One question I’m dying to ask Sonia Gandhi—III

Hundreds of crores of rupees siphoned off in the Commonwealth Games…. Hundreds of crores gobbled up in the allocation of 2G spectrum space…. Hundreds of crores played around at will in the allotment of flats in a building meant for the martyrs of the Kargil war.

And all that the gigantic scams evoke from the president of the Congress is thundering, deafening, ear-splitting silence, with not a single member of the all India Congress committee (AICC) referring to the allegations of financial irregularities that have occurred under the watch of the Congress-led UPA government.

Congress leaders are taking cover under the fact that probes have been launched and are ongoing in the scams that have grabbed public attention. But surely, a call for probity can’t be that difficult to muster especially when you can be sure that keeping silent is not going to produce the opposite result?

Qual è l’unica domanda che vorrei porre Sonia Gandhi per il suo silenzio che circonda le truffe?

Tenete le vostre domande a breve, civile e pieno di crore.


Cartoon: courtesy Surendra/ The Hindu

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22 Responses to “One question I’m dying to ask Sonia Gandhi—III”

  1. DailyBread Says:

    Respected Madam,

    Kal aap bol rahe the ki congress me sabka number aayega. Mera prashna aap se ye hai Aadarniya Simpleji ka number kab aayega?

    Kya mai aur ek prashna puchne ka cheshta kar sakta hoon? Kripiya ye batayiye ki Shri Nandan Nelikeni mahodya kab pradhan mantri banenge

    Ithi Rahulji ka doosra Indian aur Simpleji ka hith chintak

  2. chanakya Says:

    When you will return back to Italy? Your family has contributed a lion+lioness share in spoiling the country. While returning, also please take your children, grandchildren…etc..etc. PLEASE GO BACK and help India to survive.

  3. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Are, Dainikroti bhai, Italian me pucho.

  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Soniaji, perché sono i ladri inetti Sharad Pawar e A. Raja ancora nel governo dell’Unione? (Ci scusiamo per il colpo basso con il mio italiano fasullo)

    Translation for all you meek, non-Italian proletarians:

    “Soniaji, why are the inept crooks Sharad Pawar and A. Raja still in the Union cabinet? (Sorry for the cheap shot with my bogus Italian)”

  5. shree saamanya Says:

    It is indeed tragic that the corrupt Congress led UPA regime has been let off the hook by a weak opposition.The pain is further accentuated when one is reminded that the current regime has another 45 months left to play out their dirty games and no credible alternative to challenge beyond their current term.We Indians deserve much better:-(

    BTW,my humble request to posters to also post translations of non-Kannada and non-english messages for the benefit of ‘Hindi-illiterates’ like me.

  6. Complex Says:


    When you did your “supreme sacrifice”, you gave up the chance to PM. Accepted. But, you are now the chair of NAC, and take all the credit for the *good* things done by the govt like RTI, NREGA, and run away from issues like 2G, CWG, Adarsh, price rise etc. If so, how can you be called “Tyaagmata” if you are still holding on to power and shying all responsibility?

  7. DailyBread Says:

    MP Saheb,

    Ye kaya sangte thumhi. I am thinking of shifting to the new city Pawar is building and Raja has blessed me with right to free(almost) talktime.

  8. swamynathan Says:

    So long Gutless, nerveless, brainless, etc ….less are existing in this country why ITALY, all countries will jump the wagon to INDIA, because they know that here the politicians have no brain, no self respect, langda loola etc etc. Give them some 100 crores they will do any thing for them except for the country. AM I RIGHT? WILL SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG

  9. NS Rao Says:

    Ciao Signora Sonia!
    E ‘infatti il mio privilegio di scriverle in italiano …. Ho una domanda veloce sul vostro governo – che è presumibilmente molto “onestamente corrotto” – perché la colpa al BJP?

    Può dirci
    1. Quando sarà il partito del Congresso sciogliere?
    2. Quando vi e la tua gente tornare in Italia?
    3. Qual è la tua espressione quando il sicofanti tenere sempre lodando te e tuo figlio? Ti senti felice?
    4. Quando stai usando influenza per ottenere la testa del Vaticano in India per Thirumala – ovviamente per la propagazione?

    Poor English translation below…..

    Hello Sonia Madam!
    It is indeed my privilege to write to you in Italian…. I have a quick question on your Government – which is supposedly very “honestly corrupt” – why blame the BJP?

    Can you please tell us
    1. When will Congress Party dissolve?
    2. When will you and your folks go back to Italy?
    3. What is your expression when your sycophants always keep praising you and your son? Do you feel happy?
    4. When are you using influence to get the head of Vatican to India to Thirumala – obviously for propagation?

  10. Faldo Says:

    CWG aur Adarsh walon ke baad kiska number aayega?

  11. Niranjan Says:

    There is a glaring omission in the list of loots mentioned in the first paragraph. It is that of Bofors and Quatrocchi. Where did the 2 Billion dollors (transferred to the late Rajiv’s account as commission) go? To whom else’s account was it was siphoned off? From there starts the chain of events leading uptill here. It is highly likely that this was the money to finance all the elections. I strongly believe that.

  12. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    Madam Gandhi, do you think you could live in such splendid circumstances without a) government footing the bill for virtually everything you have and b) corruption in the party and the government?

  13. CS Says:


    When are you rewarding Churumuri with a Padma award? For how long Churumuri should be “future” Padmashri?

  14. DailyBread Says:

    Cheddi gang is in full flow here. Only fascists will ask such questions….


    Pulikeshi Sarra, Madam avra aasthana pandithru Italainaga anuvaad madthara bidri

  15. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    She is as pure as aparanji and such clean political life she and her family has led. So many sacrifices her ‘Gandhian’ family made to her country Indiano. Please do not blame her for all the corruption in the government.
    The Big Kids in the Congress were just making some pocket money.
    Indians are bad, not Italian bahu raani. She is just following her family tradition like a good DIL.
    CWG is the king of scams in the country. Bofors is the mother/father of all corruption in Modern Indian history. If you think all this is corruption it is bad. You all must change your mindset(s) and appreciate them. These are all small contributions to their great sacrifices made for poor indiano.
    She sacrificed her PM ship and has a puppet for a PM. Great sacrifice. :)
    sacrifisu thumba importantu lifalli.

  16. Somebody Says:

    Madam, you have been here for a major part of your life and made it your home. Kindly take out a whip and give some lashes to all the idiots and corrupts in your party. This way, you will have carried out all your obligations towards my (our) great country. The people would also give proper credit to you.

  17. pavan Says:

    Respected Sonia Mam,

    When will the Telangana Issue be solved?

  18. dodo Says:


    self-flogging is sooo painful!

  19. prasad Says:

    It is known that when the DMK supported the Congress to form the Government in Delhi, Karuna asked for a fat portfolio for the DMK party saying that they have spent lot of money during the elections. What does it mean or indicate?

  20. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Sonia says, “If there is corruption in UPA II it is because of BJP’s Safron Terrorism. The only way to fight Hindu Terrorism is to use more secular-based corruption!!”

  21. Nastika Says:

    Now that Chavan is gone, when is Kalmadi’s time?

  22. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    Why Sonia Gandhi ruling on India?Why she is supreme authority of India?From one billion and thirty million Indian why not a single Indian get such a prestige just like Sonia Gandhi?Indians believed that Sonia Gandhi is above Maya so she can bring miracle in India.Another Indian have not that capacity because all Indians are living in Maya.
    It is fault of our Dharma and it teaching we want some one just like Sonia Gandhi to rule upon us. From ancient time Hindu glad to live under some foreign ruler.They did not believed ruler of same ethnic group bring pardise in India. Why Sonia Gandhi did not punishing criminals of her party?Answer is she on concern with good or bad of India just like British ruler she only want worship from people of India,after her Rahul Gandhi must be get same respect.

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