‘BJP has taken Karnataka politics to the bottom’

ARUN PADAKI writes from Bangalore: A few months back, when I was sitting in the office of the mayor of Mysore, the photographs of former mayors that deocrated the walls brought cheer.  Indeed, we were fortunate to have had such unbelievably great administrators.

Their commitment and selflessness was total.

Now, for almost half a decade now, politicians in Karnataka have stripped themselves of any bit of decency, morality, commitment and love for the land, whatever it was worth.

Never in the history of the State have we seen politics played at such an abysmally low level.

The dirty designs, the wheeling-dealing we see today were usually confined to a few unfortunate city corporations, but with these councillors and their stooges having now become MLAs and MLCs, the gutter culture has taken a step up and reached the hallowed corridors of the Vidhana Soudha.

# While the mine owners ushered in an era of money politics, the legislator has set new benchmark to emulate for the newer generations of people’s representatives: taste defeat in the elections, but become a minister as an MLC.

# Ministers with and without fur caps (even during summer) and their family members now have a great time enjoying power like the dynastic emperors of the medieval world.

# Horribly corrupt legislators, utterly indisciplined, and their hopelessly weak leaders with no commitment towards the welfare of the State have left a wretched trail in the State.

Whither the party of ‘principles’, the party with a difference?

Whither the BJP?

The ragi balls of Karnataka politics who were always at the neck of the perennial chief minister in-waiting from Mysore have now become ‘pals’.  Back stabbing is a meaningless word with these 224 souls.

It reminds me of the cursed pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean, who can take knives and daggers through their bodies, and neither do they bleed nor do they experience pain.

The few gentlemen out of 224, please excuse me, you have no role out there.

There is so much of action, counter-action, then counter-action to counter the counter-action, that the entire State machinery is being used for only their selfish motives, people go to hell.

No worthwhile work will take place till October 11 and 12 and beyond, but the state exchequer will take a big hit as busloads of money will be spent on resort trips, meetings, and more meetings at the CM’s office and residence, negotiators pulling in and out of their SUVs, feeding those errant rodents, etc.

Talking ill about politicians from other regions in the country is now passé.

With great amount of sadness, we have to bow our heads in shame and accept that Karnataka politicians, whom we have elected, are as bad as those from Maharashtra or Jharkhand, Haryana or Goa.

Or worse.

The land, once ruled by Krishnadevaraya, the Wodeyars and Kempe Gowda, the land which boasted the abilities of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the great literati, the state that produced first hydro power station in Asia, the State that had first street lights ahead of other States, is today the a…hole of Indian politics.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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20 Responses to “‘BJP has taken Karnataka politics to the bottom’”

  1. Yella Ok Says:

    The unfortunate part is that it is not just BJP which has taken Karnataka to the lowest depths but it is BJP and congress and JDS. We all could have been happy if it was just BJP. But now we have no choice. It has been atleast twenty years since we had a leader or group of leaders with any vision for the years. I wonder how long this will continue.

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  3. robin Says:

    Sholud i vote next time?

  4. Sudhir Says:

    Take it easy, people. There are still 5 days to go. A bit of wheeling -dealing, a bit of schmoozing-boozing and all will be well. The best thing about Indian democracy is that all parties are the same, so there is policy continuity on all fronts. I wonder when a smart insurance company will come up with a Assurance against Change-in-Government Liability Scheme – a sort of policy that will pay an annuity every month so that we can keep up with the latest bribery rates. Btw, what is Yeddygaru telling the legislators? Come out and play!!

  5. Angry Young Man Says:

    There is talk that Kumaranna is behind all this.

  6. karihaida Says:

    Well according to dipsy Yeddi’s pooje at the Kerala temple seems to have worked. Mari goobe’s plan seems to have failed

  7. sunitha betkerur Says:

    B.J.P, J.D.S,CONG. all are one and the same,yaru hithavaru e moovarolge?
    nobody all the three parties are like the human feces divided into three parts which stinks the most?
    The state has to celebrate nada habba,the rain hit people haven’t got their share of compensation.what do these politicians think of them selves ? neither the opposition party MLA’S nor the ruling party mla’s have concern about the people of thier constituency,this week shimogga,haveri and chikamagalur have been hit by heavy rains.none of them have visited those places.even the media people have concentrated more on the dirty games of these idiots than having a survey of the losses in these areas.where have ministers like SURESHKUMAR have gone ?why do they sit,hands tied ?they can attend to their work let there be power or no.they can continue to work untill they get the final words.
    I think the media is giving them undue importance.
    I dream of having an encounte carried out by the people and put an end to the foul play of the MLA’s of their constituency.

  8. asm Says:

    the money generated by land and mining mafia in the past 5-8 years is way more than the money generated in the years preceding that right up from independence. hence corruption has seen new levels in these years. and this period coincided with the rise of the reddy brothers, earlier involved in chit fund scams, thanks to their god mother who too set new lows in politics by promising to shave her head off. a smart lady in the center spared her that embaressment!atleast there is some dignity in the way they conduct themselves altough they too are looked upon as corrupt by many. reddys are perhaps the only people who have the power to destabilise two state govt and a central govt thanks to their andhra friend. what made matters worse is a CM who couldnt stand up against them , their clout and rise in stature in a state were he would have had no real competition .he cried and let them bully him even after their associate YSR met his end. so every october he faces revolt! and then he uses people from previous revolt to get back people in current revolt! how do we expect our leaders to be clean if such are the people we chose as our ministers? it requires some super strategy to cut these guys to size. its been widely speculated that yeddi had joined hand with congress people to help him cut reddys to size. their clout is waning but there are too many jokers in the pack. add to that a public that looks at all politicians as corrupt and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. thats what they all think will save them. bjp knows that to the public congress or jds is no saint and hence they use the services of reddys to get their numbers and also justify all corruption by citing previous corruption instances. but i feel current leadership has set new benchmarks in corruption coz earlier there just wasnt such money being generated. its a new kind of politics where one of the most progressive states of india is ruled by brokers and mafia. bjp is doing it with impunity everywhere . the same thing is happening in jharkhand too. their leaders have shown a tendency to take on the indian state. during vajpayeejis time this party gave hope to so many indians who were tired of the congress but they have just fallen apart. in a state where they have a reasonably good mandate , this is what they are upto. they cant tame their own people. this makes me respect the central leadership were atleast there is one center of command which brings in discipline. during vajpayeeji’s time too bjp had discipline as their leaders new that vajpayeeji was supreme authority just like soniaji is today. see what happens when there is power struggle within. coalition compulsions do force tupa to go soft on others just like nda did on its partners but then we the people have to vote them out . if we can end shivsena, laloo , mulayam, paswan , left etc politically and cut many others to size like maratha man pawar , we sure can clean the system in the next few years. as else they become king makers by just having a few seats. in such a situation all parties have to keep strong financial backup to buy and spend when need arises. let this reddy incur huge losses and he will dare not launch any operation kamala again. cut off his source of funding and he will be tamed. its happening already across the border in andhra and it should start happening faster in karnataka.

  9. LP Says:

    The chaddis are the biggest hypocrites. They do exactly the same that they accuse Congies for.

    Both congies and chaddies are two faces of the same coin.

  10. Narayan Chabbi Says:

    There is little left to comment.CM calls dogs to be more loyalist.Then BBMP should allow more of them to be bred so that we can send them to assembly as our Reps.
    Instead of Reddys,Lingayats,Brahmins we may have Rotweilers,Labradors etc and CM should be a German Shepherd.

    Public money can be well spent only on bread and meat!

    Mere Karnatak,aage kya!

  11. DailyBread Says:

    Relax…..people should have some patience …..

    Please remember what BJP promised during the elections – Gujrat model

    Gujrat had to go through same circus and saw Kesubhai, Vaghela & Suresh Mehta struggling with dissedents….

    Can anyone recall what happened to Gen Khanduri who built our national highways…..

    PS: Good time to buy a fund which invests primarily in hospitality sector…

  12. Pradeep Says:

    I was hoping that BJP will give good governance; I have decided not to vote in the next assembly elections. I know it changes little, but between these jokers, there is very less option left.

  13. Sudhir Says:

    Can Churumuri provide a list of the various resorts where MLAs of any party are holing up? I would like to book my next holiday at one of them.

  14. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    This is irresponsible journalism to say the least. What do you mean by ‘BJP has taken Karnataka politics to the bottom’?

    How do you know that it’s THE bottom? You ought to remember there are almost 30 more months to go before next elections. So how can anyone with a modicum of sense declare this is THE pits? By doing that you are giving false hope to the people of this state and that’s an awful thing to do.

  15. srivatsa Says:

    chaddis should fall..its the most boring n corrupt government in history of our state..yeddy has abs no control n is unfit to be CM..

  16. citizen Says:

    karnataka saw the fall of two governments thanks to the interest of current politicians who are gatecrashing into mining. thats the real reason and not all this cabinet reshuffle. the jds bjp coalition fell becoz kumaraswamy got half the term to loot the state while the other half should have gone to bjp. when kumaraswamy refused, the bjp said no mining no sarkar! and the people went out and voted for bjp out of emotions! now yeddi keeps all the key portfolios under him and his financers reddys, the film producers, provide the money to buy votes. in such a situation karnataka is turning into a den of illegal activities. yeddi bans mining to silence his critics. how on earth does stopping mining exports stop illegal mining? in the process the state also transgresses into central power domain as mining is a central subject. karnataka became the first state to do such a thing. this is a cm who says on the floor of the house that illegal mining happened not just in his tenure but all previous govts indulged. so what stopped him from taking action when all key portfolios were under him?is he not accountable? where from is the detonators coming to blast the mines. how are all the check posts allowing these trucks to pass? how are forest officials not acting? basically the whole system is corrupted. santosh hegde asked for suo moto powers, yeddi wont give it. if he’s found in a land scam he gives the same reply. he just wont leave his chair. the reddys have to be cut to size in the interest of the nation. the mining ban has actually helped the reddys as they dont mine in the legal domain. the complaint was against illegal mining. so the natural resources of karnataka can now be officially mined only illegally by those who control forest , transport ! the money flow continues and hence reddy is sent to goa to buy out the ministers a second time as they had formed the govt by buying these same guys ! these were the same guys who wanted to bring down yeddi last year na? yeddi will not leave his chair sir till he is thrown out. i agree the options in front of the people of karnataka are equally bad but cant help it. keep changing the party in power turn by turn so that atleast no one single party gets a free run. each will take his enemity out on the other when in power and expose each other. thats the best option karnataka has. JDs or Congress , take your pick. but vote en bloc assuming that loot will happen in some form or the other. if it does, change govt after 5 years. but i personally think it would be prudent to vote for congress so that the state doesnt suffer in a center state tangle. i dont have any political preferences but i firmly believe unless we vote , we cant even hope to get a good option some time in future. if bihar can, if orissa can, if j&k can,kerela can, bengal may almost, karnataka surely can! the state deserves much better. change is the only constant. i myself thought once whats the point in voting. but then i was recommended a simple formula , national party in the center and any party with clear mandate in state. thats the basic of voting. it helps keep these kingmakers out

  17. Roshan Says:

    All said and done…. we kannadigas are cursed by not having a leader. Be it any party, there none who can stand strong with respect. Cannot foresee any one either.

    Sad state of affairs…

  18. Pattu Says:

    May be, the poeple of Karnatak should make a resolution , not to vote for any of these sitting MLAs. All are responsible in one way or other. The silent one, for being silent.

  19. Franklin Says:

    BJP is doing DOGs politics in Karnataka…………..

  20. Vedavyasa Bhat Says:

    Recently the BJP organized a Vishwakarma Meet at Udupi. Vishwakarma people are Acharis. They are the most unlucky people according to Brahmin Shastras. BJP had to face disaster after disaster after that meet. First the rave party, Dr. Acharya death, blue film episode in Assembly, Yediyurappa’s renewed dissent. I think we should move away from the unlucky Acharis.

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