The world was at his fingertips till he went down

Between the final procession and the actual immersion, an idol of the four-armed one undergoes a minor transformation, in Karwar on Tuesday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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2 Responses to “The world was at his fingertips till he went down”

  1. murthy Says:

    What catches my attention is the shiny painting on the idol. Also, it appears to be made of POP! What threat it can pose to the nature… :(

    If only we could give up such practice done in the name of GOD! GOD sure does not like it, anyway (damaging the nature).

    For many years, I have been buying idols made of clay with absolutely no paint on it. I immerse the idol in a bucket at the back of my house. I keep spreading this message to my friends and relatives and try to influence them.


  2. twistleton Says:

    someone doesn’t like feminists. :)

    But its true, heartless machoism need not be the ultimate goal of feminism. But, men have not been exactly sweet little bunnies, have they?

    Being bad is not the prerogative of any gender. Men do not have exclusive rights on committing sins.

    Therefore, a wrong is a wrong irrespective of the gender of the person who does wrong. What society should refrain from doing is judging men and women by different standards for committing the same sins.

    Unfortuntely, society still excepts its women to behave better than the men. It is this practice of double standards while judging behaviour that feminists are sore about.

    And feminists should remember that it is time to make their own mistakes, not repeat the same old boring ones that men commit. :)

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