Anjushathamanam janangal matrame Tharoorine…

Rajiv Gandhi didn’t have to go for the Bofors scandal.

A. Raja wasn’t asked to go for the spectrum scam. Kamal Nath stays despite the rice export scam. P. Chidambaram stays after presiding over the biggest mass murder of his own men. Neither the relentless suicides in Vidarbha nor the rise in food prices or a multitude of scandals, said and unsaid, can dislodge Sharad Pawar. His crony Praful Patel stays despite running Air-India into the ground.

Shashi Tharoor?

The New Indian Express goes to 523 Thiruvananthapuramkarans to get a feel of what the people in his constituency think of the IPL hungamam.

The answer? “Verum anjushathamanam janangal matrame Tharoorine ozhivakkanamennu aagrahikkunnulloo.”

Image: courtesy The New Indian Express

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‘Business is now just an extension of politics’

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30 Responses to “Anjushathamanam janangal matrame Tharoorine…”

  1. AB Says:

    We all know that the Tharoor vs Modi spat says a lot about the IPL. It comes as NO surprise that the IPL is built on crony capitalism. Politicians and a business interests garnished with distracting celebrities created a money spinner. One need not have been a rocket scientist or seasoned journalist to figure that out.

    What is worrying is how the media has been completely mesmerised by the IPL at cost of equally if not more important news. Many stories have gone unreported.

    The death of 120 people and 100,000 people going homeless in the storm in West Bengal is a case in point.

    One would expect the IPL to fail, as it has all the makings of pyramid scheme. One would not however, expect the media to completely ignore a natural disaster so that they could cover the tamasha. It’s okay to cover the IPL tamasha. It’s not okay to ignore the national disaster.

    I got a candid admission from an office bearer of the editor’s guild @


  2. alephnull Says:

    Shouldn’t that be 20% ? 15% said that both should resign.

  3. harkol Says:


    >it has all the makings of pyramid scheme.

    I saw postings before too suggesting IPL being a Pyramid scam, wondering how so?

    IPL actually creates value by creating marketable brands among a cricket mad followers. The valuations may be a bubble in the making, but how is it a pyramid scam??

    Is it because the only hope of early investors is to sell it to the bigger fool? That doesn’t qualify as pyramid scam, but more of a stock bubble isn’t it?

    Alephnull: You are right. it is 20% who wanted Tharoor to resign.

    But, question here is murky. It is not clear as to what leverage Tharoor had in the IPL decision making to influence the outcome. If Modi says Tharoor benefited by the decisions of IPL, then he is saying IPL is corrupt and subject to manipulation..

    If he is just saying Tharoor got some shares in one of the franchises, without being in a position to influence the decision, then the only question that comes up is that of legality – not morality or ethics.

  4. Raj Says:

    shame on Bangalore Police Commissioner and Karnataka Government.

    such a disgrace to the city of Bangalore. They cannot even guard a stadium? what are they for? collecting bribes and feeding it on themselves? such a unprofession force Bangalore Police is. Bidari was more concerned about Beer being served in the stadium. He could not make sure the place is safe for the public or players. Will the chief minister Yedurappa take any responsibility for this? I guess not, cause they all work hand in hand.

    And why not that the match has not moved to any other city apart from Mumbai?
    Opening match was held in mumbai, 3rd place play off will be held in mumbai, Finals will be in Mumbai, not the semi-finals… not to mention all the Mumbai matches and the Hyderabad matches. Is this IPL or MPL? well corrput Modi again comes into picture. what else do you get in this country. Corrupt Bureaucracy… the entire country is in shambles, we the hard earning general public has to pay the price and bear the brunt.

  5. prasad Says:

    Is there any PROFESSIONAL in INDIA ( other than Film Stars and Sportsmen ) who earns 70 crores + in a year for some INANE marketing advise.
    if so please do let us know.
    Even the ambanis and mittals , along with the Software Czars earn a few crores only for PUTTIN in effort througou the year.

    for 60 days IPL , 70 crores is small change ??

    At this rate her fees for past 10 years should have crossed 700 crores.

    Give me a break.

  6. Uday Shetty Says:

    Sir..this cricketers are like prostitutes sir..Agents fix the rate and they play. And jobless people waste time watching it. Cricket is nothing but converting black money to white money. And kamanna like Shashi Tharoor are like pimps in this dirty cricket game.

    Govt should ban cricket in India now.

  7. Mr. Nova nova Says:

    Doesn’t make sense at all. Is she his proxy? Yes. Is he honest? Yes. How are they compatible. And yeah, chairman of a subsidiary of a society should should quit but a minister doesn’t need to? Is cricket admin to be held to a higher standard than democracy?

  8. Doddi Buddi Says:

    DB’s little haiku

    Twit Cheat Tharoor (as in Hip hip hooray!)

    Tweets Have Stopped For Now

    You can tweet some of the people all the time
    You can tweet all the people all the time
    Sorry you have been exposed in the secular theater
    As a natural tweeter who is a consummate cheater!

  9. Narayana Says:

    like nova nova says.

    This does not make sense.

    Is she proxy — yes.
    Is Tharoor honest –yes..
    Is Modi greedy — yes.

    The above responses have so much of dissonance in them.

    May be we need real marketing professionals to run some conjoint or factor analysis on these responses. At current level they are very inane.

  10. Question Says:

    1. Sonia Gandhi resigned as chairperson on NAC.

    2. Natwar Singh was forced out after Volcker report.

    3. Vilas Rao Deshmukh was asked to quit after Mumbai blasts.

    4. Home minister of Maharashtra was asked to resign after mumbai blasts.

    5. Shivraj patil was shown the door after Mumbai blasts.

    6. Shashi Tharoor was asked to tender his resignation in the wake of Kochi IPL fiasco.

    7 Sajjan Kumar is denied an LS ticket.

    8. Jagadish Tylter is denied an LS ticket.

    So, it is not that Cong politicians stick to their chairs. It is not that only Shashi Tharoor is a soft target,and hence made the scapegoat. Wrong. Hundred percent wrong. So many other Cong ministers have resigned, including Sonia Gandhi herself. The writer of this article is using facts selectively to showcase Tharoor as the wronged man.

    Contrast this with BJP.

    1.Reddy brothers are made ministers even scam after scam comes to light.

    2. Modi is made CM, even after Supreme court said it has no faith in Gujarat govt and transferred 2002 riot cases to Mumbai.

    3. The three key people who helped formulate BJP election strategy – Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj and Advani are given promotions after the debacle of 2009 elections. No accountability whatsoever.

    4. Home Minister Acharya sticks to his chair inspite of his glaring inefficiency.

    5. Chattisgarh CM sticks to his chair even after the worst terrorist attack on policeman by naxalites.

  11. DailyBread Says:

    Very “Simple” question!!

  12. Gowda Says:

    @ Raj,

    The sect of people who always blames anything and everything. Grow Up

  13. Rajesh R Says:

    @Raj.. we need to appreciate Bidari for allowing the game to happen even after a bomb blast… as far as game being shifted its the media who has to be blamed…

  14. ashwini prasad Says:

    I completly aggre with uday sheety.These cricket players are like prostitues, Just bothered about money and making people fool.please ban cricket so that valuable money and energy is saved. commom man has no benefit by these matches,Only few people will get richer,We waste our money time and energy by watching
    these useless games,sitting in front of the idiotboxs.

  15. Murthy Says:

    Every harvard and oxford grad in congie is over one another!
    This is called hitech leg pulling. how better is it from Lalu Mulayam or Gowda Siddharama fight !

    More will happen between these hi profile people since their ego will be high.

    Modi publicized Sunanda Tharoor
    Tharoor resigns
    Colourful photos of modi with brazil and south african models from Associated Press.

    IPL demoralized further. Less crowds.

    Mumbai enterpreuners : whatever is there let us baachi kollona
    Bombs in Bangalore.
    Shift to Mumbai and sell all IPL tickets, since bengloor hudugru dont have capacity to place bombs in bombay.

    What are out enterpreneurs doing . While Kiran Rao is looking for funds to translate to Kannada they are doing exactly opposite translating to english
    and on livemint he shares his passion that “he is used to only disciplined set of people unlike Indians in public sphere from 2800 sqft sprawling campus at Jayanagar ” and uses only half a bucket water to bathe.

    I am sure if churumuri goes for a interview they will be blasted :)

    What are our young police brigade doing.
    Dayanayak and Vijayalakshmi Bidari do hold prestigious positions in Bombay .
    Bomb brigade Girish Mattannavar is into films if i am not wrong

    I heard a radio talk today as to ” what all should be shifted from bengloor to mumbai”.
    bengloor suddenly becomes a village now and mumbai is highly secured even after 9/11 and this is the way rural india gets it’s share of luck.

  16. Narayana Says:

    Good comment Murthy.

    Can we shift Wipro and Infosys to Mumbai too!!! :-)

    Next we can shift Bangalore International Airport to Mumbai and reopen HAL airport in Bangalore.

    We can sweeten the deal by giving Devegowda free alongwith the airport :-)

  17. Vinay Says:

    And the crazy conspiracy nut Murthy again puts forward a preposterous argument to the effect that guys from Mumbai are exploding bombs in Bangalore so that the matches shift to Mumbai!

    Murthy: do you really believe all the crap that you write? Or is this your idea of a bloody joke?

  18. rajendran Says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Murthy Sirrrrrrr,

    Sorry Sirrr please don’t get me wrong. Its indeed painful to read your comments. First it is your usual mindless rambling, secondly your formatting techniques (too many spaces and marred by discontinuity) are making it much more difficult to read your comments sirrrr.

  19. Murthy Says:

    I am a fan of your English. You convey things beautifully in 3-4 sentences.
    But that’s about it.

    Lalit Modi immediately announces the shift as if he was waiting for it!
    Lalit Modi is on verge of facing probe. Sharad Pawar gives him a week to take whatever he wants – due to resign on 26th. He needs to capitalize on whatever he can and what better place than Mumbai to romp with models!

    To make things complicated he keeps two more on sunday and notifies commissioner through 3g spectrum and they get defused- this time to again justify his decision.
    The result Yeddyurappa’s Power blog – a new section probably started by DP Satish – in stops after 9 lines abruptly. Rajdeep ropes in somanahalli krishna to write about messaiah of poor, Nehru. India’s foreign minister’s blog is real short and simple -7 lines.

  20. Murthy Says:

    Still, you are in a win-win situtation. Greater part of NRN’s donations will goto Tamil English translations.

  21. Murthy Says:

    Actually you have a good point there.
    Devegowda repented once being born in karnataka
    NRN is not used to live with indisciplined kannadigas.
    So with Gowda we can packup NRN too. I would love to see Raj Thackeray vs NRN when similar donations are given for marathi to english translations :)

  22. Vinay Says:


    “and what better place than Mumbai to romp with models”

    Really, I must ask you again – do you really believe all the crap that you write, or do you do it specifically to irritate other readers?

    Why were all matches not held in Mumbai then? When they had the planning of the entire tournament in their hands, could they not have arranged this semi final in Mumbai at an earlier stage itself? And what makes you think Bangalore is in any way ‘backward’ when it comes to ‘romping around’? This is Bangalore, not the jungles of Bandipur!

    I won’t deign to reply to every insane statement of yours. That would be like banging my head against a wall.

  23. Murthy Says:

    “Why were all matches not held in Mumbai then?”
    Why would they watch bangalore vs punjab there.
    And also they have to be Indians to loot money from all corners. to strip women like Ramya when easily available from Mallya’s den.
    Now since Mumbai are in semifinals favourites there is a little risk , all three matches will have full bookings. This is the way business works my friend. You seem to be very naive about how stuffs work.

    “And what makes you think Bangalore is in any way ‘backward’ when it comes to ‘romping around’? ”
    It’s not backward if you don’t focus sexual perversion to be the central character of development.
    Mumbai is like docomo . everyday romp plan changes – just like Modi.
    Bengloor is more like hutch. follows you everywhere you go.

  24. harkol Says:

    Story in short:

    Bunglesome helped the Cuddlesome to get some handsome sum from Gladsome, by negotiating a fulsome deal with venturesome, But the Gamesome considered it all unwholesome.

    So, Gamesome did some tweet, which resulted in Bunglesome becoming bothersome, asking Cuddlesome to dump the sum. But by then he had become cumbersome for some awesome people, who decided to dump the burdensome Bunglesome, So that Bunglesome stopped being troublesome.

    As a result – Gamesome has ended up becoming loathsome.

  25. Karihaida Says:

    The only logical step for the gov’t is to just ban twitter. It is becoming a threat to national security ;)

  26. mysore peshva Says:

    “is shashi tharoor an honest man?”

    i guess he is, to the extent that everybody is honest.

    (but he is certainly more photogenic than most!)

  27. Vinay Says:

    “You seem to be very naive about how stuffs work”

    Certainly not, on the other hand you have your head stuffed up with too many conspiracy theories for your own good. Exploding bombs in Bangalore in the hope that the match gets shifted to Mumbai is jackshit – tommy rot.

    Your comment above is full of crap, and is hardly understandable. What the Fuck is “strip women like Ramya from Mallyas den”? And what’s the rot about full bookings? Bangalore were in the semifinals too, and there was a house full in Chinnaswamy stadium. What are you driving at?

    And what the bloody hell is: “It’s not backward if you don’t focus sexual perversion to be the central character of development.”?? Are you some kind of Ganja dosed Swami?

    Listen Murthy: if you have something to say, even if it is a ridiculous conspiracy theory, express it in terms that normal human beings can understand. Be coherent and stick to the point. We would all certainly like to hear what you have to say.

  28. Murthy Says:

    Bombs of bombay was just a prediction but i don’t think anything else can come close to reason those unexploded bombs being hilariously termed by Shankar Bidari as generator blasts – almost one of the finest situational comedy I have ever witnessed :) .
    Now unless a Deendar anjumann or lashkar comes with a tantrum which again can be a staged one looking at the viciousness of poverty to suck Kasabs into such acts; it’s obviously a play of money. The whole of IPL has a Katrina , SRK and loads of other behind screen liberal musalman baazigars and hence chances of it getting disrupted on communal grounds is quite a rarity.

    Playing in bangalore would make riches to KSCA and Oops can they snatch anything out of KSCA politics . Never. Odeyar has a history of centuries of “wisdom” behind him.

    I think you have a soft corner for Ramya who is unmarried. period.

    You asked why is it difficult to romp in bangalore , but still I haven’t seen a place like bandstand in bangalore yet. It’s different to run to nandi to cubbon to hide behind bushes or symphony to schmooze some chinese pickup; but climate and culture of mumbai demands the hug and lift of harbhajan singh- whenever wherever – laundry service – it’s unique.
    I think the word “backward” was added by you. please re-read the comments.

    I think I have explained as much as I can do for a normal human being. If still incoherent I think you are supernormal!

  29. Vinay Says:

    “I think I have explained as much as I can do for a normal human being.”

    Well, this one was much better than before, but still contains traces of talk reminiscent of a Ganja-dosed Swami.

    So, if I understand right, your hypothesis is that since these bombs were not powerful ones, they cannot be attributed to Deendar Anjuman and co. but is more likely an IPL staged thing to shift the venue.

    The problem with conspiracy theories is any Tom, Murthy or Harry can come up with anything that springs to mind. Just like the Palestinians claim till today that 9/11 was the work of Jooos (Jews).

    When you explode low intensity bombs outside a stadium, how do you know for sure that the match would be shifted, and that too to Mumbai?

  30. Murthy Says:

    “When you explode low intensity bombs outside a stadium, how do you know for sure that the match would be shifted, and that too to Mumbai?”

    all four teams in semis from south. if bengloor is ruled out for bombs, hyderabad for telangana , chennai and mumbai remain. if you are still dumb about who wins with ambani , nita , harbhajan ,modi and Pawar on one side and chinakurali sreekanth on the other side then better ask Ramya.

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