The giant violin-box hanging above ‘Parades’

A gaggle of eagles take a bird’s eye-view of construction of the metro railway station in front of what used to be Plaza theatre. The first phase of Namma Metro, from Anil Kumble circle to Byapannahalli, is scheduled to commence operations in January next year, and the 140 personnel who will operate services on the 7km route are now in Delhi undergoing training at Delhi Metro.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News


The Namma Metro photo portfolio

It’s still not here, but it’s already kind of here

Yes, it’s for real, and it’s purple and off-white

4 cars, 3 SUVs, 8 bikes, and 16 autorickshaws

Oh God, what have they done to my M.G. Road

Saturdays, girlfriends, popcorn and other memories

Every picture tells a tale. Babu‘s can fill a tome.

Not a picture that will make it to Lonely Planet

Amar, Akbar, Antony. Or Ram, Robert, Rahim

Only a low-angle shot can convey its great girth

Lots of work overground for an underground rail

The unsung heroes in the dreams of Bangaloreans

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6 Responses to “The giant violin-box hanging above ‘Parades’”

  1. Faiq Says:

    Pariah Kites. Not eagles.

  2. Sanjana Says:


  3. prasad Says:

    Looks Great! But where are all the birds & trees? Will they come back? If so OK, but otherwise —————.

  4. ponnaps Says:

    is PUB still the tallest building in bluru?…

  5. Rohith Says:

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to nickname this station/terminal after the eternally famous Violinst from Karnataka – Mr (Piteel) Chowdaiah?

    Better and concisely sill – ‘Piteel’ Metro Station :)

    Now, who’ll convey this message to BMRC?

  6. babuds Says:

    I think this chit of a bit of a station on a pillar or two is a disaster waiting to happen, with or without the violin at its top. It will be Ok for stations on Alps or such places where population densities or abysmally low. Imagine the crowds that would push and stampede themselves into a chutney at this station in the near future (January 2010?). Of course the police would contribute their bit in ‘crowd control’.

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