One question I’m dying to ask Sri Sri Ravishankar

India’s Future Nobel Laureate, Sri Sri Ravishankar‘s protestations of a dastardly bid on his life have come to nought with the Karnataka police asserting that the stray bullet that grazed past “Mr Shankar” five minutes after he had left the assassination spot was aimed not at the godman but wild dogs on a neighbour’s farm.

Disappointing “Internet Hindus” who saw this “incident” as another assault on Hinduism, the DGP Ajai Kumar Singh has said the neighbour had fired at the wild dogs which were blocking his way, one of which sailed across into the Art of Living campus and lovingly caressed a disciple’s trousers.

What is the one question you are dying to ask Sri Sri? Like, is there a Swami Nithyananda angle behind the exaggerated efforts to paint this as an assassination attempt?

Please keep your queries short short, sharp sharp, and CoD-friendly.

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21 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Sri Sri Ravishankar”

  1. D P Satish Says:

    Godmen going to the Dogs!!

  2. Kitapati Says:

    Sri sri sri Guruji you mentioned that you would invite the attaker to Satsang. Would you also now change your statement and invite both the attacker and the attacked (Doggy) to the satsang?

    Is dog barking also allowed in your satsangs?

    sri sri sri Guruji, was it your grace which helped save Dog’s life by the missed bullet. Of course Vinay had a small scratch for which he was adequetly compensated with a small claim to fame. How about another media spin from your AOL about the miracle of you saving a Dog’s life?

    Guruji, you were quite disturbed when our HM Chidambaram and police mentioned that this was just an incident and no major plot for killing you. Now that this is proved and you lost a good chance for martyrdom (or escaped martyrdom), would you now beg for forgiveness from the HM and police?

  3. Roger Says:

    Your teachers told your miracle stories how you know past and future and also can change the later. How you fail to know the real story behind this attack and self claimed that attack is on your life. You now know who was attacked?
    So, are you the same on whom attack was made by the farmer?

  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Guruji, are you like Dharmaraja, who insisted on going to swarga with a dog?

  5. chanakya Says:

    Mr. Sri, Sri… blessed you are born in a country wherein people fall at frauds feet and fund money for his lavish life. If your ashram is really filled with positive energy as claimed by you, what stops you from spreading the same across the state and country?

  6. Aatmasakshi Says:

    “Mr Shankar,” I saw you address the media on television today.

    You said that all your devotees in every part of the world are vegetarian and that your neighbour was unlikely to be have been a devotee because he had cows, hens and wild dogs in his farm.

    Do you really expect us to believe your devotee Mr Vijay Mallya is a vegetarian?

  7. joblessenggstud Says:

    Guruji, arent you fake?

  8. Bling Bling Says:

    I’d like to ask the driver Prashanth Nair to retract his statement that he had a premonition that Guruji would be attacked . This is the statement he gave to the TOI.

    A little after 6.30 am on Sunday,Prashanth was at the end of his sadhana.Before opening his eyes after dhyan,he had a strange vision.A bullet came towards guruji and I stepped in front of him.The bullet hit my right thigh and fell down, Prashanth said,who dismissed it.However,he couldnt resist sharing it with guruji and others who too didnt take it seriously.
    In the evening,he was shocked to hear a bullet had hit a devotee standing a couple of metres from the guruji.Incidentally,it hit Vinays right thigh and fell to the ground.
    Usually,I dont give any importance to premonitions.But,in this case,everything was so close to what happened and I was surprised, said Prashanth,an MBA in Finance and is a qualified cost accountant.
    Hes from Pala town in Kottayam district,Kerala and was working with a MNC in home district.In 1999,when guruji visited Kottayam,Prashanth met him and since then,he has been his disciple.Hes been working as well as teaching at the AOL Kottayam centre.About 18 months ago,guruji asked me to come down to Bangalore and ever since,my wife and I have been living in Bangalore, he said

  9. MB Says:

    Guruji, Are you disappointed that you have been subjected to this embarassment and turned into a laughing stock by the BJP government? MB

  10. harkol Says:

    Is calling someone a “white lier” part of positive thinking and art of living?

  11. babuds Says:

    Mr. Ravishankar as all your disciples are young educated or rich lot, Do you agree that:

    1. Education is no remedy to cure stupidity

    2. Youth can not make a person young if the person is originally born old.

    3. Swamijis and rich people are made for each other

  12. the colonel Says:

    mr. mr. ravishankar, please go to pak and teach the jihadis the Art Of Living. giggle, giggle,giggle.

  13. chriskb Says:

    They shouldn’t be given special privileges of any kind….

    What privileges? Do you know what happens to a typical NRI who returns to India? Their relatives try to clean his pockets after having already taken away his/her ancestral property, spreading bad rumours about him. If the NRI approaches lawyer/accountant with his problems, he finds them they are causing more problems. Real estate guys, insurance guys are after him with the intention of making quick bucks off of him and convert some of their black money though his hard earned dollars. Before he knows it, his hard earned white money has become black money, relatives and friends are his new enemies. His relatives and friends are now calling him, ‘What a stupid idiot?’ Welcome to Mother India.

  14. nilesh Says:

    Bravo DGP singh, at last one man in a sea of impotents.

    Great investigation. Best of luck for you efforts to transform the dept. Your policy on transfers a ray of hope.

    SRi sri whats yours legal name.

  15. the colonel Says:

    chriskb: The same with Fauji’s

  16. wineye Says:

    Sri Sri !! whens ur video coming out ??

  17. Vaishnavi Vittal Says:

    The dogs are miffed. What’s the punishment for attempting to attack them?

  18. ex-AOL Teacher Says:

    Get to know the truth about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar & Art of living by checking the following blogs, written by ex-AOL Teachers & insiders:

  19. ishita kushwaha Says:

    i know this is completely off the topic but i am dying to ask you a question.
    do you believe in witches and witchcraft guruji??
    do you believe a person can transfer that much enrgy from inside them to control the elements and energy??
    i just realized how stupid i must seem to everyone reading this comment ….but just in case guruji..if you ever see this …please reply…….it would mean a lot.

  20. Lies, Damned Lies, and even more Lies « Beyond The Art of Living Says:

    […] was shooting at dogs. Which version do you believe ?…when there so many interesting ones ? ( ). Common Dear Godman since when did Dogmen start hitting on you […]

  21. Sai Says:

    I would like to know why Sri Sri resorts to dyeing his hair. Who is he trying to fool? A spiritual guru should not stoop down to such a level. Just shows that he cannot accept himself *as is*. This is fraud.

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