adjusting them itself takes so much of time.
    Over that long untied hairs.

    Whatever they are protesting for can easily be turned towards them.

    High time females out of houses do something about their dresses.
    With panchey replaced with trousers men are better equipped when out of houses.

    Wearing these unscientific dresses everywhere and every ocassion makes them look lousy and slavish.

  3. whocares Says:

    what happened to Radhika , post delivery.

    Is the father of her CHILD still seeing HER. Any updates on the HUGE unaccounted MONEY found at her residence.

    we need to expose politicians from all parties.

    Congress had the octagerian N.D.Tiwari .

    Jd – KUMARANNA , now the Bjp’s Renukacharya.

    RK hegde had a pair of TWINS after a liason with a aspiring dancer.
    Alva was famous for womanising.
    Patel was quite open on his fondness for WOMEN.
    Karunanidhi has married thrice.
    NTR had a concubine.

  4. sathya Says:

    Jayalaksmiya horaaTakke Jaya sigali. Maneya/svanthada vishaya beedige baruvantaadudu durdaiva. Matte inthe krityagalalli toDaguva modalu adara saadhaka-baadhakagaLa bagge arivirabeku.

  5. Prashanth Says:

    @Vishala Manassu

    Looks like u have done enough “Scientific” study on this dress code(per se)….

    Comeon man…be true to yr name!!!

  6. RaviKirana Says:

    ‘Neecha Kantri’ ee Sati Savithri na yenakappa kenakide. Ahh neenu poli pudari na ? Hagadare Ninnadalla tappu

    These days Yakshagana is getting high tech. The dudes essaying female roles can almost pass off as a woman. Like this one..

    Shurpanaka among the bought monkeys. Must be a good show to watch..

  7. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    @Whocares:Unfortunately,Yeddy s name is missing from your list.To add few Ram Vilas Paswan,Basavaraj Horatti,anyway the list is endless.

  8. Vishala Manassu Says:

    Of course. All my life. Indian women are worst dressed to protest. Any doubts or questions?

  9. Vasanth Says:

    There is only personal interest in the protest.
    The lady wanted to oust Renukacharya for her her personal gains.
    The society must be cautious in supporting people like Jayalakshmi. She had affair with him for luring money for her personal gains not for doing anything good for the society.
    let her sort out her problem on her own.

  10. Kennedy Says:

    Jayalaxmi affair apart, Renukacharya has been a scum. And BJP is now a party of scum bags. This BJP Govt is the party’s worst ever in the whole country and Yedi’s men are setting new benchmarks.

  11. mankuTimma Says:

    @Vishala Manassu

    What does saree have to do anything with protests?? I dont understand.. :)

  12. Vishala Manassu Says:


    Sarees specially tied like above are meant for slow moving ones.
    With chinese imports and printed odd textiles with chemicals due to our globalized opened economy, harm skin.

    All these eventually lead to weak energy levels and subconscious inferiority complex.
    Moreover sarees allow you to grow every part without any restrictions ultimately leading to arthritis and slip discs which is most common disease of middle aged women.
    How can you protest in such circumstances?

    Adjusting sarees and untied hair invariably become nature’s calls.
    How do you protest amidst these?

  13. Tarlemaga Says:

    Jayalaxmi is the head of nursing college in KL and owns a software house as well there…..

    Would like to know who sponsored this ? Is it the Opposition ? She has trapped Renukacharya…..If you are a vamp, be a vamp…don’t try to be a sati savitri….bad for you….

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Wouldnt have happened if this neecha renuka had not gone fishing with his dick. What is the point in blaming the nurse after the idiot politician let her take photos of their raasa leele.

  15. ponnaps Says:

    this will definitely get lot of sympathy for JL…Congress will field JL in upcoming assembly elections against Renuka..riding on the sympathy wave she will go on to win and also be made Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj and Mysore district in-charge by next CM of Cong led govt…

    next renuka will stage revenge dhikkara dharna with his cronies wearing unscientific lungi/panche made from chinese textiles and seeking JL ouster hoping history will repeat itself…

    renuka will get skin skin afflictions becos of excessive dharna in above mentioned unsceintific manner and will be admitted to same nursing home he helped JL setup..JL will then out of sympathy and for sake of good ol’ times nurse renuka back to health and love will blossom again and they will make public statement that both have forgotten and forgiven each other…both will live happily ever after..

    ofcourse finally will follow a sandalwood movie what with such a fantastic script at hand….i can almost hear the song go “acharya I love you, karunaada melaane….”

  16. Raj Says:

    Who else can induct a a sex-tainted minister? sex tainted chief minister himself

  17. Kennedy Says:

    Tarlemaga – KL andhre Kuala Lumpur?

    I have seen this guy on a flight to KL from Bangalore once.

  18. NS Rao Says:

    The nurse’s curse!!

  19. Ramesh H Says:

    I don’t know why Renukacharya kissed the “nurse” after having crores of corrupt money which could have brought him better women.

  20. Ramasankar Says:

    I am from Malaysia and was involved in the business setup for this lady Jayalakshmi. She was introduced to me by a BJP politician from Bangalore who funded the IT Company by sending her Rs.50 lakhs. There is no Nursing Collge as stated in her statement. She came to Malaysia and cheated a few of us and is wanted by the Malaysian Police for forgery. I have the police report with me and anyone interested pls email me and I can be contacted at +60166010507.

    My email add is

  21. twistleton Says:

    Is it me, or does this lady look like the female version of Renukacharya?

  22. AdithyaHK Says:

    Yikes! The nurse is in the bigg boss house to give flue shots or do we get to see snapshots like the one with Renuka, EWWW!

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