‘Muslims must give away one-third Ayodhya plot’

Javed Anand, general secretary Muslims for Secular Democracy and the husband of the activist Teesta Setalvad, in The Indian Express:

“It is a maxim of mature democracies that where there is no justice, there is no peace. Is there justice in India? It’s up to you, dear reader, to ask yourself that question. Have the victims of communal mass killings — Nellie, Assam (1983), Delhi (1984), Malliana, Meerut (1987), Bhagalpur (1989), Mumbai (1992-93), Gujarat (2002), Kandhamal, Orissa (2008) — got justice? Have the masterminds, the main perpetrators of mass crimes or the policemen guilty of partisan conduct been punished?

“What prospects of a verdict on the crime committed in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, during the life-time of many of the main accused?

“In August 1992, five months before the Babri masjid was demolished, I had argued in an article in The Sunday Observer (now extinct) that the only possible resolution of the Babri masjid-Ram janmabhoomi conflict was for Muslims to unilaterally relinquish their claim to the disputed plot.

“My reasons are different now, but the plea remains the same.

“Forget about appealing to the Supreme Court. In the best interests of the country and the community itself, Muslims must gift away even the one-third of the plot that for the moment is legally theirs. The disputed plot in Ayodhya, which millions of Hindus have come to believe as the birthplace of Ram lalla, is absolutely the last place where the battle for the Idea of India — secular or majoritarian — must be fought.”

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13 Responses to “‘Muslims must give away one-third Ayodhya plot’”

  1. Somebody Says:

    If they do so, it would not only be a good gesture by the community to show their Indian-ness, but also it would be an honour for them. I hope by doing that, they would steadily mingle into the mainstream of the populace to enrich our country. BUT….. Yes, but more than the fanatics, I am sure, our socalled seculars, certain politicians and vested interests will see to it that they would not do so. The socalled seculars, socalled intellectuals, socalled historians, some of the media will see that the issue is kept burning forever, so that they can use it for their benefit.

  2. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I thought one could only “gift away” what one owned… The court has dismissed BMAC’s title claim on any portion of that plot. The one third-two third division is the court’s equity decision.

    But on his earlier point, Javed Sahab is right: History records that justice has never been meted out in India for the violence, mayhem and systematic destruction of the native way of life by many Islamic invaders, emperors and officials — Gazni Mohammad, Babar, and Aurangzeb are only the most infamous examples. The invaders’ horrific archaeological vandalism, sword-point conversions, looting of treasures, and jaziya over more than 1,000 years, were responsible for a systematic looting, pillaging, and rape of India’s ancient civilization and Vedantic tradition.

    Historically, Muslim invaders from Semitic lands have tried their best to do to India what they successfully did to Turkey, Afghanistan, and numerous other civilizations.

    So Javed Sahab is right — India, historically speaking, is neither a rule of law society nor any land of justice.

  3. Indu Ramesh Says:

    I fully agree with you, somebody

  4. Dontcare Says:

    Mr “Somebody” can you please elaborate how by giving 1/3 land Muslims can show their “Indian-ness” and mingle into the “mainstream”?. Applying your logic can Muslims ask you to give away 2/3 land and to prove your “Indian-ness” and mingle into the “mainstream”?

  5. Narayana Says:

    When the court verdict came in I smelled, for a moment, a capitalistic solution of Hindu’s buying out Muslim share.

    However that will lead to ghettos. It is clearly against the democratic ethos.

    Shouldn’t we go beyond on the path set by court.

    What problem will Ram have if there is also Rahman in his neighborhood.

    I do not think there is going to be any scarcity of land.. Even though land in dispute was a very small land (I believe 2-3 acres) there is more than 67 acres of land acquired by government around that place. This can be used to build both temple as well as mosque and if needed a multi religion prayer hall

    India should build a grand temple at the janmsthan.
    India should also build a grand mosque called freedom mosque (do not call it Babri Masjid)
    India should also create small memorial at the place which tells the posterity about the judgment which can grow into the stature of India’s own “Amistad”
    Building mosque as well as temple is fitting tribute to that judgment that showed how ordinary judges can have extraordinary vision.

  6. Complex Says:

    If the muslims want to give up the land, they should just allow the Hindus to build temple on their land, but they can still hold the land in their name.

  7. Somebody Says:

    Dontcare, well, it would be a goodwill gesture to (at least try to) put an end to the age old dispute.

  8. karihaida Says:

    Apparently muslims agreed in 1994 during PVN rule, to part away with their claim to the land if any court ruled that it was the birthplace of Rama. So even though the court has given them 1/3 share if they can part with their share and say that they stuck with to their word and claim the moral high ground.

  9. I Am Not A Villain Says:

    This is an interesting article from a man whose religion does not permit either a church or Hindu temple in the birthplace of Muhammad, Mecca! While Rome has one mosque and Ayodhya tries its best to ensure that Muslim sentiments are not hurt by preserving the birthplace of God Rama, I think Javed Anand’s humane nature has suddenly overpowered his religious ideologies :) Coward Hindus now have a few sympathizers. Is it time for Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, and Rajdeep Sardesai to think from their hearts rather than about their pockets?

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:

    As usual our Vedanta Viveka Choodamani Mysore Peshva Maharaj sparkles with his unique insightful nuggets on the RJB-BM judgement! Jaded Anand is mixing up things but I doubt he has any wisdom left. One can simply argue the secular state of India is best served by making everyone secular. That is no personal law based on faith and other articles. Is Jaded Anand ready for this? Let’s fight the secular battle based on common sense.

  11. Omanae Says:

    Justice, the Islamic way, by Javed Anand. And what a great piece of advice. And what a great list of victimization starting from Nellie, Assam to Gujarat (2002).

    And what about Marad 2003, Bhatkala (Karnataka, 1991), Kashimr, bomb blasts across the nations, Mumbai 1993, SIMI, PFI, and so on. Who is responsible for the sorry plight of Kashmiri Pundits? Who was responsible for the Godhra train torching?

  12. Mysore Peshva Says:

    *Doddi Buddi*

    O Master Hiranaiah of Churumuri, daye maadi nannannu bittbidi! :)

    Good point about personal law, BTW.

  13. Suresh Says:

    Shia youth group offers donation to build Ram temple
    Read the full articles here –



    I did not see this news item getting a mention, even as a scrolling message in any of the news channels!!

    Regional news channels who claim to have No.1 viewership have time to put up a 1-hour Special programme on a person who does bike stunts, a person who chews and stomachs tube lights and bulbs!!

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