Has namma R.K. Laxman drawn his last cartoon?

SHARANYA KANVILKAR writes from Bombay: A question mark hangs over India’s most famous exclamation mark after a further slip in health of Rasipuram Krishnaswami Laxman, the iconic cartoonist of The Times of India.

The 86-year-old Laxman, who has drawn cartoons for ToI for 63 years, has been airlifted to Bombay, reportedly after suffering a “mild stroke”, and is receiving treatment at the Breach Candy hospital, family sources say.

(A report in The Times of India says he suffered three mini-strokes between Thursday and Saturday.)

Already a shadow of his former self after a first stroke seven years ago which affected his left hand, R.K. Laxman, as he is known to newspaper readers, was first admitted to the Sahyadri hospital in Poona, where he currently lives, but was airlifted to Bombay on Sunday evening.

Mysore-born Laxman was last spotted at the engagement ceremony of his grand-niece in Bombay earlier this year.

Despite his first stroke, Laxman returned to draw the “You Said It!” pocket cartoon for The Times of India every morning, although the state of his health showed in the scraggly lines and often times in the cartoon being desultorily buried in the inside pages.

On days he doesn’t come up with a cartoon, ToI dips into its archives.

Photograph: courtesy The Hindu

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9 Responses to “Has namma R.K. Laxman drawn his last cartoon?”

  1. mysore peshva Says:

    may sir laxman recover, and fast.

  2. M Vijapurkar Says:

    His ability to tell a story is as neat and deep as his cartoons – scraggy lines or buried inside the Time of India. He is far more valuable to that newspaper than the masthead is.

  3. Complex Says:

    Had been observing the cartoons lately and they were so generic, was guessing that these were not current cartoons.

    Guess got confirmed here.

  4. Somebody Says:

    May the God grant Laxman sir good health till …..

  5. Shruthi Says:

    sure as hell hope not!!

  6. VA Says:

    That would be a shame. Lets all hope for a speedy recovery.

  7. D.V. Raghavan Says:

    I have been an fanatical admirer of both Sri R.K. Narayan and Sri R.K. Laxman and have their full collections that are published. As I read more and more about them, I develop a sense of belonging to their family, may be in my previous janmas. I would not be shy to assume, may be I might had been to great dane they had in Mysore. It took several days for me to come out from my own mental anguish after the death of Sri RKN. I pray to the almighty that Sri RKL be blessed with long life.

    I am 69 years old now. I had not seen them both in person, though I pick
    every tit bits of them from any means.

  8. vikas kadam Says:

    hi ………….
    i am vikas, recently i make a short film on ‘our’ Comman man I like if laxman Sir watch this film. if u want to watch this film
    just go on url. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL30QwhkShg
    & reply ………

  9. D.N.Raghav Says:

    i wish Laxman for a speedy recovery D.N.Raghav

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