CHURUMURI POLL: Should Reddy brothers quit?

After having secured the resignation of minister of State for external affairss, Shashi Tharoor, over the Cochin IPL fracas, the Congress is turning the screws on the BJP. If Tharoor had to go due to guilt by association, then what about the Reddy brothers in Karnataka, is the constant refrain on TV.

The reasoning: Tharoor went although the extent of his “mentoring” is unclear. The main charge is (still) limited to his “close friend” Sunanda Pushkar, who was magically gifted Rs 70 crore, and some odd SMSes in which he allegedly “operated” through his officer on special duty, Jacob Joseph.

On the the other hand, there is a mountain of evidence against Gali Janardhana Reddy and his siblings Karunakara and Somasekhara. The children of a police constable have pillaged Bellary, raped the environment, paid next to negligible taxes, threatened opponents, etc.

The Lok Ayukta report indicting them lock, stock and barrel, is the icing on the cake.

So, should the Reddy brothers resign from the B.S. Yediyurappa government? Or is their case different? Is the Congress right in demanding their resignation? Or, slighted, is it just entering a tu-tu-main-main much like the BJP, which can barely discuss Gujarat 2002 without referring to New Delhi 1984?

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31 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Should Reddy brothers quit?”

  1. Rastrakoota Says:

    Any doubt? Someone must STOP these looters ASAP. But Yeddy is what he is today bcoz of em! What an Irony!

  2. YaaKe? Says:


    1) Bellary brothers are not damaging the environment. They are just clearing away unwanted pebbles. This mining thing is a conspiracy planted by ISI.

    2) Allegations of driving away bears is nonsense. How can you have bears near a town that will soon have three airports. Logical no?

    3) Please don’t hound them for doing their job. For example, as Revenue Minister Mr Reddy has the discretionary power to scrap a cess on mining trucks. Revenue from which was to be used for flood relief. Mr Reddy was just doing his job. The fact that they have a few thousand mining trucks in incidental. Are politicians not allowed to have business interests? Plus why have a tax for a flood that will only happen once in 10000 years

    4) These Lok Ayuktha fellows who have put together some information on the sons-of-the-soil from Bellary are agents of the Congress.

    5) I accuse this post of profiling. There are many Reddys. Just because somebody with the name Reddy in Andhra makes a mistake doesn’t mean that the honest, hard working Reddy Brothers of Karnataka are involved.

  3. DailyBread Says:


    “children of a police constable”

    wah!! this is what it boils down to

  4. Ankit Says:

    Haha! With a lot of internal rumbling going on in churumuri’s party, it was high time there was some show of loyalty out here. Prince charming is locked in high stakes battle with Mayawati. Prince’s principal commander Digvijay Singh is sniping at the home minister. Halo around the new-age politician Tharoor is gone; he is no better than Lalu Yadav and other dodgy characters that churumuri’s party has been in bed with. With all this going in, here comes the loyalty express of churumuri!

  5. Anshuman Patel Says:

    The question should have been ‘will they resign’ iso ‘Should they?’.

    And the answer is clearly No. Does their party have the will to force them to step down? Again the answer is clearly No.

    Whatever one might accuse their party of but surely not of foolishness – it won’t (or may be it can’t) cut off the hands that feed it.

  6. N. Narasimhan Says:

    The question should be reworded to read “Should the Reddy siblings be punished?”. The answer to which is clear as daylight, is yes, a million times yes.

    BJP and Karnataka and India are paying too high a price in tolerating them, so that Yeddiyurappa carries on as CM.

    Thuggery and popular support are not only different, but are mutually exclusive. The Reddy brothers themselves discovered this when a former JDS minister and adversary, later supported by them in the last Parliament election, tasted defeat, miserably at that. The thuggery with which the representative of a well established contractor, Shankarayana Constructions who dared to bid for a contract the Reddy’s were interested in, was kidnapped and assaulted, is too recent in public memory. So is the assault in broad day light and in full public view, on Tapal Ganesh a mine owner of Bellary, and the grievous injury caused to him because he had moved the Supreme Court against them. Their thuggery against the CM himself is well known, as is their not attending most Cabinet meetings. I am sure your readers still remember that Somashekhar as a Cabinet Minister in the H.D. Kumaraswamy lodged a police complaint againt the then CM himself for assaiult, and continued in that ministry.

    It is not that their unaccounted wealth is massive and bludgoining …….considering that most of it is coming from mining and export of iron ore, the hoard is also in foreign exchange.

    One could go on. But I would conclude by saying that if the Reddy brothers are not to go, then the alternative is obviously that Yeddiyurappa and his helpless ministry should itself go!

  7. balakrishna Says:

    There is nothing to comment, no body needs extra lens to read writing on the wall.

  8. Sally Rao Says:

    Anything is possible in our country as long as people worship such thugs.

    You guys can just put it all in one sentence… Hail Thugs! Thugs rule!

  9. swamynathan Says:

    Yeddy govt cant win the next assembly or parliament election with these looterS in the government. They should be sacked lock stock barrel. and summarily punished. WHICH IS WHAT I WANT BUT WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THIESE DAYS POLITICS WHO HAVE NO NERVE.

  10. harkol Says:

    As the Kannada saying goes:

    ಕಾಗೆಗೆ ಹಿರಿತನ ಕೊಟ್ಟಾಗ ಕಚೇರಿ ತುಂಬಾ ಹೇತಿತ್ತು.

    The stink in Karnataka Govt. circles is becoming unbearable. :-(

  11. AnotherOne Says:

    Of course the Reddy brothers have to go.

    But now that it all started with cricket lets complete the task of cleansing it of just the politicians before moving to the mines. Else all this will be easily lost in the chaos.

    For starters lets kick out the

    1. Agriculture minister from BCCI so that he can focus on more important things like farmer suicides, prices, vidarbha…..

    2. Chief ministers of states holding on to top posts their respectable state cricket associations.

    3. MPs in various roles of BCCI including the leader of opposition.

    How could these people get time to run cricket when more important things seek their attention.

    I always wonder why these so called top tv news anchors are so scared to ask such a question to the politocos..

  12. Ram Says:

    Sashi Tharoor’s case is highly projected by Media as if the country is going to Dogs. Centre then asked his resignation only to be in good books of public. Whereas, Gaali’s deeds were not projected by media extensively except for one or two media houses…so centre will not be serious on the issue

  13. Rajesh R Says:

    Cong can’t blame Reddy brothers alone… even Mr. Jagan Reddy is a part of the mining game.. so better let both Cong and BJP join hands and oust these Reddy extended brothers….

  14. DailyBread Says:

    Rajesh R,

    Please do not drag AP’s Rupert Murdoch into all this. Respectable names like Vicat, Jindals , etc. are his business partners.

  15. DailyBread Says:

    Another One,

    “I always wonder why these so called top tv news anchors are so scared to ask such a question to the politocos..”

    Sir, I think because of following reasons

    1. CEO/MD/Founder/ESOP anchors are also afraid of midnight knocks from ED, IT dept, etc.

    2.Padmas, RS seats, etc.

    3. St Stephen

  16. Rahul Mulchandani Says:

    I don’t get it somehow – Congress gets a reminding of 1984 riots when speaking of Gujarat 2002, but what allegation would the Congress get when accusing the Reddy brothers? Not that I’m a Congress fan, but am curious.

  17. harkol Says:

    >allegation would the Congress get

    A. Raja, who creamed the Telecom perhaps?

  18. Ram Says:

    BTW, why were the options in the above poll in Telugu!!!

    Anyways…Y S Jagan Reddy, Gaali Brothers have created their own regime in the borders of Karnataka and Andhra. Their looting can be stopped only when Non-Congress and Non-BJP governments gets formed in the two states.

    In Andhra, seems like only Ramoji Rao’s ETV is crusading the war against Gaali’s power of Money and Power . Rest all media houses might have got kick-backs from Reddy brothers.

    What was the case with Karnataka media?

  19. Rajesh R Says:


    Mr. Jagan is very much a partner of gaali brothers…. so Congress need to think twice before forcing BJP….

  20. DailyBread Says:

    UPA govt will thank A Raja for bringing down the telephony charges in India. With his one single act Mr. Raja has substantially increased the teledensity of the country. Right to free (almost) talktime is as good as a RTI, NREGA, RTE.

    For this business process innovation, the gentleman deserves his multibillion $s compensation. If you want to compare, it is still a lot less than Sunil Mittal.

    3g auctions are heading in the wrong direction. Dont forget, at the end of the month, it is the consumer who pays the license fees. From September 1st, Churmuri browsing will become expensive.

  21. harkol Says:

    >gentleman deserves his multibillion $s compensation

    Twisting the logic at best.

    A.Raja did not bring down the cost of Telephony, the competetion, business process innovation and penetration did.

    Consider this – Vonage has introduced a plan in US, which allows unlimited calls to any phone in 50 countries for a flat fee of $15.

    Now it is cheaper for my friends to call any number in India, than me sitting in India!!

    There are barriers that are created by DoT and BSNL that causes this kind of non-sense. Even today, VoIP services are not offered the way it is being offered in US. Why?

    We are more than 3 years behind in 3G adaptation. Its been 5 years waiting for WiMAX spectrum to be made available.

  22. DailyBread Says:

    Harkol Sir,
    “A.Raja did not bring down the cost of Telephony, the competetion, business process innovation and penetration did.”

    It happened when A Rajaji is the concerned department’s Mantri. Consumers are happy and the entire of telecom industry is happy with his performance .

    “There are barriers that are created by DoT and BSNL that causes this kind of non-sense. Even today, VoIP services are not offered the way it is being offered in US. Why?”

    You know who is blocking this, the day a robber baron wants this to happen, I think Mantriji will be very happy to get this cleared at policy as well as at cabinet level.

    “We are more than 3 years behind in 3G adaptation. Its been 5 years waiting for WiMAX spectrum to be made available.”

    If we had a Sukhram or Mahajan at the helm of affairs, we would have got these on time. Poor A Raja does not have enough clout in the govt…….

  23. Complex Says:

    @harkol: You missed the sarcasm of Dailybread

  24. Rastrakoota Says:

    —>Right to free (almost) talktime is as good as a RTI, NREGA, RTE.

    The talktime you are talking abt may 1/2 sec! You are a whole lot confused with the huge no of adverts these days abt 1/2paise/sec…Well….the Govt could certainly do more but it has not done and will not do more anytime soon becoz of vested interests.

    —>the gentleman deserves his multibillion $s compensation

    Dont be soooo Insane to justify this crooks billion $ Compenstaion thro’ corruption. Even Laloo deserves it for railways and so does our very own crook Asoka for the State transport is in the Green. (And inspite of Him that is)….

  25. harkol Says:


    I couldn’t decide if he was being sarcastic or was actually supporting A.Raja.

    Well someone has already called me a dimwit so..


  26. Complex Says:

    @harkol :

    There was a very good article in Outlook about how the 2G auctions were bungled up.

  27. DailyBread Says:

    @ Complex :-)


    “Well….the Govt could certainly do more but it has not done and will not do more anytime soon becoz of vested interests.”

    With all due respects Sir, this is boiler plate whining. Please be specific about what the govt. should have done or should do.

    “insane to justify”

    All three deserve multibillon $s compensation for the work they do. Whether we like it or not, they do take home billions every year.

  28. Anshuman Patel Says:

    This discussion has taken an interesting turn into the realm of Telecom. Interestingly there is much in common with mining and telecom regime.

    Like mining, telecom also has been a happy hunting ground for our ministers – be it Sukhram, Pramod Mahajan and well possibly the biggest crook of them all – Thiru Raja. All have used arcane rules and laws and their discretionary powers to play the crony licensing game. In the bargain they nicely lined their winter nests.

    Both the wireless spectrum and minerals are national riches. Both are being sold at below par value and thus causing a great loss to the national exchequer – while few companies and individuals make money hand over fist.

    Having said that, we indeed enjoy one of the lowest rate/call in wireless as wireline telephony. This along with cheaper handsets has made something unimaginable a few years back come true – maid, veggie vendor, carpenter..almost everyone owns a mobile phone now. Thus the customer doesn’t seem to be cheated in this game – till now.

    Can the rates be still lower? I doubt it. Though the input costs by way of raw materials is absent, the staff cost and A&M costs are considerable in a non-differentiated service that has become a commodity and not to mention the high costs of setting up the network infra.

    Lastly perhaps US is not the best example for the early adoption of technology. They are no doubt inventors and pioneers in most of the technical field. However he average American is a bit too cost conscious and would rather wait till the pricing becomes favourable. The age old tech of FDMA still has takers in USA and 3G penetration is nascent.

    Europe has been the leader in wireless (atleast 2G GSM) and it’s Japan/Korea who led the market in 3G. It’s the same case in other consumer electronics space too. Mostly the APAC leads in early adoption.

    There is an interesting argument in the telecom scene of India that by being a bit slow in the uptake, India has saved quite a bit of money:)

    USA/Europe went through FDMA, TDMA, CDMA/GSM cycle with enormous costs involved in each installation and roll-over where as India and many African countries just waited on the sidelines (perhaps not by design but by lethargy!) and got into the play at the right moment when the 2G dust settled between various competing sandards. That’s the case in 3G, 4G and Wimax too. Sometimes these battles between standards can be ugly and debilitating. It is wise to be slow sometimes for the war to be settled in favour of a particular standard and then move in.

  29. harkol Says:

    >US is not the best example for the early adoption of technology.

    US is certainly not the best example in anything, except perhaps for democratic institution that has stood the test of time.

    But, my point was more to do with the nimbleness of the govt. in framing the policy, not that of the industry. The reason why US industries like Healthcare and telecom ail, is because of operational stupidity and legal minefield that US is.

    Besides, there is also the matter of Price sensitivity and Price elasticity differences between India and US.

    Here is the right measure – An US consumer pays less than 1/100th of the per capita income in US for a mobile phone ($46K – IMF2009). In India, even at Rs.150/month, it is more like 1/25th.

    By that token alone, Mobile telephony is 4 times as expensive as it is in USA.

  30. harkol Says:

    >It is wise to be slow sometimes for the war to be settled

    I beg to disagree.

    Standards war is something that keeps happening in the tech field. If we slow down adaptation curve then all that happens is – We fall behind, in the name of leapfrogging tech-generations.

    The reality of a vibrant eco-system is how dynamic it is and how rapidly it transforms/changes, rather than how static it is. This is one of the reasons why economists always want an inflation, always want people to have healthy spend/save ratio etc.

    It does seem that an investment, by govt. or private entities, in a standard that deprecates has gone waste. but the reality is, it would have provided employment opportunities to many, and would’ve contributed in more ways before dying.

    The folks who invest and take risk, may loose, but they’ll gain elsewhere. That’s how business gets done.

  31. dr ramesh Says:

    watcH movie PRITHVI . bjp akrama mining na inch inch bidade torisiddare. one of the best movies made in india this year.
    you cant help clenching your fist in anger after seeing the corruption ,lawlessness bjp is supporting.
    puneeth is fabulous
    as DC, DIRECTOR verghese has done a commendable job.

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