When cops had to be called in to save the crooks

11 October 2010 will go down in the annals (and anus) of Karnataka politics for a number of execrable reasons, but also for the role played by the police commissioner of Bangalore, Shankar Bidari, in the proceedings in the legislative assembly when the House convened to take up confidence motion moved by the chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa.

Bidari rubbed shoulders with opposition legislators (and the marshals), glared eyeball to eyeball with the leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah, and himself got into the act with his staff to clear members of the media to leave the Assembly hall in the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore on Monday.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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21 Responses to “When cops had to be called in to save the crooks”

  1. karihaida Says:

    Bidari was wasting his time.. he should have sent the canine unit. I think a permanent canine unit inside the assembly will be a good idea :)

  2. Jay Says:

    Wow.. I am so loving it. Awesome entertainment.. It was completely worth voting for these idiots.

  3. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Wait a minute. Indira taught us all to understand the power of the press and the brute power of governments and uneducated politicians. Agreed, the journalists shoud not have been manhandled. The political goons got a taste of what they deserved. Now what would have been the consequences if the police had not joined hands with the marshals to establish order in the House? The brutish politicians broke a gate, kicked down a door of the Assembly Hall, and refused to observe the notion that the law should prevail always. That protector of beggars, Sudhakar, chased the buffalo Ashok? Somebody caused H. C. Mahadevappa’s hand to drip blood on the floor of the House? The Congress and the JDS lucchas wanted to assault the speaker in his chambers?

    Remember Kumaraswamy invading the offices of the vice chancellor of the Open University in Maisuru and demanding that she “regularise” the appointment of his 270 followers on the spot? Heck. He was Chief Minister then.

    No innocents here. Commit all 224 goondas in the Vidhana Sabhe and their counterparts in the Parishath to the care of Parappa for a few years. The governor’s destination should be the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai.

  4. Vinay Sreenivasa Says:

    shame on bidari! he needs to go along with his boss, the home minister ashoka. is this a democracy or police raj??

  5. Vinay Says:

    Vinay Sreenivasa:

    Are you doped? Would you prefer that the thuggish scumbag netas be given a free hand to vandalize and destroy property in the most important location in the state? Or did Shankar Bidari clamp you in irons and give you a hiding sometime in the past, for which you still nurse a grievance?

  6. twistleton Says:

    Unruly legislations are not a uniquely indian phenomenon. Imagine what lies at stake. So much power up for grabs, politicians are a bunch of desperate people. Because in a single stroke, years of hardwork, lobbying, political manouvering, carefully rehearsed spontaneity and at times back-breaking people-pleasing, can lie undone.

    Although the politicians have themselves to blame for the unruly mess, in our country political power, like everything else, is hard earned. Even through illegitimate means. Not yet have these leaders learnt to conduct their wins and losses with dignity, because the pursuit of power is a raw emotion that has little time for the niceties of human behaviour.

    Our leaders are a mixed bunch of those who have slogged in the rank-and-file for eons and clawed their way to the top, and those who have broken every rule in the book to get enough access to money power to become over-night politicos.

    Right and wrong have nothing to do with it. It is a grim battle for power. In India, where politics does not yet provide honest financial support, not being in power is akin to being nothing.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and to remain in a state of permanent plenty, a politician will fight to the finish. I’m not trying to justify the behaviour of our MLAs and MPs, but we have to understand that honesty is out-of-place in such a system, that is, honesty by the standards of regular people.

    We might not indulge in patently corrupt dealings, but many of us play politics in our own different areas of influence. Politics is politics, whether of the genteel/subtle variety or the brash/uncouth style patronised by our politicians.

    As they say, there are no lies, there is only strategy. Time to question democracy??

  7. vindy Says:

    aaah…Mr Bidari really made my day yesterday….

  8. Somebody Says:

    Vinay, you are too too innocent.

  9. Prasad Says:

    My support to Bidari. Why is Siddaramiah always on fire? He was threatning marshals too. I hear that Siddu is all talk no work. Just curious, How is his work in his constituency?

  10. Curry Hurry Says:

    A constable would have been a pushover for a future CM like Siddu. So Bidari stepped in to maintain order. It would help if KPN pics could show further details as to which party legislators were being unruly and deserved a good lathi on their backsides.

  11. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Siddaramaiah is seen as a Robin Hood in his constituency, thanks to him many parts of his earlier constituency — Chamundeshwari, got roads and water connections for the first time, he supposedly owns half of all vacant corner sites in Vijayanagar * stages, controls the real estate market of the region, especially the agricultural lands that are sold to be made into residential sites.

    But outside his constituency his followers are usually the dreaded musclemen, there was a worst phase when JD wielded power(HDD, Patel and coalition with the congress), everything was controlled by rowdies affiliated to JD, that was when rowdy-sheeters who had gone on exile, resurfaced affiliating with the ruling politicians and still control most parts of Mysore. (Of course, with Operation Kamala, rowdy followers also affiliated with the BJP along with their masters).

  12. DG Says:

    Not A Witty Nick
    he supposedly owns half of all vacant corner sites in Vijayanagar * stages

    Any proof ?

    yelubu yilladha Naalige ..


    So for goons were in the guise of MLA s so marshals, today MLA s became goons so police in uniform.Welldon Mr.Bidari.

  14. Socialist Says:

    Not a Witty Nick,

    Go ask even the staunchest enemy of siddu. They will not accuse him of corruption. Even during the heights of bellary agitation, the Reddy brothers accused every congress leader of coruuption but not siddu.

    It is widely accepted his personal integrity is above question.That is the reason he has the courage to take on every corrupt officer.

    He might not be a leader grace and finesse like SM Krishna/Ram Krishna Hegde. But he is one of the few politicians with personal integrity who also has a huge mass base.

  15. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    How does our Siddha manage to conceal all those steriling virtues you enumerate? It is a miracle indeed. Mahatma Siddharamma ki jai.

  16. chanakya Says:

    Its because of people like Vinay Srinivasa, who lack maturity and vision, idiots are making their paths in politics. Sidramaiah and others acted just like third rated goondas, and drunkards.
    Vinay, try to become a matured man. Poor you.

  17. Socialist Says:


    What is there to conceal. Can you list one corruption scam where siddu is involved in? He was the FM/DCM of the state for a long time. Has anybody accused him of amassing wealth to the tune of thousands of crores?

    Leaders like Siddu/JH Patel/Abdul Nazeer Saab/Shantaveri Gopalgowda/MP Prakash have a commitment . Even in BJP you have sterling leaders like Vajpayee/Advani/Narender Modi whose personal integrity and commitment to their ideology (however skewed it may be. LOL) cannot be questioned.
    Demands of modern day politics may have corrupted some of them to some extent.

    The problem with BJP in Karnataka is that likes of Reddys who are basically Rascals and Scoundrels who have no interest in the welfare of the people have literally taken over the party. Loafers like Renukacharya/Halappa are made ministers when people who have toiled hard fighting for the people like shankarlinge gowda/CT Ravi are ignored. Black Marketeers and Feudal Satraps like Reddys have taken over a state that had leaders of the caliber of Nijilingappa/Devraj Urs/Veerendra Patil/SM Krishna.

    Of the present lot, I have no hesitation in stating that Siddu is the best bet. He is

    1. Relatively less corrupt.
    2. Does not have vested interests like Mining/Education Institutions/Real estate empires.
    3. Has a huge mass base of the under privileged of the society.

  18. Socialist Says:


    I saw the footage. Bidari had no right to stop MLA’s from entering the vidhana soudha. This is not a Police state. MLA’s are elected by the people. They are a reflection of our society.However bad they are they are better than the likes of Bidari.

    If you support Bidari in his actions, We will end up like Pakistan. At least with the MLA’s we have a chance to not elect them after 5 years.

    Bidari has acted like a slave of the Government that has lost its majority and he has not exercised his judgement. He has the balls to prevent the leader of the opposition to enter the assembly? I am happy that Siddu showed Bidari his place. Otherwise these Idiots like Bidari will think that they can get away with anything.

  19. chanakya Says:

    i agree that police have no right to enter VS. But on that day, it was speaker Bopaiah who directed Bidari to take action. He made a written requisition saying the police help is needed as situation is going out of control. Later the copy of the letter was released to medias.
    But what about poor marshals who were beaten up for no mistake of theirs? what would have been the situation if not the police entered the hall?
    If the police act was illegal, why dint Sidramaiah and others approached the court? the same evening Sidramaiah met and held talks with Bidari at his office…!!!

  20. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    My question is: “How does FM/AM/PM/DCM Siddhappa conceal his virtues so well that they are invisible?”

  21. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Incidentally, one is either corrupt or incorrupt. It is not a matter of degree.
    When did M. P. Prakash attain sainthood? Isn’t his progeny involved in eviscerating land? Why did he go to New Delhi as Gowda’s emissary to court the Congress to cement a new alliance with the JDS? He defected to the Congress soon after. Please don’t mention his name in the same breath as Neerina Saabi and Gopalagowda.

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