When a newspaper recites the Gita to a godman

“India’s future Nobel laureate“, Sri Ravishankar (who added an extra “Sri” to his name because of the apprehension that people would confuse him for the sitarist), has often been seen as a page 3 swami. In particular, the spiritual bent of mind of the bosswoman of an ill-fated media family is seen to be behind his rise and growth.

How ironic, therefore, that “guruji“, who should be advising ordinary mortals on how to behave in moments of stress, is now receiving advice through the columns of a newspaper on how he should have conducted himself after the alleged bid on his life, five minutes after “Mr Shankar” had left the spot before “positive energy” swept in?

After the “incident”, Ravishankar and his disciples seemed just too anxious to have it certified as an assassination attempt. Guruji noisily debunked the Karnataka police assertion that he was not the target of the bid as a ‘white lie‘, and his Art of Living foundation even issued a press release described home minister P. Chidambaram‘s claim that a dispute between disciples may have triggered the shooting, as “hasty and damaging”.

From an editorial in today’s Times of India:

“The guru’s statements after the recent shooting incident at his ashram seem to be quite out of character…. Ordinary mortals are entitled to engage with the authorities in a back-and-forth of this nature. But a spiritual teacher is expected to be more circumspect. He could have drawn inspiration from the Gita, which in shloka 17/15 advises austerity of speech, and said that Chidambaram may have been improperly briefed.”

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10 Responses to “When a newspaper recites the Gita to a godman”

  1. SUMAN Says:

    The art of living is a fully commercialized conglomerate of the rich and the mighty headed by this so called guru.there is nothing spiritual about it.Infact I had learnt their sudarshan kriya a few years ago which is nothing but a few pranamaya exercises which he claims to have invented it. They offer different levels of meditation courses all for a hefty sum all beyond the reach of a common poor man .I have yet to come across instances of these members during natural calamities like the north karnataka floods helping out the victims.On the contrary ,they sense where to make a killing as in the case of mangalore crash offering counselling to the relatives instead of volunteering in rescue and relief operations.As regards their contribution towards charity and social causes,a miniscule amount from the billionaire-guru’s wealth would have been spent.

  2. Mysore Peshva Says:

    TOI’s advice seems a bit facetious… How could Mr. Chidambaram be “improperly briefed” when he was ideologically briefed?

  3. srini Says:

    Art of Lying swami Sri Sri R at it again. BTW the news faded within 2 days…darn the GIM in Bengaluru. Everybody’s attention is turned towards that instead of the poor sri sri ;(

  4. harkol Says:

    SSR resorted to black lies to cover the white lies… So, what we were left with were neutral facts.

    1. The shot was fired within the premises which is supposed to be about peace, positive energy and the center of ‘art of living’… Someone wanted to depart lessons in art of dying..

    2. Ravishankar lost it. All his teachings were for others, when he was under stress, he behaved like anyone else.

    3. SSR is a great spiritual entrepreneur who knows any news is good news. He knows how to gain publicity at free cost. He knows it’ll lead to more business..

    4. Our police are dumb asses. They never catch anyone for anything!


    For Ravishankar, publicity for himself is the oxygen that has helped him to survive and grow. Company of the rich, famous and the powerful has helped him enormously. He has been visiting various trouble spots in India and even Sri Lanka, touting himself as the messenger of peace.

    The status symbol of ‘Z’ security cover for which you and I pay for, has been the goal of the man. The great sage Ramana Maharshi communiated through silence. Ravishankar should take a leaf out of that great sage’s life and make an effort to practice it.

    I hope the incident of a bullet that fell like a damp squib in the ashram, will prove his activities to be another damp squib.

    As between Ravi Shankar and the DGP Dr.Ajay Kumar Singh, one of them is telling a lie…….and people know that it is not Dr.Singh!

    Pathanjali gave the gift of yoga and prayanama to mankind over 5000 years ago. Ravishankar is perpetrating a fraud on the gullible when he claims that the Sudharshan kriya is what he has invented and has (if reports are to be believed), patented.

    His claims of innovations effected in the practice of yoga, is no different from the Abassador car manufacturers a few decades ago, who shamelessly called the same old car but with a different shape of side blinkers, as a new car model!

  6. Mr Double Says:

    The art of living’ in luxury and capitalizing on the ignorant is nothing but a giant marketing scam and massive money laundering institution that has some of the richest black-money pots and corrupt politicians as its well wishers!

  7. Somebody Says:

    After reading today’s report in The Hindu front page “Farmer shooting dogs caused ashram scale” one would guffaw loudly…

  8. exist Says:

    Truth is the bullet almost found its target.

  9. Nimmy Says:

    “After reading today’s report in The Hindu front page “Farmer shooting dogs caused ashram scale” one would guffaw loudly…”

    Perfectly said…

  10. ex-AOL Teacher Says:

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    Have been enjoying your posts on Sri Sri. Simply Superb.
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