Another dastardly secular assault on a Hindu titan

From The Telegraph, Calcutta: “The day 20,000 marauders pounced on an aged saviour

“Around 2.30pm [on 28 February 2002], around 20,000 people baying for blood stormed the Gulbarg Housing society. Since the gates of the housing complex were shut and the boundary walls were high, the mob used gas cylinders, taken from houses plundered on the way, to blast the wall from the front and the rear. Once inside, the mob, armed with swords and tridents, killed whoever they could lay their hands on.

“Chanting “Jai Shri Ram”, the mob ringed Jafri’s bungalow and started screaming out his name. It was then that Jafri, realising that help would not come and that the lives of all the others were in danger, decided to give himself up.

“The septuagenarian leader offered to pay the mob to spare the lives of the Muslims. The moment he opened the door with the money, he was pounced upon and dragged out. The mob struck him down with a sword, cut off his hands, chopped off his legs and then set him ablaze. The remains of his body were never found.”

From The Times of India:

“Witnesses in the Gulbarg massacre trial, like Imtiyaz Pathan and Saira Sandhi, have told the riot court that they had heard [former Congress member of Parliament] Ahsan Jafri calling up [Gujarat chief minister] Narendra Modi for help when mobs had surrounded Gulbarg society, and that Modi had allegedly abused the ex-MP on phone. [Jafri’s widow] Zakia Jafri had filed the FIR in 2006, charging the Modi government of aiding and abetting the accused in the carnage that shook Gujarat between February 2002 and May, 2002.”

Infographic: courtesy The Telegraph, Calcutta

Also read: Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi.”

CHURUMURI POLL: Will the law catch up with Narendra Modi?

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35 Responses to “Another dastardly secular assault on a Hindu titan”

  1. 1st comment :) Says:

    Nailing him will set a precedent. But then nailing him will set a precedent. I don’t whether I should be happy that justice is being done finally or whether I should be sad that sitting chief ministers can be targetted by union governments is being institutionalised.

  2. huttadallihutta Says:

    Modi baiters will have a field day!!!

    Atta boy, go at him… go!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    That’s all the media could do?
    At least get call details of Ahsan Jafri’s phone and publish details like when was Modi called and how much time did the call last!

    Would the govt. have destoryed phone logs? or the telecom company does not store them? Wonder if Ms. Jafri has provided those info. to SC.?

  4. Hiker Says:

    UPA govt led by MMS (or is it Madam?) ignored intelligence warnings about sea borne attacks by Pakis. So let us file a case against MMS (or Madam).

  5. Anshuman Patel Says:


    ‘Modi baiters will have a field day!!!’ :). You are right. But what you missed is Modi Batters will also have a field day!

    So be it..we are all argumentative Indians, aren’t we?

  6. harkol Says:


    You can’t say Modi baiters don’t have a case?

    Here is the reality. I admire Modi. He seems non-corrupt and ultra efficient administrator, of the likes we don’t have many in India.

    But, I’d never like to have him raise up any higher than Gujrat (If possible not that too). There is a simple reason behind it.

    He refuses to own up to his mistake and promise not to repeat it. It can’t be anyones case that what happened for 6 months was something that was out of control of state machinery, and was only an emotional outburst of charged mob (6 months mind you)…

    His best way to silence all his critics, at once, was to apologize for that failure, and resign sighting accountability. If he had won back, he would have shown willingness to accept mistakes and learn, and that would’ve made most ‘modi baiters’ shut up.

    But, he (and BJP) keeps justifying it. It is just as ridiculous as congress justifying 1984 with ‘when a big tree falls…’. Wonder when BJP realizes by apologizing for loss of innocent lives, they aren’t going to loose anything (just as congress didn’t loose anything by apologizing for 1984).


    >sitting chief ministers can be targetted

    I hope this happens more often. In India, there has been a conspiracy of silent understanding between politicians, that they won’t let law catch any of them. This has been going on for long..

    In the past 10 or so years that has changed, we are better for it.. In fact, they should have a separate commission (in lines of election commission or empowered lokayukta – with a CBI like agency to investigate) & fast track Courts for handling cases pertaining to political, bureaucratic, judiciary and police, that can act swiftly and give judgement faster (instead of letting a Rathore or Sukhram die of old age)…

    Enough of political protections. Look how Lalu Yadav is being protected by Congress.



  7. Khan Says:

    What kind of mob churmuri collected recently, it is really sad. These will be part of the next terror mob, which lynch and kill another Jafri along with the children. They will have no remorse and come back baying for more here…..

  8. Anshuman Patel Says:


    >>’Wonder when BJP realizes by apologizing for loss of innocent lives, they aren’t going to loose anything’

    That may not be the case. Otherwise the moderate streak (led by Vajapayee, Jaswant Singh..) would have forced that issue and Modi/BJP would have apologised for the lapse in governance if not conscience.

    But methinks the core group of BJP must have resisted that temptation.

    – RSS has the ideological hold on BJP and no marks for guessing which way they tilted in this case.

    – Many of the foot soldiers/cadre/men on ground in BJP hold quite antagonistic views about Muslims and any act of apology or repentance would have hit their morale badly. Because most of them had/have their unshakeable moral conviction in this being a tit for tat reaction to Godhra.

    So BJP analysed the situation (cost-benefit analysis if you will) shrewdly and stuck to its guns I would think. Many of the fringe right (VHP, BD, SS) were already castigating BJP for their procrastination on Mandir issue and this apology would have convinced them that BJP is nothing but Congress with a different name. It would have been a grave loss to BJP given the strong current of Hindu Nationalism amongst its workers and voters.

    What would have been the gain for BJP if they were to apologise? A few thousand/lakh liberal votes? May be. Muslims? I guess not. Given the other baggage BJP is perceived to carry, I doubt if Muslims would start voting for it due to an apology of a specific event.

    So what do you think net-net? BJP made the ‘right’ decision – politically – by not apologising by clearly understanding its strength, weaknesses and positioning in the Indian political market. However was it morally a right decision to make? Personally I think it was not. They lost atleast one vote that I surely know:)

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Amazing Head Villager!

    Likewise Congress made a cost-benefit analysis after the Sikh pogrom and the ensuing Sikh riots. Two wrongs make a right? Please shine your ‘wisdom’ torch on the role played by Congress in handling the Sikh pogrom.

    Still at your tricks again?

  10. chappar Says:

    Seculars getting their orgasm now

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Good analysis. As long as winning elections is everything, cold calculations will prevail over anything else (against what you termed morality – I wouldn’t use that word, its too vague). The calculation of any politician will be – first gain power then think of other things. Blame it on us emotional Indian voters.


    I am not sure if churumuri cheddi posters will indulge in a pogrom.

    Here’s a thought, lets say there is a communal riot, and khan who presumably hasnt done anything, is stuck in the middle of a mob comprising of huttadalli, hiker et. al. Will they lynch and kill khan and his family just because they come to know he is Muslim, but has nothing to do with the cause of their anger. Add in the thought that they know that it is the khan who comments on churumuri, will it make them go for it? I doubt it.

    But if some unknown khan and family get raped and murdered by a mob faraway in some Gujarat they may sit on their computer and write posts supporting the murderers without much thought to anything else. They may also bring into the discussion unrelated Madams from Italy, some unrelated pogrom elsewhere etc.

  12. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Please file case against MMS and/or your madam. That should help Modi get away from his crimes.

  13. Ananth Shenoy Says:

    here is another Khan who’s responsible for riots.

  14. ksquare Says:

    hey Doddi Buddi: take time to read this they have started their tricks already

  15. harkol Says:

    >What would have been the gain for BJP if they were to apologise?

    I think BJP will gain in terms of not only support from people like me, who don’t believe BJP is downright evil, and are willing to vote for it, if they present a coherent development plan and let go of an agenda of supporting mob culture (Sene, Bajarang Dals, ABVPs et. al).

    I don’t see how assuring general public (not muslim alone) that they regret killing of civilians under their watch, and will do their utmost to never let it happen again, has anything to do with loosing their base?

    Afterall, it wasn’t only Muslims who were killed in 2002??


    >But if some unknown khan and family get raped and murdered by a mob faraway in some Gujarat they may sit on their computer and write posts supporting the murderers without much thought to anything else

    Exactly! It is this impersonal ideological rage, that makes no sense. It is the same kind of thinking that allows people to think in terms of “it is ok to have a nuclear war with pakistan, because we are far too big, and will survive it”.

    You won’t think that way, if you knew one human being that you know personally, who will get affected by a lethal radiation.

    If you did, you can’t be human.


    >What kind of mob churmuri collected recently, it is really sad.

    hmm.. You too are part of this mob, aren’t you? ;-)

  16. Yella Ok Says:

    Look at the article on CNN IBN. There is no mention of any pressure on the govt to release the arrested – arrested for “rabble rousing” – quotes of CNN IBN, not mine. Is this article complete – should not truth be not just truth, but the full and complete truth. And Sardesai acts holier than thou!!

  17. Anshuman Patel Says:

    @ Doddi Buddi:

    Congress played equally vile role during 1984 Sikh pogrom. Koi shaq? They are the past masters in such games.

    But I thought this article was on NaMo no? Or is it that in every comment about Guj 2002, there has to be an equal and balancing cross-reference to Delhi 1984 too?

    A wrong is a wrong is a wrong irrespective of who commits it. Do you hold an alternative view? I don’t. Whether Congress or BJP or Left or North, it doesn’t matter and why it should? Does it matter to you? Do you condone or more amenable to condone if such acts are committed by those outfits near and dear to your own ideology?

    A ‘party with a difference’ ought to be a party with a difference no?

    The current Q&A runs with its supporters runs something like this..

    Riots? Congress has also done it in the past..

    Dynasty politics? Congress too has done it in the past and still doing it..

    Nepotism? same answer.

    Corruption? Congress does it better..

    Thugs and history sheeters in the party? Congress to has them

    Opportunistic politics and somersault in policies? Congress has been doing it.

    High command culture? Congress has been the master of it.

    & So on..

    Where is the difference with the capital D dude?

  18. yet_another_hindu_infidel Says:

    This is the price the majority has to pay for putting minority aggression in place. Modi fought back and that’s all there is to it.

    Public money being wasted for no reason by congress knowing very well that they have no leads to get narendra modi. Just plain vote bank politics being played to tell the muslim community that “look, we are trying very hard to catch modi. we are putting in crores of tax payers money on these committees. so please vote for us. we are a secular party”. Fact is congress has ruled this country for 45 years. BJP has ruled for around 5 years. Who do you blame for the backwardness of the muslims in this country?

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Amazing Head Villager!

    I don’t condone anything. But I am still left wondering why did the mob fury attack Jaffrey and his followers with such ferocity?

    Also going by your own admission, Congress with such a glorious ‘past’ can hardly be called ‘secular’ right?

  20. kingkhan Says:

    Atlast justice seems to be round the corner. Narendra Modi needs to realize that Law of teh land will ultimately catch upto him.

  21. Uday Shetty Says:

    Congress = India’s samadhi
    Congress = Poor India
    Congress = Anti-Hindu
    Congress = Price rise
    Congress = Scamsters/corruption

  22. PTIS Says:

    All said and done facts remain

    0) Kisne Aag Lagayee? – AB Vajpayee

    1) Had they (local Muslims, Congress, media) condemned Godhra incident enough, such a massacre in Gujarat would not have taken place – AB Vajpayee

    2) More than 75% Indians believe had there been no Godhra, there would have been no post Godhra- Yogendra Yadav, no friend of BJP.

    3) Unlike Rajiv, Modi never rationalised newton’s 3rd law (no tape, audio or video presented. Jaitley denied Modi stated it very next day INSIDE parliament as law minister)

    4) Read this TOI Interviw of Modi from 2005

    “whatever happened at Godhra or thereafter was wrong” -Modi. Media don’t pick it up. Why?

    5) Sabarmati Ashram refused to give shelter to local Muslims durig 2002 unlike during any previous riots- Ashis Nandi.
    (Show every section of hindus were greatly upset from godhra)

    After miserably failing to prove Modi’s involvement in riot, vested interest trying to malign his admin unable to quell the riot. Fact is, Modi’s admin did GREAT WORK in 2002 Guj to stop riot.

    Over 250 people got killed by police bullet when admin tried to stop rioting. Most of them are Hindus. Not a single bullet was fired by police during 1984. Not even Lathi charge.

    Also, over 200 Hindus were killed by local Muslims during Guj 2002, but not a single Hindu was killed by Sikhs during 84. One Hindu died while saving a burning Sikh.

    Lets find out the stats-

    a) How many people died from Police Bullet while police tried to stop the rioters.
    (none in 84, plenty -some 200 plus during 2002)

    b) how many bullets fired during Delhi 1984 massacre of Sikhs
    (none in 84, plenty during 2002)
    c) How many Lathi charges were made
    (none in 84, plenty during 2002)
    d) How many Hindus killed by rampaging minority
    (none in 84, plenty during 2002)
    e) How fast military was deployed in Delhi

    6) Read Harish Khare, press advisor of PM MM Singh, in an interview with a Muslim Online media in 2008-

    Congress’s Latif Rajya Vs BJP’s Ram Rajya:

    “If Hindutva is so acceptable in Gujarat it is the direct outcome of the total mismanagement and completely irresponsible way in which the Congress party acted and in the 1980s.

    It (Congress) was practicing the worst kind of politics, for instance that of vote banks. For the sake of vote banks it patronized the Muslim leadership which unfortunately went in to the hands of goons. These goons said to have controlled the government machinery like police. Latif, the infamous goon of that time used to decide who will be the Police Commissioner, he alleged. He terrorized the general people which made them actually go towards the BJP which offered them a good, efficient, and fearless governance. It also help the BJP portray itself as the protectors of the Hindu interests at that time.

    BJP propagated and offered to the Gujarati public its vision of Ram Rajya as opposed to the Congress’s Latif Rajya.”

    7) Who did Godhra and why?


    Public reacted angriliy, media added fuel to fire little realizing they were acting against national interest.

    NGOs (as stated by SIT before Supreme Court) fabicrated many evidences to make their cottageindustry flourish.


  23. Faldo Says:

    @Anshuman, while your analysis is good methinks you attribute too much intelligence to the leadership of both parties. IMO most parties are loathe to rock the boat and generally let events take their course. I doubt if any cost benefit analysis has been done by the party which could explain its often confused stance in this matter.

  24. Khan Says:


    But I am still left wondering why did the mob fury attack Jaffrey and his followers with such ferocity?

    Dadda, you should know better, as Jafry is the one who burned the rail coach… every one know, they have seen him pouring kerosene…. it is all understood.

    When Muslims are expected to be apologetic for Tamerlang to aurengzeb deed…………….. would jaffri be not accountable for some unknown, unproven crime. What of the toddlers and children burned down in the building… they all were guilty for the peaceful, tolerant 20000+ “hindus”.

    And don’t call the 20000 hundus torrorists, coz it was spontaneous, too big a mob to be labelled as such and be terror to their victims.

  25. harkol Says:

    >7) Who did Godhra and why?

    Entirely irrelevant justification of what happened in Gujrat 2002.

    Gujarat 2002 is the most dastardly violence to shake India, not because more people died in it. As you rightly pointed 1984 sikh massacre was more horrible in every way.

    What strikes out with Guj2002 is that, it was done over a period of time. Godhra and post Godhra violence was contained within 5 days, but about 2 weeks later another wave began that lasted 6 months of planned violence against muslims. More people died in that 6 months than the first 5 days.

    That can’t be attributed to ‘spontaneous outburst’ for Godhra. It can’t even be said by the govt. it was helpless as a large section of the people had risen up.

    This is whatmakes Guj2002 appaling. State administration slept not for a week (as in case of 1984) but for an entire half year.

    For modi supporters this is not an issue, but it chills my spine to think if something like this should happen India wide..

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Why the sudden compassion for toddlers and other innocent people now? Nobody has ever seen you commiserate with ‘your friends’ traditional victims after a ‘bomb’astic session! Stop using your selective logic. BTW just as you venerate Aurangzeb and other kings of the past, there are sensible people who can think independently and judge that these kings were total morons like you!

  27. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You wouldn’t understand why the Gujarat riots lasted so long. May be the sense of betrayal that too in their own home state was too much for a majority of Gujeratis. In the face of this sustained anger the state administration was powerless. Why your spine felt cool during the Sikh riots is it?

  28. Anshuman Patel Says:

    @ Doddi B. :

    >>May be the sense of betrayal that too in their own home state was too much for a majority of Gujeratis. In the face of this sustained anger the state administration was powerless.

    Wow! My first instinct was to just bow my head and reach for your feet. Incredible sophistry!

    But then I remembered it is the same excuse that was spouted by HKL Bhagat, Tytler, Sajjan Kumar & co. in the wake of Delhi 1984 – a trusted bodyguard who killed the PM of the day..sense of betrayal and well sustained anger..powerless administration against the sea of charged up masses going for the kill.

    You ought to do better and you can.

    Swami Nityananda can show the way in finding the right narratives. Some gems from his defence that can be of help in this case too..

    – May be Gujarathis were in a sustained state of trance and didn’t know what they were doing..

    – May be the ‘dopamine’ level in their heads had peaked during that time and well ‘dopamine’ is the real culprit.

    – May be it was an experiment that went too far and now they know society may not accept such experiments any longer.

    – May be the riots didn’t happen at all – all conspiracy of vested interests, media, anti-Hindu groups, x-men and Narnia

    The possibilities are endless.

  29. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Amazing Head Villager!

    Sophistry Pundit you are! Why do you want to call yourself secular when your Congress has indulged in the wholesale of religious mayhem? When I asked you point-blank as to your views on how your own Sonia subverted justice with regard to Bofors you preferred to look elsewhere. Did you not?

    No wonder you get singled out for checking at all airports (by your own secular admission of the fact):)

    What Gujeratis went through is their own business. If you start looking at conspiracy look no further than your own Congress and how democratic it has been. Alright. After you examined it thoroughly come back here with some cogent arguments. Thanks.

  30. rajendran Says:

    Anshuman and Harkol,

    Don’t waste your time/effort talking to pin heads like doddi buddi who indulge in konga bashing. Remember cauvery riots(1992) how Tamils were targeted with the help of the state machinery, just because the cauvery tribunal was not favorable to kannadigas. You can correlate, “Majority of kannadigas got betrayed/offended by the tribunal’s decision”, how come minorities(tamil) can be spared?

    How can you expect saner views from kannada klu klux clan?

  31. harkol Says:


    >cauvery riots(1992) how Tamils were targeted with the help of the state machinery

    I think Bangarappa was CM then.. Wasn’t aware there was any state complicity in the riots then.. Do you have any material facts/reports to base such an allegation on?

    >kannada klu klux clan

    I am not sure how some occasional incidents make People to be KKK – which was an organization that stood for white supremacy and systematically harassed and killed blacks, for decades.

    >Don’t waste your time/effort talking to pin heads like doddi buddi who indulge in konga bashing

    Logic & Facts are the only way of sobering extreme views.

  32. Murthy Says:

    rajendran ,

    Please don’t bring in issues of water into minority and majority issues.
    Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human and other lifeforms.

    You have two options. TN is almost surrounded by ocean . Make some arrangements to make it potable.

    If you still insist it has to flow from Bhoomi of Karunadu then
    interlink himalayan rivers calling up Chidu and making some adjustments here and there for the cause of second most arid state of the nation after Rajasthan!!
    Do you have any idea what is the quantity and quality of drinking water of rural karnataka?
    Even sand was taken to TN for indutries till yesterday till a ruling was given from High Court. Still Telugus drill mines are drilled and Tamils cut the forests.

    On the other hand TN is most industrialized, most urbanized (50%) , filmised, classical land of temples and holds centre like a puppet with 45+ seats for a geography much lesser than karnataka which holds 29 !!

    Kudiyo neeru kitkondre Baarisade bidthaara?

  33. rajendran Says:


    > I think Bangarappa was CM then.. Wasn’t aware there was any state complicity in the riots then.. Do you have any material facts/reports to base such an allegation on

    there are enough facts and evidence that anti-tamil riots was due to the complicity of state government(congress) run by bangarappa. There are numerous articles on the internet which talks about the same. Citings from the above article,

    Basavanna is more vehement in his criticism. “We did report with great restraint all that occurred in Mysore district during the Cauvery riots. If we had reported all that we knew, during the spot visits of our reporters, the Flame would have been burning even today. The government, especially the police, failed totally in bringing the situation under control and despite many warnings in newspapers regarding the mood of the people.”

    “This government, which indirectly abetted the Cauvery violence through its inaction while the people indulged in “heroics” by destroying Tamil property and gave vent to pent up anger against what they perceived as grave injustice to them by Tamil Nadu in Cauvery water dispute…”

    “The local answer to this is that though the newspapers communicated the incidents in one part of the district to the other with great restraint, the real culprits are those who manned the law and order machinery and the Home Minister, a minion of the Chief Minister, who did not issue the necessary orders to bring the situation under control.”

    > I am not sure how some occasional incidents make People to be KKK – which was an organization that stood for white supremacy and systematically harassed and killed blacks, for decades.

    lot of tamil people have to abandon their property/land and flee karnataka(mandya) during the riots. some of them got killed too.lot of tamils who live in karnataka still have an in-secured filling whenever some controversial issue comes up between the two states. i don’t think these are occasional incidents..

    >Logic & Facts are the only way of sobering extreme views.

    i agree.



    i agree with your views, interlinking of waters is the permanent solution. also sea water cannot be directly used for farming, has to be desalinated. already the central govt is trying to bring drinking water to chennai using the desalination plant put up in bay of bengal which is turning out to be a very time consuming one.

    > Even sand was taken to TN for indutries till yesterday till a ruling was given from High Court.

    What is your state govt doing to curb all these illegal activities. ?? even lot of sand is illegally removed from tamil nadu and transported to kerala. your state govt has to deal with these problems, why are you bringing cauvery water dispute into this??

    >On the other hand TN is most industrialized, most urbanized (50%) , filmised, classical land of temples and holds centre like a puppet with 45+ seats for a geography much lesser than karnataka which holds 29 !!

    Yeah whatever!! But that does not give you any right to harass/abuse minority tamils living in karnataka.

  34. Doddi Buddi Says:

    It is precisely because of Kongas like Rajendran, Tamils have got a bad name. As Murthy observed, Kongas have been too vocal in getting their share of water through unjust means such as arm twisting the Central government and so on. Konga Rajendran conveniently neglects the fact that on the Periyar dam issue, Supreme court has upheld the rights of Kerala. Now Kongas like Rajendran want it both ways and Keralites are showing them ‘how it is done’.


    Konga Rajendran,

    Have you forgotten ‘wannabe-Konga’ Veerappan’s heroics in kidnapping Rajkumar? Do you honestly think Kannadigas will keep quiet in any dispute with the TN? You only show your profound ignorance in citing issues selectively to suit your purpose. If you want to live in Karnataka, live fair and live with just means. Don’t try to bash the local culture.

  35. Murthy Says:

    thanks for the last link and Late Basavanna’s great summation of situation.
    It kinds of sums up the flame of Kannadigas evacuated from TN. Isn’t it?

    The case of enmity is an artificially created but deep rooted and system induced one. Most villages of old Mysuru have become one-crop farming communities due to
    1. Decrease in water table due to tubewells.
    2. Most farmers are Tundarasaru in old Mysuru. So there is no unity for combined farming which induces suspicion.
    3. It is a bridge of both languages in both parts.
    Infact Thalawadi ,Sathyamangala and Chennai( or Chennapatna) are all Kannada names and the culmination can be seen near to Male Mahadeshwara Betta or seven hills.
    Infact going to the mutual intellegibility here original Kannada speakers in rural Mysuru use Ada/Adou which is Da/Dei in Tamil .

    This culmination slowly gets divided when any basin is divided into two states. Infact basins and agriculture should not be dependent on state borders. They should have a separate way of sustainability of what was going on from centuries.

    Infact the classical case of urbanization can be seen here. While we see Kaveri water to every part of Bangalore uniterruptedly , the same Kaveri river flowing to Mysuru which was princely cannot satisfy it’s minimal needs of farmers !!!

    It’s the same happening in Bijapur. As soon as you cross border
    to Maharashtra you will be welcomed by a very green fields and canals which will be on other side of border while this side will be a huge Alamatti tank with a glorified emptiness and canals leading water to AP.
    There is a convenient relation of MH with AP since both states have had maximum congie rule to make it the rice bowl of India.

    So considering that Kannada is synonymous with many cultures these basin neighbours have not felt any need to be synonymous with us but clinging onto Delhi masters and some infidelity called Supreme Court?

    Hence Karnataka has to operate on it’s own be it Haarangi or Kaveri or Almatti . Building suspicion and non co-operation between neighbours – has been the greatest virtue of congress – divide and rule masters.

    In between this complexity,
    the Shivamogga haiklu have taken Mysuru for granted twice now.That means the combination of
    Bangarappa – Jayalalitha was as dangerous as
    Yediyurappa – Karunanidhi now.

    Even now he tries playing games with statue of Thiruvalluvar and BBMP elections.

    When is Mysuru / more appropriately whole of Kaveri Basin going to rejuvenate?

    According to Medha Patkar, Interlinking Himalayan and peninsular rivers is budgeted at Rs. 5.6 lakh crores.
    She raises scientific concerns and political menace but doesn’t oppose Abdul Kalam’s proposal –

    It surely is one dream to unite Karnataka and India.

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