When the victimiser again tries to play the victim

While Narendra Damodardas Modi uses the thin line between a “notice” and a “summons” to put a spin on his non-appearance before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the Gujarat pogrom—and typically points a finger at those trying to hurt Gujarati asmita—the advocate Mukul Sinha reminds the nation of the Gujarat chief minister’s continued (and successful) attempts at dodging the long arm of the law.

“Since 2004, I have [as advocate for the Jansangharsh Manch] filed several petitions before the Nanavati Commission that Modi be summoned before the commission, whose terms of reference clearly include examining the role played by the chief minister and his ministerial colleagues. We are in 2010. Modi has used every trick in the book to stall a personal appearance.”

Coincidentally, the Gujarat high court yesterday asked the commission to clarify if its decision to not summon Modi was a tentative one or a final decision.

Meanwhile, lest we forget, Gujarat former intelligence chief R.B. Sreekumar jogs everybody’s memory on what happened on 27 February 2002, after the Sabarmati Express was torched.

“Sixty per cent of the killings took place in Ahmedabad, yet no curfew was imposed there till the 28th of February, 2002. On the 27th, the CM called a meeting at his residence. The chief secretary, home secretary, the DGP were all there and he [Modi] said: ‘Bhaiyon, samjho, hinduon ka gussa teen din mein utrega. Beech mein aana nahi. In logon ko kaam karne do.”

Cartoon: courtesy E.P. Unny/ The Indian Express

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Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi.”

CHURUMURI POLL: Will the law catch up with Narendra Modi?

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20 Responses to “When the victimiser again tries to play the victim”

  1. kingkhan Says:

    Narendra Modi is answerable for the Gujarat riots. I hope law of the land will prevail, and justice is rendered in this case.

    Justice will ensure the social fabric of our nation is not torn apart.

  2. Jagirdar Says:

    Media is selective. Modi is painted as the chief instigator, the demon in Gujarat genocide…which genocide would not have happened without the Godhra incident of train burning by the minority community. It has escaped in many an incident but was unlucky to find itself against an enraged opposition. Years ago, Delhi witnessed a not dissimilar incident when the Sikhs were punished, and the law has yet to book the guilty. It boils down to: whoever is in power in Delhi can send the long-arm-of-law to catch the offender in the states ruled by the opposition, and the media just plays back his master’s voice, the rulers in Delhi.

  3. joblessenggstud Says:

    doesnt matter if he turns up to face the investigation. he is 15 years early. to be frank he outwitted media and journos looked like jackasses.

  4. Narayana Says:

    How do we know that Sreekumar speaks gospel truth!!! As jagirdar above says why nothing on Delhi Sikh Massacre!!! If no curfew was imposed why is executive not being questioned?

    There is a very solid thick line between notice and summons. Summons stipulates the criminal procedure code under which his deposition is sought.
    Notice is just a notice, commission trying to appear functional. Notice has no meaning in criminal procedures and it is not necessary to answer it if one deems so.

    Modi probably is offended by the notice and chose to ignore it.

    Time and again, Nanavati commission has proclaimed that it has no proof to summon Modi. But media keeps stirring the pot to come out with all these claims.

    As for Sreekumar, how come he starts singing after retirement. Why shouldn’t a case on dereliction of duty be slapped on him and he be put in jail?

  5. Gaby Says:

    A thought for those who advocate the Godhra versus Gujarat thing- Both are severe failures of Governance. Hence Modi as Chief Minister of all of Gujarat is morally responsible for both. He might also be criminally responsible in the second case.

    I wonder if the apologists for Modi are actually saying there isnt any difference between Tytler/ Sajjan Kumar and Modi.

  6. raj Says:

    @Gaby… I can see that you are dumb.

    If at all, u can understand, here is some for u: Law & Order is responsibility of Home Minister. Do u even know who the HM was ? – Do u know that he joined congress ? and Cong made him float his own part now to split the Hindu vote. I know that you are dumb.

    If at all u want to make a comparison of being head of state at respective times, you should make comparison between Modi and Rajiv Gandhi. But, alas, you are dumb.


    Modi as usual self waited like a Tiger for appropriate time — allowed media to carry on its wrong campaign. And, attacked at the right time, exposing media completely.. which was crying hoarse on 21st. Now the same folks are saying..Oh..why are u concentrating on one date ? — Media cried hoarse that it was the first time a CM was “summoned” — now, the same folks talk of “thin line” between notice and summons. Looks like, media does not understand “summons” or they are generally fools.

  7. Khan Says:

    After going through some of the Genocide justifiers, I believe, these are those who are fed on Bhyrappa kind of fiction. They have been incited by the humiliation they suffered through centuries, feel napumsaks for letting it all and feel its their time to payback.

    These fellows fail to understand, if Hindus were persecuted, their would never been any Hindus/Idolators in India, certainly in the seat of power area like delhi-agra belt. The torch bearers of Human rights, European did good job in north and south america much later, why savage Turk/Mongols could not have done a better job earlier???

    But why bring facts to the Bhyrappa fiction, when it is so convenient to for blood thirsty to loot and plunder.

  8. My3 Says:

    “Victimiser” What happened to: being held not-guilty until pronounced so before a court of law :-)

  9. harkol Says:

    >the law has yet to book the guilty

    The law has been hounding those who took part in it. While Rajiv Gandhi made a insensitive and crude remark like “When a tree falls…”, there was no accusation from anyone (including opposition) of his direct complicity in the massacre.

    It can’t be your case that Sajjan Kumar et. al. should go untried? Similarly, Modi should be tried if there is any evidence at all.. Certainly investigated as there are allegations.

    The least he can do is apologize for not being able to protect lives (Muslim & Hindu).

  10. Truth First Says:

    @king sher khan.
    Thanks for the wonderful rays of enlighnment.
    Bhyrappa fiction ?, that one made me chuckle, have you read thru the
    Kannada novel AVARANA ?, do you see the hundreds of peer reviewed cross
    references ?
    ‘European did good job in north and south america’ ??, can you name the country which exploded two atomic bombs for peace? try to google ‘Spanish Inquisition’, it might affirm your erudite thoughts.
    By the way do you also know that Gujrat right now, is the first in development in industrial and Agricultural production, oh my god I am just fed by this saffron press dope, sigh…

  11. Simple Says:


    Law and Order is a state subject.

    In such a serious case of absolute lawlessness, what then is the role of CM? Just to watch the home minister handle the situation helplessly?

    Is that why Modi is called a strong leader? Because he allows weak leaders who are unable to control anythign?

    It is a collective failure on the BJP govt in Gujarat, that they could not tackle the law and order in 2002.

    Especially the Home Minister. And the Chief Minister.

  12. verybleedingheart Says:

    The very secular newspapre from Chennai which “broke the news of the summons” (and lamented that it was not given due credit by other members of the secular establishment for this sensational scoop) now says it “earlier incorrectly reported the date for Mr. Modi’s scheduled appearance as March 21”. Because of the summons date fixed by this newspaper, may be the SIT team remained open on a Sunday to receive Narendra Modi.

  13. Khan Says:

    >>>By the way do you also know that Gujrat right now, is the first in development in industrial and Agricultural production, oh my god I am just fed by this saffron press dope, sigh…

    Huh… I remember at the height of killings, most of the TV reporters concerns were “is the FDI going to be affected?”. All the great businessmen assured the nation, it will not affect, afterall it is only selective killings of Muslims and infrastructure, “Law and order” economy will be unaffected by all this genocide..

    About Industrial and agriculture production bhagoda myth, do you know one Chimanbhai Patel and his contribution???

  14. Anshuman Patel Says:


    You write -> ‘Years ago, Delhi witnessed a not dissimilar incident when the Sikhs were punished,’

    Is ‘punished’ the right word to use here? They were not punished. They were butchered, burnt alive and many were maimed for life.

    What punishment we are talking here? Some sikh bodyguards killed a PM and the whole community has to pay the price? Is that justice?

    By all means bring the real culprits to justice but what a sardar running a n auto-repair shop in Lajpatnagar has got to do with the killer who just happens to be from his nominal community?

    It’s the same story in Gujarat. Did Ehsaan Jaffrey have anything to do with those lunatic co-religionists of him who burnt down the railway coach in Godhra?

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Looks like this will also end up like a travesty of justice, with the leaders who incited, fanned and supported a massacre will just get away with it due to the inefficiency of the justice system and hiding behind arguments which has nothing to do with the actual massacre (remember godhra! remember delhi riots against sikhs! remember mughals! Gujarat’s development!).

    Which means all I need to do to get away with murder is have a few supporters, who I can muster from my own caste or religion.

    If this it the democracy and social justice system we got our independence for, it wont be too far when we end up a mirror image of Pakistan, with its bigotry and endless blood letting.

  16. Pagan Says:


    What about Koran? Is it not a fiction?

  17. tsubba Says:

    i khan if you have written anything about the tendency of muslims to over exaggerate their victim hood i would like to read.

    thanks. if you have not written anything or if you dont acknowledge the prescence of such a phenomena, then i have no interest in your prescriptions. thanks

  18. harkol Says:

    >What about Koran? Is it not a fiction?

    What’s the point of bringing this up?

    Every belief system starts of as a Hypothesis, including most scientific inventions. It is presented as a possibility with certain rule sets. Scientific beliefs need proof to be furnished.

    A religion doesn’t demand proof – That’s why it is only called a faith.

  19. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Fiction too does not demand proof (by definition). Ergo Pagan’s question.

  20. Pagan Says:

    I have been observing Khan for sometime now. He never misses an opportunity on this forum to blabber. Especially when it comes to Bhyrappa. Have you read Avarana Khan? Did you see the references the author gives at the end? It runs into pages. Some of the sources are the works of historians of the Moghul era. How can you say it is fiction?
    Ofcourse, the characters Amir, Shastry, Raziya are fictional. But their mindsets are not fictional. Look around and you will find plenty of Amirs, Shastrys and Raziyas.

    btw Khan, is there any proof of whatever is said in Koran? the Hadiths?



    Agree with you on religion. That is why it should always be personal. Never should be imposed on others. That is one of the problems of these desert religions. It seems only their God is true! Not only do they / their books claim such nonsense, they try to impose it on others. btw, is there a proof that their God alone is true? or is it all a fiction? :)

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