CHURUMURI POLL: Is Sushma right about Modi?

Yet another inkling of the internecine war in “Generation Next” of the BJP has come, with the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, brusquely turning away Gujarat chief minister Narendra Damodardas Modi from campaigning in Bihar, with the categorical assertion that “his magic need not work everywhere.”

As it is, with Modi’s anti-minority image rendering him persona non grata in several States,  Sushma’s matter-of-fact remark reveals that the leadership of the BJP for (and post) the 2014 elections is far from being sealed, signed and delivered in Modi’s favour, despite the growth and development mantra he keeps chanting.

At another level, the ambitious Sushma has struck a telling blow by raising Modi’s “acceptance” problem outside “Vibrant Gujarat”, which was evident in the 2009 general elections. Of the 300-plus rallies Modi addressed in the 2009 election campaign, BJP won 37 seats (against 75 for the Congress from Rahul Gandhi‘s 102 meetings).

For a party which has near-zero presence in 143 Lok Sabha seats, and whose seatshare and voteshare have been going downhill since 1999, Modi’s image is the elephant in the room. And the new infighting reveals that not everybody within his own party is enamoured of Modi , nor willing to accept his “leadership” without a fight.

At the same time, Sushma Swaraj’s appeal is not to be sniffed at. One of the few women of stature in the BJP, Swaraj came to faraway Karnataka to take on Sonia Gandhi, speaks English with reasonable fluency unlike Modi, has never been afraid to face interviewers, unlike Modi, and has cultivated her own resources, vide the Reddy brothers.

Question: Is Sushma Swaraj right in asserting that Narendra Modi’s “magic” need not work everywhere? Or has Modi overcome his past to emerge as a leader of national importance? Has Sushma revealed her cards too soon? Or are the battlelines drawn in the BJP for another leadership squabble? And between Sushma and Modi, who is  likely to be the bigger vote-getter in the long run?

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23 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is Sushma right about Modi?”

  1. karihaida Says:

    As usual trying to create a divide … Now we have to endure all the news channels shouting about BJP(S) and BJP(N)

  2. Complex Says:

    The tragedy is that both are not the right candidates, and BJP Is not a competent party to take on the increasingly corrupt Congress

  3. Simple Says:

    JDU has gone on a minority appeasing spree in Bihar. JDU has ordered BJP not to bring in Modi for campaigning. This party, if it had any self respect should sever its links with JDU.

    But it won’t.

    Because, it will do anything. ANYTHING to clutch on to power. Even at the cost of self respect.

    Advani and Vajpayee were two personalities which the entire BJP parivar had no problem accepting.

    But now, the knives are out in the open. Modi or Sushma or Jaitley or Naidu? It’s anybody’s guess.

  4. Dibyasundar Says:

    I may not be a fan of BJP, but i found comparing Modi’s 37/300 and rahul’s 75/102 stats baseless. Modi is the only big name in BJP and that’s why does many rallies and in areas where BJP is not so strong(Modi campaigned for BJP in Tamil Nadu. Whereas Rahul is always sent to places where there is less risk, to save his future image. That’s why he does less rallies. In fact a dedicated group examines the list of places which have invited Rahul for rallies and decides where to go.

  5. Mysore Praje Says:

    churmuri fools are back in business LOL

  6. Simple Says:

    Dibya saar

    BJP has been in Gujarat for around 20 years now. And Modi has ruled Gujarat for almost 10 years now. Inspite of it, his charisma did not even work in neighbouring Rajasthan or Maharashtra, where BJP is the main opposition party.

    So all your theories about Modi being sent to places where BJP is not strong is 100% nonsense.

    I will give you the opposite also.

    In 2009, Modi was NOT sent to Bihar – and JDU and BJP scored a THUMPING win.

    So it means, wherever Modi goes, BJP loses, Wherever Modi does not go, BJP wins.

  7. twistleton Says:

    SS speaks truth. But neither does SHE own a magic wand.

    BJP’s lack of cohesiveness is costing them their strategy. In fact, the only strategy they appear to be building is how to finish each other off.

    The Congress remains united through all their baseness (the fact that the top leadership continues unchallenged is not necessarily a good thing, but it has worked in their favour).

    The BJP has a lot of reckoning to do before they can breach the walls of the INC Fortress.

  8. Goldstar Says:


    >>I may not be a fan of BJP, but i found comparing Modi’s 37/300 and rahul’s 75/102 stats baseless.

    Don’t look for any logical statistical debates in Churumuri ;-). This site twists stats any which way it wants (of course, that is the right of the blogger).


    >> Modi or Sushma or Jaitley or Naidu…

    Such a pity not all political parties in India are single family parties.

  9. chriskb Says:

    She along with Anant Kumar are the root cause of BJP crisis in Karnataka. Both should be kicked out of BJP before they cause more damages everywhere.

  10. DailyBread Says:

    Simple Sir,

    >So it means, wherever Modi goes, BJP loses, Wherever Modi does not go, BJP wins.

    As always you are absolutely right. I dont know why media is celebrating Modi’s persona non grata status. They very well know that wherever he goes, UPA wins. Yeh tho UPA people have maroed kuladi on their leg by protesting too much against Modi’s campaigning in Bihar. More Modi campaigns, merrier it is for UPA.

    PS:Today, are you in Bangalore or Begusarai?

  11. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Modi is a good administrator. Whatever his detractors may try to prove, his record in governance is pretty good. But at the same time his chamchas go overboard when they project him as the next brown hope for the entire landmass and people of India. Gone are the days of Indiramma or Vajpayee who could sway large swathes of this country. In that sense he is as overhyped as the other kid in town – Rahul G.

    Coming to Ma Sushma, I think she is right when she says Modi’s modi may not work all the time in all the places. That’s a sensible statement and nothing to get one’s knickers in knots. But only she would know if she has other chestnuts to fry when she made that statement. Is she a better vote getter than Modi? Heck No! I think Sangh remains the main vote getter and Advani too (for the old-schoolers).

  12. Simple Says:

    Daily Bread

    It is not Congress which is creating a ruckus about Modi campaigning in Bihar.

    I have news for you. Modi is welcome in all Congress ruled states. Modi, is not welcome in a BJP ruled state called Bihar. Modi is unwelcome by BJP’s own allies.

    Tsk tsk

    So figure it out in your muddled head.

    Gold Star,

    Yes, pity you don’t understand that BJP is a MASSIVE supporter of single family rule. It sticks to SHIV SENA, whose third generation is already tugging at the sleeves of power – Aditya has been named the head of the youth wing of Shiv Sena.

    BJP sat snugly in power with JDS – another single party family rule

    BJP sat cozily in power with Farooq Abdullah’s party in the centre. Again, single family party.

    So, Gold Star, think before you say something.

  13. Swamy Says:

    Did anyone notice that Churmuri, which went overboard before the Trust Vote, was silent when BSY won the trust vote (twice over) and also is very quiet when the rug has been pulled out of the disqualified MPs by the High Court?

  14. Pseudo Pseudo Says:


    Some more additions to the ‘family’ or ‘dynasty’ saga of India.

    Apart from the ones Simple mentioned, he has left out many with whom BJP supped in the past or continue to sup. One is known by the company he keeps right?

    1. DMK in TN in an earlier NDA avatar

    2. Chandrababu Naidu – TDP – what was he without NTR’s family connection?

    3. Naveen Patnaik – BJD – NDA

    4. Punjab – current Akali dispensation – which is really Badal family soap opera

    Then we have some in-house stories

    1. BSY Raghavendra – one more Indra (Vijayendra?) and then assorted son-in-laws

    2. Vijayaraje Scindia, Vasundhararaje Scindia – MP/Rajasthan

    3. Pramod Mahajan – Gopinath Munde – Poonam Mahajan

    It’s true that at the national level, BJP doesn’t play the dynasty or family politics. But at the state level it is fast catching up with Congress in this game.

    Start listing in Karnataka itself, you would know..

    BSY, Ramachandregowda, Katta subrhmanya Naidu, Udasi, Bommai, Reddy/Sriramulu khandan..what are they doing? Nepotism, family politics or service to the state?

  15. Angry Young Man Says:

    I had a high opinion of Sushma Swaraj, but after witnessing the support she gave to the Reddy Rakshasas, she fell considerably in my estimation. It seems she too is not immune to the lure of power.

    I do not want this lady be the prime minister of the country, or occupy any ministerial position of significance (assuming things turn out favourably for the BJP).

    Modi has that rare combination of honesty and efficiency which is the need of the hour. How I wish he was not tainted by Godhra.

  16. Furious_Telangana Says:

    Say what you want to say about narendra modi but there’s no denying that fact that he is going to be a prime minister candidate in the future and he might most probably win.

    The indian media hate modi’s guts and try to tell everyone that the “modi magic” is limited within gujarat but they know that is the only possible way to prevent this man from heading towards the inevitable.

    The indian media needs to wonder what will happen to them once BJP gets back in power. They have kept on with an anti-BJP tirade for more than a decade on their channels. When the bubble bursts, the indian media will collapse and take down the congress fortress along with it.

  17. div Says:

    How come churumuri is so silent on Adarsh society scam?

  18. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    If BJP has a chance, that will be because of Narendra Modi. ND is winning every election since last 10 years. He brought lot of money to the state. I have asked lot of gujjus[independent thinking] they are all happy with ND[I wish I can say same things about BSY!] He is definitely not corrupt or cunning.Sushmaji doesn’t have that charisma to lead BJP. She did show some charisma in the past but failed to hold on to it.

  19. Niranjan Says:

    First of all, it shows the chepa mentality of Sushma that with no elections to Lok Sabha, she is talking of all these things.

    The only way for the BJP to come back to power in the center is to project Modi. He is the most charismatic, uncorruptible, and authoritaive personality that BJP can present. These paper tigers like Sushma who are dependent on their chelas like Reddy bros for penny can not be and should not be BJP’s candidate.

  20. Simple Says:


    the entire media is going hammer and tongs about CWG scam and Adarsh scam and 2G spectrum scam

    However, the ENTIRE media is silent on illegal mining scam and land scam in bangalore. Not a single national channel thinks it is worth mentioning these scams.

    why is the media so biased against congress?

  21. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Simple Sir,

    Let me tell you why the entire media is behind these scams..

    1. Lets take Adarsh Scam… there are some things in this country which are still dear to us. Like army. Like the people who died in Kargil. Like the people who gave their lives fighting in 26/11 attacks. Now when you use these people as a cover for your nefarious activities should the media remain silent???

    2. Let us take 2 G spectrum scam. Supreme Court has admonished CBI in allowing A Raja to go scot free. CAG has come out with a report which says that the loss on account of illegal allocation done by this chap runs to a whopping amount of Rs.170,000 crores. Still no action is being taken against this minister nor has he been sacked. Should the media remain silent???

    3. Let us take CWG scam. No less than a minister in the Cong government, Mani Shankar Aiyar, has expressed his concern about the large scale looting that has happened in this issue. Mind becomes numb when you think of the scale of corruption. Should the media still remian silent?

    Most importantly, should we as citizens remain mute spectators???

    Coming to the issue of illegal mining in Karnataka and land allocation across Bangalore.

    Forget the media taking up this issue. I will be very happy if Congress takes up this issue.

    What is preventing the current Congress government in launching a full scale war on the illegal mining? CBI is under its direct control. IT department is under its direct control. It can file cases against the Reddy brothers in various courts suo moto. Still the Congress led government at Centre remains a mute spectator. Why?

    Because Congress knows that once a full blown investigation is undertaken, the ball will land in its own court. Remember YSR? The past CM of AP? He had ensured that whatever profits were made out of this mining scam, royalty was paid to the right people in Congress. No wonder the central government was so desperate to track him down when his chopper went missing!!!

    As regards the land in and around Bangalore….True, there has been irregularities in allotting the land, irregularities in notifying and de notifying land etc. BJP erred big time in managing this issue. But what is the quantum of money involved? I mean, how much money do you think CM and his cohorts would have made in allotting this land? All that the opposition claims are a few 40X60 sites allotted? Even assuming the total land allotted illegally is around 500 acres, in and around Bangalore and taking the average price of land to be at about 5 crores per acre, the amount would be around 2500 crores. Right?

    When one Adarsh building in Mumbai alone is worth half this amount, do you think there is any sense in what you are talkgin about????


    Simple Sir….

    Let me also tell you this. While the action of any CM/Ministers in allotting land/sites to the people who are close to them is deplorable, this has become a norm across the country, not only in namma karnataka.

    If one were to go back a couple of decades back, RK Hegde actually resigned due to one such allegation. Later on this activity was perfected during the regimes of DG and SMK. Can you honestly say that none of the CMs and Ministers in any other government did not resort to this ad hoc land allotment? Not that such allotments would remove the blame from the current set.

    So why create hue and cry when the current set does it??

  22. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Kelu Dhritarashtra,

    >>So why create hue and cry when the current set does it??

    Well said sir!

  23. Goldstar Says:

    @ Simple sir
    >> However, the ENTIRE media is silent on illegal mining scam and land scam in bangalore. Not a single national channel thinks it is worth mentioning these scams.

    There is a simple explanation to this. The ENTIRE media is Delhi and Mumbai centric. The 2G scam ( till sometime back, you were denying there was a scam there, weren’t you??), and the CWG scam and the Adarsh scam happened in their backyard whereas the mining scam happens in Bellary or Bangalore.

    On an similar note, did you or anyone see this news on any of the channels??

    Think if this had happened in Delhi or Mumbai.

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