Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai & Journalism

Amitabh Bachchan, who only eight months ago confessed he wanted to be a journalist in his next life, continues to have problems with those practising the craft in their current life.

Four months ago, the BBC’s “star of the millennium” was in a tug-of-war with Abhijit Mazumder of MiD-DaY. Earlier this week, he had problems with Kaveree Bamzai of India Today.

Today Bachchan, who played the conscientious media baron Vijay Harshvardhan Malik in Rann two weeks ago, is sparring with The Times of India group and Meenal Baghel of Mumbai Mirror.

The tabloid from the Bennett, Coleman stable, issued free with The Times of India in Bombay, ran a story attributed to “Mumbai Mirror Bureau” on his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai allegedly having problems in conceiving due to stomach tuberculosis.

“It’s no secret that Aishwarya is 37, and she isn’t getting any younger. But it now comes to light that the reason for her inability to bear a child at the moment is because she has been suffering from stomach tuberculosis for a while. Says a source, ‘The medication Aishwarya is taking for her stomach ailment is hampering her from getting pregnant. Until the tuberculosis is fully cured, she is unlikely to risk a pregnancy’,” reads the operative portion from the story.

Aishwarya Rai denied the story on the day it appeared, calling it false and fabricated, which the paper carried in full.

Now, Bachchan, who, according to Mumbai Mirror, is said to have described the ailment as rich man’s TB on his blog, has blogged back against the “soiled and unworthy piece of garbage” in post number 669, demanding an apology and a retraction for the “debased journalism”.

“The unprofessional and slanderous nature of this article in such an esteemed and respected newspaper as the Mumbai Mirror is deeply disturbing. It brings the author of this article into disrepute. It brings the editor that published this article into disrepute. It brings this particular newspaper into disrepute.

“Due to the illicit nature of this slander, I request a retraction and full apology. The full apology comprises the names of the individual journalist and chief editor, the journalist’s and editor’s unqualified retraction and refutation of the contents of thearticle, the apology should be addressed to both Aishwarya Rai Bachchan first and specifically, and also to the Bachchan family in general.

“The apology is to be printed on the first page of the entertainment section of the Mumbai Mirror on the same page, in the same size print, and including the signatures of the aforementioned journalist and editor and an immediate donation of a sum of (amount to be decided by members of my extended family of the blog) to a national charitable foundation of your choosing that supports those who suffer fromtuberculosis and an article in your newspaper highlighting its work.”

Newspaper screenshot: courtesy Mumbai Mirror

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9 Responses to “Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai & Journalism”

  1. Anna Says:

    Maine shaanthi nahi maani hai….. starts his adda. Andre Jeevana fullu ashanthi.

    Wonder the Shehanshah can’t control himself . He will keep such long sms’es and keep writing lengthy blogs at nights. When he wants publicity about everything obviously those low class journalists of Mumbai will attack him. ( I am damn sure the doctors who treated would have got some hush money from Benett Coleman Co.)

    I think his paapa karma of hosting Miss World in Bangalore is seeing him through.
    Elli hogi sikki kondye Tulu penne?

    People should retire from public after a certain age. Ella naane maadtheeni andre heege aagodu. Probably he should remove his wig, show that he is grand ‘Paa’ and settle in some cool place like Manali or Ooty. Ivella bekitha?

    Meese gadda bili adru, tale baandli aadru budhdhi baralve. Aa DeveGowda magan haal maadida maga inyaranno maadida; ee bachchan nam hudgi Aishwaryanna haal madthane. Intha ‘Paa’ galinda desha haaLu.

  2. mouna Says:

    are such articles worth churumuri? i think not.
    any other page-3 type portal will deliver a rai bachchan story.

  3. mysore peshva Says:

    agreed, somebody needs to take on tabloid nonsense when our civil courts are useless.

    but mr. bachchan getting all touchy and jumpy is getting to be cumbersome.

    he must think cyberspace is made of celluloid, because his blog posts often read like a passionate/evocative dialogue from one of his films.

    by becoming a celebrity, mr. bachchan has placed himself in tabloid limelight. he shouldn’t expect to have it both ways.

    besides, he looks silly acting like a mother hen — aishwarya is a 37-year-old film professional, has kept a husband longer than many of her peers, and is famously trying to get pregnant. all of those facts suggest she is adult enough to rebut tabloid nonsense without mothering by her loquacious old father-in-law!

  4. Uday Shetty Says: people in India are just garbage. They write whatever comes to their mind when they are high with ganja at pubbu/dance baru. They don’t write anything about social issues. I’m really sick of reading papers and watching cable channels with breaking news!! Watch “Rann” movie everyone.

  5. ashwini prasad Says:

    Even i do agree these media are just garbage giving importance to sily news even i have stoped watching news chanels andi will read kannada news papers and magazines they are worth it.I am eager to watch ran because i leave in shajah.

  6. Kitapati Says:

    Male chauvinism. Why always blame the woman. Why not the man. Is he not responsible for conception.

  7. Vipul Says:

    looks like another controversy…..

  8. goldy Says:

    The Bachchan family is weird. When journos see Pa in law clutching at the waist, arms and other parts of his putri in law or soon to be in a raunchy number journos know they can take liberties with people who themselves take liberties. And junior AB sits their watching this filth. Its a sick family.

  9. ashley Says:

    Even i do agree these media are simply rubbish giving importance to sily information even i have stoped watching information chanels andi will read kannada news papers and magazines they’re price it.I’m keen to look at ran because i leave in shajah.

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