IPL’s thugs are no better than Maoists and Naxals

SHAH ALAM KHAN writes from New Delhi: To qualify as an Indian, it is essential that you love cricket, it is important that you gossip, it is vital to fall in love with pelvic-thrusting actors and cajoling actresses on the celluloid screen, and it is quintessential that you make money the quick (and sometimes the wrong) way.

The saga of Indian Premier League (IPL), the beleaguered cricket league of India, is no exception to these general rules of Indianness. The vulgar display of money, power and beauty is there for all to see.

From selfish business tycoons to iconic players, all adorn the masala called IPL. It is surely entertainment at its best.

The kind of recipe which made a friend’s 85-year-old grandma vouch for a team (it’s a different matter that she can’t make out why the two brothers, called “mid off” and “mid on”, play for every team!)’. IPL is fun as long as it confines itself to the cricketing field.

Last week the game spilled over, flooding our fragile democratic institutions and drowning a lot in its wake.

To believe that all what happened in the last couple of weeks is the result of an ego clash between Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor would be rather stupid and naïve. In fact are we being made to believe that a shrewd businessman and a newly crowned politician do have an ego? Doesn’t make sense to me.

In all its three years of existence, IPL was not about cricket. It was about money. About a lot of money!

The unprecedented value of the IPL was too much to be resisted by all—politicians, administrators, business moguls, cine stars. Everyone wanted a piece of this rich pie. But are we really interested in the Tharoors, Pawars, Ambanis and Modis?

Corruption in the IPL does not really worry me.

From the day of its conception the IPL was not a sanctum sanctorum. “Brand IPL” as it is tried to be labelled by those who believe in the politics and power of “brands” was a hot bed of vested interests. It was an outlet for black money. Yes, they also played cricket to keep the likes of us think that the league represented a sport so close to a billion Indian hearts.

The financial aspects of IPL are not only murky but an eye opener for those who thought that India was a poor nation with more than 40 per cent of the population living below the poverty line. The total value of IPL, which even Modi cannot predict with surety, is expected to be around Rs 70,000 crore.

This unaccounted money is available to the richest people of India. No doubt the rich got richer in the IPL.

Compare this to a cumulative expenditure of mere Rs. 27.59 crores in the prestigious national rural guarantee scheme of the government of India for the state of Orissa in 2008-09. The Orissa example is even more glaring as this is the state where hunger deaths are reported on a regular basis.

Some may argue, and correctly so, that it is foolhardiness to compare a government scheme with a privately owned sporting event which is meant for entertainment. Sure, but this is the best way to show how India entertains and Bharat survives under one roof.

The contrast of IPL money and the lack of it in governmental schemes shows the divergence of thought and responsibility which goes in making India a nation of such huge contradictions. It is this thought process which gives birth to Maoists, Naxals and other elements of state defiance.

With the muck and shame of IPL written large on the faces of corporate and political class of India, words of our honourable home minister, Shri P. Chidambaram, sound so hollow, “we shall counter the Maoists with force. They are the gravest internal security threat to our country”. How can we even expect to believe a word of what he says?

Maoists, Naxals, Naga Militia. Are any of these a bigger threat to the nation than the financial scamsters of IPL? Shouldn’t the equation be set right now?

May be one Maoist for every thug involved in the IPL?

How about “neutralising” the threat of Lalit Modi and his brigade before “neutralising” the alleged mastermind of the Dantewada massacre, Ramanna Paparao?

IPL even described socialism in its own new way.

According to a report released just before the end of IPL2 (2009) by the equity research firm IIFL, Rajasthan Royals, the team representing Jaipur would have made the highest profit of Rs 35.1 crore in the group matches of the second edition of the tournament even when their performance was below par compared to their champion status of 2008.

Kolkata Knight Riders, which finished at the bottom in the league table in South Africa, nevertheless ended up with the third highest profit of Rs 25.8 crore in IPL 2. King’s XI representing Punjab, which also did not make it to the semis, just beat Kolkata to second spot with a profit of Rs 26.1 crore.

How interesting is that!

Teams doing poorly in terms of cricket will not necessarily fare poor in their financial gains. It looks as if Lalit Modi and his gang of franchises have defined what could be called as “IPL Socialism”.

The IPL also represents a loot of public funds, my and your money, which doesn’t even get noticed.

Each day-and-night match of the IPL played under flood lights, consumes electricity enough to run 500 average Indian homes for a month. The provision of subsidised electricity doesn’t make things any different. It is believed that the average electricity bill for a single day and night cricket match of the IPL is more than $15,000.

For those interested in numbers, this is the government’s expenditure on health for ten adult Indians if they live up to an age of 70 years (at the rate of $21 PPP).

Water, a deficient resource in cities like Mumbai and Delhi is used to keep the fields green during the IPL. This, in a country which is now at the top of the childhood malnutrition charts of the globe with lack of clean water being the primary cause of a large number of infant and childhood morbidity and mortality.

The money and its earthy use in the IPL is a matter of shame for each Indian.

We all love cricket but surely not in a way in which Lalit Modi packed it for us. The very fact that a large part of our society is still deprived of basic daily needs including food should always weigh heavily on our conscience.

Why are we as civil society becoming oblivious to the needs of the common Indian? How can we even accept an agriculture minister presiding over the functions of the IPL when hundreds of farmers are committing suicide day in and day out?

How are we justified in condemning the Maoists when the Indian society gives them an IPL every now and then? If the law of the land does not permit theft, how can it allow this unprecedented day light robbery? The vulgarity of IPL stands defiant.

If Lalit Modi and his band of filchers cannot feel for the poor they should at least respect poverty.

(Dr Shah Alam Khan is an orthopaedic surgeon at the nation’s premier medical college and hospital, the all Indian institute of medical sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Visit his blog: India and Bharat)

Photograph: The ICC’s next chief, agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, with his protege, BCCI president Shashank Manohar. The duo met home minister P. Chidambaram and finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday in Delhi after which Pawar pulled the plug on IPL commissioner Lalit Modi (courtesy The Hindu)

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10 Responses to “IPL’s thugs are no better than Maoists and Naxals”

  1. Murthy Says:

    What I see here is the whole congress is very safe.
    Nobody is there to question or oppose them.
    Tharoor exposes Modi
    Modi exposes Tharoor
    Pawar questions Modi
    Now , Modi to expose Pawar……

    So can we say this as the beginning of fall of congress.

  2. Vinay Says:

    IPL is a wonderful concept. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This business of criticizing the IPL concept itself reeks of Quasi-Socialism.

  3. Sally Rao Says:

    Well done indeed Churmuri.. this is what I call a good piece of journalism!! Good work..

  4. dharma Says:

    This is why ICL failed and IPL clicked. Hats off to Kapil Dev & co!!

  5. Gowda Says:


    If someone like Tharoor gets exposed, there will be no loss to Sonia madam. One should understand MR.Tharoor is not at all a typical indian politican, he doesnt have any type of political popularity in God’s Own country.Educated Mallu’s of Trivandrum over expected on this western educated twitter and sent him to Parliament. Whether his way of politics can bring votes to congress? Definitely No.

    Mr.Pawar belongs to NCP, Mrs Sonia madam can easily make him a political scape goat if the IPL controversies goes more deep.

    At last Congress will play with these guys to get some party fund.

    I believe these IPL thugs can be compared with our Karnataka Robbers Reddy brothers and Gowda’s

  6. Murthy Says:

    With more lok sabha and rajya sabha members coming into scene like

    Praful Patel – his daughter Poorna Patel
    Vijay Mallya – and his waking up son Sid.
    Arun Jaitley of BJP with Shukla , Shetty in forming legal notices.
    DigVijay Singh and his notorious Bihari pals
    Nitish Kumar and Sharad Pawar’s phone tapping.
    Supriya Sule ( oh . these maharashtrain surnames! can someone clarify “Sule” surname and it’s origin) also into defence

    and Sushma swaraj’s silence.

    Infact RV Deshpande may have some part with his Maharashtra relations too.

    this has all the ingredients in the making of one more “Office of Profit” case and conveniently a law will be manipulated or amended according to Ambedkar’s constitutional terms.

    Is it Ok to bend and amend the rules by these thugs while the same laws when bent by naxals become atrocity!

    How far can a anglicized modern “Indian” get shameless compared to a Adivasi. Who is more civilized?

    Excellent article with figures on electricity, adults, orissa budget and a critical question in front of us all
    “Why are we as civil society becoming oblivious to the needs of the common Indian?”

    It seems citizens or the 50% voters are all consciously made to create classes and fight among themselves.
    I will give a simple example here – while defence people have no tolls to pay on national highways ; normal civilians have to pay toll whatever car/transport they travel in. From 60 years this is one properly built/maintained highway and normal class cannot use it! NICE roads suddenly get a 33% jerk toll high.
    This class has a separate set of high definition setups wherver they go.

    This class has all facilities as their private affairs.
    VIP longues in airports, imported prostitutes, usage of terms like cattle class and Ayn Raand’s objectivity principles have become watchword .
    For public they are austere.

    It seems if a capitalist makes profit many other can benefit from the shit he delivers. 70,000 crores of IPL and 26.89 cr for orissa – great shit.
    A normal software engineer in bangalore will have to get a PAN card , his taxes will be cut by accountants , auditors directly from salary and at the end of the day he senses a victory in producing fake HRA rent receipt and dances to joy that he has fooled the govt.
    While the same IPL people has fooled making such unaccounted money for themselves. One phone call to Quattorochi and Modi can goto any non-Indian jurisdiction. No CBI or interpol can stop him.

    The govt is competing with it’s citizens here . The competition is who is more foolish . An extension to Darwin’s survival theory –
    Theory of Subjective Objectivity.

  7. MysooruBoyz Says:

    Try telling this to the families of the CRPF personnel who were killed…am no supporter of the IPL thugs but this comparison is ridiculous

  8. Kulkarni Says:

    This is india and this happens in india. i like how he described indians

    “To qualify as an Indian, it is essential that you love cricket, it is important that you gossip, it is vital to fall in love with pelvic-thrusting actors and cajoling actresses on the celluloid screen, and it is quintessential that you make money the quick (and sometimes the wrong) way”

    now first thing is: it is not orrisa its odisha. second how one can compare IPL as Social activity by GOI. Someone is paying players to perform the show. Its not cricket its a show for entertainment. And Indian Government is not paying players, its the merchant, politician , and others who can shell out this much money. Who created IPL, its the people of mumbai and only people of mumbai can do this. Cricket is no more a game. Its a show ( may be a circus ) for entertainment. So don’t bother about it just enjoy the show. Tharoor, Pawar, Modi, shukla and others are just organizing a show for us to watch and thanks to them for such a (nice show + political masala) .

  9. JH Says:

    Thanks Churumuri for a fine piece of journalism. Those who can, loot. Those who can’t, starve along with their children. When they turn to the gun as Maoists or Naga militias or whatever else, the are criminalized and killed. Meanwhile, a nation cheers, then lies down and spreads its legs further for the IPL/Reddy types. Mera Bharat Mahaan.

  10. debmalya banerjee Says:

    ipl is not about cricket.it is about money.it is about business.it is a form of greed.it should be banned by the government of india

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