Why Prince Charles should not inaugurate CWG

With a cyclone in the chai cup brewing over who should cut the ribbon at the Commonwealth Games in the absence of the Queen, who should we consult for expert guidance on matters royal?

Sanjeev Bhaskar and Kulvinder Ghir from the British sitcom Goodness Gracious Me, of course.

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The Times of India and the Commonwealth Games

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2 Responses to “Why Prince Charles should not inaugurate CWG”

  1. kaadu kudure Says:

    what is CW ? why do we have to part of it ? so that we do not forget our salvery under British rule ?? Did we get money from CW funds for hosting these games ? I do not understand, can somebody tell me.

  2. prasad Says:

    “Army hands over new CWG bridge in 5 days!” Will the Army be good enough to let the people of India (the Amadmi who were to use this bridge)know as to the expenditure involved in Reconstructing this bridge in 5 days, and also the money involved in cleaning up the debris. We want to know please.

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