CHURUMURI POLL: What next for Yediyurappa?

The B.S. Yediyurappa circus continues unabated. Tainted by scams, scandals and controversies from his first day in office, the battered and beleaguered chief minister is hanging on to office like dear life, as newer and more titillating details emerge of his family’s portfolio management.

Told to go by the BJP “high command”, Yediyurappa has struck a defiant note. He has said his best successor is B.S. Yediyurappa. He has shown his preference for a non-Lingayat successor if push comes to shove. He has indicated he could split the party if he is shown the door. He says he wants time till the Zilla Panchayat polls. Etc.

What is likely to be Yediyurappa’s next course of action? Will he give in as a “loyal soldier of the party”, or will he leave the BJP? Will he form a new party or join an existing one? Does the BJP stand to lose from the scams, scandals and controversies? Is the damage confined to Karnataka if Yediyurappa stays, or is it national?

Cartoon: courtesy E.P. Unny/ The Indian Express

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23 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: What next for Yediyurappa?”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    What will happen to the KPN/Churumuri photographer who has been stalking Yeddy for these 2+ years?

  2. krishna Says:

    The only chance BJP got to ensure a better government is now TOTALLY LOST the BJP is a goner! Long Live DEMOCRACY

  3. Sanghamitra Says:

    If Yeddyurappa has some guts, he should put his children behind bar (Not Bar and Restaurant) and probe all their illegal wealth. As per Prajavani today, he claims ignorance of what his children did behind him without his knowledge, what a joke??

    If is claims are true, he should ask CBI to investigate his children who were nothing 4 years back but today own over 300 crores in white money (No account of what they own illegally via benami properties). He is taking disguise behind caste and businessmen lobby. Hope Lingayat’s understand that is corrupt to the core and does not have any morality to continue in CM’s position. He once even knocked JDS doors and did a serious attempt to ditch BJP how can you trust this guy. He is a person with split personality who speaks something in the public glare and does exactly opposite to it.

    There is also an allegation that Mantri Square the mall on Sampige Road is owned by BSY and family there are several investigations going on this issue. There are 100′ of violations by this mall despite of that they are making huge business, if BSY and his kids haven’t got their personal interest in this they shouldn’t have allowed the mall to come up.

    He has distributed G Category sites to his Keith and kin like he distributes newspaper on the street, most of these sites are given to people who are with him past 3 years and know everything of his ill gotten wealth. His driver owns 2 sites in other’s names, this needs to be looked at. Someone need to file a PIL in Highcourt to cancel all allotments under G category past 3 years.

  4. Narayana Says:

    keeping in mind his inclinations of past I prescribe following

    “Homa” of all the files that incriminate him

    Seeking Sai baba’s expertise in material science to make evidence disappear into nothingness.(Sai baba seem to know how to do the reverse.. so he may be able to help in the forward process too!)

  5. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Can churumuri request some one to write a comprehensive expose of all the corruption connected with Yediurappa? That would be a great social service. Looks like the media has not even scratched the surface? While he may not be able compete against late Rajshekar Reddy of Andhra or our own Deve Gowda, he may come close to many other well known corrupt political leaders of India.

  6. LP Says:

    Chaddis wont quit. They only accuse their corruption gurus, the Congies. There is no difference between the two.

    The BJP is as corrupt and communal as the Congress is. If not more. Only morons would love to believe otherwise.

  7. Paresh Says:

    So much for Kannadiga pride that Churmuri often talks about… is a man you should be proud of.

  8. cp Says:

    Seeing his enthusiasm in creating pseudo holidays like Valmiki Jayanthi, Kanaka Jayanthi etc., maybe we can persuade him to go by promising to observe B.S. Jayanthi every year and making him the God of all things B.S.

  9. Satish Says:


    Well said.

    You need to understand that the ‘Thief Minister” BS Yeddyurappa has not only ensured all his children and close family have become illegal owners of 1000s of acres ‘de-notified land’, grabbed prime plots and black money payments within Bangalore but also cannily ensured that all his cronies, cabinet colleagues, the top hierarchy of the BJP (from Venkaiah Naidu to Arun Jaitley to Advani and team) as well as the Cong-I (note the pin-drop silence of the State Cong-I MPs and so-called Opposition leaders like RV Deshpande) have been taken care of with a proportionate share of the obscene loot!

    All the posturing happening now is only a cheap drama to ensure the safety and interests of his overnight billionaire children and crony gang is taken care of in future, which ever leader, party or Govt is in power.

    Even a fearless Justice Santosh Hegde was totally helpless in reigning in this shameless and corrupt Govt while Yeddyurappa has gone on record, personally defended even his own criminal cabinet colleagues like Katta Subramanya Naidu whose close family has been accused by the Lokayukta (ombudsman) of a 3000 crore land scam involving the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) for the past 5 years, a minister whose son was caught red-handed bribing a witness and jailed!

    I remember someone else mentioning in Churumuri: This old greedy thief will sooner or later get replaced by another Ali Baba and 40 thief’s but one good outcome of the whole tragedy on Kannadiga’s is that at least the so called clean and disciplined BJP/RSS leaders are now completely exposed!

    One can only hope that better sense will prevail among the public in future.

  10. karihaida Says:

    Poor Yeddi… he is a LL in corruption. TPTB will take some mamool and leave him off…

  11. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    I think he will survive by sheer brazenness. But in the event he will drag BJP into mud. I like the fact that he is standing upto so called highcommand in Delhi. But I dislike the fact that his conviction is not driven by principles rather by his principals who head the Lingayat Mutts.

  12. midil class Says:

    Ditch him for doing nothing for the state and spoiling the party’s name. I think he was rattled by the destabilization conspiracies and was afraid that he may have to go soon. So what to do? Amass as much as possible before that, loot and scoot.

  13. Sanghamitra Says:

    @ Satish

    Thank you for your comments.

    India badly needs a Wikileaks where at least people who have documents can post it fearlessly.

    I had posession of Shobha’s Kodagu coffee estate documents for past 1 year, she has registered a property worth 40 crores for only 5.5Crores which she has taken loan from SBI and Federal Bank. She has misused her power to influence Assistant Commissioner(Revenue) and Deputy Commissioner Kodagu to clear 79a and 79b cases against Sebastian Anthony and her brother Karandlaje Lakshmana, I am trying to access these documents but not been successful so far again due to her high handedness.

    In the above said 79a & 79b case, her claim was rejected due to submission of fake records in October 2009 and again in December 2009 she made sure this issue is resolved and today the Paani(Land Record) is in the name of Kapila Manjushri Apparels. We tried to trace the address of this so called apparels company and Anthony but they were all fake ones.

    Yeddyurappa’s sons got that 20Cr from South West Mining for the favor they did by banning iron ore exports of mining companies which benefited Jindal Steel by way of dropped iron ore price (Can you believe Jindal Steel has no mines allotted to them???). This 20 Crores is just tip of the needle, they’ve got huge sums of money received outside India.

  14. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The current Karnataka tragedy will be followed by other tragedies. Yediyurappa, taking a leaf out Devegowda book of tricks, will now float his own Appa-Makkalu Lingaayat based party. After all, he has enough money now to play kingmaker.

    Is the attempt to bring this humba down also part of an agenda to keep previous chief ministers’ crimes under wraps?

    Also of interest is Yediyurappa’s cozying up to the Congress. He wants to destroy the JDS, but is willing to spare the Congress.

  15. Roshan Says:

    Wow… the yeddy looks like has looted the entire state clean, there is a allegation almost every day. he was in office for 2.5 years and he has been making shady deals everyday perhaps to be so corrupt!.

    Is this why BJP was asking for 1 chance in the state? to wipe the state clean.

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    IMHO Yeddi is still “adike kalla” when compared to Dirty & Sons who are “aane kallas” :) Yeddi with his bakthi movement has consummately exposed Sushma and Reddy Brothers. Ananth Kumar was always a minor player although his friends at the local media had built him up to be a big man. When BJP came into being as the leading party in Karnataka with the Lotus Operation how could they dismiss Yeddi on corruption charges?!! It just doesn’t make sense.

    I was most touched by HDK’s TV interviews where he spoke like an angel on corruption:)
    The fact of the matter is thanks to Dirty and Sons we have become Bihar as it was in the early days with the various castes jockeying for political office. Full marks to Dirty for mobilizing Gowdas under Gowdas, Lingayats under Yeddi, some what unsuccessful was Siddu with Kurubas and other castes.

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:

    @Mysore Peshavan!

    Just heard that Yeddi will star in a Bollywood blockbuster titled “The ScamShankara Redemption”; It will be retitled “Scamshank Redemption” for Hollywood audience.

  18. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Soon to come:

  19. arvind Says:

    Check this Kumera’s dnotification leeele in 2007

  20. Karavali Says:


    That’s the past. Let him be punished for that. But shouldn’t we be more concerned about the present? What’s the point in justifying the present deeds in the light of past deeds? In that case why did we even have elections to elect a different party? Why waste money on that if things are to remain the same or worse?

  21. Avinash Says:

    Doddi Buddi – I do not agree that Gowdas have mobilised under father son combo.If that happens that will be a deadly blow for BJP in bangalore and malnad belt(chikkamagaluru,sringeri,theerthahalli, and kodagu) as well as kolar. This is in complete contrast to lingayat community which now seems to be completly under the control of Crooked Yedyurappa..

  22. Naarada Piper Says:

    when BSY’s government in Karnataka was teetering towards collapse, a closed door meeting was held in Delhi..In attendance were Advani, Gadkari, Jaitley and a few other trusted members of the inner circle… Will they decide to sack Yediyurappa or will they hold off on the guillotine for now? Find out now at this Youtube video:

  23. boppanna Says:

    Unless some laws are overhauled corruption cant be avoided

    In karnataka state , the Karnataka land revenue act says , you cant have more than 2 lakhs of income from other than agriculture income .. in that case .. tell me in the last 10 years .. 99% of the registrations that happend need to be nullified .. but with this provision all AC/DC and Tahsildars are enjoying the benefits.

    Karnatakas dream of developing agriculture sector will be a big day dream .. if they continue to follow the old rules .

    I wonder why no activist is taking up , this cause to fight with government. These days lot of my Software friends wants to take up agriculture but this funny law acts a major dampener. Why so indifference .

    Probably they willbring another law saying .. only a politicians kith n kin are eligible to participate in politics .. in the same lines a KLR act

    God save us from the stupid beurocracy.

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