The great Indian rope trick adds inches to a giant

At the inauguration of a forest camp project at Sakrebailu in his home district of Shimoga on Sunday, Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa uses a rope to give his towering personality a few extra inches.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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21 Responses to “The great Indian rope trick adds inches to a giant”

  1. harkol Says:

    He looks weird! Perhaps it is a cut out?

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Practising for the gallows, is he?

  3. born_smart Says:

    Yeddyurappa & BJP thank you for entertaining us… far. Now get back to your work. You have only 3 years to prove.

  4. Khan Says:

    Yeddy is a CLOWN.

  5. jaya Says:

    Did he really hoist himself up the rope? The picture is tricking my eye :)

  6. Satish Says:

    The CM now perpetually in ‘crocodile tears’, who was singularly responsible for the most controversial, shady death of his wife Maitro Devi is now playing tricks with a rope! What a tragic picture? According to the FIR which was later changed under pressure, the death was under mysterious circumstances (found dead underground a water sump with an extremely narrow opening) at their home in Shimoga on October 16, 2004

    While there have been innumerable reports and discussions in the media (as well as in Churumuri) of how he and son Raghavendra have been closely involved with the real estate business competing with everyone from their own colleagues like Ashok, Khatta Subramanya Naidu, Ananth Kumar, Sadananda Gowda, Krishna Palemar, Ramachandra Gowda..etc to Cong-I goons like D.K. Shivakumar, Mallikarjun Kharge, Bangrappa or HD Kumaraswamy led Gowda Clan with second-rung players like Irfan Razack the CMD of Prestige Group, Ravi Puravankara, M.R.Jaishankar, Abhisheck Lodha, Moideen Bava and bros capitalizing too. All this under the proactive help of the executive as well as muscle power of mafia led by Ravi Pujari, Muthappa Rai and the D Company!

    In parallel, the Bellary Reddy’s have now become the de-facto rulers of Karnataka with billions of dollars worth of precious iron illegally exported right under the central govt’s nose. In fact, despite the futile attempts of a paper-weight Lok Ayukta and Governer to rein in the Bellary Dons, recently in the Karnataka Assembly the CM himself admitted that “2009-10 was a bumper year for illegal mining” with the value of the illegally exported ore over the last seven years amounting to a shocking Rs 50,000 crore!

    No wonder, Gali Janardhan Reddy can afford to present a diamond-studded gold crown, worth Rs.450 million (Rs.45 crore), to the famous Lord Venkateswara temple at Tirupati!

    And what do the helpless people pray for and desperately wish?
    May the ‘rope trick’ do justice to one of the worst and shameless CM that Karnataka has ever had in its history!

  7. poli hudga Says:

    Seems like he is levitating … all hail yeddy the muddy!

  8. kanekalkuppesh Says:

    ~entha mahacool manushya~

  9. Anshuman Patel Says:

    Is the pic for real? Why our man looks pretty thick in the head? (I mean how the inner truth was captured by the camera?).

    Good one in any case..Netaduva Neta.

  10. Vinay Says:

    Come on churumuri – this is a trick photo, isn’t it? If it is not, I will pay homage to Yeddy’s physical fitness even at his age!

  11. harkol Says:

    >this is a trick photo, isn’t it?

    This sure is…

    1. There is slack in rope between right hand knot and left hand’s knot. Which means his entire body weight at that moment was on the right hand… And there is no way he is going to support his body weight on a single hand with the wrist being the way it is in the picture, unless he is practicing rope climbing all the time.

    2. There is a chance that he may be holding the rope and jumping and a snap caught him while he was up… If this is what happened, it’d have been really entertaining to watch a CM jump up-and-down like a monkey.

    3. What is the green string in the background with yellow threads hanging from it??

  12. Harish G Says:

    Anshuman Patel has given a fitting title at the end of his comment. Lets appreciate the ease with which Yeddi is hanging! Dont show this phot to Silvester Stallon of Cliffhanger fame for he might hang himself by seeing this effortless, risk free act.

    Guess what!? Tobey Maguire is going to be replaced by Yeddi in Spiderman – 4.


    Who else….? Reddy brothers & Sriramulu.

  13. joblessenggstud Says:

    Fake pic. Look at the position of his arms. He cannot lift himself like that.
    @HarishG: Even Chuck Norris will die.

  14. Vinay Says:

    “There is a chance that he may be holding the rope and jumping and a snap caught him while he was up”

    Or, perhaps his heels are on top of stones which we cannot see – might be balancing himself on those with the support of the rope. Less likely, but still possible :-)

  15. alvaa matte Says:

    whatever he does is been probed (and anaysed into detail) by churumuri and most of the media with similar mindset. And most of the people here comment over such topics as if what Yedi does in his personal day to day life affects their life… It’s hightime churumuri and (sadly to say its some of avid commentors) mature!

  16. B Says:

    Readers….can’t you see that the one minute crying, next minute laughing CM is actually standing on a brick!

  17. Neelam Says:

    To those who are not aware, Sakrebailu is a wildlife sanctuary and local folklore has it that Shivana-Moogu (Nose-of-Shiva) will befall any crook who visits the area.

    Well, the moment this crooked politician learns of this, we can expect another desperate round of temple visits in one of the numerous Bellary helicopters of Gali Janardhan Reddy to correct his chart (kundali). Top on the agenda will be a visit to Ghati Subramanya and offer prayers to clear ‘Sarpa and Hagga Dosha’ along with minister-in-waiting Shobha Karandlaje.

    In fact, according to the latest reports in Bangalore’s evening press, his famous, personal astrologer Bhanuprakash Sharma, sensing trouble and sticky opportunity ahead, has already advised the hard working, fretting and sobbing CM to cut out the ‘Y’ and add a ‘R’ to his name for unprecedented luck and even more prosperity in future.

    Finally, Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa’s family, inner circle and all side-kicks should also visit and offer prayers at Anjaneya temple on Saturday, Subramanya Temple on Sunday evening, Lakshmi temple first thing on Monday morning, Sai Baba Temple on Wednesday evening, Sri Sri on Thurday morning and Nityananda on Friday mid-night. He will also have to aggressively consult astrologers, tarot readers and various mutts seeking blessings and divine bliss.

  18. Vitlan Potli Says:

    PTL – Your comment got me in splits :)

  19. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Thanks, VP. Let’s hope it is going to be a public one, for each one of the miscreants.
    Incidentally, have you heard D


    have you heard Devvegowda complaining about lack of civility on the part of the BJP MLA’s?

  20. harkol Says:

    >have you heard Devvegowda complaining about lack of civility on the part of the BJP MLA’s?

    he he.. I guess it’d be some gems like “yee s***e maklige swalpanu samskara annodhe illa. M*nde maklu, ex-pm antha ondu swalpanu maryade kodalla. Aaa B*sudi Maga ivarnella swlpanu control madalla, yenu kala bantho, sanskriti ne halagi hogidhe”…

  21. Prakash R Says:

    Great remarks and enlightening comments, indeed!
    Keep it up Churumuri.

    Looks like Karnataka is finally headed for Prez Rule…at last!
    It’s now most obviously despite the excepted fallout, protests and melodrama from the BJP everyone from flunkies to the top brass.

    While the Cong-I is definitely top heavy with the most corrupt, incompetent liabilities and obese MPs/MLAs, as far as the Karnataka state leaders are concerned, the sustained personality-caste-power based infighting will spell doom in the next elections for sure…
    Despite rookie Rahuls’s weak attempts against a established political cartel-mafia, sadly with the likes of Oscar taking key decisions.

    Well, not sure if everyone is sad that the BJP betrayed every Kannadiga, especially the honest-middle class and: It indeed betrayed massively with a perpetually weak-compromising and pseudo crying CM being the biggest joke and absolute culprit!

    In the final analysis, perhaps: at least one key strategic Indian state needs to show the BJP a lightening-stricken lesson in politics of fair-public governance, true justice, real growth, zero tolerance to corruption, failure to make Bangalore a true global hub with a high speed rail link to the airport..etc or for that matter the tragic issue of illegal looting of the country’s natural resources by just a bunch of illiterate yet billionaire individuals!

    BTW, what on earth happened to the great morals that the RSS itself preaches!
    They all thought Karnataka can be the foundation…will it be the final swan song?

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