Adolf Hitler intervenes again on the Radia tapes

As journalists seriously ponder the rot within the media, Varun Grover at The Daily Tamasha provides much-needed levity to the proceedings by asking the basic question: where is the fucking story in the paper I read?

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5 Responses to “Adolf Hitler intervenes again on the Radia tapes”

  1. twistleton Says:

    thanks for this :)

  2. Tarlemaga Says:

    Refer to the language used by Barkha Dutt blatantly against Gujarathis. Her journastic skills are on display here.

    Unfortunate that no one has sued her for using such language on national media.

    Had happen to hear this from my friends earlier, but i couldn’t believe it. This is a shame on the nation, if people get away after insulting our Gujarathi Brethren.

  3. DailyBread Says:

    whatay fall from grace!!! Hope atleast now they will stop pontificating, return quid pro quos like nation’s highest awards which were given for doing the hatchet jobs and disclose on whose behalf they write/speak for what renumeration.

    One look at lifestyle of these anchor/editor-owners and prima donnas from the loss making media outlets will tell you how morally ambiguous & professionally corrupt they are.

  4. Tarlemaga Says:

    NDTV has got into a damage control mode post Barkha gate. They have roped in Ratan Tata to quote “SMOKE SCREEN” the tapes.

    This is not the first instance of similar control mode being switched on by NDTV.

    During 26/11 they went on to give out a second by second coverage, which resulted in the terrorists eavesdropping and creating Hollywood movie out of it.

    The Police commissionar had warned these folks to control their antics, but they got N Narayanmurthy on the board to endorse their coverage.

    During Kargil War again a similar fiasco was repeated and they bring in their ANTI-NATIONAL Journalistic practices to soothe their egos.

    Then Navy Chief had warned Barkha about the harm she is causing to the Nation.

    In a Country where people who indulge in SCAMS and ANTI-NATIONAL Activities are provided with Padmashri, then the valuation of such awards is equal to dust.

  5. gupta Says:

    Hahahaha…so very good , ..only if they showed this on tv..Can’t believe they did, what they did ..i.e Not the actual betrayal..but The Ultimate Betrayal of Blacking Out the News….We can say there are good/bad people…But BLACKING OUT THE NEWS MEANS . YOU HAVE ONLY BAD PEOPLE….

    I have folllwed them for 15 damn years…and they just eroded our a second….Where do we go now…who to trust…

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