Whose Global Investors’ Meet is it anyway?

An extraordinary advertising campaign—comprising hundreds of mediocre advertisements in newspapers and tens of silly spots on television, all obviously paid for with taxpayers’ money—has been unleashed by the BJP government of B.S. Yediyurappa in the run-up to the global investors’ meet (GIM) in Bangalore on June 3 and 4.

The media, while quietly accepting the advertising windfall, has done little to question the grandiose, even quixotic claims, which seem more intended at creating a favourable perception among the public of a regime marred by dissension, scandal, corruption and non-performance, and less about attracting “global investors”.

The government, it appears, has done little to learn from the ongoing protests in various parts of the country or from Karnataka itself, and it seems to tilt with the windmills of experience of similar investors’ meet, like S.M. Krishna‘s, where most of the promised investments never fructified and only served as a PR exercise.

A bunch of peoples’ organizations is organising a token protest against the global investors’ meet in Bangalore on Thursday, 3 June. The venue is the town hall, the time 5 pm. Below is the full text of the joint press statement issued by the organisations to explain their opposition.



Demand people-friendly and environment-friendly development


The chief minister of Karnataka has announced that the two-day global investors meet in Bangalore will bring in Rs 3 lakh crore of investment as well as around 300,000 new jobs.

The promise of 3 lakh jobs to be created by the GIM and the prosperity it will bring to Karnataka does not appear to be true. The government is happy peddling false promises of invesment and job creation while ignoring the jobs lost.


As per government data from the department of industrial policy and promotion, the total foreign direct investment (FDI) approved in Karnataka between 2000-2010 is around Rs 30,000 crore and the actual amount invested less than that.

So how will Rs 3 lakh crores be realised in two days, if the last 10 years brought in only Rs 30,000 crore? And if Further , the 3 lakh crores were supposed to bring in 3 lakh jobs. Now if the actual amount will be much lesser, how many jobs actually get created?

Also, here, each job is being created for an investment of Rs 1 crore (Rs 3 lakh crore = 3 lakh jobs). However, for the same Rs one crore which is invested in the small and medium industries, 20 jobs can be created.


The government has approved MS Zuari fertilisers and chemicals ltd. to establish a urea plant in Mastihole village, Hukkeri taluk, Belgaum, with an investment of Rs 4,565 crore. It is supposed to create 1,560 jobs. It means an investment of Rs 3 crores for each job!

Similarly, the government has approved a proposal to India Cements limited to establish a 2 MTPA cement plant and 60 MW coal-based thermal power plant at Ganapur, Burugupalli of Chincholi taluk, Gulbarga district, with an investment of Rs 850 crores. The promise of job creation is only 175. It means that Rs 5 crore are invested to create one job.  (Sources: government orders—CI 27 SPI 2010, CI 32 SPI 2010)


The State government has already acquired 50,000 acres and is in the process of acquiring another 100,000 acres of land. Hence a total of 1,50,000 acres are being acquired.

Even by conservative estimates, farming on 1 acre of land can support at least five people. Hence the 1,50,000 acres of land being acquired will support at least 7,50,000 people. Now once this land is acquired, all these jobs are lost.

Even assuming that the GIM really creates 3 lakh jobs and that all these jobs (including managers, technical experts etc) are distributed amongst those who lost jobs, it still leaves 4.5 lakh people jobless as a result of the land acquisition for the GIM.

In its defence, the government has stated that mostly non-agricultural land has been required. However seeing the gazette notifications for the land acquisition, we see that the government is lying.

For instance, one of the government orders (CI66SPQ2010, Bangalore, dated 17 February 2010) says that 1,542 acres of land has been acquired in Bailahongala, Belgaum. Out of 1,542 acres acquired just 25 acres of land is barren, the remaining 1,517 acres or 99.8% land acquired is agricultural land.


There is a net loss of employment due to GIM. In addition, we will also lose valuable capital, water and electricity.

The Rs 3 lakh crore investment will not come directly from private firms. A large part of that will be from bank loans. Money in the banks consists of the savings of people of the state or is tax money which is with state owned banks. So in effect it our own money being diverted to them and coming back in the form of FDI.

All these industries will require water and electricity. No new water can be created. So even though there is an existing water crisis, billions of litres will be divested to these new industries.

We also already have an electricity crisis with many rural areas having 16 hour power cuts. Where will we get more power to supply to these industries? It is also a matter of shame that many of these destructive industries are provided massive subsidies of water and electricity, while the farmers in the state are committing suicide.

Hence, by organizing the GIM the state government has sold Karnataka, piece by piece. People voted for a government to rule the state, and not sell the state and its resources.

The entry of special economic zones will be a major blow to the lands, environment and labour relations of the people of Karnataka. Already Orissa stand as a glaring example for us to understand what is going to happen in the investment friendly states like Karnataka.

Posco and Tatas have been targeted by the activists for their role in police firing and lathi charge on innocent people in Orissa. Over 100 people resisting Posco in Orissa were injured recently and even their medical care is being denied.

Over a dozen people were killed by police firing in Kalinganagar earlier and recently the police killed one more adivasi. We strongly object the entry of such a model of development which sheds human blood instead of human welfare.

If the state of Karnataka is going ahead with the this kind of a development paradigm at the cost of the life and livelihood of the dalits, adivasis and farmers, the global investors’ meet raises a set of questions.

Like, what will be the social, environmental, economic and political costs involved in this entire process? Like, why is this whole process being rushed through without public consultations and political consultations ?

In order to achieve overall inclusive development, we need to look at it from the perspective of increasing the purchasing power of the people of the state. However, these foreign direct investments will actually decrease the purchasing power of the people.

Keeping this in mind, people from across the country need to oppose this form of investor led development. We demand that the state works towards a development approach which is based on strengthening local economic systems.

The GIM however does not do anything to strengthen the local economic system or the people and hence the government should immediately stop this mode of development.

It is the responsibility of all of us, the people of Karnataka to force the government to abandon this destructive mode of development. We appeal to all citizens of Karnataka to join this resistance for a people friendly and environment friendly development policy.

Ultimately, it is matter of our jobs, our money, our natural resources and our lives.


Peoples’ Solidarity Concern, Social Action Committee, Stree Jagruti, Sichrem, SCM, Radical IT Domestic Workers Union, Alternative Law Forum, Pedestrian Pictures, NAPM, Janasahayog, National Alliance for Peoples Movement, Karnataka Janapara Vedike, Samanatha Mahila vedike , Swabhimani Dalitha Shakthi, PUCL-Karnataka.

Photograph: Chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa inspects preparations for the global investors’ meet at the palace grounds in Bangalore on Wednesday, with minister Murugesh Nirani in tow (Karnataka Photo News)

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45 Responses to “Whose Global Investors’ Meet is it anyway?”

  1. Aiyoo! Says:


    Pliss be understanding the following –

    1) Numbers like 3 Lakh Crores are on paper. Nobody said anything about *ALL* these projects actually realising money in the bank or taking off. ;-)

    2) There will be some serious cash flow. Courtesy our revenue minister from the Bellary Janata Party. (if his track record in mining is anything to go by)

    3) Grabbing land could be interpreted as good dharma no?

    As they say, fun will come.

  2. Vinay Sreenivasa Says:

    Thanks for posting this. We actually took a lot of points for this note from Shivasundars article in Gowri Lankesh earlier this week.

    Please also see this picture of the GIM, again froma cartoon in Gowri Lankesh


  3. Complex Says:

    I am not disputing the gist of the argument. It may well be true, but there are glaring errors in the arguments.

    1. arming on 1 acre of land can support at least five people. Hence the 1,50,000 acres of land being acquired will support at least 7,50,000 people.

    For every acre, 5 people . I don’t think so, when a large percentage is arid land.

    Even if number 7,50,000 number is taken into consideration. You are forgetting that even after 3 lakh people get jobs in the industries, the owners of the land will also get a lumpsum amount as compensation.

    So, there might net loss of jobs, but not net loss of livelihood.

    2. You say “The government, it appears, has done little to learn from the ongoing protests in various parts of the country or from Karnataka itself, and it seems to tilt with the windmills of experience of similar investors’ meet, like S.M. Krishna‘s, where most of the promised investments never fructified and only served as a PR exercise.”

    The article given in this link says,

    Only about 30 per cent of the projects approved have translated into actual investment.

    30% is not bad . 30% of 3 lakhs is 90,000 crore. Not bad actually.

    3. You say that “We also already have an electricity crisis with many rural areas having 16 hour power cuts. Where will we get more power to supply to these industries?”

    First you say that declared investment will not result in actual investment. Then you say who will give water to these new insustries.
    First make up your mind whether there will be actual investment or not.

  4. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    People who do not even have experience in constructing a single public toilet have no right to protest against GIM!
    All the organizations listed are almost always found near Mahatma Gandhi statue in Bangalore MG Marg, mostly with candles in their hands…
    Next you will see them putting up a shop “for rent activists”

  5. Mathihalli Madan Mohan Says:

    The governments as a rule do not learn from past mistakes. The reason is simple. These are all political decisions, designed to get political mileage of questionable value. And there is hard earned tax payers money to be bandied about.
    Anyhow who bothers about what happens tomorrow? These bunch of ministers would not be there in office at the time any future evaluation is done.
    This is a classic case of lack of political accountability. This is real democracy we are having today.

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    You and I are paying room and board for these billionaire looters?

    “We frequently see the respectful attentions of the world more strongly directed towards the rich and the great than towards the wise and the virtuous. We see frequently the vices and follies of the powerful much less despised than the poverty and weakness of the innocent.” Thus Adam Smith.

  7. dharma Says:

    these meets are an attempt to bring in investments and to show that investors are welcome in Karnataka. BJP back biting again. Wait and see. See what has happened to Gujarat’s economy.

  8. AnotherOne Says:

    Please stop being a cry baby.

    Just because politicians have failed us for the past 60 years we do not want to throw away democracy and embrace the commies/military rule. We have stick to democracy and it is the only way out(if at all possible).

    I guess many people(if I had the proof of number, there can be no argument against it democracy) believe that this is the only way to try(of course learning from the previous failures and corrections is a must) get in some investment which would other wise be slurped up by some other state.

  9. Goldstar Says:

    The writers have forgotten to mention the “loss” of jobs due to mechanization of looms, development of railways, computerization. (A train which transports 1000 passengers gives jobs to just 20 odd people… If we could go back to the bullock-cart era, we could have easily 200 jobs).

    This rant against industrialization belongs to the 1960s, if not earlier.

  10. the colonel Says:

    mera karnataka mahaan

  11. Karthik Says:

    Am not a die-hard BJP supporter as such, but the arguments put forth is rather too weak.

    1. regarding equating investments against no of jobs created.
    Private companies pump in millions of dollars to fund a few hundreds of people to do research/development etc… its not the investment that counts, its the outcome of this investment. creating 3 lakh jobs is not hte sole outcome of this 3 lakh crore investment. An actual example is our Namma Metro… at a cost of around 6000 crores, it is going to create a few thousands of total jobs, but look at the project impact on the city.

    2. Loss of public utilities (Water, electricity…) due to new investments.
    isnt there a possibility that the new investments might actually be in some of these public utilities like Water treatment or Power T&D?

    3. Blaming Corruption.
    It could be true that there exists corruption in the state, but as a citizen i rather have some progress than no progress. The opposition is no less corrupt than the current Govt.

    4. sale of Agricultural Land.
    If farmers are indeed commiting suicide as the allegations claim, wouldnt it be a fair deal that they are being paid an amount in exchange for their land? and who says farmers dont get subsidies from the govt?? did you forget the 25 Lakh Crore Loan waiver that the central govt gave to the farmers? Have you forgotten the free goodies that the BJP govt gave to the farmers? (http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/business/free-power-many-goodies-for-farmers-in-karnataka-budget-with-rs18-bn-for-bangalores-upgrade-in-karnataka-budget_10072742.html)

    5. The whole case against FDI.
    FDI norms prevent complete control of local resources by Foreign companies. and I feel more secure if part of the investment comes from Foreign money than our own “Tax Payers money” being invested in full.

  12. DailyBread Says:

    >mediocre advertisements in newspapers and tens of silly spots on television,
    >the grandiose, even quixotic claims,
    >a regime marred by dissension, scandal, corruption and non-performance,

    Sad & disappointing, is there a limit for hatred & bigotry, don’t you think you should restrain yourself at least on the day when the govt. is trying to do something useful for the state.
    Please do not politicise everything, whether we like it or not the govt. is here to stay. In the meantime do you want the state to stagnate?
    I am happy, people from my region are happy with the kind of investments promised. I think even TS will be very happy for Bellary.

  13. Kennedy Says:

    Another worthless event by Yeddi and his Circus troupe. We still have three more years to endure these idiots. And by then they would have destroyed as much as possible. By the way, they have started generating revenues and jobs…printing posters, painting the roads, laying thin layers of roads, for flower pots. Already few crores would have got swindled by the in-charge ministers through BBMP for these jobs.

    Ironically, these ministers and the CM will come back on 5th June talking about environment, climate change, et al (as if they understand these issues) while acquiring thousands of hectares of fertile land for industries and allowing mining in the forests.

    Let us all pray that this circus troupe is kicked out by the people next time.

  14. Gowda Says:

    who the hell will come and invest in karnataka and that too based on Yeddyurappa’s words. The whole drama of investment meeting appearing like a Comedy.
    Karnataka is facing severe power shortage which is globally known. Let the govt try to improve the conditions of sick companies in Peenya first. Also try to build at least 20k MW power producing unit in Karnataka to avoid power shortage.

    I really prefer chennai, which is far far better than bangalore nowdays.

  15. Kitapati Says:

    Welcome to unbridled and unchecked capitalism. Soon everything of the state will be sold and these politicians will make lot of money. The future generation common citizens of out state can look forward to a life of servitude and slavery to these global capitalists all the while waiting for the so called trickle down effect.

  16. Deepak Says:

    So much hatred!! Can we know the reason please? Is it because they belong to a party called BJP?

  17. Somebody Says:

    Dr. Acharya, there is a joke you know. Man cannot lay an egg, but he only knows how the omlette tastes! Many of these people may be “activists”, – the type we see holding candles near the Gandhi Statue, parading donkeys, beating drums, standing there with the faces as if their children have run away from home etc. yet, the demand for “people-friendly, environment- friendly development is something one cannot brush off or dismiss. In the name of infrastructure development, what is happening is destruction, lootting, etc. Metro and Road widening are two major works going on nowadays in Bangalore. How many locals are benefited from this?

  18. Murthy Says:

    AUCTION OF KARNATAKA – apt title.

    Today as I try parking my vehicle on the opposite side without any NO PARKING signs in of a five star hotel near MG Road, the gatekeeper comes with a whistle to drive me out of place! Tragically he gets all the information he needs and his manager also gets and asks for a polite apology on the road to avoid a scene.

    I ask myself – do I need this! My own city dogs are barking on me!! Being a Robinhood or a outlaw doesn’t make me a villain at all in present scenario. Who are we breeding at the first place in the name of globalization?

    This was what had happened when East India Company started extrapolating itself – slave disorder.

    Manmohan Singh – One man who can ruin whole country in 2 decades.
    Narayana Murthy – One man who can malign the civilization.
    Now if we take the current opening up of Indian economy from 90s to 2010 these two have gotten through all their motives in midst of Bomb blasts, Wars, elections , and almost all wakes of corruption.

    This summit is like second East India Company conglomeration and the stage is set for the good old Mysorean English Syndrome to get realized.
    Presently there are no decision makers left. All are subsided/blinded by huge inflow of capital not knowing what it means!

    The 90s kids are in a dilemma as to who to follow – I am sure it’s going to be tragic and divergent decisions to be taken by some of these level headed and strong lads through the next decade.

  19. vasant Says:

    I read somewhere that the current Govt is spending abt 1000 Crs for this extravaganza. If the figures are true, then following statistics beg the question

    1. If the same amount (most of which goes towards PR & advt) had been spent on a NREGA equivalent scheme, it would have provided 11 lakh rural people 90 days employment at the rate of 100 Rs per day
    2. Bangalore has already become a synonym for outsourcing & is in the lexicon of most Business & Political leaders. Brand bangalore (and by its extension karnataka) got this epithet or ‘Birudu’ not because of such Gimmicks but actual ground realities. The BJP govt could have done better to improve the Infrastructure bottlenecks that is currently impeding Investment flow rather than such shallow road shows.
    3. Why do we see majority of the Hoardings & Advertisements about GIM in Bangalore? Is this about local investor meet or ‘global’ IM? This only reinforces the impression that this has been more of posturing than substance.

  20. ashwini prasad Says:

    This is a gimick by our cm to distract peoples attention.These companies grab the fertile land of our farmers.The price of dhal is Rs.120/kg and the sky rocketing prices of food commodites.Now the latest record is coriander levaes Rs40/per bunch?!!The root is here the fertile agricultural lands are converted as sites and new extensions are coming up and remaining lands are given to these industries.What does the common man gain here?We all know how many local kannadigas are working in already existing companies.They will be filled with majority of north Indians and local common man suffers.I remeber an artilce written by Mr.vishvershvar Bhat “HALLIGALA SAMADIYA MELE BELEYUTIDE NAMMA BENGALURU”I think article is most appropriate at this time.

  21. DailyBread Says:

    Friends & countrymen,

    I just came back from GIM. Most of the big ticket MoUs are signed by companies which have solid track record of setting up green field plants. A 30% strike rate in implementation will change the face of North Karnataka.

    Saw Janardhan Reddy first time in person (from a distance). I am mighty impressed; the man is smart, polite & intelligent.

    Also got to see professional protestors, very well behaved and peaceful. Kudos to them…

    PS: Usual disclaimers….

  22. Sudhir Says:

    Daily bread:

    ” change the face of North Karnataka.” – just like the face of Bellary, I presume!

    “I am happy, people from my region are happy with the kind of investments promised” – precisely the point, these are promises and just that.

    ”mighty impressed; the man is smart, polite & intelligent” – undoubtedly so, who cares if he made his billions by shifting the borders of AP-Karnataka!

    Btw, are you the guy who believes that living under a flyover after felling trees is better than living in an environment with trees around?

  23. DailyBread Says:

    >just like the face of Bellary, I presume!

    Absolutely, what is wrong with todays Bellary?

    >precisely the point, these are promises and just that.

    As I said earlier, we are happy!!

    >guy who believes that living under a flyover after felling trees

    Please ask the guy who is living under the tree, you will get your answer.

    >who cares if he made his billions by shifting the borders of AP-Karnataka

    I don’t understand, what is your objection?

  24. Anshuman Patel Says:

    Am too back from GIM. Same usual suspects who leave us with same usual suspicions.

    I am sure some of these suits are going to invest in K’taka – GIM or no GIM. That’s our regular roll-call of top industrial guns of this country. They would do it even in Ladakh if the Govt ensured some juicy terms and land ofcourse.

    There were many who just floated around and filled in the scene. They didn’t look like going to invest in our blessed land anytime soon.

    So the question remains. For whom was/is this GIM? The folks who are in the biz of investing would have invested anyway as long as you showed them a goodish route to green ( I mean greenbacks). The rest would just free load either way.

    So was it preaching to the choir? It did look so. Quite a costly preaching methinks.

    I wouldn’t take the other extreme and say that all these greasy moneybags are vampires in suits and shouldn’t be allowed on our soil. Industrialization is a reality and we can’t stop or wish it away while reaping all benefits of it.

    But is GIM a necessary and sufficient condition for that? Couldn’t the same results would have been achieved via good old and cheaper things – good and effective interface of Govt. departments with potential investors? Single window approach perhaps?

    Beats me when Slum clearance board etc issue advertisements in myriad newspapers for days together for GIM. Who is the target audience for these ads? Potential investors in our own land? Then why call it Global at all? If it’s indeed Global then why swarm the local newspapers with mugs of smug leaders days on end?

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  25. Pub Prabhu Says:

    Media and bloggers with eye on hit count and Google ad revenue relentlessly tried to portray Karnataka as a land of pub attacks, church attacks can’t digest the fact that Karnataka government is doing something constructive to bring investment and development.

    Can’t expect more from our media though.

    As far as protesters like Ka Ra Ve Gowda, less said the better. I thought Gowda after Ka Ra Ve’s humiliating defeat in Bangalore polls would go hiding. But no, when there is a camera our Gowda is hajar. More face in media = more hafta for Ka Ra Ve pundas.

  26. Sudhir Kadam Says:

    With energy produced in north karnataka and absolutely no evacuation,industries should be encouraged to be established in this area.Only power projects which lead to pollution are proposed in this region.Ashamed to say that even if an existing industry in this region approaches for power under self execution, lots of hopes are given but to really gain thier support & complete is a big task.POWER & WATER DISTRIBUTION INFRASTRUCTURE TO BE GIVEN PRIME IMPORTANCE.ENGINEERS/DOCTORS/IAS-IPS-IFS…… SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED & BROUGHT FORWARD TO MINISTERSHIP RATHER THAN ALL OF THEM WORKING FOR ILLITERATE MINISTERS

  27. PC Says:

    These socialist, communist, NGO types I tell you!

    Always aligning with these Christian invaders and sullying the Dharma that the BJP is trying to propagate. Shame on you people. Our entire culture is at stake.

    Allow me to explain how…

    1) The singles largest MoU – was from a local investor. At 36KCrore the Steel plant promoted by the Reddy brothers is not a “global investment” – it’s so very “local”. The fact that they also are a part of the cabinet in Karnataka – is a trivial issue. What’s wrong if the they transfer a few more resources to their name in Bellary. Plus – is it not effecient for business when you are in a position to veto a cess? Come one guys, business is important.

    2) I agree completely with the government when they say that – flood relief work has gone slow in Bellary and victims who still don’t have houses – “need to manage”. When the right time comes – they will talk about how well all the Aid money that they collected has been spent. Tin sheds are good enough for the monsoons. We need to move subsidies to poor people like Mining barons.

    If we start listening to these armchair types- we will not be able sustain our political culture.

  28. harkol Says:

    Here is the dirty secret about these announcements and MOUs. They are never what they seem.

    For example:

    In 2005 Intel (Barret) announced an investment of $1billion in India. The reality was it was the projected overall remittance that’d happen out of Intel US to Intel India over a period of multiple years. Most of that amount wasn’t a capital investment, but a cost compensation for Intel India’s contributions to the Global R&D and services.. The term used is ‘transfer pricing’. In reality that’s the money used to pay out salaries in India!!

    In other words, it is really a revenue of the Indian company, which was termed as an investment…

    An investment of $1billion will typically create about 10 to 15thousand jobs. Intel’s announced investment in 2005 – hasn’t created even one additional job over last 5 years!!! In fact from what I heard, Intel’s India team size in 2010 seems to be smaller than what it was in 2005!!

    If People invest 3,00,000 crores in India (leave alone Karnataka) as pure capital, it’d have to create about 20-30lakh jobs. If done in Karnataka alone, Karnataka will perhaps have a higher per capita than Thailand within next decade..

    Is it likely? HELL NO!


    Whose GIM?

    BJP’s ofcourse… I am sure BJP national treasurer is camping in Bangalore for investments into BJP.. ;-)

  29. Simple Says:

    So typical of Sangh Parivar outfits, including the BJP. Shrill, roof-top shouting claims. Very high on Propaganda. But very little action and achievements on the ground.

    Two months back, SSLC students did not have power to study and 4 lakh crore of investments are pouring in? Lolz.

    The media, has not carried a single critical article of the GIM. Not long ago, Laptop CM, Chandrababu Naidu – had launched a blistering PR exercise, showcasing his industry-friendly policies. He wooed the business journals like nobody had ever done before.

    The only people who were fooled were the’smart’ journalists and editors of all the publications who went on to give him award after award for being the best CM of the country.

    However, the ordinary people saw through this over the top promises, bereft of any broad vision – and, therefore, threw him out so badly that he could not come back even in 2009.

    Post SM Krishna’s openly urban image and his constant one eyed approach to big ticket investments, the congress too is stuttering to regain a foothold in Karnataka.

    Budhhadeb Bhattacharya is facing a similar rout in Bengal, after wooing the big and powerful industrialists.

    In contrast Mamta Banerjee, with her plain cotton sarees and an unsophisticated persona, is winning election after election.

    Success stories like Naveen Patnaik and Nitish Kumar or Karunanidhi concentrated on social and economic development at the grassroots – instead of spending crores of rupees on industrialists’ meet, most of the investments, which never materialise anyways.

    Congress too, won in 2009 because it had an inclusive agenda : NREGA, RTI, and now RTE. BJP has an exclusive agenda. Exclusive for the rich and powerful.

    Any guesses what is in store for the nattily dressed BSY

  30. DailyBread Says:


    >But is GIM a necessary

    Govt. also requires secular versions of jathre, theru, samaradhane, etc to keep it going….

  31. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Churumuri’s criticism of the Yeddi government is not only vague but irrational.

    Churumuri offers no citations in support of its sweeping claim that the government is “marred by dissension, scandal, corruption and non-performance.” Of course, each of those ills is a possibility, but Churumuri doesn’t even try to make a case! Hello?!

    Meanwhile, the GIM seems to have become a runaway success. PTI reports today:


  32. Amara Says:

    @ Pub Prabhu –
    Stop posting nonsense without knowing the facts.
    People of karnataka are very much benefited by various protests done by karave.
    be it on cauvery water sharing or railway recruitment. Its because of KRV that Mamatha Banerjee and team decided to conduct railway board exams in the local languages too.

    And regarding KRV’s intervention in GIM
    We need to see this in 2 different angles. One being in favour of farmers who would end up losing lands for a meager amount of money. Thats what happened during the construction of International airport where farmers were not even paid half the amount which the government and BIAL had agreed. So KRV is demanding the government to be take care of farmers in the right way.
    On the other side, KRV chief Narayana Gowda has asked the government and the organizers of GIM to ensure that kannadigas get a lion share in the jobs. Mr Narayana Gowda has again emphasised on the importance of implementing Sarojini Mahishi varadi.

    Next point about BBMP elections:- That was KRV’s 1st step in the elections. If you have any idea about Psephology, please dig into the reports. KRV has got a vote share of 12-14% in the recent BBMP elections which is definitely a positive sign. BJP ages to win a loksabha election with majority. Shivsena took nearly 20 years to form a government. JDS which is an established player in karnataka saw a major setback. Congress has lost its share in Karnataka badly. BJP lost the recent Loksabha elections in a real bad shape. BJP also lost its hold in many North Indian states.
    So every party would experience a set back at some point of time.

    What is the present BJP doing now? Venkaiah Naidu who cannot speak a single word of kannada is being selected everytime for Rajyasabha seat from Karnataka’s quota. Its only to appease the telugu migrants and nothing else.
    When KRV raises its voice against injustice to kannadigas and kannada, you guys start questioning baselessly.

    Get back to me incase you need any more clarifications. I am more than happy to debate(ofcourse with sensible people only)

  33. Boss Says:

    Arey Boss,
    Ye kya lafda. let them do no, what is the your problematic problem? they want money they will do, if you want money you also do. Why are you sim simply putting iruve and vadhlaading

  34. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You crack me up! Besides Yeddi’s GIM which is hilarious, your post is a gem:)

    Amazing HeadVillager!

    Nice to have you back with us. We didn’t see you commenting on the sad Mangalore air crash. How come?

  35. Dr Kiran Acharya Says:

    @ Somebody
    i saw comments here…kids did not have power during SSLC…
    very same “for rent protestors” delayed the power projects in the state…do you know that? Their grouse against power generation:
    Hydro electric: displaced people
    Thermal: Fly ash and blah blah
    Nuclear: dirty energy
    Wind Power: endangering birds/bats!
    Can`t use firewood…as it burns a hole in the ozone!
    God save Karnataka from these “for rent activists”

  36. GK Says:

    Typical churumuri rant against BJP.

  37. Ankit Says:

    This post should be exhibit A of the kind of damage these low IQ jholawaalahs can do to our country. For a second, consider what the article recommends. Since hi-tech industries require huge investments, let us remain low tech and employ more people. The land required for these industries can give livelihood to more if it is used as agricultural land, let us not put up industries and just encourage everyone to do farming. Heck, since one tractor can do in a day what dozens of men will do, let Karnataka just ban tractors. Oh, and the best to solve the power situation? You guessed it, just ban setting of any new industries including power plants.

    What a bunch of …. Oh well, God just save us from them!

  38. Arun Javagal Says:

    Mr Pub Prabhu

    Your post is clear that you dont know anything about KRV.
    All the horaata’s that KRV has done have benefited Karnataka. The ones with major impact are the FM protests and Railway recruitment protest.
    Just because of extreme pressure from KRV, today Railway department has introduced railway exams in local languages including kannada
    Mr Narayana Gowdru is not against the GIM but his concern is only to make sure that the farmer dont get cheated.
    We want globalization to happen at a decent pace, but not at the cost of children of the soil.
    Agricultural fertile land should not be grabbed for industrialization.
    Barren lands should be acquired. Thats what Narayana Gowdru has talked about.

  39. Chetan J Says:

    @ Pub Prabhu,

    I think one should do at least do some basic research before commenting on organization like ka.ra.ve.

    I don’t know how much you have really followed the horatas done by ka ra ve in the past. But I would be glad to introduce ka ra ve to you as a pro Kannada organization which has been always involved in the betterment of the karnataka. Either it may be the cauvery issue or the injustice that was happening in the railway recruitment, karave has always stood for the people of karnataka. and there are many more feathers in karave’s hat which has already proved that karave is a organization that the people of karnataka has wholeheartedly accepted.

    And regarding the defeat of karave in the BBMP polls. Anybody who knows the basics of politics would say that any party which is contesting for the first time in the elections has very less chances of winning. (In this case even karave did not have a common symbol for the contesting candidates). Its too early to judge. Let us wait for some time, I hope you know that even the ruling BJP was defeated many times before it came to the power.

  40. Anshuman Patel Says:

    @ DailyBread:

    >>Govt. also requires secular versions of jathre, theru, samaradhane, etc to keep it going….

    Hmmm..sort of agree with you. But it was more of a Santhe no? Quite a costly one at that – that’s my grouse. I just hope that we do get a good conversion rate of signed MoUs and see some of these projects indeed take off – in as much humane way as possible with as less dislocation and dispossession agony to the affected parties. Now some may say that industrialization with conscience and compassion is an oxymoron. Let’s just hope it need not be the case with ever increasing vigilantism and public scrutiny.

    @Doddi Buddi,

    Thanks DB. Yes the M’lore tragedy was indeed a sad event and one feels sadder when the feeling that it was an avoidable one creeps in.

  41. Simple Says:

    Doddi Budddi

    Comment on what I comment, not on me.

  42. RAJESHKV Says:

    So far whatever investments have come, locals are not benefitted in anyway. Take BIAL, the roads on the way, removed villages enroute. In what way locals r benefitted? Most of the jobs in BIAL have gone to outsiders. YOu don’t here any kannada word in this so called Bengaluru intnatl airport.
    Most of the jobs in blore have gone to outsiders. They only travel on these routes to airports. So, from any angle Kanndiga is the loser.
    If GIM is success, then it is for sure these mittals and birlas bring ppl from their states and dump on us.

  43. Vinay Says:


    I am sick and tired of people pounding on BIAL claiming that ‘locals have not been given jobs’. Just cut the crap and lay off BIAL, will you? They have given jobs to locals, they most certainly have. They have a better record on this front than most other institutions.

    I want to know how many times you have used the Airport, when and to what destinations. Let’s see if you actually have some first hand experience to narrate or if you’re simply spouting second hand bullshit which you have heard from others.

    I am tired of drumming this into people’s thick skulls, but here goes: BIAL has done above par as far as employing people from Devanahalli, Chikkajala, etc. is concerned. Secondly, they have done a much better job than most others w.r.t. Kannada language in terms of the signs, notices, etc.

  44. aruna.kalahastri Says:

    Yeah for all those you are supporting the government’s decision and also for those less informed like Dr kiran acharya…you fail so see the connections in the environment.Dont blindly support progress which is not sustainable then we will remain with begging bowls .Firstly we are happy allowing multinationals exploit our natural resources ,pollute our waters use our labour- to top this we remain blind to the impacts this will create in years to come.What we desperately need is food ,there is severe shortage of nutritious food for all.Not junk to fill our stomachs and this is possible only through agriculture.Firstly we give away our lands to be exploited then we run around importing foods to India. Does this make sense.Your billions of dollars is of no use if you are left hungry to die.

  45. aaa_a Says:

    i totally agree wid aruna.kalahastri..

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