Say hello to the sarsanghchalak of ‘Ling Parivar’

M.P. Renukacharya, the poster-boy of the “party with differences”, waits for his turn as chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa takes the lift to leave the Vidhana Soudha, shortly after “winning” the confidence motion in the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore on Monday.

“Nurse” Renuka, as the excise minister is better known for his famous medical experiments, holds a bright, luminous candle to the casteist, opportunistic and gutter politics that the BJP has pioneered and perfected in Karnataka, but which it somehow thinks is better than that of the Congress and JDS.

Last November, Renukacharya hitched his wagon with the Reddy brothers to land himself a ministerial portfolio. This October, he signed the petition expressing lack of confidence in the chief minister. One day, last week, he was the ring leader of the “rebels” in Goa, and the next day, he was back in the BJP fold.

On Monday, disqualified along with the other BJP MLAs and independents for the “rebellion” that landed the chief minister in trouble, Renukacharya was clinging on to CM’s tail (and vice versa) without remorse for the harm that such politics is doing to one of India’s most progressive States.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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21 Responses to “Say hello to the sarsanghchalak of ‘Ling Parivar’”

  1. paramesha Says:

    BJP government is no better than any previous Governament in karnataka.People of karnataka lost hope of good governance in the State.
    It is better impose president rule in the State.

  2. mysore peshva Says:

    yuck, yuck, yuck… this man needs a shower, a delousing, and a cool prison cell.

  3. Vitlan Potli Says:

    What kind of idiots would elect a guy like this?(I am not alluding to his physical appearence)

  4. Simple Says:

    Why does the BJP not take action against This man who has repeatedly revolted against the BJP? What is indispensable about this man? Why is he given ticket to contest by BJP? Why is he made minister?

    In a sense BJP is giving signals that you can have a sex taint, you can repeatedly revolt every year by flying to different resorts,your record as a minister can be terrible and you and say the most scandalous things against your own CM and yet yet yet you will be rewarded.

    Can someone educate me why this man is Indispensable to BJP?

  5. Curry Hurry Says:

    | Why does the BJP not take action against
    | This man who has repeatedly revolted against the BJP ?

    Perhaps he has some invaluable photo file as a blackmail bargaining chip. Hamam mein sab nange. Everyone’s a lout in the current game of musical chairs. Just look at the alternative. Siddu ? He appears to be jumping from one queue to another to get to the CM chair. The other’s in his party .. Deshpande (floodscam), Drum Singh, DKShi (wants to acquire ISKCON to his personal fiefdom). GDS(Gowda Deve and Sons) party is only interested in making HDD’s DIL happy by foisting Revanna onto a CM or DyCM chair. The crooked governator is only interested in toppling the govt so he can loot some during President’s rule.
    The media that is taking such a moral high position on the disqualification looked the other way when the Nuke Deal was pushed through. Only guy ruing his fate seems to be the GoldFather of Shikaripura who didn’t get to loot as much as the later louts.

  6. kaangeya Says:

    Call the BJP what you will, corrupt, unethical etc. But casteist – it most certainly is not. It is in trouble because it is a sarvajanik politcal party. In Karnataka where the Congress has for decades played Vokkaliga vs. Lingayat (as it has in AP – Reddy vs. Kamma) politics, the BJP is a rare party that takes all sections of society together. And that threatens the real casteist parties – Deve Gowda’s stable and the Congress.

  7. swamynathan Says:

    Being a senior citizen (73+) I am advocating in whatever forum I come across
    that the EVM should have NONE OF THE ABOVE button. Then only some semblance of politics we can see. All the politicians are to be b*@#$d out.

  8. Subash Says:

    I can see a casteist yedyurappa in the mirror.gaawd when we will ever see our dream leader..

  9. Rastrakoota Says:

    Yen sami neevu joke cuttings maadtira shane chennagi! the whole of MS Building is filled with certain caste when your very honourable CM came to power.even performers were thrown out! the central command of BJP is always vary of changing the leadership and that is simply becoz your H’ble CM holds the caste Key of a certain caste. Thats simple common sense.evry party is downrite rotten when it comes to this point and many many other points.Now you shuddup!!

  10. Nag Aradhya Says:

    BJP has proved that it will go to any extent to be in power. I am really surprised at the brazen ways they are doing things. It certainly does not augur well for people of Karnataka. We had high hopes on BJP, it turned out to be the worst govt till date.

  11. nilesh Says:

    Thank our stars that Renu is not the CM.

  12. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    I second Kaangeya.

    BJP is highly corrupt, unethical, immoral party that is driven by sheer greed for power and pelf. Not to talk about the lure of the lucre and this moneybag politics. Yes you may add the votebank politics that it has picked up from Congies – just that Mathas and temples are the beneficiaries unlike the Hajis. Yes you may also add tat heady mix of dynasty politics and nepotism too – again the main sterling tutor is Cong.

    Yes you can say BJP has been a quick and good learner and infact it has surpassed the master of dirty politics in India ie Cong.

    But it is most certainly not casteist.

    Yeddy,Katta Naidu, RamachandreGowda, R Ashoka, Murugesh Nirani, Sriramulu, Janardhana Reddy, Karunakara Reddy, V Somanna, Somasekhara Reddy, Krishna Palemar, Renukacharya, Umesh Katti – every one of them is making more than a decent pile while the lotus is still in bloom. Where do you find the caste bias in this list? It is a splendid show of koodi baalona, koodi tinnona. This is the way to Hindu unity. Only when all the castes are on the same page will our society prosper.

  13. Somebody Says:

    Don’t jump into hurry friends. Who knows, one day he or any other person of his stature may become CM. Why, even PM of our great nation. After all it is we who elected him/them. And even after all these things going on, we continue to vote for him and his kind. So we have no right to grumble. We voted, we must suffer. It is only a transition. After a fortnight, all of us will forget. Public memory is short, very very short. Prepare for next episode and continue to opine and be satisfied.

  14. D P SATISH Says:

    Renuka Mahathme!!

  15. Narayana Says:

    why “ling” pariwar? Shouldn’t it be “munga” pariwar looking at the way he jumps around branches of various parties.

  16. yaksha Says:

    ghathuka charya!


    Anyway the era of this crook finally came to an end.

  18. kennedy Says:

    goobe mun…maga nodidhre helabahudu avana yogyathe enu antha…

  19. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Okay, mangannas showing their lingannas they are.

  20. Formerly Anon Says:

    If you are incapable of providing serious analysis, you take to name calling for livelihood.

  21. Tanveer Says:

    This guy really stinks.

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