Now, what will those fools do with these kids?

She carries the reputation of being a hotheaded motor mouth. But say what you will, the Kannada actress Ramya nee Divya Spandana has her heart where it should be.

While the self-proclaimed soldiers of Lord Rama were wreaking vengeance on those celebrating Valentine’s Day by forcing them to tie the rakhi, the bubbly star was greeting children suffering from cancer at the Kidwai institute of oncology on February 14.

Photo-op for her newly released film?

Maybe, but so what?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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Like, bombers get scared looking at bombshells?

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9 Responses to “Now, what will those fools do with these kids?”

  1. Uday Shetty Says:

    Ignorance is the best medicine. Media people must ignore Mutalik and his so called sena. I don’t think they have understood or read Ramayan or Hindu culture.
    They are un-employed and publicity mongers and they got what they wanted by media. There must be a federal law to monitor what media publishes since media always played key role in disturbing communal harmony in India in recent years specifically some left thinking channels like NDTV/TV9/IBN-CNN..and some leftist news papers.

  2. kunal kulkarni Says:

    at least she shows some love and kindness to poor children unlike other thugs.

  3. Rohit Says:

    It seems Ramya is living alone still!!

  4. poli hudga Says:

    It seems she is celebrating SAD day (“Singles Awareness (or Appreciation) Day”), follow link for more,

  5. Rajesh R Says:

    Wow what a photo session!!!

  6. shanks Says:

    who doesn’t need “exposure” today on media? what happened with Amir Khan (Chetan Bhagat’s episode), SRK (MNIK), politicians of all hue and cry, sportsmen going to special schools for differently able kids etc.,

    so why point out Ramya, she is an actor and hogs for limelight nothing wrong

    For heaven sake have good blogs worth debating. If you come in front of me I can point out at least 100 mistakes in you. Stop it, lets debate on issues and policies.

  7. Truth matters Says:

    Now, what will those fools do with these kids?

    I would not allow those fools anywhere near kids. Those fools that are dangerous sexual perverts who take out their frustration on anybody. I fear for the kids’ safety with “those fools” around. Remember last year, when they went after helpless girls in Mangalore?

    Of late, Ramya is growing up. She is not just a bimbo, but someone with a heart, if not a head. That she could think of spending half a day with children (something they will cherish) is very touching.

    I wish and pray that all “those fools” would be struck by cancer and die, instead of those kids in Kidwai.

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Nam golden star bagge yen-yeno baribedro, illandhre bejarmadkondthare nam guru Ramya.

  9. sudhir Says:

    Why are you connecting two unrelated issues? Rama Sene fighting Valentine’s day and Ramya visiting kids ailing from cancer? I can understand a newspaper doing it. Churumuri need not

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