Jesus, Mozart, Alexander & apun ka Rahul Gandhi

Reporting in the Indian media on Rahul Gandhi borders on the religious (Roman Catholic). Nary a word is uttered that might be misconstrued by the “young man” or his mother, Sonia, or their party’s lawyers who send out legal notices like they are going out of fashion.

Everything that goes right with the party is smoothly sourced to the young man’s superhuman political prowess.  (For everything that doesn’t, and there’s plenty, there is always somebody from outside the family to blame.)

The “young man” barely utters a word on the key issues of the day—the Naxal issue, price rise, hunger, poverty, malnourishment, Kashmir, Northeast, Telengana—but the family’s self-appointed courtiers brush it all aside because, well, he is “rebuilding the party” in the countryside.

And so it was when the “young man” turned 40 on the day of the lord 19 June 2010. Gushing prose gushed out in gushing editorials and articles. There were fireworks, donations of blood, poems, prayers; even a week-long temple pilgrimage through an insurgency-infested forest.

Enter The Economist.

What’s so young about the 40-year-old  “young man”, asks the London paper with trademark irreverence in a piece titled “The Mysterious Mr Gandhi“.

“Forty, after all, is not really that young. By then a man might be expected to have made his mark in the world, rather than be celebrating his coming-of-age.

“By the time they were Rahul’s age, Mozart and Alexander the Great had both been dead for several years. At 33 Jesus Christ had preached, healed, died and risen. The comparison is not wholly unfair, since Rahul’s disciples talk of him as India’s saviour….

“By Rahul’s age Nehru had already spent several years in British imperial jails; thanks to his enormous charm and political talents he had ascended to lead Congress by 34. By 40 Rajiv had been elected prime minister.”

The Economist goes further and questions what has remained unquestioned by New Delhi’s political and media class since 2004: the belief that Rahul Gandhi will one day, some day, automatically ascend to the seat of power and that prime minister Manmohan Singh, for all his virtues, has only been warming the gaddi for him.

“Congress stands ready to do the family’s bidding, like a well-upholstered Ambassador car always at the front door. A second, even more impressive vehicle, known simply as India, boasts wheels of state, and its chauffeur is respectfully called “prime minister”.

“It offers an exhilarating if often erratic ride (it belches smoke and lurches in unexpected directions, when it is not stuck in traffic). It is currently on loan to a loyal and honest retainer, Manmohan Singh, no mean driver for a man of his years. But this car is Rahul’s heirloom. It is just a question of time before he asks for the keys back….

“India’s thronging, unruly streets are a dangerous place in which to take the wheel, yet the learner driver remains an enigma.”

To be fair, those on the other side of the political fence of 10, Janpath can barely rise above personal inneundoes and xenophobic insinutations. They can only hiss about his assumed name, foreign girlfriend/s, his college degree, his religious persuasions, etc.

Still, it is is a reflection of the reverential culture that pervades coverage of Rahul Gandhi that the Indian Express, Ramnath Goenka‘s bulldog of a paper which took on Indira Gandhi and prints one whole page of syndicated content  from The Economist every single day, has still not carried the piece on “The Mysterious Mr Gandhi“.

Image: courtesy The Economist, London

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A functioning anarchy? Or a feudal democracy?

Only one question anybody should ask Rahul Gandhi

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49 Responses to “Jesus, Mozart, Alexander & apun ka Rahul Gandhi”

  1. Khan Says:

    The baba is still in his diapers and being attended by diggy raja says it all. But, our media and opposition were till recently obsessed with his girlfirend and etll.

    Baba needs to sit on the gaddi, before naxls and other ityadi prob becomes too much.

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Can he pronounce the new name of his constituency? :P


    Overwhelming majority of those in the Congress (including most of the “seniors” who have one and half feet in the grave), have become servile servants of the Gandhi family (not the Mahatma), and recognise that and only that is theiir qualification to be counted, what is surprising over the adulation for Rahul? Remember Barua’s infamous statement “Indira is India and India is Indira”? It is incorrect to say that Rahul is the Prime Minister in waiting……he is the Proprietor in waiting to come into his own….like in the days of the British when the minor boy recognised as the Heir Apparent to the Throne, had to wait to attain the age majority and wait till then with a Reagent on guard appointed by the British!

    I believe that Rahul was not even in the country when his cronies sought to paint the town red on the occassion of his 40th birthday! No answer to rumours that he was in a Western country in the soothing company of his foreign (Columbian?) girl friend. How can lesser mortals be imbeciles enough to ask such questions?

    In my opinion. however, the onslaught to Indian democracy is more from others as always, and not from the Gandhi family. It is from the betrayal of the kind of political worms that swarms the BJP, not to talk of even worse parasites in the other political opportunistic plagues, in concert with it.

    If anything, I would say that Rahul, for all the clout he and his mother wield, is still conducting himself in a decent manner, by Indian standards. The manner in which politicians with far lesser clout and power, their sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, wives, mistresses and concubines, their hangers around bleed this country and people.

  4. Gaby Says:

    Blame the opposition parties that even with such a whey faced nincompoop in charge of the political fortunes of the Congress the opposition remains in the opposition. I hope I have insulted both sides !!

  5. Simple Says:

    Why is Rahul Gandhi different from the other Gandhis? Also, how is Rahul Gandhi different from BJP ?

    1.He chose to work from his way up – from the grassroots.
    2.Unlike others, he chose to look the other way, when the PM job was offered. He did not parachute to the top job like others. He has shunned even a minister’s job, for which other politicians would give an arm and limb for.
    3.He is not a man in a hurry .
    4.He has roughed it out, traveled the length and breadth of the country and taken his time to understand the rural India as well as the urban landscape.
    5.He has been personally responsible for increasing his party’s membership drive. Lakhs have enrolled across the country as Congress members
    6.He is gentle, warm and unassuming – no hint of arrogance whatsoever.
    7.He is changing youth’s attitude towards politics.
    8.He hasn’t shown the greed for power, which BJP is so famous for.

  6. Raj Says:

    I agree with Simple here… I support Rahul than any of the BJP leaders. and definitely not Yeddy… i voted for yeddy and for BJP in BBMP… what i get in return is 12 hours power cuts in the weekend. sic! sic! sic!

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Simple exemplifies what the excerpt says.

  8. DailyBread Says:


    Point no. 1-7 completely agree. Rahul will be the most decent PM we will ever have in this country.

    >8.He hasn’t shown the greed for power, which BJP is so famous for.

    Ye kuch hazm nahi huva, here is Gordon Gekko for you….

    The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed — for lack of a better word — is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms — greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge — has marked the upward surge of mankind.

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Both Simple and Rahul Gandhi should be issued with Malgudi passports:)

  10. harkol Says:

    Agreed that Rahul Gandhi is unnecessarily deified by Congress, and his achievements are yet to come. It is said, a man’s best achievements happen before 40. And quite a number of people seem to prove it:

    > Adi Shankara revived hinduism in 8 years less.
    > Einstein had already published most of his seminal work.
    > Newton had already formulated his famous laws and was getting ready to publish them.
    > Teddy Roosevelt was on his way to presidency of USA (on his own steam, not inheritance)
    > William Pitt was Prime Minister of England for 16 years!
    > Bill gates had created a Multi National Giant out of nothing.

    But then there were others who just started out at 40:

    > Mahatma Gandhi just began his political activism in South Africa!
    > NR Narayana Murthy had just started Infosys
    > Ratan Tata had just started emerging as an executive in Tata group
    > Dhirubhai Ambani had net worth of less than Rs.10Lakhs!!!
    > Sardar Patel hadn’t even started out in Politics!
    > Anton Bruckner didn’t compose any music till he was 40
    > Taikichiro Mori, who was the richest man in the world in early 90s, was just a professor at 40, and had to wait for another 10 years to start his first business!!!

    So, what does Examples of early achievers prove??

  11. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Many Indian politicians function even from their deathbeds.

    All major parties are manned at the top by geriatrics with one foot in their graves. Our own Karnataka CMs present and past have been no spring chickens either.

    Some like ND Tiwari and Jagjivan Ram have publicly proven what they are capable of physically at 80+.

    By that standard Rahul is still a kid. And he is a whole lot less uglier than most of the other leaders.

  12. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Somebody ought to mention Harkol’s optimism in a new version of “Janaganamana.” After all, Raoul Vinci is our adhinayaka.

    I see that the Prajavani has revived the debate about “Jai Bharatha Jananiya Thanujaathe.” I feel a bit uncomfortable about Bharathamma being my grandmother. She was not anywhere to be found when my mother Kannadamma was growing up. She highjacked Kannadamma around 1947. What these writer folk won’t do for a Padmashri or whatever? I know somebody will tell me that Puttappa wrote the stuff long before the Padma awards were established. That is exactly the point, isn’t it? Lankesh never wrote any paeans to Indie or her children. Never got a Padmashri even, let alone a Jnanapeetha check which he would have happily accepted regardless of his rich leftist concern for po’ folk like you and me. I better stop here because I don’t Valale Subbana to tell me to stop barking. Anyway, I have always wanted to suggest to him that he read “Lankesh Nenapu” cobbled together by the writer’s chelas.

  13. Simple Says:


    Nincompoops are those who write under anonymous names on the net.

  14. vimal oberoi Says:

    And why forget Bomman Irani who started acting carrier at 44 !

  15. Neelam Says:

    He may have the competence of being a ‘National Leader’, but is yet to participate in any National issue so far.

    He might be trying to canvas his legitimacy within the Congress party, but the country is bigger than the party.

  16. Tanveer Says:

    40 is not necessarily young..but Rahul Gandhi seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel for most Indians. I think this overbearing pressure of performing is discouraging Rahul to take up the mantle immediately.

    For the sake of India, I sincerely hope he really will be the warrior in the shining armour.

  17. Goldstar Says:

    Have to agree with Khan (for once :-) !! )… Shrewd move by the divine maatha and the Prince to “decline” a minister post last year. Now the Prince does not need to be a party to any of the “gutsy” (read unpopular) decisions of the Govt. Any surprise that the Prince does not open his mouth on any of the contentious issues (Price rise, Caste census, Naxals, Fuel prices, Bhopal, Civil Nuke Liability Bill…) ?? All he does is mouthing platitudes to satisfy the “Simple” people.

  18. Complex Says:

    The Prince is dumb both literally and figuratively.

  19. Gaby Says:

    Gaby is short for Gabriela.
    Nicompoops are people who drone about about power shortage in Vidharbha before voting on the Nuclear bill as well as taking david Milliband ( another nincompoop) to eat dinner at a ‘dalit’ house.


    Wonder why Simple hasnt objected to my ‘ whey faced’ bit!!!!

  20. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    I feel elated that my guess about your name was right. Nice meeting you by your true name, archangela.

    What is “Simple” if not an anonymous coinage? He or she certainly deserves the nom de plume.

    Incidentally, I am a paper tiger. I wear my gray hair long. My favourite dish is

    “pulichaaru.” I have no idea why our tireless commentator, Impounded Intellect, Doddi Buddi, refers to me as “Tiger’s Whiskers.”

    Now you keep writing, Gaby. Your sane, well-informed observations are important to us.

    P. S. Don’t speak so contemptuously of whey and hops. I don’t like Mallya, but his brew tastes damn good when I am broke.

  21. Angry Young Man Says:

    Whatever it is, I hope that the dynasty ends with him. No more Gandhis please.

    I don’t think he is corrupt (he doesn’t have to be). He is much better than the sycophants of the dynasty. But can he cleanse the Congress of the corruption it is mired in? I don’t think so.

    Altogether, Rahul Gandhi is not a bad man. But then, so was Nehru. He was naive in many respects, but corrupt, he was not. Power-hungry – can’t say. But look what happened after Nehru. It set such a bad precedent. If Rahul Gandhi has successors in his family, it won’t be good for this country.

    And Priyanka Gandhi should do this country a favour by not entering politics.

  22. Simple Says:

    Simple is not an anonymous coinage. There are many people around the world with this name.

    Gaby, you are entitled to your views on Rahul Gandhi. But you can’t refute the eight points I made.

  23. Gaby Says:

    I had a tennis crazy dad and being born in 1988 (when Sabatini reached her first grand slam finals) led to my christening!! Whey is good- I love Cheddar. Not so whey faced people like this foolish guys we are talking about.

    Simple Uncle/ aunty,
    1.He chose to work from his way up – from the grassroots.
    So did Narendar modi and dare I say Adolf H.
    2.Unlike others, he chose to look the other way, when the PM job was offered. He did not parachute to the top job like others. He has shunned even a minister’s job, for which other politicians would give an arm and limb for.
    Why would he want the responsibility and possibility of blame when he copuld moonlight with the same power but not being accountable to anybody!
    3.He is not a man in a hurry .
    He looks like a man supremely confident that the kursi that really matters will be his when he wants it.
    4.He has roughed it out, traveled the length and breadth of the country and taken his time to understand the rural India as well as the urban landscape.
    He has also taken trouble to publicise his travels like the silly one where he invited an equally stupid Milliband to spend a night in a ‘ dalit’s home’
    5.He has been personally responsible for increasing his party’s membership drive. Lakhs have enrolled across the country as Congress members.
    Presuming your statement is true, so did your favorite LK Advani after his rath yatras and Adolf H after world war 1.
    6.He is gentle, warm and unassuming – no hint of arrogance whatsoever.
    That is simply your impression. I see him as blank in expression and whey-faced.
    7.He is changing youth’s attitude towards politics.
    What is your evidence for this.
    8.He hasn’t shown the greed for power, which BJP is so famous for.
    So your only point is this foolish young man (whose opinions regarding any national issue is closed to the nation ) is good to be PM since you think he is not obvious in his greed for power like the BJP. Wow- the tenacity and tortous nature of Sychophancy!!!

  24. harkol Says:

    >here are many people around the world with this name.

    Indeed! Dimple’s sister!

  25. Simple Says:

    Aunt Gaby,

    1. Hilarious you compare Modi with Rahul Gandhi. Modi may have worked his way up, but madam, there is a difference. Rahul Gandhi had everything offered to him on a platter and yet he REFUSED. MODI DID NOT REFUSE. HE GRABBED THE CM’s CHAIR THE MOMENT IT WAS OFFERED TO HIM.

    2.So you say, why would he want the albatross of responsibility and blame around his neck? Lol. Man, you are something. Which means to say, you are ACCEPTING THE FACT that RAHUL GANDHI will NEVER EVER become the PM of this country – because if he did so, then again he will have to take the blame if something goes wrong. That, Gaby is the greatness of Rahul Gandhi. TO NEVER accept any position of power.

    3. Your points 2 and 3 are contradicting each other. I already explained this in point 2.

    4.Lol. Not a single TV got any footage of Miliband and him. Tell me Madam Gaby, how many times do you see Rahul Gandhi on Tv as compared to Yediyurappa? Rahul Gandhi in fact MAKES it a point to avoid public glare. Your wild accusations have no statistical bearing. Sit today for 100 days and make a count of the number of times national leaders come on Television. You will find only BJP leaders topping that list.

    5.Lol. Gaby, I am loving it. the more you take care to rebutt my eight points, the ..more you expose your half developed brain. Yes, Advani did it. Yes, Hitler did it. They did it by severely violent means, over dead bodies. That. That is the difference between a Rahul Gandhi and An Adolf Hitler.

    6.Ok,you are entitled to see blankness on his face. CERTAINLY not HATE SPEECH. you can accuse him of having a blank face, but certainly not hate speeches, which BJP leaders are prone to, at the drop of a hat.

    7.Evidence? Check on the net – under his leadership, lakhs have enrolled as Congress members. that is a statistical fact and not my perception.

    8. Gaby, there you go again putting your foot in your mouth. where have I said that he should become PM? Show me one posting of mine where I have said he has a birthright to be a PM? I am merely pointing out HOW HE IS DIFFERENT FROM THE REST.

    Sychopant and me? Sychopants gain something by being sychopant. I gain nothing by pointing out how Rahul Gandhi is different

  26. harkol Says:

    >Rahul Gandhi had everything offered to him on a platter and yet he REFUSED.

    Heh! This is a huge myth.

    -> Sonia Gandhi figured a way (between 1998-2004) that you don’t need to be the PM to have all the power. Thus renounced the PM post.

    -> Rahul is perhaps following Sonia’s way. He enjoys all the power, where everyone is at his beck and call. He takes decisions of entire states (like UP) and can change the policies of govt. if he so wishes. But, it is convenient to have a teflon coating in the form of Manmohan Singh.

    And besides, how can he take off from the country or do as he pleases, if he was the PM?

    -> Comparing Modi and Rahul is like comparing apples & oranges. Modi had to struggle all his life to get to where he is, Rahul sort of got it due to accident of birth. Modi is crude and agressive in his demeanor, Rahul is aristocratic and detached. Modi is asked tough questions all the time,
    When was the last time a journalist came close to nailing Rahul Gandhi??

    -> While I do think at this time Congress is a better bet, it is an unfortunate choice. Congress can’t survive without the Gandhis, and Gandhis won’t let it alone.

    I would consider Rahul gandhi a great visionary leader, if he transitions the institution called Congress into a truly democratic party with processes for everything, instead of just providing the family backbone.


    Also, Why is it that no interviewer is ever permitted to put hard questions to any Gandhi family member? The interview of Priyanka Gandhi, just before election, was a veritable love-fest where Bharka was asking all soft questions to show Gandhi family in the best light.

    How about the following question??

    1. What do you think of Emergency and the constitutional & Human right violations during emergency?

    2. Do you think of Rajiv Gandhi’s support to a terrorist organization like LTTE was right?

    3. Do you think Rajiv Gandhi’s justification of Anti-Sikh riots was right?

    4. Why is it that after close to 60 years of congress rule, our development indices are so bad?

    5. Why don’t you free up the Police, make huge dollops of money available to education and judiciary?

    6. How about holding an organizational elections ground up for all the posts at top of Congress? How about letting a state legislature elect their leaders?

  27. Gaby Says:

    Simple Uncle,
    Your benchmark to compare your darling seems to be the BJP leaders- I dont know what consumes you more- blind hatred for the BJP or blind adoratiion of your crown prince. If you opened your eyes you would see both of them are actually the same !

    I would go as far as to say you are not a strategic sycophant. You are an artistic one. You arent obsequious for the sake of gain. You seem to do it since you know nought else.

  28. Simple Says:

    Aunt Gaby,

    There you go again, showing off your English prose. Anything so lucidly written has the danger of actually passing off as the truth.

    I don’t know what consumes you more – blind hatred for Congress or blind adoration of what you write.

    It has become fashionable for the educated middle class to revel in their hatred for Congress – without any objecitve proof. Gaby, you are no different.

    See today, for instance. BJP raises the price of milk, the price of power, the price of water and refuses to bring down the sales tax on petrol – in a way, it is BJP also majorly responsible for PRICE RISE. and see, what they do? they go ahead and organize a mega bharat bandh.

    And see the Congress. Not even a single person from that party has gone on TV to explain how BJP is also a party to the price rise. So tepid. so mild. so tame compared to the constantly screaming and howling BJP men.

    harkol, will get back to you ….later on.

  29. pulikeshi the last Says:

    Simple is the equivalent of Dr. Ramesappa when it comes to Rahul Gandhi.

    Churumuri publishes a lot of ungrammatical gibberish, but Simple taking Gaby to task for writing lucid prose is as delightful as it is strange.

    our politicians do not act spontaneously. They have their handlers. All right, Renukacharya is an exception.

  30. Gaby Says:

    Simple is a dangerous man delivering left handed compliments in a most ham handed way!!

    I dont hate the Congress- why should I? The Congress is part of public life of every Indian as is the BJP and indeed even the Communist parties. What is distressing though is the lack of any elegance in the public utterance of the entire body piltic. This lack is more of an unhappy thing in the Cong considering that it is the party of Gandhi( lucid writer if there was ever one) and Rajaji and even Nehru!!! What a let down to hear the insipid Rajiv and Rahul Gandhis.

  31. Deepak Says:

    Rahul is just the face of the party that people can vote looking at! He will only be a remote control like his mamma! They will put servants in the chairs and let them face the flak, and this moron will take credit where ever applicable!

    Funny that educated people are not able to see through this.. or rather, am I expecting too much from these people’s education (so called)!!!

  32. Simple Says:


    Funny how educated people like you cannot see that every BJP CM is remote controlled by RSS.

  33. harkol Says:

    >Rahul is just the face of the party that people can vote looking at!

    Who in the world won’t like to have a job, that gives him all the power without responsibility, a job that needs about 4hours of attention a day, lets you travel all over the world at your whim at company (party/govt) expense, live like a king at govt. expense?

    Money need not be the only motivator for people. For money is means to power, when you are offered power directly, why do you need money.

  34. Simple Says:


    Do you mean RSS when you say, power without responsibility?

    Rahul Gandhi is democratically elected by the people of INdia.

    RSS Is not.

  35. Gaby Says:

    To be accurate Rahul Gandhi was elected by the gentle people and citizens of Amethi ( Maharaj Sahu District!) to represent them in the Lok Sabha. His democratic credentials are limited to that.

  36. Complex Says:

    Simple: > Do you mean RSS when you say, power without responsibility?

    Rahul Gandhi is democratically elected by the people of INdia.

    RSS Is not.

    Well, he hasn’t been elected to be PM. He has been elected to be MP. So, why does he take credit for work done by the PM? And all the bad things that happen are made out to be the responsibility of the PM.

  37. DailyBread Says:


    >His democratic credentials are limited to that.

    We dont have nationwide direct elections for any public office, I guess an MP from Sahuji Maharaj zilla has the same democratic credentials like the MP from Pilibhit.

  38. Gaby Says:

    Sure daily bread- Pilibit, Amethi, Gandhinagar, Bangalore North- all MPs have a limited democratic appeal and credential and in the Indian system the PM has a wider credential since he/she has the confidence of the parliament. I am sure you would in principle agree to this. The point I was trying to make is that the MP of Amethi is generally attributed a nation wide appeal by his fans – when that is yet to be tested.

  39. Simple Says:


    1.No PM is elected by the whole of India. He represents one LS constituency. Or is an RS member. In that way, every PM’s mandate is limited to one constituency.

    2. Nowhere has Rahul Gandhi mentioned he will be the PM of India. Nowhere has he said all good things should be credited to him and all bad things to the PM. If you guys want to talk about some imaginary ghosts in your mind, then I offer my sympathies.

    3. Gaby doesn’t seem to have any word of criticism for RSS – which is undemocratically using its influence on CMs of BJP ruled states. She seems to be against democracy. On the other hand, she takes potshots at Rahul Gandhi, who hasn’t made a single hate speech, who hasn’t shown any arrogance or even the remotest inclination to occupy a minister’s chair. His goal is to revive Congress in states where it is virtually in a coma.

    Gaby, your eyes are truly wide shut.

  40. DailyBread Says:

    Simple Sir,

    >Gaby, your eyes are truly wide shut.

    I think Gaby belongs to cheddi gang, you should ignore her….

  41. harkol Says:

    >Rahul Gandhi is democratically elected by the people of INdia.
    >RSS Is not.

    That’s an disingenuous argument.

    If the argument is RG has mandate because some people voted for him, then some primary RSS members too were elected (Advani being one and so many others), thus making RSS have a legitimate mandate.

    Both, RSS and Gandhi’s act as extra constitutional powers in their respective political formations, and that’s the reality of India. Without such a back bone, no party has survived in India (Janata being an example). Most other parties are appa-makkala *mom-and-pop* parties. They’ll die when the patriach dies.

    Our country will need to mature out of feudal structures before we can cleanse our parties of these ‘backbones’.

  42. Simple Says:



    Sonia Gandhi is not an extra constitutional power. She is legally the president of the Congress Party, which is heading the ruling coalation. And She, is democratically elected by the people of India.

    So she has perfect legitimacy to exercise her powers.

    The head of RSS is DEFINITELY an extra constitiutional power. He is not the president of BJP. Nor is he democratically elected by the people of India. Yet we see the BJP CMs and PMs running to the RSS for every minute decision they take.

    Advani is not an extra constitutional power, because he is elected democratically as a member of BJP. The party symbol on which is stands is the lotus which happens to be the BJP symbol, and not an RSS symbol.

  43. Goldstar Says:

    Simple sir,

    Don’t get annoyed with us “cheddi gang” :-) . All we want from our anointed “future PM” is a few bytes/tweets on the big issues.

    Or maybe you can publish a blog with the collection of His speeches in Parliament (not campaign speeches) ? I promise I will become a Facebook fan of yours (if not His).

  44. Gaby Says:

    Simple thatha,

    You accuse me of having a half developed brain in one breath and then inform me that I write ludily in the next one. Perhaps you have great experience in twisting your opinions to suit the fashion of the day. You have never once said RG is PM material and have only argued that he is ‘ better ‘ than his Gandhi cousin and BJP leaders- as if that were any benchmark at all!!!!

    While you are at at it perhaps you could point me to some actual evidence to another of your wild claims- viz that RG has changed the attitude of the youth to politics !!!

    All Iam saying is that the political leadership of the nation does not give a rat’s ass to the well being of the nation- cutting across alllllll poitical hues and affiliations.

  45. Simple Says:


    When you know you are cornered, you trivilaise the issue.

  46. harkol Says:

    >Sonia Gandhi is not an extra constitutional power.

    Check the constitution and point out where does it say, a party president can exercise ‘any’ power.

    The moment congress has an arrangement where PM reports every week to ‘super PM’ it is extra constitutional!! if you think it isn’t, then you don’t understand our constitution.

    >She is legally the president of the Congress Party
    >So she has perfect legitimacy to exercise her powers.

    Perhaps in organizational matters. Not in govt. policy. As congressmen say, she practically dictated NREGA… None of the major decisions are taken without her ascent. A non-gandhi party president of Congress never exercised such authority.

    What are you trying to prove? Gandhi’s are non-feudal democrats??

    Good joke..

    When was the last time Congress named any reasonable project after anyone other than a Gandhi? Rajiv Gandhi ruled for 5 years. he has so many projects named after him. PVN ruled for 5 years too. Vajpayee did more.

    What is the special qualification of Rajiv Gandhi??

    You think Quotrocchi got away, because HR Bharadwaj had some special love for him? What is more likely – Sonia dictated it to be so, or someone acted independently to save some unknown italian?

    I do think Congress is a better bet at this juncture, but I don’t like Feudality. Nehru/Indira brought in so many laws to break the back of our royalty and land holding class, and established a feudality of their own.

    Atleast in RSS the workers raise up to the top, and people vote for BJP knowing very well it is part of RSS pariwar.

    However, RSS is extra-constitutional – just as Gandhis are…

  47. Simple Says:

    Aunt Gaby

    Sheer style shouldn’t be mistaken for intelligence. You write well, but, but, sadly the style overwhelms the content.

    Yawn. Do you want to me to continue with this no-brainer of a debate, when your eyes are wide shut, nothing can convince you.

    Rahul Gandhi’s presence has changed youth’s attitude – this is gathered by my own interaction with people – plus the results of the polls. Data could be insufficient, sure. But add the newspaper reports to it -Plus add the poll results of 2009 – and you know that if there is any one leader who is attracting the youth across the country it is Rahul G. Of course Varun too is attracting the youth – but it is limited.

  48. Gaby Says:

    Simple thatha,
    You prove the Jasperian edict that Delusions are essentially bizarre, idiosyncratic and impervious to reason.

  49. Simple Says:

    Aunt Gaby,

    True. Your delusions are bizarre, idiosynractic and impervious to reason.
    And may I add ‘ you are hardly original’.

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