Who really named All India Radio as Akashvani?

PALINI R. SWAMY writes: Mysore’s preminent position in the setting up and christening of All India Radio as “Akashvani” has gone uncontested for well over half a century. Now, in the 75th year of AIR, an unlikely challenger has emerged from 300 km away.

A 70-year-old woman has stood up in Udupi to assert that it was her late father, Hosbet Rama Rao, a former district education officer in Mangalore, was the man who first used—and thus gave the nation—the unquestionably evocative brand-name, “Akashvani“, for the radio.

In other words, the claim busts the belief widely held by Mysoreans that it was their townsman M.V. Gopalaswamy (in picture, above) who coined the word after setting up the nation’s first private radio station in his residence “Vittal Vihar” (in picture, below), about 200 yards from AIR’s current location.


Anuradhagiri Rao says her father, while serving as a teacher at the government college in Mangalore, anonymously published a booklet titled ‘”Akashvani” in 1932 on the phenomenon of the radio set. She says he drew inspiration from mythology in Kamsa‘s case when an ‘ashariravani‘ (voice without body) predicts his death.

Thus, voice from the akasha (sky) was ‘Akashvani‘, meaning celestial voice,” she has been quoted as saying in the New Indian Express. Her father, she adds, did not reveal his name fearing victimisation from the then British government, as he was then beginning to establish himself as a writer.

To bolster her claim, Anuradhagiri Rao adds her father’s book with the “Akashvani” title was acknowledged and adopted as a non-detailed text book for high school students by the text book committee of the Madras presidency. The book was printed twice in 1941 and 1945.

She also says an Indian Express editorial in February 1987 had doffed its hat to “an article from an unknown writer” for naming “Akashvani“. That unknown writer doubtless was her father.

Needless to say, she wants his name to the immortalised.


There are two problems with the claim. First, Anuradhagiri Rao bases her claims on an anonymous booklet published in 1932.  Although radio had been around for a while, sound broadcasting began in India in 1927 but All India Radio formally began operations only in 1936, according to AIR’s official website.

Second, there is the small matter of official history.

Akashvani Mysore has just brought out a 406-page souvenir to mark the platinum jubilee of the station.

In her editorial, Dr M.S. Vijaya Haran, station director, AIR Mysore, writes:

“Dr M.V. Gopalaswamy is the father of Mysore Akashvani. He served as the professor of psychology and the principal of the Maharaja’s college. The radio station that he started in 1935 in Mysore is his great contribution to the field of culture. This was the first private radio station in the whole of India and it speaks volumes of a person’s interest, passion, hard work and the instinct to do good to his fellow human beings….

“For six long years Dr Gopalaswamy ran AIR single-handedly spending money from his own pocket. Owing to financial constraint he handed over the administration to the Mysroe city municipality. Later from 1 January 1942, the provincial government of the Maharaja assumed the responsbility of running the organisation.

“Even then Dr M.V. Gopalaswamy continued to be director (till 2 August 1943). After that his colleague, Prof N. Kasturi was appointed full-time chief executive with the designation ‘assistant station superintendent.’ The radio station continued to function under the care of Kasturi, who was a thorough gentleman and a well-known humourist….

It was during that [Kasturi] period that All India Radio was baptised as ‘Akashvani‘ , a name that has been an appropriate metaphor for this wonderful organisation. The radio station flaunted with aplomb the title ‘Akashvani Mysore’ before its facade. It wafted on the waves and reached the hearts of listeners lending them undimmed pleasure. Later on, when All India Radio came under the administrative fold of the Indian government, the radio stations continued to use the name ‘Akashvani‘. The credit of lending this beautiful name ‘Akashvani‘ to all the radio stations of the country belongs to Mysore Akashvani.

Vijaya Haran’s editorial does not, of course,  say Gopalaswamy christened Akashvani, merely that he set it up.

So,while the parentage of Akashvani is not in question, it is Prof Gopalaswamy’s role in naming it that is clearly under question. Did he call it “Akashvani Broadcasting Station” when he started broadcasting as a hobby in 1935, as an earlier souvenir published in 1950 (and included in the platinum jubilee souvenir) avers?

If the name Akashvani evolved under N. Kasturi’s helmsmanship, did Kasturi himself think up the name? Did Prof Gopalaswamy, who was no longer its chief, have any role in it christening or, as a college principal himself, did Gopalaswamy draw his inspiration from an academic 300 km away?

Gouri Satya, the journalist who is a walking encyclopaedia on Mysore, wrote recently that “a few sat together and hit upon the name Akashvani for the toy broadcasting station“. Was Hosbet Rama Rao among the few?

In the evening newspaper, Star of Mysore, reader K. Radha Chengappa writes:

“The truth is revealed by late N. Kasturi in his book Loving God, page 76 (early 1920), where he refers to his colleague Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy of Maharaja’s College, Psychology Department.

“He writes that Dr. MVG had bought a mini Philips transmitter and desired to use it to broadcast educational programmes for the common man an hour everyday. After some years, he managed to secure permission to use short wave transmission programmes.

“For this project, he had roped in Kasturi and when he wanted an Indian word for the broadcasting station, Kasturi’s choice was Akashvani and this word stuck for AIR (All India Radio).”

Or was it Rabindranath Tagore who is supposed to have done so “in the 1930s”?


Photographs: courtesy Akashavani Mysore platinum jubilee souvenir

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16 Responses to “Who really named All India Radio as Akashvani?”

  1. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Truth be damned. It was a Mysorean who named it Akashavani.

  2. Mankutimma Says:

    Does it matter?

  3. U.B. Vasudev Says:

    Even though I tend to agree with both of you, I would like to present here whatever I have heard from late Dr. H.K. Ranganath who was a very close associate of late Na. Kasturi.
    In his homage to both T.P. Kailasam and Na. Kasturi at the Hasyotsava in December 1997, he told the audience that NaKa, HKR, Ma.Na. Chowdappa and some others were randomly talking about the newly started AIR when NaKa mentioned that they will have to come up with a suitable name for the organization. Na. Kasturi’s mother who was getting back into the house (Kalpataru) after drawing water from the well, overheard the conversation and suggested why it should not be called “Akashavani” and then the rest was history.
    I still have the recording of his talk that day if anyone wants to listen to it.
    We all have to be proud that AIR/Akashavani was started for the first time in Mysore and that the name also originated in Mysore, from the great Krishna Murthy Puram which was inundated with great people in every field.

  4. Somebody Says:

    Success has many fathers! Does it really matter now? Let us take pride that it was a Kannadiga. By the way, should it not be “Akashavani” instead of Akashvani (ಆಕಾಶವಾಣಿ ಅನ್ನುವುದು ಸರಿ, ಆಕಾಶ್-ವಾಣಿ ಅಲ್ಲ.

  5. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Dear All,

    Let us give credit to Hospet Rama Rao as well.

    Now let us rejoice in the new moniker for all of our politicians as in Avakashavani

    There could be many Vanis…

    Soniavani, Oddvani, SpectrumKallavani, ThirukaVani, GowdaVani, BlueTurbanVani, ObamaVani…

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Is “Vittala Vihara” still standing? Looks like a magnificent edifice.

  7. Gouri Satya Says:

    Rama Rao was not among the few who came up with the name. The credit of hitting upon the name ‘Akashavani’ is attributed to Na. Kasturi. It could be his mother as Dr. Ranganath has said. Dr. Ranganath was closely associated with the Mysore AIR and its founders.

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    DBVani, Bommanvani, Kesarivani, Cheddivani, RSSVani… the list is truly unending.

  9. djd Says:

    This is what Wikipedia says
    Rabindranath Tagore had coined the word Akashvani for it in the 1930s
    Citation needed :D


    and also wikipedia doesnt even mention anything about vittal vihar
    some one needs to put in the facts

  10. Vasu Says:

    Has anyone verified who contributed the article to Wikipedia?

  11. Dinakar Says:

    Vithala Vihara still exists and is just across the road, only about 200-250 metres from the AIR transmitter.

  12. Manjunath, Hassan Says:

    A very nice and interesting discussion. Gives an intuition to think about. While conducting the quiz, we too were giving the information to the kids as ‘It was Kannadia who named Akashavani and it was Na.Kasturi as we had heard the same from many of the Akashavani people. Let the Akashavani people take the recording of Dr. H.K. Ranganath and broadcast it on the day of establishment of Akashavani . Let the discussion continue. Let’s be proud that it was Kannadiga.

  13. Dinesh Sharma Says:

    we want to make a new FM radio chennal in north gujarat

  14. Acharya Says:

    when Mangalore Akashavani started ? does any one knows

  15. Shrivatsa Desai Says:

    Dr H K Ranganath makes it clear on page 33 of his autobiographical book ” Nenapina Nandana” ನೆನಪಿನ ನಂದನ (Pubisher “Sahitya Mandira”) that it was a fact well koown to him that it was N Kasturi who named it “Akashavani”.

  16. jyotirmoy chakraborty Says:


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