Adolf Hitler finally reacts to “Barkhagate”

So what if “mainstream media”, assuming such a beast exists, ignores the Niira Radia tapes in the 2G scam involving, among others, topguns of journalism like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi and Prabhu Chawla?

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15 Responses to “Adolf Hitler finally reacts to “Barkhagate””

  1. Tarlemaga Says:

    There is a huge market for Parallel media in India. The mainstream media sings the songs of powers that are.

    It is time for guerrilla journalism, which does not require sponsors from the Business or Political world for publication.

    Mainstream media are now indulging in YELLOW Journalism. Blank the truth and blankets on the naked truth. That’s how worse they can get.

  2. Vinay Says:


    Blogs like churumuri and countless others are doing a pretty good job, but the only problem is that there are far too many, and each of them has a small subset of visitors. What we need is a mammoth forum that functions as a real unbiased parallel news source!

  3. Manivannan Says:

    Perfect! Hats off to whoever did the satire.

    Agree with Tarlemaga. Its time that media needs to be separated from profit motives. It can happen only if media is run on new models of shared ownership of public. Nearest comparison is Wikipedia/tweeter.

    Soon we will have online shared media, not based on profit. That will only challenge the dominance of ‘mainstream media’ and the connected distortions.

  4. twistleton Says:

    Absolutamente! I agree TM.

  5. prasad Says:

    This is the real story, Shame on NDTV, how many will believe!

  6. Prashanth Says:

    Another master piece

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Amen to Tarlemaga’s wish.

    I fear we live in a country where corruption sets the benchmarks. It is not that someone is incorruptible. He is said to be relatively uncorrupt. I also fear Singh’s Mr. Clean image is a sponsored one, and I don’t mean that his moral errors are venal ones. Poor boy goes to Oxford on a scholarship. Gets a job with the World Bank. Adores the plan to remake the world in Mamman’s image. Unleashes liberalisation on India in happy collusion with PVR. The moral failing was the softpedalling the evils of corruption that accompanied liberalisation without creating a system of checks and balances. Now what does his kowtowing to the DMK in the Spectrum scandal mean if not approval of corruption?

    If the man is all that smart, why be an adiyaalu of a woman who has come to rule the country strictly on orphanhood capital? If he defers to the plans of her cabal, where is the concern for the needs of the least among us?

    Yediyurappa and countless others’ enchanting tales of corruption bringing countless crores to the perpetrators could not have been written in an even marginally incorrupt structure.

    In Karnataka alone, we have many sad stories of powerless fights against corruption, and those of protagonists who were co-opted by the evil they set out to fight. Girish Mattennavar is an example. Then there was the IAS officer named Vijayakumar of whom we don’t hear much these days.

    On the national scene, Where is Rajiv Dixit these days? Why do we get so deeply disturbed by Medha Patkar and Arundhathi Roy when they say things intended to make us take at least a second look at the plans emanating from New Delhi? Our independence from British rule was touted as victory for self-rule, but we cannot bear to hear about the anxieties of people in some of the eternally restless regions like Kashmir in the country and their desire to write their own destinies.

    I am given to pontificating about the need to rethink our national educational policy. Perhaps curricula at every level should include instruction in logic, ethics, and philosophy in general, be it in the humble B.A. program or the exalted Ph.D. in nanoscience, for example. We might thus make at least a dent in our attachment to Chanakya’s powerful hold on the national imagination via the theory that expedience is always justifiable.

    The need to deconstruct the idea of India was never greater than now. I very much hope the ability to take on the job will be generated in every individual among us. Of course, I don’t know how. What can Churumuri and the like do to advance the idea?

  8. twistleton Says:

    Wow, talk about pimps!

    what has journalism been reduced to? it is time to hang our heads in shame.

  9. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    It’s very shameful. These days every sphere of Indian life is infested with scams/corruption.

  10. Anurag Says:

    I think people like barkha and vir singhavi should be sacked and prosecuted they pot ray to be holier than thou but are involved in all sorts of corruptions and malpracticses it is a shame that they will even tarnishe the image of ndtv and hindustan times shame on you (we trusted you and you betrayed our trust)

  11. twistleton Says:

    totally agree. Time to dissect the vicissitudes of the Indian way of life.

  12. midil class Says:

    There is one aspect, which I think we all have to think and debate over. Why all this nonsense is going on in the country unabated and why no institution is left, which is free from blatant corrupt money-wise, mind-wise? To me it occurs that giving a fractured verdict by the people is one of the important reasons. When no party gets absolute majority, if not 3/4th or even 4/5th, things are bound to go astray. Every Thimma, Deva Hari will try to weild power, blackmail. The chota parties become more powerful than the single large party. In such a situation, only survival of the government matters and for the sake of that it will ignore the kind of things going on now. The solution is elect a party (any party) with a large majority and ask for the result.

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Suffice it to say that if Ms. Barkha Dutt worked for any American newspaper, or almost any American television channel, she would be out of a job.

    Ms. Dutt’s credibility has been dented to a point where she’s turned into a dead albatross around NDTV’s neck.

  14. Sunil K. Aggarwal Says:

    Now that the evidence in the tapes is destroyed by Sibal – the MMS troubleshooter ,RT stages an interview at NDTV and times his petition in supreme court. MMS -RATAN TATA-NIIRA-BARKA nexus is the biggest of the stories of the millenium . They need to be tried in public for treason and their sculls hanged at the Patel Chowk.

  15. kenden Says:

    i think NDTV and people who run it is hand in glove with this scandal.

    Whys is she not sacked. NDTV has been Pro Congress for long. this is the best proof that has come out.

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