Sauce for Cong goose isn’t sauce for BJP gander?

Ashok Chavan and B.S. Yediyurappa: chief ministers of neighbouring States, one of the Congress, the other of the BJP. Both caught in heavy-duty nepotism. One for allocation of flats in the name of his relatives, the other for allocation of sites and industrial plots in the name of his relatives.

As public pressure mounts, Chavan’s kin “return” their allotments but the party gets him to resign. As public pressure mounts, Yediyurappa brazens it out, pointing fingers at other politicians, even suggesting that nothing was wrong in promoting one’s own children, and finally gets them to “return” their allotments.

But will the BJP ask him to do what the Congress did?

Editorial in The Indian Express:

“If the BJP is indeed satisfied, if Yediyurappa’s explanation that “all CMs do it”, is considered sufficient, then Karnataka politics is in a deep, deep hole…. The sinkhole that Karnataka politics has become is the most persuasive of arguments that real estate and mining desperately need depoliticisation and reform unless they are to poison politics across this country….

“Bangalore, for so long a beacon of progress, is being held hostage to the extractive politics these exemplify. For Karnataka’s sake, Yediyurappa’s attempt to brazen out these revelations must not be allowed. He and his government have shown themselves to be mired in the worst sort of crony capitalism. He must go — and if he refuses, he must be asked to go.”

Editorial in The Times of India:

“It’s time the BJP looked within and ensured its leaders too measured up to the ethical standards the party has demanded from its political rivals…. Corruption in the past can’t be cited to justify current actions. By all means probe previous out-of-turn land allotments and take remedial action. That, however, should not come in the way of clearing the present mess in Karnataka. A clean-up there is urgently called for.

“The BJP leadership needs to set its house in order in Karnataka. The moral register it has adopted in Parliament will sound hollow if the party persists with the current leadership in Bangalore. The Congress has at least asked Ashok Chavan to step down in Maharashtra. Where is the BJP’s Prithviraj Chavan?”

Photograph: Agence France Presse via The Tribune, Chandigarh

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16 Responses to “Sauce for Cong goose isn’t sauce for BJP gander?”

  1. prasad Says:

    Yedu should step down to save the face of the BJP. Let the BJP expose the Congress and the DMK at the center. That is more important for the nation. Congress and Its friends are taking cover behind Yedu’s issue. Once he resigns things will be fine. Congress on the back foot again.

  2. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    If BSY resigns today, there will be lakhs of BJP supporters like me who will heave a sigh of relief in getting rid of this corrupt man….

  3. Kitapati Says:

    Barka dutt is now caught red handed lobbying for congress with dmk

  4. Aruna Says:

    Guess you forgot THE word: “insidious cesspool”

  5. Complex Says:

    Yeddy should resign, now!!!! The allegations againsht him should be investigated by the Lokayukta and he should be prosecuted.

  6. Anonymous Guy Says:

    BJP is full of the worst kind of b*******. And their argument to cover up their corruption is that the congress is no better. Is that really the case?

  7. sriranga Says:

    its not bjp versus congress corruption. if yeddy resigns, so what? will bjp be still under influence of reddy brothers? how can we get rid of them?

    if bjp govt resigns and hdk takes over, how can we prevent him from favoring his people? if congress takesover, wont siddu be corrupt?

    there is no hope for us until we get rid of whole breed of current politicians. atleast we should thank congress for starting the resignation game by sacking maharashtra cm. hopefully, we can force yeddy and the future corrupt cms

  8. subbajji Says:

    kelu janamejaya

    If BSY resigns today, there will be lakhs of BJP supporters like me who will heave a sigh of relief in getting rid of this corrupt man….

    if this happens lakhs of lingayats will abandon BJP…Sadly this will make yeddy save his position.

    My bihar friend says Karnataka bad caste politics is now very much similar to bihar politics(Pre-nitish era)..

    I hope other bad things of bihar(of past) do not come to karnataka.Looking at all this i wish we get mysore maharajas back to power..atleast we could have got deewans like Sir MV or mirza ismail..

  9. Kelu Janamejaya Says:


    I credit our lingayat brethern with much more intelligence than this. They did not choose Yeddy because of his caste background though it helped… but knowing the kind of man he is and if BJP were to appoint an alternate clean CM, like Shettar (though I read today that his brother too got land somewhere in Hubli, but he appears to be an honest man) I dont think the damage will be severe.

    But by removing Yeddy as CM, BJP will do itself a very big favour, trust me.

  10. Pseudo Pseudo Says:


    >>Once he resigns things will be fine.

    You think so or hope so? What would one do with Katta, Renuka, Ashoka, Nirani, Eashwarappa, Reddy and Reddy, Sriramulu and others? Who is the alternative? Everyone is a thief.

    I can only think of Sureshkumar as a clean and sincere man. But he doesn’t represent any dominant caste vote bank. So his chances are dim. Even if he is made the CM, can he swim and survive amidst all these greedy sharks?

  11. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    What Yeddy is upto in that picture? Looks sinister to me. Is he looking for the land beneath Advani’s feet? Does he want it badly? Will he pull a fast one? Should he denotify it? Tantalising.

  12. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Yeddi has to go but then BJP will have to go as well. These JDS types who looted the government nonstop during their 2 year tenure are quietly smug and happy:)

  13. twistleton Says:

    @BH – Good one :D

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Yeah just like these RSS cheddi types felt smug and happy 2 years ago :)

  15. mounaprasad Says:

    Psuedo Psuedo

    >>Sureshkumar as a clean and sincere man. But he doesn’t represent any dominant caste vote bank.>>

    I second your suggestion…but unfortunately Suresh Kumar is Brahmin which does not give him any chance of becoming the CM with both Lingayat and Gowda community angling for the CM’s post.

  16. Avinash Says:

    Enough of Brahmin,lingayat and vokkaliga Cm’s. Please give chance to honest and capable MLA from a under-privileged castes. Do what Devraj aras did to karnataka- giving ministerships to downtrodden and smaller castes.

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