Hear no scam. Speak no scam. See no scam.

As lesser mortals of a civil (and civilised) State helplessly watch the BJP’s selfless soldiers use public office for private good with a brazenness (and shamelessness) that would put their Congress and JDS peers to shame, chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa strikes the classic pose at the inauguration of Aasare houses in Bagalkot on Saturday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


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4 Responses to “Hear no scam. Speak no scam. See no scam.”

  1. sunitha betkerur Says:

    yeddi did a mistake.he should have taken a course of trining from (mannina maga & mannina mommakkalu) in obtaining land in benami & remain un caught.poor yeddi is caught red handed just for 100 acrs. of land whereas the above said are free even after grabing thousands of acres.

  2. Vinay Says:

    Where are the links to all other Yeddi pictures and images? You should include this set of three images to your catalog. And this being a Yeddi photo article, in true churumuri tradition, you should provide links for all other Yeddi photos below the article!

  3. Tanveer Says:

    Excellent photo. Very apt illustration.

    God save the gullible people of Karnataka from the politicians.

  4. Avinash Says:

    Its quite sad to see educated people like sunitha supporting corrupt yeddy just because they feel others are more corrupt. sunitha,it was government responsibility to investigate and prove the bad deeds of maninna maga and his sons.Now when they have not done that,Yedyurappa does not have any moral rights to say,they did so do I. Democracy is not a children’s game.

    Whoever becomes Cm from BJP now(hopefully not Yeddy) should completly investigate Maninna makkaLa illegal actions.They should bring them to court along with Corrupt yeddy.

    But as citizens we should not support any such corrupt leaders.Vote for good candidates irrespective of party.

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