Nothing is what it seems when scoundrels meet

Indian politicians, cutting across party lines, cutting across States, have two, standard quotable quotes for the camera. One, “nothing is impossible in politics”. And two, “there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies”.

Ordinary, law-abiding citizens who have something called self-respect and self-esteem cringe when they hear such cliches but they know that this is just shorthand for the extremely malleable disposition that modern politicians are blessed with.

These pictures are proof.

For years now, Karnataka’s politics has been held hostage to the Holenarsipur-Ramanagaram-Kanakapura worldview of H.D. Deve Gowda and his sons, H.D. Kumaraswamy and H.D. Revanna. And the Bellary worldview of the Reddy siblings and their bumchum, B. Sreeramulu.

There is nothing the two sides have not done to throw mud and muck at each other.

And for a week now, an entire nation has watched agape as Karnataka’s reputation for decency, honesty and civility has been made mincemeat in the clash of the two worldviews, that manifested itself with the latest “rebellion” against the B.S. Yediyurappa regime last week.

On Judgement Day Monday, as the BJP’s members trooped out of the Vidhana Soudha after the “voice-vote” in favour of the BJP regime, guess who shook hands and pressed flesh like long-lost friends, and whispered sweet-nothings like lovers into each other’s ears in the full glare of the cameras?

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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21 Responses to “Nothing is what it seems when scoundrels meet”

  1. Doddi Buddi Says:

    A nice column!
    The JDS Luddites will be bitterly crying into their biriyanis and tumblers of rum:)
    Black Magic Man Dirty will be covering himself in creosote while dancing the shamanic dance of decrepit politics:)
    Yeddi will only offer 2 rupee coins at all temples:)

  2. mysore peshva Says:

    i like your headline.

  3. div Says:


    you have seen it all!! Is there any hope with this kind of politics–no matter which party is in power?

    What is needed is a completely different approach based on ethics. In my opinion a party like Loksatta should succeed or India will fail.

  4. twistleton Says:

    integrity is inversely proportional to political success :)

  5. Vicky Says:

    Quite a shocker this is I wonder if there is more to this drama

  6. shetty Says:

    I saw the sweet greetings and confidential exchange between their ears on TV9 Kannada and it was absolutely shocking indeed!

    Sreeramulu was ordering and shepherding the MLA’s out of the floor after the voice vote while Revanna came up to him to congratulate, shake hands (almost hugged him) and then said something secretively to his ear.

    Imagine, these guys are supposed to be bitter enemies as per the media!
    What a shame, loot and mockery of politics.



  8. Sandeep Says:

    Deve Gowda and his sons should be held wholly responsible for taking the Karnataka Politics to such a level.

    Really it’s a shame!!

  9. Bhat Says:

    A picture speaks 1000 words, indeed!

    B S Yeddyurappa used to preach against family run in politics for a long time. Sadly, he himself has been increasingly pushing his college student-turned MP son, B.S. Vijayendra, now a real estate baron.

    In many recent press conferences and TV9 videos, one could clearly see Vijayendra, being asked by the CM to come into the front of the camera, push other MLA’s to the side and stand next to the CM.

    The young kid is regretfully an introvert with no leadership skills. In fact, he has not even spoken once in the parliament and needs to be shoved into the limelight by his ‘chronic temple puja’ and ‘astrology’ obsessed ‘crying father’, who now has thousands of skeletons and crores stuffed in his cupboard!

    Taking about values, family-focused politics and corruption, while Gowda and sons are supposed to have got so much black money from Massimo Quattrocchito to bribe our greedy legislators in resorts, it is a open question as to how many benami land and crores has the CM and his two sons have now stashed away in Swiss accounts.

    Perhaps Churumuri publishes more such revealing pictures of our so-called value-based politicians!

  10. Complex Says:

    Can anybody tell me why they were shaking hands?

  11. Nag Aradhya Says:

    Too much is being read into this photo. I guess what he is saying is “you got away this time, we will get you next time.”

  12. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    I wonder if this was a show of power by the reddies!

    That aside, I am really pissed with the scoundrels in the media who have not mentioned anything about the role of GMR or Goan congress government abusing its police force! All are in the queue for getting or upgrading their Padma awards!

  13. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    It’s a classic case of Operation successful but the patient died. The Govt survived and nobody as yet has given a thought to the public whose cause they are supposed to be serving.

  14. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    I too like your headline

  15. BG Subhash Says:

    Karnataka people who vote for JD(S) must know how dangerous it is to vote for JD(s) – a fringe party. Fringe parties always ogles for Alibaba`s cave. This is what JD(s) is looking for and have looked for in the name of Son of the soil or Mannina makkaly! No it is Father, Sons & daughter in law of the soil ie Thande, makkalugalu mathhu Sose. They have brought enough bad name to Karnataka.

    Kannadada simhagale reject JD(s) & boot them out. They are the real villains of Karnataka.

  16. Complex Says:

    @NAWN: What role of GMR? Can you elaborate?

  17. sunitha betkerur Says:

    both dissatisfied souls creating conspiracy, sriramulu against reddy brothers, revnna against father brother.and bhabhi. anything is possible in politics.and all is fair in politics.politics is the game of scoundels.the players shaking hands after the game.

  18. gampa Says:

    THey must be planning the next move to embarrass BJP. Karnataka has been cursed for ever with the Deve Gowda and sons. I pray they all permanently leave for China soon….

  19. Curry Hurry Says:

    Personal relationship has nothing to do with political grandstanding. Else how else would you explain Siddu aligning himself with GDS party ?

  20. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Our senile, inebriated MLA — HS Shankaralinge Gowda was smuggled to Goa by N Cheluvarayaswamy from the helipad situated in GMR’s power plant near KRS.

    HD Kumaraswamy, JD(S) legislators and rebels used GMR chartered planes to run between Karnataka-Goa-Maharashtra-TN!

    Wonder what part of GMR’s constitution speaks about financing these clandestine political operations!?

  21. Jangama Says:

    @Subash — hw much money you took from yeddi to write above comments? the people of Karnataka are not fools… they clearly know whom to vote. there is no ned for your Gyaan…use it in the ‘KRUPAS’

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