One question I’m dying to ask Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met the ladies and gentlemen of the Indian media for the second time in six years on the completion of the first year of his second term today—and parroted the usual cliches about corruption, Naxalism, “trust-deficit“, inflation, 2G, Rahul G and Sonia G.

The only time Singh paused to ponder in his monotonous 75-minute powwow was when he was asked whose advice he valued more: his wife Gursharan Kaur or Sonia Gandhi.  Otherwise, the whole thing went as his media meisters would have hoped, with longhops being deflected to fineleg.

What is the one question you would have asked Manmohan Singh?

Keep your queries sharp and pointed. And, as per Press Information Bureau norms, “no supplementaries please”.

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23 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Manmohan Singh”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    We know A.Raja is the Most Indispensable Minister in your cabinet. Who is the second Most Indispensable Minister ?

  2. Analysisananda Says:

    Analysing Manmohan’s position we can see that he is there not because he was eligible but was gifted the seat by Sonia. I am sure Sonia would have told this atlease in one of internal heated debates in 6 years.

    In all his gentlemanly attitude towards the foreign widow he hides all this and as a token of faithfulness is bent over to praise the half-educated and half-brainy Rahul as a fine gentleman and without him there is no one to save India.

    He is old . Under the suit and truban always he tries to give a religious posture to older generation. With oxford degree none of the paid news channels which are run by congress dare to question him.

    Infact with reliance giving such a bonus in share market and inflation to be ending in december as said by him today ( how many times did he not visit US for this! ) he has satisfied his generation as being a thorough gentleman having not the slightest idea what is in store for the future.

  3. SushJ Says:

    What’s for dinner? That’s the question which he might be able to answer. As for the rest ask Sonia Gandhi. On second thoughts, he might not know the answer of even this one. Gursharan Kaur would. And in that case, what can he actually answer- NOTHING. And that’s exactly what he did in the press conference. He answered nothing. A complete waste of time, at least mine for sure.

  4. ashwini prasad Says:

    Manmohan is a robot operated by Sonia Gandhi.They more conerend about vote banks so they wont take any action against A.Raja.commaon man is dying because of price hike that to house wives are suffering like anything.Ration prices are so high we have think twice while cooking and purchasing.Women are mouring in kitchens

  5. Sanday Says:

    When will your party leave this planet for good and give indians the real independence?

  6. harkol Says:

    Dear MMS,

    In Your press conference you justified A.Raja’s actions by saying, he was just following BJP govt’s policy.

    So, can you also sell me some land in Bangalore through BDA at 2001 prices??

    I badly need to build houses for my children.

  7. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Dear Prime Minister,

    When the whole world is applauding Game Theorists, schooled in India, for their design of spectrum auction, why do you hide behind a bad policy created by your predecessor?

    Mr PM, do you know that you are not only answerable to the opposition in the parliament but also to us, the citizens?

    If an evil policy has been introduced by the NDA regime, trash it!

    Have the auctions investigated, and make your predecessors and colleagues accountable!

  8. Sharadadevi Says:

    Let me have two!
    Does your wife go to the kitchen and cook or does she have a cook?
    Do you go shopping for food stuff, or is it supplied free to the PM’s kitchen, if so you will not know about the fate of we house wifes. Excused!!!

  9. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    My question to MP would be : “Prime Minister, you are seen as a prime minister who is not a politician so normal political complusions of cronyism, nepotism, grease-monet etc should not work with you. If that be the case, when would India get real governance, deal with real issues and deliver to the citizen his entitlements efficiently?”

  10. ExtraPlayer Says:

    Here is my question. Mr. Singh (or Churumuri writer) why on Earth did you deflect the longhops to fineleg? Wouldn’t it have been better to cut to point or pull to midwicket?

  11. Curry Hurry Says:

    Sir, is the Chair warm enough now ?

  12. One question I’m dying to ask Manmohan Singh at Blogbharti Says:

    […] Would you like to add your qustion  at  churumuri? […]

  13. DailyBread Says:


    Thank you for supporting your cabinet member A. Raja. Now please tell us when are you moving Raja to finance ministry?

  14. Khan Says:

    Wowww A.Raja is bad, he is the evil personified…. he must be, after-all he is from Dravida party, just like JMM and soren the uncouth, corrupt to the core………unless they allied with BJP they will be.

    This seems to be the case with Cheddis, either join hand for purification of the sins by RSS or be damned for eternity as sinner to be born again again as low caste.

    Soren seems to understood that, so he let purification by the RSS brahmins of all his corruption/sins, the hugging by the BJP president, the lavish praise…….don’t you appreciate his game, doing chanikya to the old foxes.

  15. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    Sir, do you find Rahulbaba is fit for a cabinet post or you say so because Mrs G thinks so? She thinks he is fit to be PM and yet, you think no retirement in offing – have you begun to like the PM’s chair so much?

  16. Simple Says:

    What is the secret of your looks? You look the same since 20 years.

  17. Goldstar Says:


    Thanks for teaching us to judge every action, every corruption case, every crime thru the prism of caste.

    btw, you never answered my queries in some other post, namely:

    Ajmal Kasab – Sunni or Shia?
    Osama Bin Laden – Sunni or Shia?
    Al Zawahri – Sunni or Shia?

    Please help us “judge” their actions too.

  18. Mathihalli Madan Mohan Says:

    Mr Prime Minister, Do you have any plans to take action against the nonperforming ministers, who are in a legion in your cabinet ? Or do you need clearance from Mrs. G?

  19. Pagan Says:

    @Khan the victim,

    Whoa! Take it easy man! Watching too many Zaid Hamid videos on youtube? Not good for the mental health I tell you.
    I understand your anger man. These brahmins and banias are outright evil. Revenge on them for making you a victim. Just when you thought implementation of Mandal report will corner brahmins and banias and squeeze them, evil pair of MMS and PVN liberalized economy. These brahmins and banias showed middle finger to govt and took up jobs in private sector. How evil of them.

    But don’t stop. Come up with more strategies including writing more Churumuri comments blaming brahmins and banias.

  20. Khan Says:

    iust when you thought implementation of Mandal report will corner brahmins and banias and squeeze them

    Wow wow…Hold you horses, where did mandal and kamadal came here … Oh I get it, you guys feel persecuted, wronged, cornered by the castiest parties, so the muck raja is corrupt, mulayam is dog, lallo is ullo…. .

    But why do the all powerful brahmins(disproportionate representation in govt and PSU’s) and bania(the favored caste since license, permit, quota raj) feel cornered/squeezed????

    Another point to note here is all the questions to MMS is raja related.

    Is he the only corrupt minister and rest of them doodh ka dhule!!!

    Is corruption really an issue in the indian politics??

    Is the scam in telecommunication NEW???

    Have people forgotten sukhram and his crores in puja rooms.

    Do cheddis here have any memory of vajpee points-man , mahajan and his dealings in telecom.

    I never heard any one raise so much hue and cry then or now to those scoundrels….. or is it something to do with… our scoundrels and their scoundrel???

  21. SherKhan Says:

    Khan Bhai, rather than blaming other for not raising other people names why dont you do the honors, why dont you raise the names. Get a life man and please Grow up.

  22. Pagan Says:

    @Khan the victim,

    >>where did mandal and kamadal came here

    hmm..from where brahmins and banias come in your comments.

  23. Goldstar Says:

    @ Khan,

    >> I never heard any one raise so much hue and cry then or now to those scoundrels…..

    Churumuri wasn’t there then :-) !!

    Instead of just raising the “caste” issue again and again, can you get it into your thick head that some people here are just against corruption or price rise or other issues? They are not always Cheddis or Brahmins or Banias or BJP supporters?

    FYI, I voted Congress last year because MMS showed a lot of guts and brought in the Indo-US nuke deal, which I think is good for the country.

    Go get a life or a kilo of Ghee (which has crossed Rs. 300/-). Only the A.Raja’s of this world can afford it now.

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