Only the paint on the forehead is kinda synthetic

Artist Vidyasagar creates gives the finishing touches to “eco-friendly Ganeshas”, made using tree products, at a demonstration at the Press Club of Bangalore, in Cubbon park on Thursday. –KPN

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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4 Responses to “Only the paint on the forehead is kinda synthetic”

  1. Jaya Says:

    Nicely done!

  2. div Says:

    I hate three of our festivals, not for what they are but for how they are celeberated – holi, diwali and Ganesha festivals.

    Holi – hooligans spray colors whether you wish or not. Some goons sprayed colors on a friend even though he was going to attend an interview!
    Diwali – crackers without any courtesy. People don’t even have the basic common sense to clean up after playing with them. They don’t have any sense of how much sound they make either.
    Ganesha festival – in the name of community Ganesha, thugs collect money, drink and dance. If you don’t give them money they threaten you in the name of Ganesha!


    Ganesha “pendals” block traffic for months. How can anyone use roads for such illegal constructions?

  3. prasad Says:


  4. rss Says:

    adbhutha, kale illada kale illa kanthaa………

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