CHURUMURI POLL: “Most corrupt government?”

After pretending for weeks that nothing was amiss, the Congress has shown the door to Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan and the chairman of the organising committee of the Commonwealth Games, Suresh Kalmadi, who was the secretary of the party’s parliamentary wing.

The spin doctors say by acting the two, the party has raised the probity bar, but clearly, the immediate provocation was the winter session of Parliament and the fear of getting cornered. Plus, the fear of losing the support of the urban middle-class that has been numbed by the scale, frequency and size of the scams.

But the CWG and Adarsh housing society swindles are not the only scams that the Congress-led UPA has had to face. There is the overhang of 2G spectrum allocation involving the DMK’s A. Raja, a ripoff said to be in the tune of Rs 170,000 crore. Plus, there is the rice scam and the DD scam and fill-your-scam-here.

The BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who has himself been embroiled in the Adarsh allotment scandal, has said this is the most corrupt government in the history of India, an irony considering that it is headed by Manmohan Singh, whose personal integrity is repeatedly hammered home by all and sundry.

Questions: Is this India’s most corrupt government? Is the Congress attempting a clean-up, or is this a cover-up to prevent the muck from touching the high and mighty? Is corruption any longer an election issue, or is it just a middle-class fixation? Does anybody believe that all these scams take place without the awareness of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi? Or is Manmohan willingly allowing his name to be misused?

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89 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: “Most corrupt government?””

  1. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    The poll result is the eloquent commentary on the fraud that the Congress is perpetrating on the people of India

  2. Suneel Sardana Says:

    I wonder why so for Kalmadi ,Raja & all other criminals & Corrupts who have looted India have not been terminated & sent behind wars. I demand the immidiate arrest of all those licencees who secured 2G & 3G licences & bribed Raja. These bribers should not be spared.DMK & CONGRESS should dissolve state & central Govt. & seek fresh mandate. If any one votes for these parties,he/should be treated like RASHTRDROHI/TRAITOR

  3. div Says:

    the so-called honesty and integrity of leaders like Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandi, Vajapayee (top leaders in every party) etc. doesn’t matter if they don’t rein in corruption in their parties. Accused should be given a speedy trial (like in the case of 26/11) and those proven guilty should be sent to jail, period. The parties should not encourage such people to get positions in the governments until they come out clean.

    Everytime a leader takes up a new job, media projects how great he is. This greatness remains only until some scam is busted!!

    New alternatives like the loksatta party are the way.

  4. bvkulkarni Says:

    It has come to a stage that politicians are defending themselves ” who is not corrupt” as if it is their birth right to indulge in corrupt practices. Only god has to help this country and state. Few years back a Gandhian and freedom fighter was saying, ” we have to make another movement to invite British to come back to India.
    What Churchil told about Indians has come true.
    We are not fit for self rule. day by day, we are becoming unfit for self rule.
    Singapore was headed by Lew Kuan Yew for 39 years, Mahatir Mohammad for 19 years in Malaysia, made their countries prosperous.. India though developed well, corruption too

  5. prasad Says:

    It is strange and shame that the PM is not in India when the parliament is in session. It is very obvious that he is running away from taking responsibility when the saturated corruption in his Government is being exposed. As a PM he has no respect for the Parliament.

  6. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Just A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi have done enough to give Dr. Singh’s government that exalted status.

  7. Mysore Peshva Says:

    By my good friend KT, via his Facebook status update:

    “Congress manages to take corruption in India to an all-time high! 70,000 crores in CWG, Adarsh Society scam, and last but not the least 1,70,000 crores in the 2G scam!! Congress still not ready to remove A Raja and cites ‘Coalition dharma’ as the reason!!! Can the word ‘dharma’ be abused more than this? Has A Raja lost more money for India than what the British looted from India?”

  8. Pradeep Says:

    Actually looking at BJP govt in k’taka, corruption at the center seems to be less given the amount of resources. Though i am not big fan of congress, i believe, with the given options available, they are doing pretty well.

  9. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Is it a mere coincidence that Congress & Corruption start with the same letter????

  10. div Says:

    Innocent until exposed is the correct depiction of (most) Indians.

  11. Pseudo Pseudo Says:

    It’s a close race between GoI and GoK. As I was about to vote for GoI, today’s frontpage story in ToI tilted it in GoK’s favour. It said Ashoka made a nice meal of some land. RoI is quite good – Rs. 15Cr for Rs. 44L. Ofcourse, the scene may tilt in favour of GoI by evening. Who knows?

    It’s the same denotification/dereservation thing for which Manohar Joshi and Ashok Chavan were made to pay the price. So net net we have close competition. For once both GoK and GoI are the same though they are run by different parties.

  12. Narayana Says:

    Bofors in late 80s had 64 crore loot from 1600 crore budget.(4 per cent)
    CWG was over budget by 700% thanks to things like toilet paper costing $80!! And 2G loot probably is in the same range. Where is India heading to?

  13. karihaida Says:

    Operation katthe on the lines of operation kamala …

  14. Somebody Says:

    It is all fine to discuss the corruption and curse the people. But once elections are held, how come the same set of people are elected! At least give chance to others and try. But then, it is a coincidence that it is Congress or UPA or DMK or this or that. Any party, any alliance, now corruption has become very common. So common, that it hardly bothers the people really (except to the bloggers and debaters, who vent out their impotent frustration). Corruption, lack of justice, dummy judiciary and Press, mis-governance – all have become tolerable. No use talking about it.

  15. Gopal Says:

    As per Times Now exclusive today,AIDMK chief Jayalalitha offers to support UPA govt unconditionally ,if DMK pulls out following A.Raja resignation,if MS/Sonia Gandhi approve,to save the govt.Do we see a hidden agenda here,knowing the wily politician Jaya and her u turns in the past?

  16. Suneel Sardana Says:

    This U.P.A. government headed by most non performing & dummy P.M.seems to have only one point agenda ” LET US ALL LOOT THE NATIONS”. All associates of UPA are looting the nation without any fear or limits. What could be more shameful that Dr.Manmoham Singh & Mrs.Gandhi are not at all willing to remove the raja of corruption,RAJA of DMK from the Govt.because Congress is of firm opinion that if DMK withdraw support,this Govt. will fall down. Is Govt. of corrupts & corruption is more dearer to INC that the reputition & existance of INDIA? I fear a CIVIL WAR if govt. keep on sleeping on this issue.

    I appeal to all patriots of India to get up ,come out & start a non violence war & non cooperation agitation & satyagrah against CORRUPTION on all India basis if all these corrupts like Raja,Kalmadi,Shiela Dixit, Gill,Reddy & many such are not dismissed,arrested & put behind the bars for their heinious crimes of corruption,which I treat as waging a war against NATION-INDIA JPC must be formed to-day itself to investigate all cases& episode of corruption.All opposition parties should not permit Parliament to work as whole the Nation is standing behind them on the matter of corruption..Judiciary must take immidiate action atleast against Raja,Kalmadi& all corrupts involved in Adarsh Society Scam. Ministry of petrolium & natural gas instead of punishing & removing corrupt members of PNGRB in case of Delhi High Court findings & judgement in PIL no.8515/09 have rather granted BLANKET LICENCE of CORRUPTION to NEGI ,member infrastructure of PNGRB. What does all this prove? Is not entire present party to LOOT & CORRUPTION? Shame on all of us being proud 87th most corrupt country of the world-The world biggest democratic.

  17. Bertie Says:

    Is there a hidden agenda if AIADMK chief Jayalalitha offers unconditional support to UPA govt if its coalition partner DMk withdraws support on the A.Raja-2G issue? Knowing the flip-flops of this wily but clever lady in the past,can we expect UPAto survive this crisis? Or maybe,MK will agree for Raja’s sacking,only to bar AIADMK’s entry into the ruling coalition and tro remain in UPA. Just Politics?

  18. subbajji Says:

    I see that Congress high command has guts to ask resignation of the people involved in scam(A Raja is not a congress man).It is another question whether wrong ones will be punished.

    But where is BJP high command which does not even respond when one of its state chief ministers(Read Yedyurappa) is involved in scams?

    When asked the same to yedyurappa he did not even reply leave alone justifying it.Namma raajya kanda athyantha durbala mukhyamantri E yedyurappa.

  19. Gouri Satya Says:

    It is immaterial who is most corrupt – Congress Govt at the Centre or BJP Govt in Karnataka. What is urgently needed is a stern action – putting them behind bars, however big he is.

  20. DailyBread Says:


    >I see that Congress high command has guts to ask resignation of the people involved in scam

    Sir, Congress is shit scared of TV News anchor-owners, ashte. Dont read too much into this. IMO Siddarth should host these TV News folks in his resorts only when the parliament session is on.

    >Namma raajya kanda athyantha durbala mukhyamantri E yedyurappa.

    I agree, these guggus are getting caught in jujubi scams like 50X80 site, 12 guntas of land, etc. They should immediately use the expert advise lifeline and seek help from Yeddy’s brother Karunanidhi. Knowing DMK the advise will not be free and Yeddy should offer 500tmc of Kaveri water to be released just before TN assembly elections as consulting fee.

  21. prasad Says:

    Latest news–“Government defends Telecom Minister A Raja in court”
    BJP and all the opposition parties are CORRUPT, not the present Government.
    Now we know all about our PM and Sonia and Rahul. Very clean BUGS indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Simple Says:

    Daily Bread

    Yes, Congress is scared of people’s opinions. Not BJP.

    BJP is brazen about its corruption and least bothered about people of India.

    Congress shows sensitivity to people’s opinions. Not BJP.

    BJP is brazen about its thick skin – it continues to keep all the Reddys in power inspite of a mega illegal mining scam.

    Adarsh scam is small change in front of Land scams of BJP in my city and the illegal mining scam.

  23. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ultimate defence by Raja kalla Raja: They are harassing me because I am a Tamilian and a dalit!

  24. prasad Says:

    Now that the Government has defended & supported Raja saying that no wrong was done, what will happen once it is proved that he is corrupt and followed corrupt practice, will all those who supported him will also be prosecuted as they are definitely having a share of the Booty, but for it they will not be defending him! Now Raja has started using women power by sending Kanimohi to negotiate with Pranab, she should meet Rahul, he will help.

  25. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    @ Simple , Sonia & Subbajji…. like Congress and Corruption start with the same letter, is it a mere coincidence that person who leads congress and people who support Congress also have names (aliases) starting with the same letter???

    Just joking, lets get on with the statements you have made.

    1. Cong will ask its ministers to resign unlike BJP because it is scared of the backlash of the people.

    Correction here, congress will ask for resignation ONLY when the corruption is exposed. For example, everyone knew the kind of corruption that was happening in the CWG organising committee. For 7 years, did the Congress take any action? Even when the media came out with the reports, even when the opposition came out with allegations, even when the country was seething in anger.. what was the action???? Zilch.

    2. Simple Sir here argued sometime back about the 2G spectrum allocation of Raja was on the lines of the parameters fixed by the earlier NDA Government. Now in the CAG report which is tabled in the parliament, not a single word is said abou these parameters. Do we have to believe that the PM, FM, HM and all other stalwarts in the government were simply not aware of the happening in the telecom ministry?? If yes, then they are unfit to rule us since they do not know what is happening in their own government. How the hell can we expect these bunch of buffoons to protect us if they claim this excuse? On the contrary, if the intelligence wing had even provided a whiff of the scandal to the people at the helm and they did not act on this, can we hold them responsible too for the scam??

    3. The common refrain of the congie chamchas is tha the incumbent BJP government has been doing a huge corruption in the form of land allotment etc. Agreed, there have been irregularities in the denotification, renotification, allotment of sites to the favoured ones etc., While they are most certainly condemnable and condemen and take action against them, what is the economic ramifications of these acts?? a thousand crores? or five thousand crores??? Hell, this looks like chicken shit compared to even one scam that has been pulled out by the congies….

    4. What was it that Jayanti N and Manish T said for not taking action against A Raja?? Coalition Dharma!!!! And what precisely does this Coalition Dharma mean? For the sake of power, protect the guilty??

    5. Congress cries hoarse that George F had this Coffin scam whenever they are pushed to the wall. Even now, Manish T was shouting at the top of his voice on this. Simple question. It has been more than 8 years since NDA lost power. It has been more than 8 years since the present set of scamsters are holding the reins of power. If at all there was something of coffin scam, what has prevented these eminent personalities to do a thorough investigation on this matter and arrest the guilty?? The answer is even they know there was nothing illegal about this whole affair. Therefore no action taken. But for the poor fools who support this Criminal party (another wonderful word starting from C!!!), these are matters which will not enter their thick skull.

    Simple Sir and Subbajji… keenly awaiting your version on the above.

  26. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    The latest Mr.Clean in the Congress party Sri Prithivraj Chavan, yes the very same one who was hand picked by yuvaraja and Maharani to save the black face of Maharashtra Congress, has been involved in getting an illegal allotment of flat.

    An RTI activist has revealed that the CM bought a property meant for the weaker section of society, worth Rs 40 lakh in Wadala for a mere Rs 4 lakh, but did not mention it in his affidavit submitted during the Rajya Sabha elections.

    The documents (copies of which are with MiD DAY) reveal that Chavan had stated his average monthly income as Rs 76,000 and was allotted the flat in Bhakti Park, building no 12, measuring 1032.7 sq ft on May 20, 2003.

    However, for a family to fall under the weaker section the annual income should have been under Rs 1.5 lakh in 2003. And Chavan’s income clearly was far more than that.

    The price of the said property was over Rs 40 lakh, but Chavan was allotted the flat for a mere Rs 4 lakh under the 5 per cent quota of the chief minister, reveals the RTI.

    Ironically, the chief minister in question was none other than Sushilkumar Shinde, who has been accused of clearing the Adarsh housing file during the same period (2003).

    Simple Sir and Subbajji… comments on this???

  27. Shetty Says:

    The real tragedy of Indian democracy or anarchy today is that: Everything settles down once the obscenely corrupt resigns and has his last laugh with that double scotch and huge Swiss bank balance for generations!

  28. Doddi Buddi Says:

    If MMS is praised for his integrity then ThiruKa is also above board and honest! BTW going by the same logic, has anyone seen Raja Kalla Raja carrying looted money bags from 2G scam?? No one has caught him red-handed right? So even Kalla Raja’s integrity is also beyond reproach! What a strange world we live in!

  29. DailyBread Says:

    Simple Sir,

    >Congress is scared of people’s opinions.

    TV News anchor-owners are not “people”.

  30. Avinash Says:


    Karnataka posess different probem to BJP.Yedyurappa has a strong hold on Lingayat vote bank and it makes it ultra difficult for BJP to drop him, no matter how corrupt he is.That is the reason why yedyurappa continues to be CM inspite of his involvment in all the land scams(?).

    Congress is bit different as it never allowed one person to grow so much and gandhi family controls the party.So its easy for them to ask resignation of people whom it thinks to be corrupt.if A raja would have been a congress party men he would have been shown doors by congress high command. But unfortunatly he is in DMK which is a much better and trust worthy alliance than AIDMk’s head jayalalitha.

  31. Suneel Sardana Says:

    I was shocked to notice in T.V. news that few congress goons & anti social ((media named them as congress workers) making hue & cry,damaging & burning National & private properties on the issue of a bad statement made by one Sudershan,who in nobody in RSS as on to-day whereas if these goons are genuine workers of INC,faithful citizens & well wishers of India,they should have made strong democratic protests before Congress offices all over India to put pressure on their leaders that all corrupts like A.Raja,Kalmadi,Sheila Dixit & many such mega corrupts be terminated from all posts & ministerial birth in congress ruled states & UPA Govt. in centre. All these mega corrupts be arrested,criminal investigation be made as to who bribed them & for what gains. All named briber be arrested ,their entire assets be confisticated & thay be sent to isolated cells of various jails. All 2 G licences granted by Raja be cancelled & open auction be made.I can undertake to collect additional minimum 200,000 Lacs crores than what has been collected officially. Entire gratification money collected through Raja & Balu with the support of DMK suprimo must be recovered wheather lying & invested in India or abroad & all these leaders be sent & kept where Laloo,Jaya Lalitha & many such looters of India were kept & treated. Hello dear congress workers friends,put your energy for a right & genuine causes & not for the purpose of SYCOPHANCY & CHAMCHAKHORI.

  32. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    Why corruption is so much widespread in India?Hindu afraid too much to break the ritual of Dharma but donot afraid to break the government law.Law was imposed upon us by government, ritual of dharma inserted in Hindu`s psyche from childhood. If we break ritual of dharma Hindu afraid that he will not get next birth in good family.Hindu donot interested in mundane life, mundane life is Maya[illusion]In mundane life breaking govenment law is not crime.Hindu did not think guilty himself breaking law.but if he break consciously or unconsciously rituals he terribly suffer from guilt feeling.

  33. Simple Says:

    Daily bread.

    Thank you for educating me that TV anchors and owners are not humans. And that is the difference between you and me. you go by wild perceptions and accusations which is not rooted in reality. I go by mere facts. ONLY FACTS.

    How do you know that Congress is scared of TV people? YOu have zero proof to substantiate that. I too can make an equally asinine claim about BJP. But I won’t because I am not you.

    I have solid basis. Let me answer a gentleman called Kelu

    Kelu Janamejaya (uf what a name, can’t you have a simple name at least to compensate for your lack of clarity in debating)?

    1. You say Congress reacts only if the corruption is exposed. Still, that is better than BJP which DOES NOT REACT even after corruption after corruption is exposed. See? that is the difference between BJP and Congress.
    It is difficult to act against Raja merely because he is DMK Man. If he was a COng man, he would have long gone.

    2. I still maintain that Raja followed what PRamod Mahajan and Arun Shoruie did. If Raja is guilty, so are the other two ex ministers. Prime Minister has written any number of letters to Raja asking him to be transparent and to go in for auctioning instead of first come first served basis. Here you are making fun of your own Prime Minster while the world lauds him
    He came out tops in a leadership survey> Otehr world leaders admired him more than anybody else. Obama said “when the indian PM speaks, the world listens”.

    ANd you have the temerity to call him buffoon, conveienently forgetting your own backyard, when Vajpyaee kept quiet when Gujarat riots happened. He spokey mysteriously about Raj Dharma and quietly turned the other way, when Ananth Kumar’s HUDCO scam to Ram Naik’s petrol scam happened. He did not bother to ask their resignation. Unlike Saint Sonia, who asked all Cong men accused of corruption to resign.


    That is the difference between a thick skinned BJP and Congress.

    3. What is chicken shit? Crores of rupees is chicken shit for you? What about the mining scam? we have lost 50,000 crores because of illegal mining scam by your leaders. Is it still chicken shit?

    4. I will tell you what Coalation dharma means. To become servile to another party (like BJP in BIhar ). It listens to every order of Nitish. He returns the five crore cheque to Modi and BJP quietly swallows the insult.
    Nitish orders Modi not to come to Bihar and BJP meekly submits.
    Nitish says Varun Gandhi should not come to bihar and BJP meekly surrenders.

    Raja will eventually go. Mark my words. Cong will make sure he goes. But not BJP. BJP will continue to stick with Nitish, even if he heaps insults repeatedely. Why?: simply because BJP is without any principles. It will STICK On to power at ANY COST.

    5. BJP screamed hoarse about BOfors. What happened when they were six years in power? They knew it was a manufactured case and hence could not find an iota of proof against the Gandhis. BJP did not book a single congress leader for alleged misdeeds of corruption of Congress for 50 years.

    A classic case of pot calling the kettle black.

    So please save me your sanctimonious lecture. Here Congress makes sure that our economy is in an overdrive for six years, Your income levels has shot up, your income tax has come down – and you call the congress a criminal party. This is ingratitude of the highest order.

  34. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    I don’t underatand something here. 170,000 crore is lot[???] of money. Almost $40 billion. Even If everybody in India buys one 2G phone[which is already outdated], companies have paid/bribed almost 1700 rupees on each phone. Is it worth? If yes, how much money companies are making?[after all their expenses on infrastucture]
    [where are Roys, Patkars, URA’s???]

  35. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    ‘mudi’ sir,

    The figure 170K crore has a magical almost surreal ring to it. It’s not the money made by Raja or the money paid by Telcos.

    It’s the figure which indicates the potential loss to the exchequer. CAG opines that DoT could have sold the spectrum at much higher price than what they sold for. ie they sold it for X while it could have been sold at Y. Y-X = 170K Crore.

    So this is a matte of undervaluation which many claim to be deliberate. It’s criminal if it’s true – it’s undervalued is a foregone conclusion. But the only niggling matter is whether is intentional or sheer case of brains being on holidays in Goa.

    Has Mr. Raja made money? Going by whatever our popular media says I would think he has made some decent pile. But it’s not Y-X ie 170K crore. As you have pointed out, economics doesn’t allow it.

    My conservative estimate is he has made around 1- 2K crore. This is given the inflationary trends over the last 2 decades. Sukhram made about 40-50 crores. Pramod Mahajan made some 400-500 crores. So it would be beneath Raja’s dignity if h settled for anything less than say 1-1.5K crores.

    Lastly it is similar to the oft repeated allegations of undervaluations which the NDA Govt. also faced when it sold off Balco, Centaur etc for a song in the name of dis-investment.

  36. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Keeping the name Simple will not mask the intellectual bankruptcy!!!

    I have time and again said that let the congress government in centre and congress government in Andhara take action against the reddy brothers. Can they? Do they dare??? If the loss to the exchequer is Rs.50,000 crores, let them file a case dude… who is stopping them?

    The reality is this. The Reddy brothers of Karnataka were hand in glove with that Christian Reddy of Andhra and the ill gotten wealth was shared by them with a cut going directly to the royal family. Therefore the congress party is keeping its mouth shut.

    Quote ” I still maintain that Raja followed what PRamod Mahajan and Arun Shoruie did. If Raja is guilty, so are the other two ex ministers.” Unquote.

    Are you for real? It is only crooks and do no gooders who hide behind this kind of bogus argument. The ground realities of specturm allocation in 99 was far different from what they were when Raja allotted them. In 1999, companies had no money to pay for the spectrum. In 1999, mobile phone penetration was not like what it was in 2007. And you talk of comparing 99 & 07??? What logic Sir Ji??? Like saying in 99 I bought my apartment for 10 lakhs and I should sell it to you at the same 10 lakhs today.

    Quote ” Prime Minister has written any number of letters to Raja asking him to be transparent and to go in for auctioning instead of first come first serve basis” Unquote.

    You say the world lauds our buffoon of a prime minister when he speaks and you quote Obama for this. At the same time, you are saying that his own cabinet minister does not listen to him… what an irony??? Should we still stop calling him a buffoon???

    Today in VK, Ashokram has come out with a figure of 30 acres of land being denotified by the present government. The last I checked, average price of a land per acre in the kind of areas where these lands have been de notified would be in the range of a couple of crores. To satisfy you, let us take it at Rs.10 crores. What is the total gain? 300 Crores???

    Simple Sir, let me put it simply like this for you to understand:

    2G specturm scam, money lost = 17,00,00,00,00,000
    CWG Scam, money involved = 70,00,00,00,00,000
    Land scam in our city = 300,00,00,000

    Now I hope you will get a little better perspective of the kind of numbers we are talking about here!!!

  37. Pseudo Pseudo Says:

    Kelu Janamejaya,

    Sir while you may be right in castigating Simple for his/her simplistic take on the corruption of UPA, aren’t you committing the same mistake? He/she has a soft spot for Congress/UPA. You have a soft spot for BJP/Karnataka government. What’s the difference?

    What’s the use of this comparison of the loot between GoI and GoK? Loot is loot. You know about Aane kaddaroo kalla, adike kaddaroo kalla.

    If you are truly a well-wisher of BJP then you must be extra vigilant and see to it that it delivers on its promise for better and clean governance. Wouldn’t it be betraying people if it were to follow thh same Congie ways? So don’t indulge them sir and speak out even if the scale of scams may be smaller in your perception. Every malaise starts small and then assumes bigger proportions. So if you want BJP to be a better party, then nip the deviance in the bud.

    I have consistently voted for BJP in the last 3 elections (at state level). If they pull up their socks (change Yeddy too) and deliver a better governance, I would still vote for them in the next election too. Else I ditch them. I need not carry the cross for them all the time for sheer love of the party.

  38. babuds Says:

    I am not bothered whether Sri/Smt Corrupt Neta resigns or sacked or jailed or quartered into pieces. I want all that Lakhs of Crores money to be restored back to our national treasury. Let all the good for nothing sleuths in CBI run after the money trail and not to come back until it is found and restored.

  39. chanakya Says:

    OK folks, agree to your all comments on how so called congress (No capital letter) has been ruining India since Independence? why a great body is not raising against these bloody corruptions? Shall India die like this? we are all moving a great, great disaster, despite of our all achievements in so called IT and BT, which is like a bubble on water.

  40. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    Thank you for exaplaining ‘Bengalooru haida’ sir, Still confused how CAG determined that Y-X is 170k crore?

  41. Simple Says:

    Kelu Janamajeya, Master of Obfuscation,

    1. I have never condoned CWG scams and Adarsh scams. And, even if the court decides Raja is guilty, hang all the people involved in all the scams. That is my take.

    Look at yours, you keep defending BJP’s right to defend corrupt ministers and Chief Ministers.

    And, that.

    That is the difference between your party and mine.

    I told you Cong will make sure Raja resigns. Cong will not hestitate to act against corrupt ministers even at the risk of government.

    Which is why Cong is any day better than BJP.

    Pseudo Pseudo, I have no blind soft spot for Cong. Argue based on FACTS. Cong in the last ten years has been. Hang on, while personally your life has become better in the past six years, anti congress bashers like you continue to vote for a decaying party like BJP

    I shall rebut all your other points later in the day.

  42. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    @ Simple Sir…..

    corruption in upa
    What’s That C-Word Now?
    Chavan and Kalmadi are small fry, the Congress has left the much bigger shark of corruption untouched
    Saba Naqvi PRINT Share COMMENTS

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    •Adarsh society Flats meant for defence personnel and Kargil war widows expanded to include politicians’ kin, bureaucrats and defence top brass by Ashok Chavan
    •CWG Rs 8,000 crore rip-off in allocation of rights, procurement of materials by Suresh Kalmadi-led panel
    •IPL Ministers Shashi Tharoor, Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel shown to have dubious links with IPL teams
    •Scorpene Middlemen make hay in the Rs 18,000-crore submarine deal
    •Rice export Private middlemen subvert ban under Kamal Nath’s watch to export Rs 2,500 crore of grain
    •Cash-for-votes MPs allegedly offered cash to vote for the government in the trust vote over nuclear deal
    •Prasar Bharati B.S. Lalli stays in office despite Rs 68-crore loss suffered by national broadcaster in a subcontracting deal

  43. Suneel Sardana Says:

    We regret to inform that resignation of Raja will only be a white wash & attempt to mislead & naion & I demand the immidiate arrest of Raja,Kalmadi & all criminals involved in Adarsh society scam,criminal investigation of all these traitors be carried out ..The services of all I.A.S.& Defence perssonals must be terminated,their pension benifits be scraped. ADARSH SOCIETY BUILDING BE COMPLETELY DEMOLISHED TO GROUND ZERO.
    My information & investigation reveals that Raja awarded 2G licences to only those who bribed him minimum 100& same amount,what they paid to Govt. as licence fees & those who did not pay,were refused licences. IN THE LARGER INTEREST OF JUSTICE,TRANSPARENCY& TO SAVE ALL THE NATIONAL LOSSES ,ALL LICENCES GRANTED DURING RAJA REGIME MUST BE CANCELLED & OPEN AUCTION BE MADE PUBLICALLY & NEW LICENCES BE GRANTED .In order to have fair investigation by JPC & through other reliable agencies This ministry can not & should not be handed over to any DMK perssonal. It is a crystal clear & are proven facts that billions have been received by Raja which has been shared by D.M.K. Karunanidhi & his family & Raja & all such amount be recovered . All bribers & LICENCEES OF 2G must be prosecuted.
    Suneel Sardana

  44. Ramesh Raghuvanshi Says:

    There is one proverb in Hindi language which wrote on the back side of many truck———MERA DESH MAHAN//SO MESE NABBE BIEMAN.
    Meaning Of this proverb is, —India is great but 99 p.c. people of my country are corrupt.
    Please Keep inside your heart and see you are also corrupt or not?

  45. Simple Says:

    Kelu Janmajeya

    I repeat: hang all the corrupt ministers in UPA.

    And Sonia has sought resignations of all the people involved in scams.

    What about BJP?

    There are six scams around the neck of Yedyurappa.
    Case 1: Fluid Technology scam

    Case 2: BDA land scam in Nagashettly halli.

    Case 3: BPO land scam of daughther at Harohalli.

    Case 4: Arkavati land scam of son.

    Case 5: Shimoga land scam (Sahyadri Healthcare private Limited)

    Case 6: Denotification land scam in Rachenahalli to favour son and sons in law.

    In two of the above cases, the BJP Has GONE AGAINST COURT ORDERS.

    a) In one case, the Supreme court has specifically asked the govt to STOP denotifying. But the govt, has done exactly the opposite.

    b) In another case, the court has said that the land does not belong to a person, and in blatant disregard of this order, the govt has gone ahead and denotified the land exactly to the person to whom the court said SHOULD NOT BE Denotified.



    There are 12 unbailable arrest warrants against Janardhan Reddy.
    There are umpteen criminal cases against Sriramulu.
    BJP has more criminal cases against its MLAs than any other party

    CAG had released a similar report in 1999, indiciting then telecom minister of undervaluing. What did Vajpayee do? he did not seek the resignation of the then minister.

    This is the standard of BJP.

    Corrupt to the core. And hypocrite to the core.




  46. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Kelu Dhritarashtra,

    Well said! You really seem to be a vigilant, concerned and unbiased citizen unlike Simple. Do you have a similar list for BJP that can fit into Churumuri’s comment space? If so, pls do publish.

    Then this thread can be immensely useful as a ready reckoner of who all looted us and how cutting across the party lines.

  47. Complex Says:

    Simple: I repeat: hang all the corrupt ministers in UPA.

    And Sonia has sought resignations of all the people involved in scams.

    Hmm. Is it so?. I wonder why she took so long to ask for resignation of A Raja. And I suppose Kamal Nath is still around as Minister. And merely asking for resignation is of no value. I will also resign if I am allowed to go scot-free after eating thousands of crores.

  48. Doddi Buddi Says:


    How about sacking Sonia because of Bofors scam?

  49. Somebody Says:

    I think one of the (important) reasons for corruption is a loose government – like minority government, collision government, collusion government, hurriedly-cobbled up-government, 25 parties government. All and Sundry parties government, If a party (any party for that matter – after all, all are same) with at least 3/4th majority could form the government, at least there will be someone responsible and there would be a hope of at least few persons, who are sensible, responsive and honest, who can guide. If we analyze, different forms of government, this is what we find. So, what is required is elect a party with clear-cut majority, so that a party (suposedly led by a patriarch or matriarch) having 12 MPs, 18 MPs do not indulge in blackmailing, threatening, sulking and creating all sorts of problems. Finally, the government suffers in providing a good governance.

  50. Simple Says:


    Ah. resignation is of no value? So, then, should all the corrupt ministers be allowed to continue to loot and loot, without sacking them?

    But where is BJP?

    WHy has it still not sacked Karnataka CM? INspite of a scam a day?

    And that.

    That is the difference between a corrupt and hypocrite BJP and a sensitive Congress.

  51. Yella Ok Says:

    Simple – Should Sonia not resign because of the “Q” connection and for using her influence to let him go?

  52. karihaida Says:

    Kuruda now playing to the gallery by saying that Raja did social service by giving spectrum at cheap rates :) Hmm.. madam has a problem on her hand. And as usual in everything kaangi, they will just sleep over it for sometime and problem will disappear and of course Raja will be reinstated after sometime.

  53. Shetty Says:

    Thanks to the ‘shameless and corrupt’ Karnataka CM and his own family interests, the BJP is caught in daylight with its pants down!

    But who is the replacement?….A super ‘renowned baron Reddy’ or a crudely corrupt ‘Scotch Eshwarappa’ or a super manipulator Kumar who is sadly supposed to be clean too?

    Well, watch him become the CM very soon (most obvious) and more skeletons will tumble out!

    However, an alternative leader like Anant Kumar may at least get sone short-term sanity to the once upon a time, popular BJP in the south. This educated & intelligent middle class politician is after all not expected to be a dodo showcase as the current cheddi.

  54. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    It’s a season of scams or what! When it rains it pours.

    Our own men in V. Soudha are showing the middle finger to Delhi and matching them scam for scam. Way to go I say!

    Today’s ToI flashes news about Eshwarappa doing the Yeddy ie development of Sons. Then Suvarna news runs yet another story of Yeddy giving away 12 acres of Arkavathi land to a Dubai Shetty:) – via that favorite game in town ie denotification. Now this is true globalization and flattening of the world.


    Sir, you may have read in the papers that 176K crore figure is an approximation based on the money 3G auction fetched. But 3G != 2G from the revenue streams perspective.

    There are other figures being bandied about right from 60K crore – 100K crore based on the money that was earned via sale of stake by some licensees to other players. So what’s clear is there surely is a loss but how much? I think if we scan some blogs/articles from industry experts, we would get a fair idea.

  55. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi

    Bofors and Sonia? Where is the connection? Sonia was not even in politics when so called Bofors happened.

    Vajpayee did not lift a finger to bring those involved in bofors.

    Rajeev Gandhi was cleared by the Supreme Court of India.

    So please.

    Today, yet another scam has errupted. The entire cabinet of BSY seems to be involved in grabbing half of bangalore. Yet, the BJP top brass remains silent. Wonder why.

  56. Suneel Sardana Says:

    Why Raja is not being arrested & interogated like a hard core CRIMINALS & TRAITORS?
    Why Adarsh society building has not been demolished untill now?
    Why all corrupts I.A.S.officers,Defence services officers & politicians involved in Adarsh Society Scam have not been terminated,arrested & put behind bars?
    Why all concerned corrupts of CWG including Suresh Kalmadi,otherofficials & political bosses of Delhi Govt.& DDA are moving scot free?
    Why B.S.Negi & other corrupt members & officials of PNGRB have not been terminated & arrested when High Court of Delhi has found them guilty for their unconstitutional,corrupt & illegal functions ( as pronounced in a PIL of Voice of India v/s PNGRB)?
    Why no action is being taken against all those officials,who are either not replying to R.T.I.applications or are giving wrong ,incomplete & misleading replies?
    Why no F.I.R. are being registered by various police officers against established cases of CRIMINAL CRIMES inspite of Home Minister of India directions ?

    All above & thousands of such cases of CORRUPTIOn & INJUSTICE prove beyond any doubt that present Govt.of India is the MOST CORRUPT GOVERMENT till date which is headed & lead by Dr.Manmohan Singh,Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,Mr.Rahul Gandhi & other dummy leaders of UPA.

  57. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    @shetty sir,
    Dhane marayre?
    Ananth Kumar as CM, what a joke. This guy used travel by KSRTC bus from the money collected by ABVP members. Now he has made enough money[?] to buy whole KSRTC.
    From frying pan to fire?
    Sad thing is BJP doesn’t have single sane minded non corrupt member at state level. If you select anybody it will be the ‘best’ of the ‘worst’ [sadly its true for others parties too]

  58. Complex Says:

    There is one non corrupt guy I can think of, Mr Suresh Kumar of Rajajinagar.

  59. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    @ Simple Sir….

    The last I checked Bangalore had a total area of 741 Square kilometers. Half of this comes to 370.50 Square Kilomteres. You still think the BJP bigwigs own this much land in Bangalore???? I know Congress can do scams of this gigantic proportions.. like they did with the telcom one recently.. but you will have to give some more time to BJP to achieve the standards set by Congress.

    During the last elections Advani had openly said that MMS is nikamma… a lot of people jumped on him and said that Advani has lost it. Infact Churumuri took pleasure in putting the pic of Advani greeting MMS and giving some comment on that..

    Today, Advani stands vindicated.

    Here is a PM of a country, about whom Sri Simple Sir says that the whole world will listen to this great aadmi ( it is quite another matter that his own junior will not), who has to watch as a mute spectator, a cabinet colleague of his blatantly disregarding his instructions and looting the country and yet he cannot even admonish him, leave alone sacking him.

    Here is a PM, about whom Sri Simple Sir proudly says that even Obama is in awe, looking stupid and foolish saying ” Madam will take action against DMK or Raja”, thereby abdicating all responsibility towards the position he occupies. If he has to listen to madam on every thing, why didn’t the madam become the PM?

    Simple Sir, do you know the difference between the BJP kind of scam and Congress kind of scam???

    BJP allots land to the kith and kin of leaders and there is a loss to the state. Can be easily amended. Take back the land, cancel the allotments, we are back to square one. No loss to the state.

    Can we recover the money lost of CWG scam?

    Can we hope to get back the money lost on account of spectrum scam??

    Kindly answer Sir.

  60. Simple Says:

    1. I notice you completely bypassed inconvenient questions. So I repeat

    a) Why did NDA keep quiet about Pramod Mahajan, which was similarly indicted byCAG? Why did Vajpayee not ask his resignation?

    b) Why did NDA not lift a finger to expose so called Bofors scam?

    c) The Supreme Court said Rajeev Gandhi had ZERO role to play in the Bofors. Why doyou rake dead ghost of an issue?

    d) Chavan was asked to quit merely because he recommended a flat to his mother in law. Here in namma Bangalore, Yedyurappa has not just recommended, but granted 100 of acres of land to his family of 15 members.

    e) In several cases, he has gone DIRECTLY against supreme court and high court orders and denotified lands in favour of his kutumba. Nowhere in the history of India has this happened.

    f) Not a single cong man has been indicted in Telecom Scam. So don’t spread rumours.

    g) I notice you keep avoiding the question. Chavan quits because of a crime smaller than BJP’s. CNN IBN has said the scam is now well over Rs. 500 crore. SO when Chavan can quit for a smaller crime, why are you still defending the corrupt and hypocrite BJP?

    i) I challenge you to answer this ” I say, hang all the corrupt in UPA. and also the BJP. Let BJP CM resign and give back all the land the gave to his family members. Not just that, what about the punishment?

    its like saying if a common thief returns all the goods, he has stolen, then he should not be in jail. That is your insane logic.


  61. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Simple Sir, there is a saying in English.. Pot calling the kettle black….heard of it???

    Your suggestion that somebody not choosing to answer your questions reminds me of this!!!

    The art of shouting irrelevant things and bringing in irrelevant issues to derail the current topic, someone should learn it fromCongi supporters… have you seen the way Manish Tiwari’s verbal diarrohea in the small screen???

    For once, have some sense… Ashok Chavan would have gone scot free had he allotted ANY OTHER flat to his mother in law.. ( Emphasis is on ANY OTHER ) The fact that he chose to get the flat allotted in the building earmarked for Kargil War Widows screwed it up for him. His mother in law was no kargil war widow.

    Let me explain you who these Kargil War widows are… they are someone whose husbands died fighting for our country in the Kargil War. I am sure, Ashok Chavan’s father-in-law died a very peaceful death in the comforts of his home (or he might be alive too.. i am not sure, please check with you party sir). So how can she be a war widow???? And when she is not a Kargil War Widow, how did she get the flat???

    The Sense of outrage expressed by the common citizen of this country had to do with this. Misuse of Kargil war for personal gain.

    The present CM of Maharashtra, who was appointed after a great deal of hard search by your madam and prince also owns a flat meant for people from economically underprivileged section. I had posted some info on this in some other thread. After becoming CM, he has promised to return this flat to the society and the issue is finished there. No one is asking for his resignation too… do you know why????

    Because this was just ANOTHER flat. We have scores of politicians cutting across party lines who have got themselves allotted flats like this across the country… and by returning the flat, the economic loss he would have created otherwise is set right…. I hope you do understand the logic…

    BSY has given land to his children… what is the result of this action??? Economic loss to the government… Can this be set right? Yes. How? Asking him to return the land. The criminal culpability of this action, if someone wants to prove, they may do it. But the moot point here is as tax paying citizens, people are bothered about what kind of loss has been incurred by the state on account of actions of a politician. As long as this is zero, like it happend in Pritvhiraj Chavan, people will forget the issue.

    But Simple Sir, that is not the case with Congress Scams….

    CWG, money has already been distributed to the higest echelons of the Congress party ( you know whom I am talking about) and all other sundries down the line… what is the possibility of getting back this money?? ZERO… ZILCH…

    Spectrum Scam, money has already been given to ThiruKa and his party, CONgress and the royal family.. possibility of getting back that money??? ZERO… ZILCH…

    You get the hang???? There is a very real economic loss here… And that is the reason why people are pissed with Congress….

    By the way, I am glad for one thing. From half of bangalore given away by BSY in your earlier post, you have scaled down to 100 of acres of land!!!


  62. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Simple Sir..

    Clever play of words..

    i) I challenge you to answer this ” I say, hang all the corrupt in UPA. and also the BJP. Let BJP CM resign and give back all the land the gave to his family members. Not just that, what about the punishment?

    Yeah, we know Sir… Sonia and Rahul are not part of the UPA Cabinet…. and Congress C&Cs (That is Chamchas & Chelas) dont mind sacrificing any other lamb!!!

    Belated Bakr Id to you sir….

  63. DailyBread Says:

    >I know Congress can do scams of this gigantic proportions.. like they did with the telcom one recently.. but you will have to give some more time to BJP to achieve the standards set by Congress.

    Janmejaya Sahebre, Karnataka BJP folks are quick learners unlike their party fellows in Gujrat, MP, Chattisgarh, etc. By the time Yeddy steps down his family will be worth 5000 crores. I am not complaining, at least Shimogga district is getting its second billionaire after Bangarappa.

  64. Karavali Says:

    KJ, Simple,

    There is no end to this ping-pong game. We seem to have corrupt governments at central as well as state. There is no point in proving who is more corrupt. Corrupt is corrupt. So the question we should ask ourselves is can we trust these governments any longer to govern us in a honest and transparent way? The answer most probably is NO in both the cases.

  65. Simple Says:


    I still notice you are not replying to my points.

    I repeat fifth time: Punish all those corrupt. PUNISH them. do you get it? WHETHER BJP OR CONG, PUNISH THEM.




    But in BJP scams, 50,000 crore money has been PERMANENTLY LOST because of illegal mining. Can you go to China and get that ore now>? THERE IS A REAL, VERY REAL ECONOMIC LOSS TO THE COUNTRY BECAUSE OF BJP and its LEADERS. Can your small brain understand that?

    IN Commonwealth SCAM , BJP members were on innumerable boards. They were hand in glove with Kalmadi. Check on the net. From Sudanshu Mittal to highest level everybody has looted.

    So save your breath. spectrum licenses will be cancelled and the money can be got back by the government.

    SPECTRUM LICENSES will be CANCELLED – and govt will get back its revenue. So there is ZERO economic loss.

    And who is pisssed with Congress? Who gave you that delusion? People are pissed with BJP and its nepotism and corruption and hYPOCRISY. and inefficiency.

    Watch out for BIhar results on Wednesday. Cong will dramatically improve its performance and BJP will take a severe beating. So you can remove the cobwebs from your mind.

  66. rama k Says:

    Though numero uno in corruption, most surprising is their demand for previleges and choices as to who should investigate their crimes and why JPC should be kept out of bounds. a strange combination of ‘shamelessness and corruption’!

  67. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    This is what L K Advani had to say on the continued demand for JPC probe by the opposition parties.

    “Initially we never wanted to raise this issue in such a manner.”

    “We started the discussion on the very first day (of the Winter Session) during Zero Hour and we wanted to discuss the issue through Zero Hour. The Lok Sabha functioned well during Question Hour on that day”

    “When Swaraj raised this issue of corruption, ruling party and its allies opposed it. Even ministers did not allow her to speak. They never allowed Mulayam Singh Yadav, Basudev Achariya and Gurudas Dasgupta to speak on corruption issue.

    “Ultimately we decided that if they have become adamant, let us have, instead of debate, a JPC. Let the JPC decide the fate of the entire corruption issue,”

  68. Simple Says:


    The CAG had indicted the NDA government on several occasions on undervaluation.

    WHy, then did Advani not seek a JPC?

    At least now, there are four agencies monitoring the 2G scam.

    1) PAC

    2) ED

    3) Income tax

    4) Supreme court

    Back then, L K advani did not agree to even one investigation, while 2G scam is being investigated by four departments.

    That is why I say Cong is much better than BJP anyday.

    Congress has appointed a BJP man to head the PAC – will the BJP allow a Cong man to head a committee to look into BSY’s scams?


    That is the difference between a corrupt and hypocrite BJP and Cong

  69. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    @Sri Simple Sir,

    I am still waiting for your expose on my pathetic attempt to cover up the misdeeds of my party, which you said you will do in some other post….

    Coming back to this question of JPC, it is Simple simple avare…

    1. PAC can only go through and analyse what is mentioned in the CAG report. It cannot go beyond this report whereas the events in the past few weeks suggest that CAG report at best can be a starting point. For instance, it cannot ask questions on Radia Tapes.

    2. ED & Income Tax will look at this case from the economic offence perspective. Moreover since they get their orders from their political bosses, it would be naive to believe that they will actually go to the root of this problem.

    3. Supreme Court is burdened with work already. Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, because Congress Bureau of Investigation is doing a shoddy job of investigation in this matter, they were forced to take up this issue. If JPC sieves the raw data and presents relevant information to the court, what is wrong in that???

    I have been posting these issues time and again, yet you harp on the same issues…. serious understanding problems???/

    Still waiting for your rebuttal on the earlier post on the treasury scam and rice scam in Bihar….

  70. Goldstar Says:

    Some past comments by Simple in this forum. You can see these gems here :
    Doddi Buddi

    Spectrum Scam? What spectrum scam? The Central govt made 100,000 crore profit because of sale of 3D and broadband. Which rock are you living under?

    The govt made losses in 2d spectrum, because Raja merely followed the rules and regulations made by the NDA govt.


    I note that neither you nor Dodda buddi has commended Raja for his historic and unprecedented achievement.

    3. Raja’s policies gave us 100,000 crore. That is unprecedented money to fall into government’s hands. His 2d handling lacked creativity – it merely aped NDA. However, he discarded that and went for auctioning of 3D spectrum – and boy, look at the profit the government made. Kudos to Raja!

    And Raja has really done a fantastic job in ensuring that his ministry guaranteed this bumper harvest.

    he could have followed the age old tradtion set by NDA, but he did not. He marched to a different tune and that made millions for hamara sarkar. Result? For the first time, after years, fiscal deficit can actually come to around 4%

  71. Anonymous Guy Says:

    It is funny, you two guys trying to prove who is less corrupt – Congress or BJP.

    If you really want to measure, you would need to know about the 99% deals which happen everyday as normal business, instead of fighting over the 1% which leaks through and gets media coverage.

    Or maybe you guys get your little cuts and are just defending your annadaatas :)

    Congress/BJP – same spoiled wine, different bottles. What else to expect from our rotten system?

  72. Simple Says:

    Gold Star

    Does Raja’s ALLEGED mishandling of 2G mean that we should appreciate the good work done in 3G?

    If Raja is guilty, let him get punished. But let us pat him on his back for his wonderful work on 3G.

    Neither Arun Shourie nor Pramod Mahajan nor any individual in NDA had the vision and the acumen to go for an auction.


    That is the difference between a visionary UPA and a stuck in tradition NDA.


    Supreme court is busy with work? Lol. Are you telling me that the court SHOULD not monitor the so called ALL TIME BIGGEST scam?

    Are you telling me that the SUpreme court is not competent to handle this case?

    When the court is directly monitorin, why do you need a JPC, which does not have any prosecution powers nor the power to punish? Look at all the JPC’s of the past – nothing of any significance have ever come out of it.

    I asked you a question. You ignored it. Will BJP allow a Cong man to chair the investigation commitee to look into BSY’s land scams, just as COng has put a BJP man as head of PAC?

    For all your laboured explanations on ED, IT and PAC, let me tell you that Congress score is 4, while BJP score is 0.

    Congress has agreed to investigation by ED, IT, PAC and Supreme Court.
    During the scams of NDA government, BJP has agreed to investigation by ZERO departments.


    That is the difference between a corrupt and hypocrite BJP and the Congress

  73. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    I congratulate you on your continued adherence of speaking like a true Congress spokesperson.

    Sir, like the motor mouth Manish Tiwari or that other stupendously stupid fellow Tom Vadakkan, please do not speak or write without understanding the issue on hand.

    You wrote “I asked you a question. You ignored it. Will BJP allow a Cong man to chair the investigation commitee to look into BSY’s land scams, just as COng has put a BJP man as head of PAC?”

    Inference is Congress did a favour to BJP by appointing a BJP person as the head of PAC. Sir, do you even know how the PAC head is appointed? What is the practice followed?

    Since you dont know, here is a bit of information for you.

    “The Chairman is appointed by the Speaker from amongst its members of Lok Sabha. The Speaker, for the first time, appointed a member of the Opposition as the Chairman of the Committee for 1967-68. This practice has been continued
    since then.”

    During the period of NDA rule, Sri N D Tiwari was the head of the PAC and later on it was passed on to Sri N Janaradhana Reddy and subsequently Sri Buta Singh became the chairmen of this committee. As a CONgressi, I am sure you will not dispute the fact these people were from Congress!!

    Therefore, claiming that Congress/UPA has “allowed” a BJP member to head this panel is sheer ignorance and stupidity much the same way Tom Vadakkan claimed that all RTI activists in this country should be eternally grateful to Congress because it is they who passed this bill!!! Laughable…

    Who is the ulitmate boss of ED? Finance minister. To whom do the Chairman of CBDT report to? Finance minister. These two should be enough to cast doubts on the veracity of the reports these instituions might bring out.

    Sir, chest thumping with score lines will not do. Kindly understand the issue on hand and debate on it.

    With valid points, if you may.

  74. Simple Says:


    Whether PAC chairman is appointed by speaker or not, the fact remains that the PAC chairman is from the opppostion party and HENCE IT CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY THE CONGRESS.

    That. That is the key point. COngress cannot control either the PAC or the Supreme court investigation.

    The Congress has taken action in the following six ways.

    1) Raja resigned
    2) ED investigation
    3) Income tax investigation
    4) Supreme Court
    5) PAC
    6) CBI

    Two of the above do not come under the Congress’s control at all. PAC and Supreme court. IN a way, you are telling the world that you do not TRUST the court and Murli Manohar JOshi?

    In stark contrast, how many agencies monitored the hundred scams of NDA?


    Please answer this question, or like a true blood rightist, you will duck for cover or run away from the battlefield or completely go on a tangent.

    What is the score? six versus zero. Clearly, objectively, statistically Congress is much better than BJP even on this score. In posting after posting after posting of mine, i have shown glaring statistical facts to prove Congress is the lesser evil, yet you have are blind to such reason and naked facts.

    Since there was no RTI during NDA regime, plenty of their scams got buried. Now, it will be opened, thanks to the latest Order by the supreme court that even NDA regime’s telecom policy should be investigated.

    The 2G has well and clearly boomeranged on BJP.

  75. Simple Says:

    The JPC if it is formed, will be headed by a Congress person. The chairman will be from the Congress party.

    The BJP is actually suggesting that they have more faith in a Congressman than Murli Manohar Joshi.

    The BJP is suggesting that they have more faith in a Congressman than the Supreme Court.

    This must be the biggest foot in the mouth instance ever witnessed in the history of Indian Politics.

    Tch. Tch.

  76. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Please stop advancing your inane defence of UPA tactics! When it became unbearable, Sonia and MMS were forced to act. UPA were bloody smug all these days and the press hounded Raja week after week and produced incriminating documents. Even the Ostrich-like MMS had to buckle under the sheer weight of monstrous fraud the DMK Kongas had pulled on India! yes CBI is now going after Raja after giving him a headstart of nearly two years and conveniently some idiots will now turn around and say, “Look we told you there is no evidence! Raja is clean as a piece of coal against a dhoti; MMS and his integrity is beyond reproach in the court of Secular Samaj; Sonia Mata is actually angry that some proles are even daring to question the credentials of MMS…”

  77. mounaprasad Says:


    Simpleton is like Don Quixote charging at the Wind Mill :)

  78. Goldstar Says:

    >>Neither Arun Shourie nor Pramod Mahajan nor any individual in NDA had the vision and the acumen to go for an auction.

    Well, the TRAI definitely recommended it for 2G also. But our “fantastic” and “visionary” minister conveniently ignored it. Auctions have been done since time immemorial for scarce resources (3G spectrum in Europe happened in 2001, NELP auctions in India etc). Facts which you keep ignoring in your fanatical defence of A.Raja.

    I have no axe to grind in your BJP vs Congress scorecards. I have in earlier posts mentioned that I voted for UPA govt in 2009 ( for its singular achievement in getting the Nuke deal, which the BJP, unforgivably, did not support ). You can be devoted to the 2G(andhi) family but maintain a healthy scepticism of politicians of all kinds.

  79. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi, Mouna Prasad, Gold Star.

    WHy do I say Cong is better than BJP?

    Simply because, when faced with incredible pressure from media and oppostion, CM of Maharashtra quit, Raja quit and 6 agencies are investigating 2 G scam

    In Contrast, BJP does not ask BSY to quit EVEN AFTER prima facie evidence that he is guilty of nepotism and corruption. EVEN after sustained media and opposition pressure, BJP is not willing to act against
    BSY or the Reddy brotehrs.


    That is why Cong is better than BJP anyday.

    Also, I am no blind worshipper of Gandhi’s. None of you have facts to back it up.

    Sonia acted in face of pressure. while Gadkari did not act in face of pressure.
    Sonia bowed to opposition onslaught. Gadkari gave a damn for opposition.
    Sonia showed she is willing to make amends. Gadkari openly, brazenly comes and gives a certificate to BSY. He made no amends.


    That is the difference between Cong and BJP

  80. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    So you changed your tone from “congress doing a favour to BJP by appointing a BJP man to head PAC” when told how PAC chiefs are appointed. Because in your latest rant, there is no mention of this favour!!!! LOL

    Regarding your saying ” foot in the mouth disease of BJP by asking for a JPC headed by congress”!!! You never cease to amaze me Sir. When the opposition parties do not have any problem in a committee headed by a member of UPA, cant you ask yourslef a SIMPLE question as to why it should be a problem for Congress?????

    See, yet again you are missing the point. Is it so difficult to comprehend??

    Government appoints a committee and gives a brief to the committee. Which means that the committee cannot go beyond this brief. For PAC the brief is to look into the report submitted by the CAG, nothing more and nothing less.

    The CAG report does not talk about Radia Tapes. CAG report does not talk about the silence of PM in this whole matter. CAG report does not ask questions, it only states in numbers the loss that has been incurred.

    Unless this PAC can go beyond the CAG report, what purpose does it serve even if it is headed by a BJP MP? It is not the question of whether BJP trusts its own MP or someone from Congress. It is a quesion of what this committee can do or cannot do.

    By the way, yesterday I came across something in a television debate. Swapan Das Gupta said that the opposition parties had proposed to the government to form a JPC which will look into all the events from 1998 and the government turned this down!!!! Now what could be the reason for this???

    I know, I know, before you jump the gun and say Swapan is a BJP stooge, I will stop it. Even the CPI (M) MP, Mohammed Salim too corroborated this fact. If you still go ahead and say that CPI (M) & BJP have become partners, god help you.

    Sir, by the way, I am still waiting for your valuable feed back on the Bihar Treasury scam and Rice scam, which will expose my pathetic attempt to cover up the misdeeds of BJP….

  81. DailyBread Says:


    Thank you for posting the link to an old discussion. Radia tapes completely substantiate what I said on 30th June, 2010.

    DailyBread Says:

    30 June 2010 at 3:35 pm

    >our man Reddy actually runs the Govt – de facto.

    Smart businessmen normally hire lobbyists to influence the govt. policy. Smarter folks put one of their own in the cabinet (you know whos nominees Deora, Patel, Raja, etc. are).

  82. Simple Says:


    Lawyer. Lawyer. Please hire a lawyer. Preferably not Arun Jaitley, who has with his so called ‘shrewd election management skills’ led NDA to two successive defeats.

    Regarding Bihar scams, I have already posted it in whichever thread it was. Just follow it up.

    1. thank you for suggesting that you and BJP have more faith in Congress than Murli Manohar Joshi. Yes, JPC will now happen, now that Supreme court has said even the dark deeds of BJP should come under scanner. Watch this space. I don’t make idle comments.

    2. Ratan Tata has today slammed BJP for its flip flop polices when it was in power. Ratan Tata, the man who said Modi should be made PM, has now come down heavily on the inept handling of telecom ministry by BJP.

    3. You still are obfuscating the major issue – whether BJP is better or Congress? For that I have given you statistical inputs, which you avoided.

    UPA is having six institutions investigating the 2G scam. INCLUDING TWO OF WHICH IS NOT CONTROLLED BY CONGRESS

    How many investigating agencies looked into the telecom spectrum of NDA? Even when CAG had repeatedly castigated NDA for undervaluation of not just spectrum, even disinvestment of BALCO.


    UPA: SIX
    NDA : ZERO

    Clearly, UPA is six times better than NDA.

    Agree or not?


  83. Suneel Sardana Says:

    All the drama of CBI enquiry or raid on Raja after many months is just an eye wash to befool the Nation & to divert the attention of public.I dont have even1% trust &b faith in CBI who are just a toy in the hands of every ruling Govt. Why A.Raja has not yet been put behind bars like other hard core criminals is matter of surprise.
    Let us cancell all the 2G spectrum Licences scandles & be investigated by JPC wheather initiated during NDA rule or UPA . JPC must be appointed to investigate all the matters & scandles of corrupts & corruption hatched by all politicians,ministers, breuocrats & all BRIBERS & we musy bring back all money of gratification back to National Excheqer.
    If P.M.Super P.M. & de-facto P.M. has any moral or character left with them,they must resign to-day itself .I would rate MMS number one corrupt being CEO of most corrupt Goverment in the history of India. Let us Re-auction of all 2 G licences by OPEN HOUSE process.Entire 2G Scam gratification money from Raja,KarunaNidhi family & super bosses of INC be recovered .Raja be arrested & inrerogated like criminal & not like M.P. or UPA allied.Truth & facts must be brought to surface.I dont see any other alternative than to appointment of JPC & Govt.must agree to this demand of Indian Public & not of opposition alone or face CIVIL WAR situation.Why Govt. is hesitating for JPC proves that they want to hide & are affraid of being exposed.
    Suneel Sardana (

  84. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    You have mentioned the following in your reply to my pathetic attempts to cover up the misdeeds of BJP

    3. Treasury scam – yes it has been going since 15 years – i say bring all of them to book. Nitish Kumar govt was no different from the other previous govts. Simple.

    Is this the best you could manage??? Well sir, this was not your tone earlier. In all your sundry posts you were harping on as if it was ONLY the Nitish Government which was involved in this scam and the media was completely silent on this. ( Go back and read your posts in case you have Ghajini Syndrome)

    Now see the change in your argument and tone??? Much like the same you changed on the Cong favouring BJP on the appointment of PAC!!! And so when facts are actually presented to you, you will backtrack using generalities like “hang everyone” or “punish everyone”. That is not the solution Sir…

    Sir, Ratan Tata is a man under pressure today. Rajeev C’s letter and the points he has raised has become unpalatable to this gentleman, Also ( this is my guess work) he suddenly has realised that his PR might actually be harming his interests and therefore he has suddenly discovered the virtues of CONgress since they are in power!!!

    If the difference between JPC and PAC has still not been understood by you and you still gloat over who heads JPC and who heads PAC, I do not want to puncture your pleasure balloon. Enjoy the flight till it lasts.

    JPC will now happen. Not because Congress wants it or has a sudden change of heart. It is because the courts want it. Short of telling this UPA to cover their bases and constitute a JPC, supreme court has done everything it can!!! Still if push comes to shove, it might actually end up ordering the government to have one….because this is one thick skinned government which will not understand subtelties!!! Had it understood, it would have sacked the CVC the moment SC cast its doubts on this gent…

    I appreciate your effort to statistically prove that CONgress is better than BJP. There are two kinds of statistics. One you look up and the other you make up!! We know from where you are coming Sir….

    Rice scam reply is still awaited….

  85. Simple Says:


    For all your bogus arguments, the winning score is SIX to Cong. ZERO to BJP.

    Pray which statistic I cooked up?

    The fact that it is being monitored by SC is cooked up?
    or PAC?
    or ED?
    or IT?
    or CBI?
    Or now, the latest news : (Ex Supreme Court Judge is going to look into the 2 G Procedures )

    Besides the above six, we have even Raja resigning.

    Which one of these is cooked, tell me?

    On BJP side, the score is a whimpering ZERO.

    Not just Ratan Tata, even SC has said that the 2G case has to be investigated in Vajpayee era. The then ex PM did not know what was happening when Arun Shoure and Pramod Mahajan were busy mis handling the telecom sector.

    Why was the ex PM silent?

    Manmohan singh is not silent because – he made sure SIX institutions are investigating, out of which 2 are not in his control.


    That is the difference between BJP and Cong.

  86. DailyBread Says:

    Kelu, show is over, you have lost, Simple Sir has won.

  87. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir….

    You mentioned treasury scam of Bihar Government. When I told you it was not actually done by nitish govt, you gave a lame explanation “hang everyone guilty”

    You mentioned Rice scam of Bihar Government. After I told you the real facts, you have still not come up with any defence….

    You mentioned about the favour done by Congress to BJP by appointing a BJP man to head PAC. When I told you how appointment to PAC works, you had no answer.

    Every time you are presented with facts for your fictional rants, you escape from the debate. Your constant refrain seems to be “punish everyone” or “hang everyone”. That is called escapism. Things should not work that way. If someone has prior information about a crime happening and he keeps quite and orders an enquiry after the commitment of crime, do you think he is a sane person???

    Every newspaper was publishing the quantum of corruption in the CWG from the last few years. Was any action taken??? Hell, Kalmadi even to this day continues to head the IOA and has even represented our country in the recently concluded Asian Games.

    Every political party had raised the irregularities in the allotment of 2G spectrum. Even the PM was aware of this. What was the action taken?? Citing coalition dharma, he slept.

    After two years of this irregularity, now the government has ordered CBI inquiry. What comes out of it is another issue. But why did it take such a long time even to initiate this? Why should SC intervene everytime???

    You say mining scam… What is preventing the Central Government in taking action against Reddys if they have done wrong?? I have asked this question a hundred times, not one answer has come forth.

    Even in the present 2G scam, read the letter by Tata carefully. You will realise how hollow your argument sounds. For this, you have to READ the letter… not merely glancing at it. READ is the key word.

  88. dandapinda Says:

    Of all arguments Simple sir’s is sane. I have read each and every comment of his. He detests corrupt people in both congress and bjp. he has gone to an extent saying that corrupt people should be hanged. he has based his claims with statistical proof backed by impeccable logic. As Daily Bread says Kelu sir you have lost it.

  89. DailyBread Says:

    Dandapinda Sir,

    >he has based his claims with statistical proof backed by impeccable logic.

    He will be a worthy successor to folks like Tom & Manish. He is wasting his talent by arguing with people like Shri Kelu in a site infested with Cheddy gang.

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