The state of the State is up three & down three

The latest issue of India Today magazine carries its annual “State of the States” survey of India’s best and worst States. Karnataka’s position under the leadership of B.S. Yediyurappa is quite revealing.

The State stands seventh overall in the composite ranking of the 20 big States, below Tamil Nadu (3rd) and Kerala (4th) and above Andhra Pradesh (10th). Himachal Pradesh is no.1.

Karnataka held the no.7 rank in the survey in the last three years, and was 8th in the three years preceding that. The State is not no.1 in any of the parameters on which the States were judged.

As per this year’s rankings, by economists Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari:

# Down in investment environment: The State stands eighth. TN stands at no. 6, AP is at no. 9, Kerala is no. 12. Karnataka’s no. 8 rank is two positions down from the no. 6 rank in the last three years, and down from no. 7 in 2006. HP is no. 1.

# Down in macro economy: The State stands ninth, down from no. 8 last year. AP is at no. 7, Kerala is at no. 8 and TN is at no. 10. The macro economy scene has certainly improved from the no. 10 and no. 11 positions held by the State between 2004-07.HP is no. 1.

# Down in agriculture: The State has slipped to the sixth spot in agriculture, down from no. 5 in the last two years.  TN is at no. 3, AP is at no. 5 and Kerala is at no. 8. Punjab is no.1.

# Even-steven in consumer markets: The State is ranked ninth this year, retaining its position in the last two years. Kerala is at no. 4, TN is at no.7 and AP is at no. 11. Punjab is no. 1.

# Up in primary education: The State has shot up three positions to no. 5. Kerala is at no. 2, TN is at no. 7 and AP is at no. 13. HP is no. 1.

# Up in infrastructure: The State has also shot up two positions to no. 5. TN has risen four positions to no. 2, Kerala has slipped two spots to no. 4, and AP has climbed two spots to no. 8. Punjab is no.1.

# Up in primary health: The State has shot up one spot to stand at no. 5. Kerala is at no. 3, TN is at no. 4, and AP is at no. 9. Jammu and Kashmir is no.1.

# Even-steven in governance: The State has retained its fourth spot, just as Kerala has retained the no. 1 spot, Tamil Nadu the no. 2 spot and Andhra Pradesh the eighth spot. Kerala is no.1.

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6 Responses to “The state of the State is up three & down three”

  1. karihaida Says:

    Oh good.. you got the memo ;)

  2. C Says:

    I would really like to see the underlying data and methodology for these results. Even though Bibek Debroy is probably a good enough Econometrician to do a competent job (being Bengali + Cambridge educated), I still doubt the availability of comprehensive enough data set to make sweeping yet accurate judgements on the rankings of states.

    For eg, in primary education, is it simply number of schools built or the quality of teaching that is checked? So many factors, no?

  3. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    Don’t worry,
    the way everything going on here, karnataka will NOT be in any of those lists next year!

  4. boring journalist Says:

    Is it inspite of the misrule or non performanance of the three governments, which have held office since 2004?s

  5. midil class Says:

    That is what happens when there is no government with majority and a party where every second person is a ‘leader’.

  6. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Midil class,

    And every first person is a ‘dealer’. But truth be told people it’s not so bad. Because I had expected much worse given the 2.5 years siesta and fiesta. So it leaves me wondering what clicks in our beloved state? Surely not the politicians..then? I can only think of benign divine.

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