220 yards is a long distance in namma Bangalore

PRASHANT KRISHNAMURTHY writes from Bangalore: A week may be a long time in politics. But 220 yards is the essence of life.

The politics in Bangalore stinks to high heavens today as the politicians and puppeteers, and their masters and minders, indulge in never-before-seen skulduggery in the Vidhana Soudha and the Raj Bhavan, and at every hotel, resort and spa in between and beyond.

The shenanigans of the well-fed, obscene, inglourious basterds fill you with anger. And disgust. And disappointment. And despondence. And embarrassment. And hate. And negativism. And rage. And shame.

Their core competence is built on failure.

The contrast is available just a couple of hundred yards away on the playing fields of Chinnaswamy stadium, by a short, stock fellow hasn’t put a foot wrong in 21 years, in showcasing skills which will never ever be seen in Bangalore and Birmingham, and at every ground and stadium in between and beyond.

The feats of the little gem fill you with happiness. And pride. And joy. And pleasure. And awe. And love. And positivity. (And envy.)

His core competence is success.

One does business in the dark; the other shines in broad daylight. The credo of one is to conceal; the credo of the other is to reveal.  One is driven by the urge to take the low road; the other knows no other road but the high one. One pulls down; the other pushes up.  For one, self comes comes before State; for the other nation comes above all else. One attracts bricks and barbs; the other collects plaudits and applause.

In climbing Mount 14,000 on Monday (in picture), in crossing his sixth double century on Tuesday, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar shows why every mom would want her son to be him.

In disgracing themselves and shaming us on Monday, and in disgracing themselves and shaming us on Tuesday, the well-fed, obscene, inglourious basterds show why every mom would want her son to be anything but them.

Photograph: K.S.N. Kumar

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25 Responses to “220 yards is a long distance in namma Bangalore”

  1. Andy Says:

    ” In disgracing themselves and shaming us on Monday, and in disgracing themselves and shaming us on Tuesday, the well-fed, obscene, inglourious basterds show why every mom would want her son to be anything but them.”

    @Prashanth Krishnamurthy: Which planet are you from ? Stop acting
    shocked and pontificating, please.

    The otherwise fine piece is messed by an out of place last para..

  2. vindy Says:

    agree with Andy …it was a nice art. til the last para

  3. lp Says:

    ” In disgracing themselves and shaming us on Monday, and in disgracing themselves and shaming us on Tuesday, the well-fed, obscene, inglourious basterds show why every mom would want her son to be anything but them.”

    that line is a perfect end to the article. Kudos for hitting the nail on the head. The chaddis have proven that they are no different from the power hungry and corrupt Congies.

  4. twistleton Says:

    The author needs to find balance. Take a deep breath now…

  5. twistleton Says:

    Agreed with Andy, the last para is repetitive and unnecessary.

  6. N Shravan Says:

    Great Player!

  7. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Swalpa odthaane panche vadddhe aayiyuthu!

    Actually can any own tell me what is the point of this dwarf’s pointless centuries?!!

    Look at our women in CWG and please appreciate them. We don’t want every mother’s son to be an exceedingly ugly greedy moron who notches up centuries on dead wickets and when it doesn’t really matter and who appears as if he has tied on three pillows to his behind…rather we want sober and elegant sons and lovely daughters for our mothers.

  8. DailyBread Says:

    >Their core competence is built on failure.

    This is loserspeak……try winning a panchayathi election, good or bad they are the elected representatives and they represent us….

    >every mom would want her son to be anything but them

    My mom will be very happy if I become an MLA. I guess there will be millions of moms in the country who would want their sons to become MLAs/MPs/ministers

  9. BG Subhash Says:

    The well-fed, obscene, inglourious basterds who fly between Raj Bhavan, Goa, Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai (Under the leadership of former CM &PM) are the real villains of not allowing Bangalore going forward. Take President Obama what he tells High School students, study well, do home work and then only you can compete with boys & girls from Bangalore. Here it is these karnataka political Bastards are spoiling the name of Bangalore which has been so painstakingly built in the last many decades. There is no shame. Remember some time back a former CM`s son was embroiled in an attack on a hotel employee. Just compare Sachin/Dravid to this son of former CM. Shame on these Karnataka political guys. I have choicest words fr these politicians &&&&%%%%****$$$$####((((

  10. Vitlan Potli Says:

    DB sivaa,

    Yean devru you are being unfair to kulla. Pointless centuries & ugly greedy moron??? Didn’t India win the match? He is a class act with a very sane and sensible head on his shoulders, come on now even you will grudgingly agree to that.

  11. twistleton Says:

    @doddi buddi

    Now THAT is a diatribe! Greedy maybe, but ugly? I’m not so sure about the moron bit as well :) Otherwise how could he have had so may people eating out of his hand?

    But the little dwarf represents more than mere cricketing genius. He represents aspiration and limitless success. Add to that he has no known foibles, and most of all he gives people a reason to be proud of their country.

    Cricket is over-rated, i agree with you on that. And by that we can argue that cricketers are also over-rated. Centuries do seem pointless when viewed as knocking around a cork ball, and running like mad between wooden sticks. Where does all this running about lead to? :D

    You and me may know better, however, it is somewhat true that our people’s patriotic fervour hinges somewhat lop-sidedly on the big achievements of this little guy. Call it sexist, chauvinistic, biased etc., etc.
    We have come to regret the lack of a well-balanced sports culture in our country, but nobody seems to mind as long as the master’s bat connects with the ball in sweet precision.

  12. gaby Says:

    What patriarchal crap- as if the only thing a ‘ mom’ wants is a son. In any case both the Yeddi/HRD clan and the SRT/SMG/RSD clan are boring sets of blokes who make a lot of money- what pray is the qualitative diffrence between the two sets!!

  13. Poli Hudga Says:

    Watch this …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kezboiU3l-w

    … It will give you goosebumps!

  14. s v can Says:

    Just because he is in the national team does not mean he’s “playing for the nation”?

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Sariyage heludhri :)

    Check a couple of the ladies out:

  16. adi Says:

    “rather we want sober and elegant sons and lovely daughters for our mothers.”

    @doddi buddi….your parents must be sorely disappointed after your ugly mug popped out and shaped up to be such a loser….:)

  17. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    “Inglurious basterds” is an unacknowledged quote (Sarita, you’re not alone) from Doddi Buddi’s favourite politician, Shri Devegowda, former prime minister and current stables cleaner of Karnataka’s donkey/monkey politics.

  18. Doddi Buddi Says:

    My grateful thanks to my fellow posters who got it:

    In no particular order,
    1. X Guy you will be henceforth known as eponymous guy! You sent a lovely heart-warming clip:) Glad to see you being a man of exemplary good taste and shit!

    2. X-rated Boy you have got the true patriotic fervor! Please do propagate and evangelize your thoughts and ideas on non-cricket sports!

    3. Twisty the idea is to go beyond this sad shorty’s achievements! I am sure you do get the picture but you need to break out of the obvious scenario situation:) India is too big to be besotted by the ‘achievements’ of the Dwarf!

    4. Pre it is difficult for me to gauge the happiness of your parents when you arrived! But it is quite obvious you are the size of a baby carrot in the cranium department:)

    5. Gaby you are spot on!

  19. twistleton Says:

    hey don’t blame me, it is the shorty who’s raking in the moolah :).

    By people i mean all those who watch some amount of sports in their lifetime.

    It is the ultimate middle-class sports fantasy, to have a son who is a gifted cricketer. The glamour hides all the crash-and-burn stories of those who tried and failed.

    If there was an equal amount of influx into other sports…

  20. gaby Says:

    DB you have no idea what grief it gave me to call my darling rahul Dravid a boring bloke- he is that- good looking with sensous lips but a boring bloke!!

  21. Peace Says:

    >> India is too big to be besotted by the ‘achievements’ of the Dwarf!

    The world is ga ga over this little master who has pretty much every conceivable batting record under his belt. His double ton won the match and he, deservedly, the man of the match and the series at age 37. Respect the man. He has more than earned it and who’s who of cricket do not tire waxing eloquent.

    While Mr. Krishnamurthy goes overboard and weak at the knees – what every mom wants (my mom still calls it “mane haal kirkettu”)-, the anger against a genuine Indian talent (albeit rich and spoilt) is alarming.

    Why don’t we hear the same anger when we talk of “Namma Dravid..” or “Namma Kumble..” ? They are no paupers or angels ?

    Cricket is over rated. True. So is NBA or NFL or Soccer as compared to other sports in the western world. Money a player makes should not take away from his/her talent. SRT makes money as he is talented and smart.
    I’m sure moms all over India are not telling their kids to be a Tendulkar(Mr.Krishnaswamy cool it :-) ) ; but if their kids ask who is India’s greatest sportsman, I’m sure, Sachin’s name will crop up 50% of the time.

  22. karihaida Says:

    Ponnappa and Jwala are seriously hot … NDTV had them on their show and those chicks were smokin.. There was one other archery chik who is super ;)

    If other sports need to compete with cricket, better do something like what badminton is doing. No wonder badminton is becoming increasingly popular.

  23. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I cannot say I understand your pain… But to put things such as lips in perspective I have seen water buffaloes in my village who look more sedated and calm and contented wallowing in the village tank moving their lips around the floating crud and flotsam standing their ground like walls in true Rahul-Dravid fashion…

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Never mind what others think please do develop an appetite for other sports. A! s a parallel look at ‘Regamon’s’ music–the dusky shorty is obviously “jaihously” over-rated. But we know he is shit and some columnist called him the King of Auto xerox in music. It saddens me to see seemingly smart intelligent people shitting themselves in joy watching Cricket, talking related trivia and shit! It is too easy and self-serving. To appreciate other sports takes talent, intelligence, courage of conviction, a spirit of adventure and shit:)

  25. adi Says:

    “To appreciate other sports takes talent, intelligence, courage of conviction, a spirit of adventure and shit:)”

    …all of which you seriously lack Mr. Buddi (except the last bit, which you possess in abundance!)…so why are you even trying….!! go home and play with yourself, will you…

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