If we can send man to the moon, why can’t we…?

If we can send man to the man, why can’t we get our storm water drainage system right? A Karnataka state road transport corporation (KSRTC) bus lies almost completely submerged in water under the railway overbridge on Subedar Chatram road in Bangalore on Friday, after heavy rain lashed the State capital for over two hours.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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16 Responses to “If we can send man to the moon, why can’t we…?”

  1. Abraham Karammel Says:

    1. Lack of interest and political will
    2. Lack of knowledge of the right processes and solutions
    3. Lack of competent persons with vision at key postions
    4. Conflict of interest and selfishness of leaders
    5. Too many political parties pulling in different directions
    6. Confusion of leaders with world’s most complex and diverse India
    7. Losing important targets in the fast changing world scenario

    There will be more factors and reasons; but who cares! In fact I know a very systematic and efficient process for India’s FAST, comprehensive, equitable and sustainable socio-econmic development.

  2. Sapna Says:

    And not to mention it was just half a day of rains!!!

  3. prajwal Says:

    The answer to this is quite simple… While everyone is busy complaining about corruption in the govt and the execution of publics works, ppl don’t seem to realise that the storm water drains need to be clear of debris and mud and plastic and whatever other objects we dump into storm water drains assuming them to be dustbins. Then comes the callousness of our civic bodies of not keeping these drains clear of weeds etc on a timely basis. After all this fails one can presume to look upon the corruption aspect n faulty infrastructure… But I suppose it is a lot easier to question the efficiency and quality of others’ actions and responsibilities than it is to analyse our own

  4. Nagendra Bhatta Says:

    No point in getting all frustrated when things start falling apart. As they say, in a democracy, we deserve the leaders we elect. So…no matter how you cut it….it all finally points at us!!

  5. Vinay Says:

    Just one question I’m dying to ask the bus driver: Why did he go till that point knowing the situation, risking his and passengers’ lives. Does he think he is driving a submarine?

  6. Somebody Says:

    Yes, we can send a man to the Chandraloka and also send entire bus load of people to Brahmaloka, Vishnuloka or Kailasa.

  7. Anshuman Patel Says:

    Well..the obvious conclusion would be corruption.

    But that would be too simplistic. I think there is immense amount of incompetency too. The Babus and engineers who helm the affairs seem to be singularly incapable of solving even basic engineering problems. Mostly they are duffers clinging to the chairs by sheer force of inertia.

    Let’s add ourselves to the mix too. All this breast-beating evaporates quite swiftly when the elections come knocking next time. Short memory gets us short-changed.

  8. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    All that area was a lake. What do you expect when you build where lakes are?

  9. Complex Says:

    Well, we(Indians) have not yet sent a man to the moon

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Article in NY Times about India’s sanitation/hygiene woes:


  11. nanu nane Says:

    @gokulam: +1

    If you build where lakes are. All this is bound to happen.

  12. s v can Says:

    The answer is no we can’t. Even the mighty US doesn’t know what to do when it snows. And they call it holiday period.

  13. Abraham Karammel Says:

    Mr. Bhanot’s interpretation of ‘different hygenic standards of foreigners’ is a quick, easy, evasive answer. How come the Indian hotel industy knows better standards?

  14. Curry Hurry Says:

    There used to be almost a hundred lakes (big and small) in the area with almost negligible amount of concrete. Ground water used to be easily accessible. Instead, now the wells have reached arsenic depths while the surface water has no place to go.

  15. Nija Says:

    I think this shit happened because our beloved (useless) CM forgot to annoint a Minister for Rain(s) recently.

    Is it the rain god’s mistake that it rained for 2hrs incessantly?! It is certainly not Urban Development minister’s mistake, nor the Bangalore Mayor’s, nor that Bus Driver’s mistake, and of course not the mistake of the residents of Bengaluru, nor the mistake of occupants of that bus for having endured this f&*%ing mess all this long and not fought back against the misdeeds of the “do-er”.

    So finally the mistake lay in the void seat reserved the Minister of Rain(s).

    I heard in CNN that the bus driver was hell bent upon putting Lord Ganesha back to the dodd-kere, which is why he entered the water, only forgot to leave the bus back in safety. Not his mistake.

    I think this is how Karnataka works when Vidhana Soudha is given to the hands of such confused morons.

  16. Judging Local Administration « Vivekitam Says:

    […] people raised voices. Several bloggers showed their
    skill at sarcasm in most innovative ways. The question of
    “how BBMP reacted” was never asked. The BBMP
    did its best given the […]

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