When did 328 become greater than 1,00,000?

KIRAN RAO BATNI writes: It’s a pity our friends in the English media have become such baavi kappegal* that they assume that the English medium CBSE education system is equivalent to the nation’s education system, as Vineeta Pandey assumes in her DNA story here.

So let’s have the the data speak for itself.

According to the 2008-9 CBSE annual report (page 113), there are only 328 CBSE schools in Karnataka. Contrast this with the more than 100,000 schools affiliated to the Karnataka state department of education, and it’s easy to see how wrong the English media is.

In Karnataka, Kannada medium schools attract 82% of the total number of schoolchildren, and 77% of all the schools in Karnataka are directly run by the government of Karnataka (a further 6% run from government aid).

Only 8% schoolchildren go to English medium schools in Karnataka.

This makes it clear that the central government plays no significant role in the education system of Karnataka.

Nor do English medium schools, nor does the CBSE board, nor do private schools in general.

This is the story of pretty much every other state of India, too. Hence, the nation’s education system is everything but what the English media tells you it is.

Can someone tell me what makes the English media believe that 1,00,000 is less than 328? How did 328 come to define the nation’s education system and how did 1,00,000 come to be neglected in the nation’s education system?

Is this only arithmetic dysfunction or the propaganda of an unholy nexus? Or is this just a case of what the English media prefers were the case because CBSE schools are basically English medium schools whose children would tend to read English newspapers which they sell? In any case, shall we request that data be considered holier?


*Note: baavi = well, kappegalu = frogs (I’ve eliminated the usual “u” from “kappegalu” so that “kappegal” and the next word “that” can form a Kannada-English sandhi, making it easier to read, as happens in Kannada speech. The term baavi kappegalu connotes frogs in the well which believe that the well is all there is to the world.


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24 Responses to “When did 328 become greater than 1,00,000?”

  1. chavakiran Says:

    Great Post.
    Anyhow Telugu will always be blind, another way of putting I lost hopes in Telugu education system :)

  2. Vishala Manassu Says:

    I really don’t understand why Kannada medium is not brought fully into effect – for even higher studies like Engineering and Medicine. Look at how many we can employ and educate by such a process. Integrate different fields of higher sciences.
    Bring out readable books natively and then see why will we lack eminent scientist!!

    Why are we not among China, Germany, France and Russia and always enslaved by Britons who have some coasts of America, Australia and Africa and India and are busy telling stories of Victoria secrets.

    I studied in CBSE but I bat for local medium for the logic and reason so obvious behind it.

    Why can’t we listen to some words of our own son of soil kannada medium CNR Rao who is continuously working for science who also headed CBSE and doing wonderful works even now.

    For those who bat for democracy and all mediums should have fair chance – The problem with such a rule would be non uniformity and a few getting more oppurtunities than others, Teachers flocking to those anglic schools and loss of nativity.

    Even in software this is happening. While NRN and kins are busy buying Microsoft and making sure the kannada is absolutely out of most of softwares while there are other alternatives to operate the computer fully on their own native language like Russians and Japanese. Some of best coders are from these countries . Still NRN and followers want American presence which Karnataka and Maharadhtra have dutifully agreed. This is a very harmful practice begging to be stopped immediately.

    It’s disgusting to follow Supreme court’s order holding 82% under kannada medium.
    and Kapil Sibal should be hanged right front of parliament for his 3-language theory again . His own kins would be in some international school sans Hindi .

    We need to have our own medium with a few optionals.

  3. Alok Says:

    er… I think the CBSE schools are the only ones that the Centre can directly regulate since the State Boards are under the control of the State Government and the others are independent boards. The Centre can’t be telling the States how to run their schools and how to hold exams for them.

    It’s in the constitution. Look it up.

  4. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    I only hope and pray that the media personnel, English as well as Indian language types, get educated first, learn not to suspend their judgement, and understand issues they write about.

  5. Yella Ok Says:

    Kiran – I agree wiht the spirit in your article. Though someone doing a plain reading would miss it – probably the author meant that changing the CBSE system would lead to changing of systems across the nations. Hence the way it was written. But I agree – the English media in bengaluru suffers from myopia and tunnel vision.

    And I am not sure that there are only 328 CBSE schools in karnataka. Though you are right that whatever that number is, it is much smaller than 100,000.

    Further in English kappegalU makes for better reading than without the U.

  6. rangegowda Says:

    antha nam kannadane jaasthi ide english gintha

  7. Prasanna Surathkal Says:

    A good piece of information this. Thanks for highlighting this point. I too studied in Kannada medium for my primary education in Bangalore. But the attendance had started declining at that time itself (1989 onwards). Many private schools like the ones I studied had to be closed down then onwards.

    The problem with Kannada medium supporters is that most of them do not send their children to Kannada medium themselves. And how can they make anyone believe their words?

  8. shanks Says:

    Can we have some statistics on how many from these 77+6% schools and from English Medium private schools and cbse schools go to engineering or medicine and how many to BA/B.Com etc.,

    I am NOT SITTING IN JUDGEMENT about the cources as to which is better than other.

    Should we have info on this may be the discussion will be much more complete

  9. vasant Says:

    82% is fine.. but how effective is the science and maths thought in Kannada in kannada medium schools ?
    Here is an example:
    ಇದರ ಅರ್ಥ ಹೇಳಿ, ಬಹುಮಾನ ಗೆಲ್ಲಿ :)

  10. Priyank Says:


    Good thoughts.
    I always wondered why our schools don’t use “kaLeyuvudu” instead of “vyavakalana”.

  11. Basavaraj Vannur Says:

    KIRAN RAO BATNI should have been concerned about the intentions and the idea behind the article in DNA.

    Rather than KIRAN is more interested in showing some state pride here.

    My simple question – why can’t you force K’taka education minister to think on these lines.

    That’s the constructive way of looking at it!

  12. Kiran Rao Batni Says:

    @ Vishala Manassu

    There are a few roadblocks to be cleared before Kannada can become the language of higher education. At Banavasi Balaga, we are working on some of them. If you’re willing to contribute, let me know.

    @ Alok

    It is wrong to use the term “the nation’s education system” to describe only those schools which “the Centre can directly regulate”.

    @ Yella Ok

    To believe that “changing the CBSE system would lead to changing of systems across the nations” too is believing that that system is the heart of the nation’s education system — which is wrong.

    I have quoted the reference for the number 328 on KARNATIQUE. Please check page 113 in this report: http://www.cbse.nic.in/publications/ar/CBSE%20Annual%20Report%202008-09-3.pdf

    @ Prasanna Surathkal

    At Banavasi Balaga, most of us are sending our children to Kannada medium schools. This is not out of blind abhimaana but out of an unfaltering belief in the scientific fact that mother-tongue is the best medium of instruction.

    @ Basavaraj Vannur

    I’m not sure I understand your question. What would I tell the edn minister? That the English media has erred? And what would he do to set things right? Why hasn’t he done that already, if there is anything he can do at all?

  13. Suresh Hiremath Says:

    Even in our villages we can find some English medium schools. I have fear that all the people in villages will start to send their children to these schools. Because I saw these things in front of me.People are thinking in nowadays that without English we can’t survive. But we should ensure them about their misunderstanding.

  14. Vishala Manassu Says:

    Well thanks for the offer.

    Well many associations who work keep on working till the end because the top of abstraction itself would be aberration.

    The problem with such works is the independence linked to it. I went through some of the works which you people are doing , but they look like part time.
    Even if we assume you are into full time can it be a wave of Jnanpith awardees whose conglomeration wouldn’t make it till now even with abhaya of someone like Devaraj Urs a few decades ago!
    I saw some of KaRaVe men being taught by Chief Justices of Court folding their hands. Did you see what they did now?

    The whole system is woven such that it will lead us nowhere and we will just go into some gutter after a while.
    Now the latest trend is to tell that they did mistakes.
    1. Judiciary
    Every now and then we hear Yeddy having done mistakes .
    3. Executive.
    What to tell about our RTO’s.

    1.So foremost step is to come out of notion of considering Supreme Court to be supreme.
    2.Stopping flow of funds to central government instead keep all taxes here. We can make direct deals with defence (our nation or even international ones like israel ) if need arise. That way we can stop seeing the melodrama played by CM and PM that we asked they didn’t give ; we gave they didn’t take .
    3.Next step is to leave everyone landless. That way we can end the biggest menace of Karnataka. Sans Gowda and Reddy Karnataka will be a big state. That means no one will have any piece of land . Government will decide the utility of land of whole state with the available water resources. Stopping urbanization but developing basic infrastructure of every part.
    4.Next to make all govt transactions cashless. like free education and health as it’s all done in european countries.Britain is just the size of Karnataka.

    Now the medium can be touched.

    If you agree and are prepared let me know.

  15. Kiran Rao Batni Says:

    @ Vishala Manassu

    // The whole system is woven such that it will lead us nowhere and we will just go into some gutter after a while. //

    That’s the definition of all problems. Problem-solving requires one to think of re-weaving the system and doing everything it takes so as to not land in the gutter!

    I’m afraid I cannot fully comprehend what you’re asking me to agree with or be prepared for.

    And – I have taken your response to my offer as a No :-)

  16. Vishala Manassu Says:

    I just pointed out the things which are to be done first before going to the medium part. Any building needs to have a solid foundation first.

    I am not negative. I am just pointing out through my reasoning and thorough check of failure of previous struggles which our greats did.
    At the end in one interview I heard even someone like PoornaChandra Tejaswi and ilks doing a detailed talk and failing to reach a consensus.
    Audio at http://sampada.net/podcasts/1

    As far as reweaving of system is concerned I think instead of keeping on repairing the century old continuously patched and torn dress which at the first place was forcibly made to wear; it’s better we start weaving a new dress apt for our genre and climate.

    So let us not again start from scratch and remain at scratch.

    I hope now you can comprehend.

  17. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    I am sure many people want to educate their kids in English mediuma schools. Lack of such schools make them send to Kannada schools.
    It is very clear people with English education have more jobs and can climb the social ladder etc.

    It is also true many countries in the world use their mother tongue to educate their people. These countries are also obsessed with “Knowing/Speaking English” syndrome and in the process spend millions of dollars. China is fast catching up with English. Chinese below 20 years of age can communicate in English atleast in the cities.

    The best education and best way to nurture children’s skills and creativity is educating in their own mother tongue. At the same time English should also be taught from primary school 1st grade.

  18. tsubba Says:

    i have observed this curious trend. mostly a engineer – non-engineer type of dichotomy. by engineer, i mean not just somebody who is one by degree, but by impulse. although training and schooling typically biases the impulse.

    main point. the typical engineer identifies a problem and proposes a solution, begins to work towards it. the typical non-engineer, is curious about what the engg guy is doing. he will go and ask, enri maaDthidieeri, once he figures out, he says you are solving a limited problem, the REAL problem is bigger and unless the complete ‘system’ is overhauled, the problem you are trying to solve cannot be solved.

    like duh einstein!!! for every problem there is a bigger problem. that is a given. what are you going to do about it? do you have a solution, that is implementable and right here right now?

    too many people are scared to look ugly and out of grace. they would rather suffer, and continue suffering while theorizing that the entire field is littered with rocks, rather than roll up their sleeves and move the bothersome rock that they are facing right now.

  19. Vishala Manassu Says:

    The problem with problem solvers is they are confined to limited boundaries of problem. On paper it’s great to score but when real, while out of that boundary if they dare see they can see a vicious circle which is continously pumping problems for them to solve.

    I agree I ask like “enri maaDthiddeeri” because
    because I dare to time travel ;
    because I would not do what a local pwd engineer is doing for Shiradi Ghatta highway offering salutation to his higher officers for decades while he himself knows he is among the victims.
    because I am not a manuvaadi to categorize people into engineer and non engineer.

    More of a truist. Obvious truth has indeed become a curious trend to follow alve.

    “do you have a solution, that is implementable and right here right now?”
    This is like asking for masturbation. instant relief?
    A non-co-operation movement taught to masturbating men obviously would never make sense again throwing it as duh Gandhi as they did for duh Einstein.
    Small suggestion for relief : Take all educating fraternity off govt schools and start non co-operation till you get medium. It wouldn’t be that difficult.
    Vishveshwara Hegade Kageri -our own education minister – is a bright example. His children goto Kannada Medium Govt schools.
    But will it solve problems. Not sure. There are hundreds who can turn psyche of Kageri if such move comes across for the sake of some or the other gain and they are all in the capitol.
    Whole of Karnataka without Bangalore can become Kannada Medium but only when capital becomes it has some weight. I can even dare changing capital.

    non-cooperation thwarted as gandhi class ; continuous non-cooperation to indriya distraction is what purushartha is else what does medium hold –
    languages are just a matter of sound and vibrations; just put a vibration and move on buddy as long as it makes sense. Who bothers about forced vibrations bothering the psyche? Only sense matters right. Birds , Animals , amphibians don’t fight over frequencies. 6 billion sapiens are no match for their count. Why not follow them it’s much better than unpunished ‘bo*udi’ – the effect of vibration of a single word which can cause for whole problem solving manukula. Press is solving by publishing articles of disgrace; people are trying to tell him how wrong he is and all;
    while everybody knows the old bugger is just playing mind games to get his share of 4000 * 2 crores for benaami land – I normally look at fixing that.

    It’s been 6 decades since we did one of such movements for independence and some decades later at Gokak; the whole century before it was just problem solving.

  20. tsubba Says:

    sir problem with theory-walas is that they assume that only they have a complete grasp of and a final say in how the problem is defined. in your case, can you tell me what makes your problem definition complete/superior to other related problem statements? to be blunt why have you arrogated the wisdom/mastery/knowledge to define the problem in its entirety? does it occur to you that to your super problem their could be a meta problem? and you are doing is itself piecemeal/masturbation?

  21. Vishala Manassu Says:

    competition is something which immature do to define and prove something in entirety. fortunately or unfortunately my ignorance has gone past that blissful stage. here my views are open. as poornachandra tejaswi says and i quote
    “ondu abhipraayakke thaali kattidavarange aadidre enartha” -In a dialogue you should change your opinion if you are convinced.
    if you can enlighten me of the meta problem which would completely defeat my opinion i would be blessed to stop my ignorance.

    so no competition .I add no compromises to it.

    in a hierarchy if we place ourselves at a level where we are only allowed to selectively cut our independence in a dialogue then it becomes a repeated monologue ringing harmonics and obviously die down with resistance from outer world.
    Jump the hierarchy without competing. how? void the opposition.
    Just that when you find no opposition it’s just ripe to bring to practice.
    Now you are rightfully in a position to see problem in entirety and solve it.

    When you call me a piecemeal you may be correct for everything can be statically placed at some point in the abstraction of evolution but when the abstraction itself is dynamic !!! I still strongly feel that you are talking the piecemeals of 25+. Time travelling I feel the ignorant previous quarter needs a lot of care and affection.

  22. tsubba Says:

    sure sure, we ought to learn and that is why we come here. you dont have to invoke the might of tejaswi* to establish the validity of that truism.

    i am too lazy to posit a meta theory on provocation. but your own post prolly has some of the elements which such a theory might possibly contain, nature of language and man and what not. i dont care.

    my point being all that is distracting and results in making the problem so complicated that it is not solvable, worse it even deprives the immediate relief that a piecemeal approach can provide. for example take people like vandana shiva etc., they go on chasing all related and “causal” issues and end up spreading themslves so thin, that while they make a good market for themselves amongst the elite academic circles and cocktail circuits world over, they have near zero direct impact on the ground. their understanding of the problem becomes so global (as in spread out) and high level that they cant solve the real problems of real people. for all her hardwork what does medha patkar have to show in terms of relief to people she was fighting for? she got into the spell of roy et al, went on redefining the problem, took one maximal position after the other, at the end what does she have to show for in real measurable terms? the much maligned modi has more to show in terms of relief. ofcourse one can always argue that modi ended up thinking about the relief only because of the issues highlighted by her. i’m not convinced completely. i tend to believe in the truism that correlation does not imply causation.

    i have seen similar things happen to people around me. well meaning people who start off simple, get too intellectual and theoretical and completely loose their bearings and star creating problems for the very people they set out to help.

    anycase, i’m done here. i’m not invested in winning you or anybody else over. thanks for the discussion though.

    *interestingly, i have been reading tejaswi recently. very interesting guy, he. he used his feudal roots in a very interesting way. PTL/shas3 if you are reading this, any thoughts on that? i dont know enough to say if his prognosis of the ills of real and imaginary towns in malnad anticipated current developments, or if he was merely localizing theories developed much earlier. in either case, very interesting guy. at the very least honest enough to realize that he din’t know all the answers and candid enough to accept when his theories fell flat.

  23. Vishala Manassu Says:

    measurability and accountability of a ecofeminist!!
    to put medha, roy and vandana in one and Modi and DG on the other is a form of narrow chauvinism. missing sonia though.
    even then not a single building in the whole world may be built completely by women but all men are built in womb of women though a few make six months record :) – not that i belong to any category of menism/feminism.
    i still see to measure the human aspects comparing with much larger ecosystem-a much bigger universe by saying “correlation does not imply causation” is not a wise argument.

    statements like i am done and not here winning anybody
    (without any competition) shows the comfort of relief that a problem solver has at stretch of his hand- ease of creating competitions, classes – not that it was his intention but the nebula where the bigwigs are polarizing small milky ways under some other abstraction which is nothing but one more theory – just that it’s followed not that it’s convincing.

    the time you start penning a comment interests me.
    the universe of our thoughts is nothing but our evolution, if our own heights scare us ,capitalized letters scare ; safe assumption is relief is not at all worth and natural evolution is a favourable option.

    “i have seen similar things happen to people around me”
    People who are futuristic and wholistic always have tobe careful to evade the cobweb of problem solvers around them . the problem solvers tend to end these illegitimate ones of today even if it were to create a sense of exclusion.
    A delicate trend of balance between them can make the best out of them.

  24. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    How exactly do those eighty-two percent learning in Kannada navigate life in a country where corporate greed has run amok?

    As a Kannadiga, I want for children to have a reason to speak Kannada and study in Kannada. Otherwise we are conferring third-class status on them.

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