Just one question I’m dying to ask sadda M.S. Gill

When Abhinav Bindra became the first Indian to win an Olympic gold, he stood up and said: “I congratulate myself and every Indian.” When Saina Nehwal called on him, he looked at her coach and said, “Who’s are you?” (It was the badminton ace, Pullela Gopichand.)

When parliamentarians probed him on the CWG scam, he asked them to obtain details by filing an RTI application. Now, when world wrestling champ Sushil Kumar wanted to pose with his guru Satpal Singh, he shoos him away (“stay away,” he said) because he wanted no one else in the frame, messing up the picture.

What is the one question you would ask “Padma Vibhushan” sports minister Manohar Singh Gill?

Like, “Did you ask Tenzing Norgay, ‘tussi kauno‘ when you first met him?” Like, “Are you ashamed for myself and every Indian?”

Please ensure your queries conform to the election commission’s model code of misconduct.

Photograph: courtesy Commonwealth Youth Games

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Where there’s a Gill, there’s no way for sport

Aal iz not well. Sport needs a jhadoo ki thappad

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12 Responses to “Just one question I’m dying to ask sadda M.S. Gill”

  1. vindy Says:

    Sir, how many times do you need to shoot urself in the foot sir before you learn ?

  2. Simple Says:

    When will you retire, sir?
    Or is there no retirement age for politicians?
    Should old politicians continue to goof up, continue to torment and torture me the Aam Admi?
    How can a 75 year old man inspire young sports people?
    When will youngsters get a chance to rule India, when old people cling to their chairs?
    Isn’t it precisely because of mumbling bumbling uninspiring and uncharismatic old politicians, that the young have developed an aversion to the word ‘Politics’?

  3. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:

    Mantri Mahoday: Do you spell idiot with one ‘t’ or two?

  4. PGS Says:

    Add to your list, what I recently heard him say at an India Football awards event – football is the game of the common man, you need no infrastructure… only 2 bricks on each side, and you wont need half of the Yamina water to keep it green either…thats why I will promote this game (sic).
    The one question I want to ask him is, why is he required at all then?

  5. M Vijapurkar Says:

    Mr Gill – who the hell do you think you are? Pack your bags and leave!

  6. Rahul Says:

    Who the hell gave you a Padma Vibhushana!!!

  7. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Gill sahab, yeh khel-vel ke chakkar mein kab tak phase rahenge aap? Aap seva-nivrutt kyon na hona chahte?

  8. Pramaanika Says:

    What did you say to the person who captured the photo in this article ?
    “I don’t need you here,we will shoot ourselves” ?

  9. Rahi Says:

    What gill did with satpal has no reason..it’s nt first time he has done it with many gr8 personalities…jst bcoz he is brainless sardar & he can misbehave with anyone losing his control @ 12 o’clock.

  10. Anshuman Patel Says:

    Gill saheb is a maverick and you know…a Surd (purely in lighter vein and I am not a racist:)).

    So he pushed out Sushil’s coach from the frame of a photo and merited this poll on Churumuri. What about our own BaccheGowda who wanted to push out a fellow driver from the road itself?

  11. Somebody Says:

    That is what happens when politicians are involved in sports and sportsmen are involved in politics!

  12. babuds Says:

    In spite of the doddering and senile old bones and corrupt and lecherous hands mismanaging and mauling the Indian sports, is it not a wonder that some sports persons, like Satpal and Pullela, are able to coach the Indian players to bring in world level honors to this country?

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