CHURUMURI POLL: Is Yediyurappa safe for now?

After collecting the blessings of all the gods, after disqualifying the “rebel” MLAs, after getting into a slanging match with the governor, after barring the “black sheep” from entering the Vidhana Soudha, after blocking the media from recording the assembly proceedings…

After gallivanting from resort to resort, after attempting suicide and kidnap, after a naked display of astonishing money power, after gatecrashing into the House, after slapping the watch and ward staff, after tearing their shirts in the House, after exchanging expletives…

After every incident, big and small, that should bring Karnataka’s reputation to shame, the BJP government of B.S. Yediyurappa has won the confidence of the House by a voice-vote. Is this the end of the chief minister’s strife? Or is this just the beginning of the end of the chief minister”s strife?

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31 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is Yediyurappa safe for now?”

  1. Chetan Krishnaswamy Says:

    Disgusting…Most painful. Beginning of the end

  2. gmnag Says:

    Considering the Q angle to this story, he is not safe at all. The Governor was the one who freed up Q’s funds that were frozen in the bank. And now there’s talk about Q Jr having funded NelaSon Mande Illa on this cross country package tour.

  3. Ullasa Vadan Says:

    Its a shame what has happened in Karnataka. From BJP’s antiques to cling on to power, to brutal money power and disdain of public opinion displayed by Kumaraswamy (& JDS) to the notorious silence and internal support of Congress to the utter misuse of Governor’s office, everybody has played their role to perfection in inflicting this shame on Karnataka. We feel ashamed that we have elected such stupids as our MLAs. I doubt even God can bring brain and wisdom to these people. God save Karnataka.

  4. BG Subhash Says:

    Have a honest recapitulation of the TV screens in the last 10 days. It is JD(S) the country rump of Karnataka shamelessly & openly indulged in Horse trading and bringing down an elected govt. They have done the horse trading virtually on TV Screens. Who can deny this? They have resorted to methods which is much worse than what BJP has resorted to. Actually Karnataka is not at all safe under a fringe part like JD(s) which is a party of Father, 2 sons & daughter in law! Unknowingly Some of the Karnataka voters have elected JD(s). JD(S) has done more harm to karnataka than any other party. it is the rump of JD(s) which has brought down Karnataka`s image.

  5. Raghavendra Says:

    Having planted Bharadwaj with the intention of destabilsing BJP Govt, I dont see BJP doing anything worng to save their govt. Its BJP Vs Governor+Opposition + most of the media. Yeddy is be a bad administrator, but this is no way (JDS, CONgies and Governor colluding) to bring down his govt.

  6. prasad Says:

    Yes, Safe and sound! Poor Congress (not monetarily after CWG) left watching. if there is a fresh election for the vacent posts, BJP will romp home.

  7. Furious_Telangana Says:

    When the centre can pull this stunt at the national level (hint: nuke deal trust vote) then what is wrong when it is done at a state level.

    The governor played for the congress
    The speaker played for the BJP

    Everyone in the top thinks for his party first and then the country

    Here are two congress people at top playing for congress while pretending to be neutral:

    Chairman of the Rajya Sabha : Mohammad Hamid Ansari
    This guy is a legend. He went to myanmar under the name of india and asked the junta to be generous to the myanmar muslims. During the womens bill, he voted in favour of the bill. Two days later, he sent his wife salma to the media who came strongly against the bill. He plays in support of congress in the house everytime.

    Speaker of the Lok Sabha : Meira Kumar
    She is probably the worst speaker in india’s history. All cards loaded in favour of the congress. During the price rise trust vote, she favoured a voice vote. He is a former INC member before she took over as a speaker.

  8. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Hail Yeddy! I am pleased as punch by this turn of events. It would have been really cruel if the rug were to be pulled when his govt is successfully on its way to prove it’s THE most incompetent and corrupt govt. we Kannadigas ever had. Let the opposition and Governor GTH. What matters for us is records. Go Yeddy Go. Secure your name in the annals of history as the Lalu of Karnataka.

    For the rest (that includes HDK, DG, JD-S, Cong etc etc), clearly God/s+Speaker > Governor. So if you still have the great itch to share the loot, you ought to get those folks on your side. God can be managed by some intelligent offerings but speaker would be a hard nut to crack. Think.

  9. karihaida Says:

    This whole nataka gives a new meaning to “independent”… be independent and reap the most benefits in quick time …

  10. Sudhir Says:


    The Speaker of any House belongs to some party. So what’s your grouse if Meira is from the INC?

  11. Subash Says:

    hail Yedyurappa,you have got two and half years more to loot the karnataka.loot as much as you can before elections come.

  12. Narayan Chabbi Says:

    This is the beginning of the end.Most unfortunate to wotness this drama.Politics is at the lowest ebb.

    Trust we will have Prez’s rule to live in peace.

  13. Smart guy Says:

    This is the end of Yeddyurappa’s strife. In fact this is the end of Yeddyurappa.

  14. Yesh Says:

    Not supporting any party, everyone are looting us. But with the way trust motion was moved (per the reports and video shown on TV) and the way BJP (read speaker) disqualified 16 legislators without giving a chance for them summed up the BEGINNING of END for Yeddyurappa and a negative image for BJP.

  15. Andy Says:

    Yeddy is safe only till Governor decides !

    There are several tragedies to the Act in of the most disgusting is a party with 28 MLAs is allowed to hijack a state that has 224 MLAs. And the irony is that a major political party – Congress – is aiding and abetting this racket in hope of getting some crumbs in return.

    This is a shame. Congress has forgotten how JDS did the use and throw at Congress in 2005.

    BJP deserves what it got..

    Feel sorry for a relatively clean and respected Siddhu who is forced support and back the villainy of his erswhile party whose leaders he called all sorts of names just 2 years back !

  16. Meghana Says:

    Will the media now sing Yeddy is King, the way they did when Manmohan Sycophant Singh won the vote in the Lok Sabha? Perhaps not ….

  17. bhaskar Says:

    In the rule of Money, Financial – Master as PM of India, all the shame played in the name of money. Shame to K’samy to Shame to Cong.

  18. VTVenkataram Says:

    The behavior of the opposition party in attacking the marshals is an act to be condemned. The Governor is ever eager to take over the administration. No other state in India will tolerate such a Governor!!

  19. Meghana Says:

    Karnataka Speaker sets a new precedent by disqualifying 16 corrupt MLAs who sold themselves to the lucre of money – an ingenious solution to the problem of horse-trading.

  20. Gouri Satya Says:

    Time to impose President’s rule and end all the high drama of political lows.

  21. shankar prasad Says:

    It is disgusting and shamefull, but BJP justifying because other Party’s also indulge in the same game is equally absurd.

    It all started with BJP MLA’s grouse with BJP and its leader. The part could not keep the family affairs inside it came out and other Party’s took advantage of the situation. BJP did exactly the same with JD(S) in the first innings.

    The real culprit is Yeddy who is as equally castist as HDD & Co. and who is a weak leader. Equally weak is the BJP Central leadership who was hyjacked by Reddy Bros via Sushma Swaraj. Had BJP changed the leadereship and revamped the ministry, belive me even if the Reddy Bros had pulled down the Govt it would have come back minus the Reddy Bros. It would have emarged stronger.

    A real chance lost by BJP and played into the hands of other “political party’s’ and they taking advantage is certainly not wrong afterall they are also a political party with intention to capture power – better by election else by crooks.

    It is time the Karnatak’s “Middle Class” irrespective of cast come forward and make some impact.

  22. ERR Says:

    Nothing to choose between both sides; ‘tit for tat; tit for tat’; that’s the game they are busy playing…. A strong dose of president’s rule for sometime will be the right medicine for all…

  23. boring journalist Says:

    This is the beginning of the trouble for Yeddyurappa. He will have to fight on two fronts, – political, with a inimical Central Governent and judicial front over the disqualification issue.


  24. Raj Says:

    I cant believe myself that i voted for BJP. I will never do that mistake again. In just 2 years they brought the entire state to its knees, destroyed entire resources of the state.

    What is pathetic is the way they are diverting the attention to Governor, This is cheap politics. I wish there is Presidents rule in the sate, and let no one party rule this state for another 10 yrs, cause all are crooks.

    I cant believe we brought people like Reddy bros, and sex tained chief minister and people like Renukacharyas to power. Its been a very painful 10 days.. very painful.

  25. vivek Says:

    why did the innocent kumarswamy took the support of those who had won with a bjp symbol.. he should have made them resign n given them his party ticket n won n would have easily formed the government then. shame to the father n son’s party, we have to witness elections in all constituencies.. n i’m no bjp supporter but wat if the honourable high court upholds the disqualification..

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I have no problems with Yeddi’s government being dismissed. I guffawed loudly when I saw the likes of Black-Magic-Man HDK and others pontificating about the murder of democracy when his best friend the ‘Bus Driver’ was shepherding the lost sheep:)

    The Rebels without a cause will be crying loudly because no ‘righteous anger’ can compensate for what they lost today:) Yeddi will tightly embrace the soon-to-be-ex power minister.

    Outcome: someone will make a movie titled “Bhakta Yediyoorappa”; HDK will be bitterly disappointed because with Presidents rule ‘old tigers’ like Dee-K-She will pick up the pieces. JDS carried the bags but they won’t get paid:)

  27. Jay Says:

    I am ashamed of myself for having voted for BJP. I thought this was a party that will bring change to the state and would be a breath of fresh air. But they turned out to be the worst.

  28. Ankit Says:

    Why is the Congress so desparate to get power that the people did not give them? Let Yeddy finish his term and then let the people decide on next govt. Media sang Singh is King after they bough over MPs, but abhi to shoe seems to be on the other foot

  29. Gouri Satya Says:

    Yeddi should have honourably resigned and sought fresh mandate, instead of clinging to power and allowing Karnataka Assembly to make history of the worst order.

  30. sunitha betkerur Says:

    ther is a sying in kannada that says “vinash kale vipareeth buddhi” B.J,P is
    witnessing it’s ‘vinash’ in the hands of corrupt,shameless Chief Minister like yediyurappa.
    neither yediyurappa is safe nor the bjp.both fit tobe thrown out of the country.

  31. Somebody Says:

    ERR Sir, – President’s Rule. Okay, then what happens?. Election after some time after all. Then? Then, we the people will vote and elect the very same people – ಗೂಳಿ, ಎಮ್ಮೆ, ಕತ್ತೆ, ನಾಯಿ, ಹಂದಿ, ತೋಳ, ನರಿ, ಕರಡಿ, ಮುಳ್ಳು ಹಂದಿ, ಕಿರುಬ, etc. ಇವರೆಲ್ಲ ಬಂದು ಬಡ್ಡಿ ಸಮೇತ ವಸೂಲಿ ಮಾಡ್ತಾರೆ ಅಷ್ಟೇ. Things will become worse and people will start thinking that earlier people, earlier government(s) were better. ಯಥಾ ರಾಜ ತಥಾ ಪ್ರಜಾ ಅನ್ನುವುದು ಎಸ್ತು ಸರಿಯೋ ಹಾಗೆ People get what they deserve ಅನ್ನುವುದೂ ನಿಜವೇ.

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