How well do you know your Ayodhya alphabet?

On the day before, Bellur Ramakrishna stirs up the alphabet soup that is the Ayodhya dispute, garnishing it with the names, faces and jargon that have become an essential part of the political meal for a generation and more.

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CHURUMURI POLL: Who will win Ayodhya title?

In Ayodhya, Dasaratha‘s wives gorged on idli-dosa

CHURUMURI POLL: Lord Rama, man or myth?

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6 Responses to “How well do you know your Ayodhya alphabet?”

  1. prakash Says:

    Why you ppl left out “Sunni board”..Dont u think that muslim organization never played politics with this?…

  2. Subir Ghosh Says:

    U not for Uma Bharti? She was the one who had shrieked the most, “Ek dhakka aur do, Babri Masjid gira do!”

  3. Kaangeya Says:

    Z for Zafaryab Jilani convener of the Babri Masjid who said,

    India is a secular country because it has a Hindu majority

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    X was just made up.

  5. Prabhu Says:

    P : pseudo seculars
    S: so called seculars,
    C: Churumuri, (Anyway already covered under P:pseudo seculars)

  6. prasad Says:

    The verdict seems to be out in favor of the Hindus.

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