CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan, still ‘Mr Clean’?

Manmohan Singh‘s unique selling electoral proposition—his squeaky, clean image and credibility in spite of swimming around in the cesspool of politics—has come under question for the first time in two decades, with the Supreme Court asking the obvious question: what was the economist-prime minister doing when the scum of the 2G spectrum allocation scam was rising to the top.

“The sanctioning authority (the PM) can turn down a request for sanction but can it sit over it? … We find the alleged inaction and silence troubling,” a two-judge bench has observed.

For a finance minister who retained his image despite the JMM scandal perpetrated by his mentor P.V. Narasimha Rao, and for a prime minister who came out smelling of roses despite the cash-for-votes scandal of the nuclear trust vote and other subsidiary scams of UPA-I and UPA-II,the SC’s observation hits where it hurts most.

Nobody has so far ventured to suggest that Manmohan Singh is on the take. Yet, the imputation that he was looking the other way while A. Raja & his pals within the DMK and Congress were making hay, takes off the sheen of his image somewhat and could have serious implications for himself and his party in the weeks and months ahead.

Questions: Has the PM’s integrity suffered a body-blow? Can he recover his reputation or is the damage done? Will the Congress rise to defend Manmohan? Will it retain his if his chief attribute, his image, becomes a problem? Or will it dump him like a hot potato if the opposition goes to town about it?

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83 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan, still ‘Mr Clean’?”

  1. prasad Says:

    How can he be clean, with all the dirt sticking around him, which he is afraid to wash off, as his boss may get uneasy and angry!

  2. DailyBread Says:

    MMS is a goner, done in by hubris. Time for Mark Antony, from Keralam….

    “You all did love him once, not without cause:
    What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?”

  3. Raghavendra Says:

    What is the use of personal integrity if he cannot stop others in his cabinet from looting crores of rupees?

  4. VTVenkataram Says:

    Definitely the image of PM has been tarnished. When Raja did not heed to his advise, he should have resigned or sacked Raja. In the name of coilation dharma, he ventured into the field of adharma by being a silent spectator and not permitting Subramanya Swamy from filing a complaint against Raja.The only course left to him is to allow JPC and order a CBI enquiry in the matter and book all the culprits connected in this mega scandal, which may restore his image to some extent.

  5. div Says:

    “Personal integrity” in politics although good, is not valuable beyond a certain point. Our prime minister is the best example. It is good that he is “honest”. However, he would have made a difference only if corruption scams (such as CWG, 2G, Adarsh etc.) did not take right under his nose. Of what use is his integrity, if he cannot ensure that his government doesn’t include crooks. Having said that, he is still better than some crook becoming the prime minister any day. However, he cannot get much credit for his “integrity” if he cannot ensure the integrity of his government. A captain is not judged by his performance, but by the performance of the whole team.

  6. mounaprasad Says:

    MMS’s squeaky clean image is a myth created by the media…This guy was caught red handed and remprimanded by the Assam High Court for producing a false affidavit stating that he is a resident of Guwahati, to get into the Rajya Sabha, while he was a resident of Delhi. So let us stop this drama of MMS being Mr.Clean.

  7. div Says:

    One thing is clear: Gandhis are just too brilliant. Whenever there is a blame on the government, it would go on somebody else…whenever they achieve something significant, Gandhis will hop to take all the credit. In simple words they have the power but no accountability!

  8. Red Says:

    If Vajpayee was the mukhoata (mask) for communalism, then MMS is clearly the mask for corruption

  9. kaangeya Says:

    Howsoever honest, a person who tolerates corrupt rascals cannot help becoming tainted himself. It has never been a question of personal integrity, MMS is beyond reporach. But so were ABV and even MAJ. Or for that matter KRN, who never once condemned corruption.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    You whine when the people who can, make money. Then you whine about maoist types who are fighting against this system.

    But whining will get you nowhere.

    Corruption is the national system because it is the way of being Indian. It was so before the British arrived and put some system in place. And it is now so as predicted by the British when they left.

    Life will be better when you have realized this and accepted this truth.

  11. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    A person is often judged by the company he keeps. The same is even true for the head of a nation. This is not the first time PM has shown such indifference. How many tainted ministers are there in the cabinet today? How did he keep Lalu for so long? In the case of Raja it was so obvious and that is why he hesitated to take him. But when Karunanidhi who has lesser ethical standards than the PM insisted on him to accept, he had to accept him to keep his gaddi. Doesn’t that make him an accomplice also? He could have offered to step down and forced the issue. Why didn’t he do then?

    Even after CAGC brought the case against Raja, PM did not show any inclination first. Only when the opposition and that too the left started to protest, he had to get his resignation. What a pity that Mr. Clean has become Mr. Unclean!

  12. Complex Says:

    If he gets back 1.76 lakh crores, he’ll get back the image.

  13. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    He is probably clean but as many have pointed out that’s not good enough. If he thinks he doesn’t have the requisite powers in taking stern decisions, then he should gracefully quit and stop being a puppet. Coalition dharma is fast becoming an oxymoron.

  14. Das Says:

    UPA is the den of thieves. There is no doubt. As the leaders of UPA, there is no way for MMS and Sonia to escape. They must answer to nation.

  15. Angry Young Man Says:

    To everyone complaining about Manmohan Singh:
    You are right. He ignored the scam.

    But if he goes, what is the alternative? Chidambaram? Antony? Pranab Mukherjee?

    Would any of these people have acted differently if they were in Manmohan’s position? Can they? They too are all slaves to Madam. They will also watch silently. You all think this could have happened without the Knowledge of Madam?

    One might give the excuse of coalition constraints for the 2G scam. But CWG? The party itself has most likely benefitted monetarily from the loot. So no question about taking any action on that.

    I think that if Dr. Singh were given a free hand, he would act against scum like Raja and Kalmadi. But the sycophancy in the Congress is such that no rebellion is tolerated, even if it is for a just cause.

    So you better learn to live with this if you want Congress, or vote a different party to power (and pray it is better).

    All in all, it is better to live with Manmohan Singh at the helm rather than Rahul Gandhi don’t you think?

    PS: I do have a feeling that Dr. Singh, being the kind of person he is, has taken this to heart and might put in his papers, but in politics, you never know.

  16. vindy Says:

    with all this cain abt MMS , once again the wily S Gandhi is off radar and goes scotfree ….

  17. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Manmohan singh is clean!! Pranab Mukerjee is also very very clean…
    I dont think they are clean. He and some people around him are media savvy. That’s all.
    If he is a clean person, he wouldnt keep company with corrupt and dirty people. We hardly see politicians, babus who are not corrput in india.

  18. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    MMS is clean…. squeaky clean…. so squeaky clean that no dirt will ever get stuck on his clean skin…

    Raajmaata of Congress and her son Yuvaraja have bath every day in the purest of the purest milk.. no question of they being dirty at all…

    There is a distinction between CONgress and the CONgress led UPA government. None of the muck of UPA government will ever get stick to Congress.. It is another issue that a congressi is heading the government but we have to keep the government and the party separate… party is clean… government is dirty…

    And why is the government dirty?? Not because of the Congress ministers.. hell no… they are squeaky clean.. they have got this cleanliness as a gift from the raajmaata and her son… Oh no sir… they are not dirty at all…
    You see, they are in alliance with dirty partners… One look at Sharad Pawar or ThiruKa… you know what I am talking about, right??? Less said about Mamata didi, the better… has anyone noticed how dirty she looks all the time???

    Rascals they are.. for being so dirty and in the process trying to smear this dirt to the holy and pious name of Congress…shame shame.

  19. karihaida Says:

    MMS is being blackmailed by madam’s cabal so that he can be the fall guy while they loot. Even though he knows about all the corruption going on around him, he can’t speak a word nor can he resign till madam says so.

    Madam is in turn being controlled by the globalists (Illuminati, Rothschilds etc etc ..), so that India can be completely looted and thus can be easily brought under one currency/one gov’t NWO

  20. sunitha betkerur Says:

    I pity him,he is nodoubt clean but the people around him are
    hand and mouth tied. he is just a puppet in the hands of the system.

  21. arvind Says:

    Barkha Dutt audio tapes brokering a deal b/w Cong and DMK!
    First listen to the audio tape :…bavp9ulvy2.swf
    which has Barkha Dutt conversing with Nira Radia (a lobbyist) who lobbied for A. Raja as telecom minister in 2009.
    Nira Radia is a key figure in the telecom scam, and is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate…otices_1467274 .

    These tapes were made by the IT department in 2009 when it was investigating Nira Radia for the telecom scandal.

    The audio tapes b/w Barkha Dutt and Radia along with the transcripts are here:…ld-i-tell-them

    Can someone tell me how trustworthy NDTV is with a broker like Barkha Dutt masquerading as a senior journalist?!

  22. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    Everyone know he is PM ‘De jure’ at same time ‘Defacto’ PM is somebodyelse.
    This arrangement works pretty good for both these people. MMS likes powerful positions as long as its legal he will hold onto it[whether it is ethical or not, like becoming MP from Assam]. He held onto high positions, thats all he wants. There are certain personality traits who are just happy being powerful. ‘defacto’ PM likes him for same reason. Any thing positive MMS and Defacto PM takes it. Anything else like corruption etc it goes to others. Nice arrangement I think, by this he remains ‘mr clean’

  23. Somebody Says:

    I wonder what binds the Hon’ble PM from taking action against the corrupts. If the top most order is merrily indulged in all sorts of malpractices without any fear, without any consequences, without any punishment, what can you expect from the people of such a country. Where is the conscience of the leaders? Corruption, to some extent is tolerable, understandable and even unavoidable. But corruption to the level of so much that a common man cannot even imagine and even the educated people cannot comprehend is something creating horror.

  24. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    In all the cacophony surrounding the scams perpetrated by the UPA 2 and the shrill voice in which the apologists of this government are defending it and the counterargument put forward by this pathetic bunch of jokers that BJP also has done something wrong in allotting the land to CM’s Kin in K’taka has anyone noticed on small, little, teeny weeny thing?

    Not a single accusation has been made against Sri Narendra Modi!!!!!

    I was expecting some sort of muck to be thrown at him either by Congress or any of its allies… that they would not touch Nitish was given, What with he projected to do well in the Bihar elections and Cong’s relation with DMK being so shaky…

    I was expecting the over eager secularist brigade at the news channel going overboard to get SOMETHING on one person they hate the most…

    But to my surprise, not a single thing is being said against this man.

    This is sheer magic by this hardworking and honest man.

    And now we understand what Sushma Swaraj meant when she said that Modi’s magic will not work everywhere!!! Its simply not possible to have a man of Modi’s calibre across all states..

  25. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    In Rediff, Saisuresh Sivaswamy writes & I quote

    “Unfortunately, a leader who communicates is not an image that sits well in India. When was the last time you had the prime minister, or the Congress president, or the young man who everybody believes is being groomed for the top job in the country, express their worldview in an open interaction?

    How many of our chief ministers go about meeting their constituents? Narendra Modi [ Images ] is a name that comes up often here, but who else?”

  26. arvind Says:

    Found this comments in

    Breaking News,

    PM breaks his silence on 2G

    “The only 2G I know are SoniaG and RahulG”

    Found this comments in

  27. Simple Says:


    The illegal mining scam is worth 50,000 crore. NO other state has a scam of this gigantic proportions.

    No other CM has defied the court like BSY has done. He is guilty of going against court three times over.

    No other CM has been so servile to other cabinet minsters to save his chair. BSY listened to the blackmail of Reddy group to save his chair repeatedly. He sacrificed Baligar. He sacrificed Shoba. He looked the other way when illegal mining was happening in Bellary. Why? Because the moneybags were with you know who.

    No other state Cabinet has had so many top rung of leaders involved in scam. From Ashok to Yedyurappa to Katta to Shobha to Jagadish Shettar to Hallappa to Ramchandra Gowda to name it and you have it.

    The problem with BJP is that there is no single decisive leader. Like Saint Sonia. BJP keeps having endless core committee meetings every other day, without taking any decision. They keeping hemming and hawing and dithering.

    We need a decisive leader, not a bunch of ditherers, who can’t decide anything even after years.

    Saint Sonia took ten minutes to sack Chavan and took ten seconds to sack Kalmadi after Obama left India. She took ten seconds to resign from the Office oF Profit Controversy.

    It will take ten seconds for Rahul Gandhi to become PM if he wants. But he is not chair crazy like BJP. He has shunned even a cabinet minister’s post.


    That is the difference between BJP and Congress

    BJP will do anything for the chair.


    1) They dumped Ram temple for PM chair.
    2) They tolerate corruption running into 50 to 60000 crore rupees,for the sake of chair.
    3) They tolerate open public insults for the sake of chair. Like Modi who has been time and again been taken to task by Nitish
    4)They have the record of maximum dissidence in the top rungs of leaders in the last ten years. From Madan Lal Khurana to Keshubai Patel to Suresh Mehta to Uma Bharti To Kalyan Singh to Shankar Singh Vaghela to……the list is endless.

    Congress takes action against corruption. proof? All corrupt were sacked the moment it was exposed.

    BJP encourages corruption. Proof? Reddy brothers sit in chair. Yeddyurappa sits in chair. All his cabinet ministers indicted on various corruption charges still sit in chair.

  28. mounaprasad Says:

    Here is a link that talks about the hands behind Mr.Squeaky Clean and the media’s role in protecting those persons.

    MMS is just a puppet in the hands of its master

  29. Doddi Buddi Says:


    …then SoniaMata took less than 10 seconds to bury Bofors case forever:)

  30. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple, I do understand your harping back on the same mining scam again and again… no worries sir, when you have only one issue to talk about, what else can you do???

    I am sure being a netizen you would have gone through the telephonic transcripts of various people with Niira Radia. Well, this is what Vinod Mehta’s Outlook Magazine had to say on this whole episode:

    The reaction of the Congress leadership is surprising since all these tapes were available to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as well as Pranab Mukherjee and P. Chidambaram in their capacity as finance ministers in the two UPA governments. Regardless of the existence of the tapes, the Congress leadership agreed to reinduct Raja with the telecom portfolio into the UPA-II cabinet.

    Ofcourse, Saint Sonia did not have any idea on the whole issue… being in a nunnery and spending time to have iron grip on the internal politics of her party is robbing er of all the time to view these kind of small, trivial things…

    Sir Simple, accomodating people like Raja and Baalu is coalition dharma. Tolerating all their scams is coalition dharma. Getting humilating letters from them, virtually directing the PM to keep the hell out of the telecom minsitry, is coalition dharma…

    But no Sir… one CM of the state asking another CM of another state to keep out of his state because he wants to protect his turf has suddenlty become adharma…. classic Congressi double speak..

    I dont want to go on and on and on on the misdeeds of the Congress…. their deeds are getting exposed every day in various media channels every day. Let us leave it at that.

    One last thing before I sign off, have you heard of this kannada gaade? Oorella kolley hodeda mele kote baagilu haakidru antha??

    Hangaaytu congress kathe…. varshaanugatle duddu looti maadi conventge kotta mele, saint dismissed them in ten minutes and ten seconds and ten micro seconds and ten nano seconds…..

    Still no word on Modi, eh???

  31. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Mr. Clean. Hmmm. Why should it surprise us if somebody in public life is uncorrupt? Would someone who hates corruption be part of a system that is nothing but corrupt?

  32. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi

    You will be guilty of contempt of court – for repeatedly tarnishing Gandhi family on Bofors case – even after clean chits have been given by Supreme Court of India.


    you are missing the point.

    Sonia has acted with alarming urgency to deal with corruption – she got three heads. If Raja was a Congresman, he would have long gone.

    I will tell you what Coalition dharma is.

    Refusing to give telecom ministry to DMK – but handing it over to Sibal Kapil. Showing wrongdoers their place in the cabinet.

    What do you want me to tell about Modi? That the Supreme Court of India had no faith in him? that the court transferred a slew of cases out of Gujarat? Nowhere in India has such a thing happened. The Supreme Court does not trust the CM of a state. This is the sorry state of affairs in BJP

    Even if corruption exists in certain sections of UPA, look at its record. Lower fiscal deficit. Higher economic growth rate. Unprecedented money to social sector. Record jobs. And the best news: india had the second highest growth rate – even in times of recession.

    And that.

    That is the greatness of UPA.
    The red hot topic is the massive and unprecedented corruption of BJP.

    Kumarswamy is shifting to delhi. He is expected to tell the media more horror stories, about BSY in the coming days.

    you still have evaded my question. I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?

    I agree that all UPA ministers indicted on corruption should be sacked. Now tell me, should BSY and his cabinet members resign or not?


  33. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    When a man starts shouting the same thing again and again and again, like you have done in your previous post, it sure shows a sign of desperation from someone who has lost all valid points of argument….

    All that I want to tell you is this: Read the second comment in the thread ” Sauce for Cong goose…..”

    Say something new, we shall continue our debate….

  34. Simple Says:

    I repeated my question, because you seemed to ignore it time and again. You still haven’t answered the question.

    instead you ask me to go hunting on some other thread of discussion.

    When you can speak with amazing urgency on Saint Sonia and her so called ills, why do you hesitate to ask for BSY’s resignation with equal vehemence?

    I am still waiting for the answer.


  35. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Another Gem from the stable of Mr.Clean….

    The Attorney General has gone on record stating that “impeccable integrity” is not a required quality for getting appointed as CVC!!!!

    When the Boss of the government lies under oath that he is a resident of Assam for getting elected to Rajya Sabha…

    When the Boss of the government remains a mute spectator when his party men loot the hard earned money of the tax payers in the name of CWG games….

    When the Boss of the government spinelessly accedes to the demand of his ally that he should keep the hell out of the happenings of the ministry allotted to them…

    …. is it any wonder that someone serving under him is deemed fit even if he does not have an impeccable record????

    The only saving grace is: If we are already plumbing such abysmal moral depths, we just can’t sink any deeper.

  36. Simple Says:


    Check today’s papers. The Supreme Court of India has slammed the Media for misinterpreting its observations.

    The court has strongly refuted that it pointed fingers at PMO let alone the PM. Today the court has categorically stated that PM did not delay in replying to that maverick Subramanya Swamy. The court said ” We must make it very clear at the outset, our order was distorted by the media in the most irresponsible way to atempt running down a high political office like the PMO. This is most unfortunate. ”

    The court had stated why the petition seeking sanction got no response from the sanctioning authority for 11 months. The bench did not take any name, but the media interpreted its reference to sanctioning authority as the PM.

    THe report was seized by the opposition including L K Advani to make political capital out of it.

    Should the opposition now make amends for their attack on PM?

    Yes, you are right. it can’t get any lower than this. When the BJP high command is still hemming and hawing inspite of the 5000 crore land scam and the 50,000 land scam. Who is the high command in BJP anyway? Gadkari? Modi? Sushma? Jaitley? Or now BSY>

  37. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    When CWG scam is mentioned, you talk about BSY.

    When Adarsh scam is mentioned, you talk about BSY.

    When Telecom scam is mentioned, you talk about BSY.

    When AG’s remark in SC is mentioned, you talk about BSY.

    When the inefficiency and muted response of PM is mentioned, you talk about BSY.

    What is this fixation with BSY anyway?

    By the way, an Andhra friend of mine was saying that the reason why Cong is not taking strict action against Jagan is because he knows how much money was paid to Saint and her nunnery by his late father YSR and what kind of scams happened during his period in mines and lands….. he was making fun of BSY that he cannot even manage such small corruption whereas YSR did much bigger scams thru Satyam and Mining barons and still escaped unscathed…

  38. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Saint spoke today, much on the same lines what Sri Simple Sir has been speaking….

    We sacked Chavan, we sacked Shashi Tharoor, BJP did not sack BSY….

    Sri Simple Sir, now we know…

    By the way, the “Clean” party of India led by Mr.Clean PM was given a Clean whitewash in the Bihar Assembly polls.

    Before someone could jump gun and say it was Nitish Magic which worked, here is a bit of statistic….

    JDU on its own contested in 142 seats and has won/leading in about 114 seats… translating into a win percentage of 81%.

    BJP on its own contested in 102 seats and has won/leading in about 87 seats…. translating into a win percentage of 85%.

    But what is important is these two parties together have decimated the opposition in the state.

  39. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    I wonder why nothing on the Bihar polls yet on Churumuri???

    May be too hot to handle?

  40. Simple Says:


    You need a lawyer to defend and argue for you. Clearly, your inability to construct a debate shows.

    I have repeatedly said HANG ALL PEOPLE involved in CWG and 2G scams. Show me one SINGLE posting where I have defending UPA on such scams. So your rhetoric bottoms out.

    Secondly, If YSR was a scamster, then it should have come out in public gare. All this is a figment of your imagination. ZERO Proof. I challenge you to bring it in public glare and put a court case instead of squealing from the anonymity of the internet.

    I would appreciate you if you came out of the rat hole, and brought out the scams of YSR.

    Thirdly, I am still waiting for your answer ” Should BSY resign or not”? I never have heard a single posting of yours in this thread about him or his resignation.

    WHenever I speak about BSY’s innumerable scams you accuse Saint Sonia . Whenever i corner you, you accuse Sonia.

    Look at the way the two central leaderships reacted. Jagan badly wanted the CM’s chair. Sonia firmly refused it – she gave it to some other guy.

    BSY badly wanted to save his chair, and your low command (who would call it high command now?) meekly gave in.

    Yes, Bihar results are fabulous. I fully support Nitish kumar. his victory has come through inclusive devlopment. He has granted unprecedented money to minority funds. He has given financial support to madarasas. He has the weak dalits and maha dalits. All this without a single communal riot. He has made the women, the muslims, the poor feel secure – and also he has shored up their social standing.

    Bihari muslims also voted for BJP, because BJP was not allowed to spread its ideology based on hatred. Nitish firmly bottled all of BJP’s venom. He made sure Modi and Varun Gandhi would not come and work the crowd with anti minority bashing. There was not a single communal riot in Bihar – and he has made sure that criminals with political backing are in jail.

    So BJP won, because it CHANGED its ideology in Bihar. Even if it was forced to CHANGE it because of Nitish, it should make the BJP leaders think.

    Also, minus Nitish, BJP would get 20 seats in Bihar.This is a well known fact. So don’t prematurely jump in glee.

    Let me tell you something else. In the good news, there is some discomforting news to you too.

    JDU-BJP victory is too good. So good that the opposition strength has become invisible. The number 1 and 2 party in BIhar assembly are so huge that it will create power problems.

    It is UNNATURAL FOR THE NUMBER 1 AND NUMBER 2 PARTY TO BE IN ALLIANCE IN ANY STATE ASSEMBLY OR PARLIAMENT. What kind of strains and tugs and pulls and pressure this coalition govt with brute power, will face in the future is anybody’s guess.

    With JDU just short of 7 seats, do you think it will listen to BJP?

    Nowhere in the assembly or the parliament has such a scene arisen. Where the Number 1 party and Number 2 party (both miles away from the third party) sitting in power together. It is too unnatural to last. Looks like Nitish will strike out on how own, hope without having to Depend on BJP.

  41. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    That was a very lengthy post…. I can understand the feeling sir…. frustration at time will make people rant out very badly…

    Apart from repeatedly ranting about BSY, is there anything new you have added to your post???? Come on Sir, get little more facts and little more substance….

    “””Secondly, If YSR was a scamster, then it should have come out in public gare. All this is a figment of your imagination. ZERO Proof. I challenge you to bring it in public glare and put a court case instead of squealing from the anonymity of the internet.”””

    Arent we all posting here using a pseudonym, Sir??? Or is your real name Simple???

    And I wonder how many people have actually filed a complaint agains BSY for him to resign??? Have you done so Sir? Is there an FIR filed against him by you??? Is there an FIR filed against him by anyone???? Can you post a copy of this FIR here for our reference??? Hogli bidi… neevu kooda aa kelasa maadilla… sumne yaake maatu….

    There is a saying in Kannada Sir… Kaamale eyes inda nodidre, world ella yellow antha….why I am saying this is because at times, people get afflicted with this typical ROGA which is currently bothering our anchors and telejournalists….

    Out of 102 seats contested, BJP has won 91 seats. This translates into a success rate of almost 90%. JDU contested 141 seats and won 115 seats. Do the math sir, anyway, I will do it for you… success rate is almost 82%.

    I will leave it to your esteemed judgement to draw inference from this. I will not comment on the inference you draw, like they say AVARAVARA BHAAVAKKE, AVARAVARA BHAKUTIGE….

    Just pondering over this, if BJP can have a success rate of 90% BECAUSE of Nitish’s name, I wonder what prevented Nitish’s party from replicating the same success story…. just a thought…Is this the reason why our Daasa Shreshtaru said long time back.. ” neenyaako ninna hangyaako, naamada balavondiddare saako” antha???? Budhdhivantaru saar avaru….

    I wonder why Rosaiah suddenly resigned Sir… official statement from the nunnery says ill health…. grapevine says that nunnery wanted to deflect the continous attack of Jagan Reddy by installing another Reddygaaru in the hot seat…. again, avaravara bhaavakke…..

    Obba manushyange lottery hodedu koti rupaayee bandre, “ashtondu duddu hodkondubittnallappa… i think ashtu duddu nodi avange guarantee tale tirugutte, yadva tadva duddu kharchu maadi beedige barodu guarantee” antha avana pakkada maneyavnu hotte kicchu padodu idyalla.. aa taraha aayitu illi kathe…

    BJP & JDU got bumper prize…. and look at the wishful thinking you have….again like they say…. avaravara bhaava….

    TV anchors say “BJP got so many seats because Narendra Modi did not go there for campaiging.” I say BJP probably would have hit Bulls Eye if only they had allowed Narendra Modi to campagin for them in Bihar…. like the saying goes… avaravara bhaavakke…..

    By the way, did you hear this news??? Nun’s Son is in great demand suddenly all over the country!!!!! All parties fighting elections against congress wants the son to campaign in their state because of his track record…. wherever and when ever this Gem has campaigned for Cong in any of the states, the opposite parties have won handsomely!!!!

    Not my opinion Sir… people’s talk….

    Like they say avaravara bhaavakke……

    Good day Sir….

  42. Doddi Buddi Says:


    The Bofors case might have been temporarily buried but it won’t go away. The courts are still deciding why such kindness was shown to Quatrocchi by both the CBI and Bhardwaj. The only contempt we all see is that you are guilty of abusing commonsense as far as Soniaji and her son are concerned:)

    Brilliant posts tackling Sri Simpleji Sir !! Keep up the good work.



    BTW Rajeev Ratna’s name figured for posterity in the supreme court in connection with the Bofors case with the court observing since the accused is deceased he cannot be prosecuted. So the Gandhi Family’s name is permanently enshrined as far as Bofors Case is concerned. I hope you will rest easy now?

  43. Simple Says:

    1. You still haven’t answered whether our CM should resign. Like a typical hit and run case, you are hiding behind rhetoric with zero proof. I repeat: Should BSY resign and charges investigated?

    2. Santosh Hegde has attacked the CM for illegally giving the land scam to another judge – who himself has been the beneficiary of a site. Read today’s Deccan herald. How can a judge who has got a site sit in judgment?

    3. The Supreme court did not find a shred of evidence against Gandhi family. Neither did NDA goverment. You guys can continue to harbor illusion that Gandhis were guilty in bofors. But as is the case with ‘hit and run’ ideology of you chaddi guys, you run away with tail inbetween your legs – when you are confronted with proof.

    4. JDS has already given complaints to the Lok Ayukta in 100s of land scam cases going up to 500 pages. So I rest my case. Does your party have the guts in Andhra Pradesh to go and file case against Congress? No way.

    5. of course BJP’s growth rate is better than JDU. I don’t deny that. But at what cost? They had to sacrifice their ideology. BJP is no longer BJP. BJP has appeased the muslims in Bihar like no other party has. Check yesterday’s times of INdia and you will see how BJP has got Muslim votes because of Massive Muslim appeasement policies by NDA in Bihar. Here is the link.

    So answer this one: Why did BJP sacrifice its ideology for the lust of power?

    Only if BJP shuns it nihilistic narrow agenda will it grow. Only then will it get public support.

    6.Ah, yes true. If narendra modi had come to Bihar probably BJP would have hit a 100% strike rate. Like BJP hit a 100% strike rate in Orissa, in Rajasthan, in Mumbai, in Uttar Pradesh, In Uttarkhand, in a dozen other states. In all these states Shri Modi addressed 100s of public meetings and the record of BJP is in full public glare.

    7. If you want to talk statistics, here is news for you. Rahul’s magic has worked -because Congress got 206 seats versus 130 odd seats of BJP in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

    yes, of course, there are places where Rahul’s magic does not work. But these places are far less in number compared to the number of places Modi’s magic does not work. Speak Statisitics please.

    8. More news for you. The increase in vote share of NDA in Bihar is just under 3%. One would imagine that NDA would have got 60% vote share. but it is not even 40%. BJP’s vote share is far less – just about 18% or so.

    The difference in vote share between Cong and BJP is about 5%.

    Lesson? It means if Cong had gone with JDU, BJP would have been tottering at 5 seats.

    9. When will BJP stop being dictated by regional leaders? BSY has become a regional leader – like Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. ALl three of them make sure that BJP’s high command (oops low command) bows to their every order.

    10. Jagan Reddy wanted CM’s chair. Sonia did not give in. BSY wanted to save CM’s chair. Gadkari gave in.

    That. That is the difference between the two leaders.

    Answer all the ten points. Or Get yourself a lawyer. You still haven’t done that, have you?


    More news: BJP has increased its vote share by a mere 1% in Bihar. Last election it was 15 odd percent. This election it is 16 odd percent.

    Here is the link to show you that.

    I always go by fact, you always go by illusions and delusions.

  44. Simple Says:

    More news: BJP has increased its vote share by a mere 1% in Bihar. Last election it was 15 odd percent. This election it is 16 odd percent.

    Here is the link to show you that.

    I always go by fact, you always go by illusions and delusions.

  45. Doddi Buddi Says:


    BJP’s position is Yeddi is adike kalla; MMS is aane kalla. When MMS quits being a PM BJP will send Yeddi home in a nano second. HDK and Dirty simply don’t count!

  46. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi,

    There is not a single allegation of corruption against MMS as against 100 allegations against BSY.

    Supreme Court of India has lambasted the media for misinterpreting its observations about the PMO.

    As usual, you go by delusions and ilusions. with zero facts to back up.

  47. Doddi Buddi Says:


    If MMS pretends to be an Ostrich Singh that is his problem! By abetting a serious crime like the 2G Scam he is guilty as hell and a shameless PM!

    BTW Supreme Court did not rebuke the media; not a day goes by without MMS getting it in the groin by the Supreme Court

  48. Doddi Buddi Says:


    If MMS pretends to be an Ostrich Singh that is his problem! By abetting a serious crime like the 2G Scam he is guilty as hell and a shameless PM! BTW Supreme Court did not rebuke the media; not a day goes by without MMS getting it in the groin by the Supreme Court.

  49. Simple Says:

    Doddi Buddi

    Shameless PM did you say?

    What does that make Vajpayee for pretending to be an Ostrich when Gujarat 2002 happened? What does that make BSY for pretending to be an Ostrich when mines are being plundered in my state? What does that make Nitin Gadkari for pretending to be an Ostrich when land scams are engulfing my state? Poor farmers are being cheated, left right and center in favour of rich cats.

    Yes, supreme court gave a hard rap on the knuckles of the media. It was reported in last week’s times of India. In fact, i have quoted the exact text of the supreme court’s observations . You can find these observation in my write up, in the churmuri blog “Manmohan, still Mr. clean?”

    Please do not show your ignorance henceforth.

    Be grateful to a PM who has cut down your income tax several times over in the last six years – and he has directly increased your income. Next year onward you can look forward to substantial savings in your salary – thanks to income tax cuts.

    Look at where he has taken the economy – from a distressing 5 % growth of NDA to a high of 9% – and that too not once or twice but five times over! Can anybody from opposition ever match that?

    Supreme Court has repeatedly transferred several cases out of Gujarat. This clearly shows that the supreme court has zero faith in that state’s CM.

  50. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir…..

    Read this edition of India Today to know the extent of money making done under YSR’s regime…

    And you still need proof???

  51. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Simpallu is to the Congress what Dr. Ramesappa is to the JDS. I hope there will one arise for the BJP who can be just as vehement an apologist as these worthies.

    The corruption system is powerful, cutting across all sections of society. Life in India will come to a virtual standstill if all corrupt people were to be given their just deserts. The Birlas, the Tatas, and the Ambanis together can stand the nation on its head with the help of bit players like our hendada dore. Like Bofors, many western money makers are complicit in this business. Has anybody noticed that they do not seem to be overly troubled by the prospect of instability in India? They keep pouring their euros and dollars into the Indian economy.

  52. Goldstar Says:

    @Doddi Buddi,

    How dare you say that MMS is shameless?!?!?! Hasn’t he got the certificate of honesty from the 2G (SoniaG and RahulG)? What more do you want – a certificate from Quattrocchi?

  53. BeeEssWhy Says:



    Saar. You have not looked closely at some of the discussions. I have already identified many who are doing that job for me and BJP. But they are doing it more cleverly than Simpallu and Ramesappa who need urgent lessons in PR. My people do it with finesse. They shout loudest in anti-Congi, anti-JDS debates and then maintain mostly discreet silence when my or BJP lafdas are talked about. I am lovin’ it and I promise in the name of Nanjundeshwara that I will make them happy.

  54. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Ostrich Singh took credit for the liberalization policy when everyone knows it was PVN who was the real architect behind the reforms.

    BTW we are talking about 2G Scam here. If you need to talk about human rights then lets start by looking at the role of Gandhi Family during the Sikh Riots after Indira Gandhi’s assassination!

  55. Simple Says:


    Where did you vanish? Were you hunting for a lawyer to argue for you? India Today Report did you say? Lol. Well, where is BJP in Andhra Pradesh? Why is it not putting a case on Congress?

    you have not replied to my 10 points written on 26th November at 11 37 am

    It is reported that BSY has ordered sub registrar offices open on Sunday too. They have been asked to dig out ‘cases’ of Gowda family. The officials are still at it. And nothing of much ‘dirt value’ has been dug out. Inspite of 24×7 search for weeks now.

    Doddi Buddi (chikka thale)

    There were n number of financial irregularities during NDA. N number now in Karnataka and Ostrich BJP High command (low command) is keeping quiet.

    Look at the difference between what rabid BJP supporters and me.

    I say : hang all those corrupt in Congress

    They say: Nothing is ever wrong with BJP

    And that.

    That is sheer Ostrich attitude of rabid BJP supporters .

  56. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir….namaskaara sir…

    I dont need a lawyer Sir… i havent committed any crime… people who do or who are in cahoots with criminals always think of lawyers sir… neither do I think nor do I need…

    By the way, I read your earlier post… glad you asked these questions… but Sir, one thing, ask yourself where is Cong in Bihar today or in Gujarat or in Bengal…when you find an answer, use the same reason for BJP in AP too!!!

    Even HDK has not filed any case against BSY sir, what he has done is given some stories to Lokaayukta…..when asked why action agaisnt Raja was not taken much earlier, the entire Congress party came up with a weird explanation that no case was filed against Raja in any police station. Apply the same logic here also sir, your entire argument falls flat!!!

    And sir, pray answer this question, when will congress start having strong regional leaders who can win elections for Congress?? We dont see anyone in Gujarat, Bengal, Karnataka… so many other states….infact situation in Maharashtra became so bad that they had to literally push someone from Delhi to handle the state unit because there was no one clean enough to take up the CM’s post!!!

    Sir, question asked in this forum is “Manmohan, still Mr.Clean?”.

    Nun recently gave a sermon that MMS is above board and criticised the opposition for targetting her pet. She has every right to defend her pet, that is another story… but look at this Sir. Sometime back Govt had formed a panel to appoint CVC. There were three members in that panel.. Nun’s appointee to the PM post, his HM and Sushma Swaraj. This panel was ofcourse headed by Mr.Clean.

    Of the three, it was only Sushma who vehemently opposed the appointment of Thomas as CVC because there were cases pending against him. But her opposition was not considered and the panel voted 2:1 and appointed this joker as CVC.

    You know what happened after that, dont you??? Today’s news says that the government wants this CVC to resign. And you will thump your chest saying that Nun acted to uphold the honesty and integrity of the government.

    Sir, please educate morons like us, why was the appointment done in the first place??? Would the government have asked for the resignation if SC had not made its observation??? Why was Sushma’s suggestions not heeded ? And in this case, Mr.Clean himself headed the panel which appointed this tainted CVC. None from the allies forced Mr.Clean to appoint this man. There was no political pressure. Still why the appointment???

    Sir, Nun’s Son recently interacted with some students in Ahmedabad. When he was asked by students as to why they should vote for congress when Modi has done such wonderful work in Gujarat, he sermoned them that it was not due to Modi that Gujarat saw economic development but because of the hard working Gujaratis.

    So if we were to take this as the gospel truth, can we apply the same logic to India as a whole? It was not PM who took us to 9% economic growth but the hardworking Indians who achieved this inspite of the PM and his scams???

    You are saying it was PM who was responsible for the growth, your prince is singing a different tune…

    I will credit you with much more intelligence than this college drop out Sir… you are right. Our economist PM did do some thing which took the country on the growth path.. like Modi did in Gujarat. I am sure, if given a bigger canvas, Modi will achieve the same kind of economic growth story Pan India too…

    Vote shareoo mannu masi ella bidi Sir… number of seats mukhya.. congress 8% vote share ittkondu enu uppinakaayi haake nekkoke aaguththa, heli?

  57. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday virtually questioned the tenability of Chief Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas supervising the Central Bureau of Investigation’s probe into the 2G spectrum scandal as he himself was Telecom Seceratary at the relevant point of time.

    bench of justices G S Singhvi and Ashok Kumar Ganguly pointed out that since the CBI functions under the over all supervision of the CVC it would be difficult for Thomas to objectively monitor the investigations.

    “CBI is functioning under the CVC, at that time. He (Thomas) was functioning as Telecom Secretary. It would be difficult for him to objectively monitor.”

    “He had justified the action which are being subject to scrutiny by this court and CBI. It would be difficult for him to objectively supervise,” the bench observed.

    Sri Simple Sir…. The CVC they are talking was appointed by Mr.Clean.

  58. Simple Says:


    1. I notice that you deliberately chose to ignore replying to each point that I had raised. You masked all your answers with convenient rants and familiar diatribes against Mrs. Gandhi Sonia. ( again without a shred of proof)

    2. See? You are inadvertently exposing the stubborn and unholy character of the BJP.

    Yes, CVC will be removed. Will BJP remove Judge Padmaraj who himself has been in the thick of a court case regarding a site allotment to him? This site was alloted to him flouting all norms.

    Will BJP drop Justice Padmaraj?


    That is the difference between BJP and Cong. When caught with their pants down, Cong is embarrassed and makes amends. But BJP is brazen. It continues to strut around naked.

    This is why i say relatively Congress is less evil.

    3. Cong sacked Ashok Chavan. BJP did not sack Yediyurappa. That is why i say cong is relatively less evil.

    4. Cong sacked Raja. BJP did not sack Reddy brothers. That is why I say Cong is the lesser evil.

    5. I am not defending Rahul Gandhi’s remarks against Gujarat government. Modi’s development has come through divisive politics. Nitish development has come through inclusive politics.

    That is the difference.

    6. BJP’s vote share has actually increased by a mere 0.8% in Bihar. If a mere 0.8% can give such a spectacularly mind-numbing victory, then please hold your horses, Congress’s 8.5% is not to be laughed at all.

    The whole world knows BJP did well by piggybacking on Nitish. Yes, Cong is down and out in Bihar. No two opinions about it. But the truth also is BJP is down and out for close to 15 years in Delhi now . ANd in spite of being in power for six years at the centre, the party has been unable to even get a toehold in more than a dozen states in India.

    Clearly, even on this count, Cong is better. Congress has more vote (around 10% more) share right across India, compared to BJP.

    7. Sushma Swaraj spoke up against the CVC – right , i give her marks for that. Will you give her marks for openly supporting the honest and clean Reddy brothers? For being openly identified as their thayee? Sure, she has lot of moral ground to stand on, to complaint about a CVC, when her own ministers have damaged my state’s finances by 50,000 crore.

    8. Congress has weak regional leaders. is sheila dixit weak? is digvijay weak – he ran MP for two successive terms. Was YSR weak? As usual your airy fairy statements fly in the face of statistical truths.

    EVEN if I was to grant you that Congress has weak regional leaders, I prefer it this way, rather than have strong regional leaders who blackmail your high command. The Central leadership is extinct in BJP. What is the point of having a leader when nobody listens to you?

    It has been reduced to a regional party with several branches.

    BJPG, BJPK, BJPMP, BJPHP and so on.

    tsk tsk.

  59. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You may twist and turn facts and pose as a paragon of virtue. So we cheddiwalahs are impressed and henceforth and forthwith we declare you the Manmohan Singh of the South!

    You have the same credibility as Ostrich Ratna MMS!

  60. Abhi Says:

    CWG scam, 2G scam and a effed up country.

    1 thing is clear – either MM Singh is corrupt or an incompetent f***. Anyone thinking other wise is a dumbf***.

  61. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir…. kindly do not give yourself so much of importance that people take trouble to answer your questions point by point!! More so when these questions are rehash of all the things you have said earlier.

    Day in and day out, the present UPA government headed by “Mr.Clean” is getting mired into controversy after controversy… and here you are still talking about the same things again and again…

    Look at the following:

    1. CVC appointment;

    2. CWG scam;

    3. Adarsh Society scam;

    4. Spectrum allocation scam;

    5. Congress’s rout in the Bihar elections;

    6. Unholy nexus of Congress and media;

    7. The present stalemate in Parliament due to the stubborn refusal of UPA to appoint a JPC;

    8. Radia Tapegate;

    9. Rice export scam;

    10. Stupidity of Nun and her Son in uttering what they did recently;

    And you are talking about

    1. BSY and land scam

    2. Mining Scam.

    Yesterday’s ET carried out an article on which CM allotted how many sites under the G category. They had published data from the time J H Patel was CM of this state. The person who allotted the maximum sites was SMK with 334 allotments. Your HDK also did something like 288 allotments. And eat this, BSY has done about 136 allotments.

    Here is what you can do.. write a letter to your Nun asking her to initiate a probe from CBI, CID, ED, IT on the Reddy brothers.. get facts, file case and throw them to jail… I had also told you what Nun is not doing it… because Jagan has files and files of data, I believe, on the murky dealings his father had with Nun. She opens her mouth, he screws her with data… quid pro quo anyone???

    Do you even understand what you are talking?? Here are some gems for you, taken from your own postings…

    Congress threw out Raja, Cong threw out Ashok Chavan, Congress threw out Kalmadi, Cong threw out X, Y , Z….

    True, they were indeed thrown out. Have you ever questioned yourself the most important point???? WHEN were they thrown out??? AFTER they looted the money?? AFTER they did all the damages????

    Raja’s issue is brewing in the country since the last couple of years.. Mr.Clean did not take any action citing coalition dharma. When Swamy writes a letter to PM telling him what has been happening in his government, he is greeted with a stoic silence!!!

    That there was corruption in CWG was known to everyone for the last 5 odd years, still nothing was done to stem the rot… AFTER we were made to look like fools in front of the whole world, with dirty toilets and all, he was removed from some stupid post from the congress party.. has he resigned as MP? Has he resigned as IOC chief??? This shameless fellow was even allowed to represnt our country in the recent asian games….

    This government has mastered the art of doing wrong things and keeping quiet, knowing fully well that what has been done is a blunder and act once the issue blows out of proportion.

    Take CVC appointment, take demand for JPC probe, take sacking of Raja, take anything… this pattern emerges….

    Dont worry Sir… we can understand your predicament… when people lose out on valid points to argue, they harp back on the same thing again and again.

    Hope to hear something new from you….

  62. Goldstar Says:

    >>8. Congress has weak regional leaders. is sheila dixit weak? is digvijay weak – he ran MP for two successive terms. Was YSR weak? As usual your airy fairy statements fly in the face of statistical truths.

    Of course not. These are good leaders from the Congress, proving that not everything is wrong with the Congress. The question is: can any of these leaders aspire for PM post based on their performance, as Narendra Modi/Nitish Kumar/Mayawati do ? Or is it reserved for the Prince with his two-India b***s*** inanities?

    >>Was YSR weak?

    Of course not. He had the Bellary Reddy brothers to back him up ;-) !!

  63. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir….

    Today, at the SC, Solicitor General has said that Raja disregarded PM’s advice and therefore by inference PM is not accountable to the misdeeds of Raja….

    How very interesting???

    Let us for a second be gullible citizens and believe this crap…

    IF BSY says he too did not like what his sons were doing in the land acquisition case, he too had suggested that they be away from all the murky dealings, he too had expressed his reservations and inspite of all these the sons went ahead and got the registration done, can you exonerate BSY???

    What was it Churumuri asked?

    Sauce for the Congress goose…..

  64. Simple Says:


    There you go again with your gibberish garble . If you think by listing serially, congress would have more sins than BJP, it’s a hysterical scream

    1. Mining scam of bellary itself can run into 10000 pages.

    2. BJP land scam in RMV

    3. BJP land scam in Yelahanka

    4. BJP land scam in Lottegarehalli

    5. BJP land scam in HSR layout

    6. land scam in x area

    7. land scam in y area

    8. land scam in t area

    100. BJP land scam in z area

    101. halappa rape case.

    102. Ramchandre gowda medical scam case.

    103. Renukacharya sex case

    104. Krisniah chetty land scam

    105. katta land scam.

    106. Katta son land scam.

    107. yawwwn….do you want more?

    108. Judge Padmaraj appointment.

    109. Bihar treasury scam

    110. Bihar rice scam.

    111. Unholy nexus of Lalit Modi with Vijayaraje.

    112. Amit shah case in Gujarat

    113. Jayanti case in Gujarat.

    114. Transferring of several cases out of Gujarat – severe indictment by Supreme court.

    115. MPLAD scam in which BJP MP’s were the maximum caught on tape.

    116. reddy tape gate – where he is openly seen conspiring against the CM. Yet BJP low command takes no action against Reddy

    And, this is just the tip of the iceberg…i am not even referring to the 100s of cases when NDA was in power.

    The question is: when caught with its pants down, Congress made amends.




  65. Kelu Janamejaya Says:


    The only way I could react to this…. sorry about it, could not help it.

  66. Complex Says:

    @Kelu, Simple:

    How can you guys be so biased to one party? Please stop acting like trolls

  67. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir…

    Sorry, I could not possibly resist this….

    Why stop at Land scam in RMV layout or Lottegollahalli….you could have excelled if the listings were something like this:

    1. 7th Cross, 6th main RMV layout….

    2. 8th cross, 7th Main RMV layout…

    3. 18th Cross RMV Layout… so on and so forth….

    Do the ground work, you can get even more listings….. just a suggestion

    (I did mention that apart from land issue and mining issue, you cannot get anything else, you proved me right)

    By the way, RaChGow did resign as minister… for your information….

    The rest of your points are laughable…

  68. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    All right folks, time out. Let’s talk about H. D. Revanna’s future as an astrologer.

  69. Simple Says:


    See? I have listen several non land scams in my points, yet you run away from the battlefield.

    For your information, 2G scam also has a former PM’s son in law in the Radia tapes.

    Land scams and mining scams are two of the BIGGEST scams ever to hit any state government. til today you have run away – without giving a convincing explanation why BJP low command has not sacked them. Should I not speak about land scams and mining scams just because you cannot give a decent answer? lOl.

    Farmers and poor people of Karnataka have been cheated by fat cats – to the tune of several thousand crores. Who is responsible for this? BJP is totally brazen about its corruption.

    Here are the non land scams and non mining scams.
    01. halappa rape case.

    102. Ramchandre gowda medical scam case.

    103. Renukacharya sex case

    104. Krisniah chetty scam

    105. katta land scam.

    106. Video tapes showing Reddy conspiring to oust BSY

    107. MPLAD scam

    108. Judge Padmaraj appointment.

    109. Bihar treasury scam

    110. Bihar rice scam.

    111. Unholy nexus of Lalit Modi with Vijayaraje Scinadia

    112. Amit shah case in Gujarat

    113. Jayanti case in Gujarat.

    Again, this it the tip of the iceberg. I promise to give you more horrendous accounts of your party which shows BJP in a poor light vis a vis Congress.

    One last reason why Manmohan Singh is better than BSY.

    Manmohan Singh has not been personally accused of corruption. Unlike BSY.

    BSY has got a hundred personal allegations against him IN ADDITION TO BEING A SILENT, PASSIVE SPECTATOR to his cabinet colleagues misdeeds.


    That is the difference between a BJP and Cong.

  70. mounaprasad Says:

    Simple Anna,

    A mere resignation by the congressi crooks (Ashok Chavan, et all) is no punishment for their omission and commission. If anything it is an eyewash. The same holds true for the BJP crooks. By this standard, a Shivaraj Patil who should be hung for dereliction of duty and causing 26/11 massacare in mumbai, walks into the sunset smiling with his sherwani intact. The only punishment fit for their crimes is attach all their immovable property and confiscate their bank holdings/stocks/shares etc and throw in the Andaman jail for the rest of their life with hard labour. Do this to a few from each party and you see how things will quickly shape up.

  71. mounaprasad Says:

    Simple Anna,

    Read Arun Shourie’s interview in Rediff today. He says there is no difference between BJP and Congress, both are hand in glove. This coming from a staunch BJP guy who was twice Rajya Sabha member from BJP and a minister in NDA. And here you are trying to split hairs and trying to establishing BJP and Congress are two different parties.

  72. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    In what way does Halappa Rape case and Renukacharya Sex scandal become issues of national importance and scams?? At the most they can be termed as moral bankruptcy on part of the individuals involved, nothing more and nothing less. Much like N D Tiwari’s sex scandals while he was the Governor of AP. BTW, he still refuses himself to be administered for a paternity test… follow the case if you can…

    I googled to find out what this Bihar Treasury scam and rice scam is all about….

    In treasury scam, it is said that government withdrew money from the treasury without providing necessary bills. This happened over a period of time. And it includes 42 months of Congress supported Rabri Government, Period of time when Governor’s rule was imposed on Bihar and 28 months of Nitish’s Govt. Therefore I fail to understand how you can forget the Congress part and only highlight the NDA part!!!

    The rice scam you keep mentioning is even more interesting. In 2009 Food Secretaries of four states Bihar, WB, Chattisgarh and Assam, wrote to Central Government to release additional rice to them. Instead of responding to the need of our own states, UPA government allowed rice to be exported. And in 2009, the central government was run by Congress/UPA. So how is this a scam of Bihar government????

    Modi and Vasundhara Raje’s unholy nexus as you claim, again in what way has it affected the coffers of this country?? We are talking about the frauds which resulted in loss to the exchequer. Even assuming that there was something brewing between these two people, I am quite certain it comes no way near to the kind of scams which have happened under the patronage of Nun and her chamchas.

    Regarding your various rants on Amit Shah, Gujarat govt etc, please note that the cases are still going on in the courts. To top it, today SIT has admitted that it found no role of Modi in the allegation that he prevented police from acting on complaints. First step, going forward all the cases filed against him and his government will fall flat like this…

    And before I sign off, since you are so fond of land, here is something fodder for you to chew.

    “There is more trouble for former chief ministers Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ashok Chavan, after the Bombay High Court stayed a notification issued by the government during their tenure which converted a huge land parcel in Pune from no-development zone to an open plot.”

    Looks like it is not only BSY who is fond of denotification!!!

  73. Simple Says:


    There is a difference. In congress, the Crook who gets caught is willing to make amends, by leaving the chair.

    In BJP, the crooks continue to be in power, even after caught with their pants down. Totally brazen. Completely devoid of guilt or sensitivity,or shame.

    Yesterday, an FIR has been filed against a powerful cabinet minister in Karnataka. Yet, he brazens in out saying ” I won’t resign”. Neither does the CM ask him to resign.


    That is the difference between a BJP and a Cong person

  74. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    Breaking news… Katta has resigned!!!!

  75. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Kelu J

    Now Simpleton will be inconsolable! He will weep and beat the ground at his favorite RahulDev SoniaMata temple:)

  76. mounaprasad Says:

    Simple Anna,

    I said, a mere resignation of the wrong doer does not suffice…this applies to both BJP and Congress crooks…so read my comment again carefully. The law should take its course and bring the culprit to book and have them sentenced. Now that Shivaraj Patil,Natwar Singh et all have resigned, are you saying that this absolves their dereliction of duty as Home Minister/Foreign Minister?

    Simple Anna,

    Your favorite Congress Home Minister PC is videotaped going out with a hooker in London, as per Subramaniam Swamy who has written to the Bench Warmer PM MMS to sack him, as PC has become a national security risk. The video recording was done by MI6. Also PC was the person who gave clearance of Home Ministry for 2G allotments, a part of which went to dubai based Etilsat, which has close links ISI.

    So as per your logic, now if PC resigns and makes amends that should absolve him of all the omission and commissions.

  77. Simple Says:


    1. Renukacharya scandal has a lesson for us all. It is of vital national importance. What is the signal BJP is giving by making this man a minister?

    It says:

    1) you can sexually exploit a woman and get away with it – inspite of repeated complaints from the woman.
    2) you will actually get a ticket to contest from BJP if you have sexual taints.
    3) not just that, you will also get a powerful minister’s post if you have a resume filled with serious sexual misconducts.

    This actually gives a fillip to ticket aspirants to brazenly exploit others sexually, proudly proclaim it – with the complete assurance that you will be made a minister.

    Imagine such a sexual tainted minister still sitting in position of power in the Congress party. It has never happened.

    N D Tiwari was given the boot.

    Renukacharya is feted and celebrated and tolerated.


    That is the difference between a BJP and a Congress.

    Will revert to your other pathetic attempts at justifying corrupt and sleazy deals of your favourite party.

  78. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Sri Simple Sir,

    What logic Sir!!!! Truly enlightened by your explanation.

    Sir, one question though. Do you take all the facts of a case into account before shooting off sermons like this? The reason why I asked you this is because, in both Halappa’s and Renuka’s cases, it seems like relation turned sour turning into blackmail.

    I am keenly looking forward to your reply on my “pathetic attempt at justifying corrupt and sleazy deals of my favourite party.”

  79. Simple Says:

    1. ND Tiwari was booted out after his bedroom secrets spilled out in the open.

    Why does BJP encourage people like Renukacharya?

    Clearly, Congress is better than BJP on this score.

    2. It is a free country. I can rake up the land scams and mining scams of BSY as much as you have freedom to rake up 2G scams and CWG scams of UPA.

    When you don’t have an answer to the naked vile acts of your party, you start asking me to shut up about land scams and illegal mining scams.

    My point is while action has been taken on 2 G scam and CWG scam and Adarsh scam, why has zero action been taken against the perpertrators of corruption in BJP?

    Clearly, Congress is better than BJP on this score – because Ashok chavan resigned, and enquiry is on, Kalmadi resigned and three officials arrested, more are in the offing. The supreme court is monitoring 2G case, the ED is investigating, the Income tax is investigating, the PAC is investigating – the chief of which is A SENIOR BJP leader.

    Action has been taken by Cong. While BJP still is stuck in its own gooey mess. refusing to sack either the reddy brothers of BSY.

    3. Treasury scam – yes it has been going since 15 years – i say bring all of them to book. Nitish Kumar govt was no different from the other previous govts. Simple.

    4. Yes, SIT has cleared Modi. But supreme court has rejected Gujarat govt’s plea in the Ishrat Jahan case. Supreme court has transferred n number of cases out of Gujarat – how come you are always silent on this?

    5. (read that for Bihar foodgrain scam) I Promise to send you more – this is just an appetiser.

    6. Yea, you will say Amit shah case is in court – so won’t comment. then, what makes your verbal loose motion on 2 G scam , which is also subjudice?

  80. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Read Madhu Kishwar’s article in If anyone still harbours a dream that MMS is clean, this may help them to wake up…

    In case one pretends to be sleeping, then even god cannot make him/her wake up, that is a different story….

  81. BeeEssWhy Says:

    Kelu J,

    You win…you win…you win..I recommend you for Kamalashri award and a 40×60 site on Tumkur Road. Currently it’s a public road. But don’t worry, soon I will denotify it and allocate it as sites.


    What can I say? Next time I fly with Manmohan singh, I will drop a word about you and let Sibal allocate a 2G license in the state of Tripura. Or you can still see the light and move to the right side which is buttered in my state.

  82. Aghast Says:


    relatively, others are more dirty. Therefore MMS is cleaner than rest.

    Acutally, there has not a been a single personal corruption allegation against him. So he is definitely the best PM India has ever had

  83. arvind Says:

    Dear Simple sir, Offlate i don’t see any comments from you,
    i came across this lovely piece of article from Mr.Gurumurthy,
    thought it would be nice if you could go through the article in
    regards, arvind

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