A life, well lived, returns to be amongst his own

Near and dear ones, and doctors, give the scholar Pandit Puttaraj Gawai company at the Veereshwara Punyaashrama in Gadag on Tuesday.

The 96-year-old Hindustani and Carnatic instrumentalist and vocalist—an embodiment of a life devoted to art, culture, literature and learning—is in critical condition and on ventilator, at the ashram founded by his guru, Ganayogi Panchakshara Gawai.

Pandit Gawai, who had initially admitted to the KLE hospital in Belgaum, was shifted to the ashram in Gadag, as he had made it clear that he wanted to be with the destitute children, visually impaired children and children belonging to poor families, whose home it is, when the end came.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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6 Responses to “A life, well lived, returns to be amongst his own”

  1. kaangeya Says:

    He is the embodiment of gnana, karuna, and kainkarya! Entharo mahanubhavalu!

  2. Narayana Says:

    Noble Soul.

  3. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The decent thing to do is to let him recuperate in private. We are vultures when it comes to death and accidents.

  4. Somebody Says:

    A great soul.

  5. gjlraj Says:

    I created a wiki page for Pt Gawai. I think there are many more noble people whom we need to introduce to the non kannada world.

  6. Shanawad Parappa Says:

    gjlraj…….good said….we will all work on this….

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