Sir M. Visvesvaraya on India’s 11 ‘basic wants’

From The Hindu dated 16 September 1960:

Replying to felicitations made at his birth centenary celebrations in Bangalore on 15 September, Dr M Visvesvaraya, engineer-statesman, listed what he called certain “basic wants” in the country.

These were:

(1) The citizens’ working hours were short in the aggregate – they should be increased.

(2) Working hours should be made regular and disciplined; everyone should put in on an average six to eight working hours daily on every working day.

(3) Every citizen should strive to promote unity, harmony and co-operation in every walk of life.

(4) He should learn to practise diligence, discipline and precision as part of his character.

(5) He should remember that loyalty, honesty and selflessness will help a man to success.

(6) He should show courtesy and service to fellowmen in daily life.

(7) In every country, generally the population may be roughly divided into two parts – some directors and others followers. Arrangements should be made for training and preparing both these classes loyally.

(8) Acquisition of elementary knowledge should be insisted on.

(9) Steps should be taken to maintain a planning committee for preparing detailed views on work and behaviour of the citizens as was being attempted now in some of the other countries.

(10) In schools and universities, a few working habits, business habits and sense of behaviour should be discussed steadily practised and rendered popular and,

(11) Good use should be made of time. It should not be wasted because time was money.

Photograph: Sir Visvesvaraya‘s home in Muddenahalli (courtesy Ajay Ghanti via Picasa)

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3 Responses to “Sir M. Visvesvaraya on India’s 11 ‘basic wants’”

  1. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Not sure why Sir MV didnt include roti, kapda aur makan in this list :)

    And wonder what he meant by:
    Arrangements should be made for training and preparing both these classes loyally.

  2. prasad Says:

    There is a small anecdote that happened during SMV’s time. Some time in 1951-3, K Hanumantiah the then CM of Mysore called on SMV with the blue print of Vidhan soudha for his opinion and advise. After going through the details, at the end of the meeting SMV told KH that they had some thing common between them by pointing to his head. It is still a dilemma, as to what he meant, the Turban or its content! This was told to me by my uncle who was a close friend of KH.

  3. swaminathan Says:

    NO match for a great person like Sir M.V. if we rember him daily, that itself will make all the difference in our routine work.I don’t know why we are not finding at least 1% as efficient as Sir M.V in our todays civil engineers…………sidda.

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