Everybody gets a nice fig leaf in the sting parivar

As the B.S. Yediyurappa government bends backward to show that there is one set of laws for the aam admi and another set for the kama admi caught with their pants down, the State’s most acerbic political cartoonist captures the privileges that comes with membership to the knicker lobby.

Cartoon: courtesy P. Mahamud/ Deccan Herald

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8 Responses to “Everybody gets a nice fig leaf in the sting parivar”

  1. Khan Says:

    Cheddis may be having fun through the SMSes… and conspiracy theories. Think about the questions and slander the women faces now onwards, she needs courage, otherwise another padmapriya…. handed down by acharya.

  2. harkol Says:

    BJP’s “dhood ka Dulha” Halappa is absconding now!! Surely, Police department, headed by virtuous and Satvik VS Acharya, is sparing no effort to unearth him.

    And surely, Satvik Halappa, has strong satvik reason to abscond…

  3. Rajesh R Says:

    Good one…

  4. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Knicker lobby wants him out that’s why its friend in the media, took on him in the front page of the Sunday edition.

    He is now dependent on his friends and relatives of the liquor lobby to save his ass.

  5. Gowda Says:

    What else we can expect from a biased cartoonist Mahmood?

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Yeddi means Sexweak. It sounded like Satvik to the journos. On my recent to visit to Bengaluru I met some Yeddi supporters from Shimoga. The conversation went like this: Imagine the dialogue in Kannada.

    DB: “What is going on between Yeddi and Shobha?”

    Yeddi Supporter: “Saar, it is a father-daughter relationship! Shobhakka has said so in public. They have even been photographed sitting on a bed.”

    DB: “But there are many whispers which actually hint at a more direct, man-woman relationship between these two. Is it not?”

    Yeddi Supporter: “Saar these press people write nonsense; Shobhakka is very respectful toward Yeddi and Yeddi likes Shobakka’s organization skills.”

    DB gave up and said Yeddi is a ‘lucky father’

  7. harkol Says:

    >What else we can expect from a biased cartoonist Mahmood?

    You mean in your unbiased opinion, it isn’t strange for the Chief Minister of the state (as head of state administration and police) to give a clean chit to a person on whom a criminal complaint of rape has been filed, even before any investigation is done??

    I suppose It was Yedyurappa’s totally unbiased opinion that Halappa is a Satvik person, who is the victim here??

  8. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Well Mahamud’s employer, a fellow kinsman of the controversial minister didn’t even bother to have the issue investigated and reported even though there were strong rumour circulating amongst the minister’s tribe!

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