A matador takes the bulls by their horns (almost)

At the close of what perhaps has been his most successful week in political life—when he showed that not just the Reddy brothers, his party MLAs, the governor or the opposition, even his party high command can’t dislodge him—Karnataka chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa strikes a valiant pose during a visit to the house of an organic farmer in Bijapur district on Saturday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


The B.S. Yediyurappa photo portfolio

1) Is it an idol? Is it a statue? Is it a mannequin?

2) One leg in the chair, two eyes on the chair

3) Yedi, steady, go: all the gods must be crazy

4) Kissa Karnataka chief minister’s kursi ka: Part IV

5) Why did the chief minister cross the road divider?

6) Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down

7) Dressed to thrill: Yedi-Chini bhai bhai in Shanghai

8) Survival of fittest is a great photo opportunity

9) Drought relief one day, flood relief the next

10) How a chief minister should drink tea. (Or not.)

11) Let the rebels know, the CM will not bow one inch

12) Even four pairs of hands can’t stave off the flak

13) Yediyurappa regime slips into yet another sandal

14) Behind every successful cyclist, there are a few men

15) Life’s a cycle. What goes up must come down.

16) A leg up for the one is a leg up for the other

17) The emperor’s new clothes has a loose button

18) Why does this poor, selfless soldier cry so much?

19) The great Indian rope trick adds inches to a giant

20) Even Alan Donald would quiver at such a glare

21) One sanna step for man, one giant leap for anna

22) A party of loafers, thieves, liars and land-grabbers

23) Three years in power = three rings, or is it four?

24) Say hello to the sarsanghchalak of the ‘ling parivar’

25) Why you didn’t this picture in today’s papers

26) Across, the line, feet wide apart, head still high


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15 Responses to “A matador takes the bulls by their horns (almost)”

  1. Kidigedi Says:

    None expected Yeddy to be so shameless and brazen. He is setting really low standards, with help from seers and open misuse of public money. Hardly the stuff one expects from an RSS activist.

  2. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    And we the people take the bullshit by the buckets by this gentleman in whites everyday.

  3. Poli Hudga Says:

    Huch munde madveli undavne jaana! The whole political class had made voting public into a bunch of jokers …..

    Long live Banana republic!

  4. maisuru Says:

    Shikaripur’s main Temple deity is known as Hucharaya Swamy ! May be that name has some influence on Yeddy !

  5. Satish Says:

    The ‘Thief Minister’ has taken the people for a royal ride all these years and successfully converted Karnataka into “the supreme den of corruption”.

    It is indeed a tragedy to note that all his family and ruthless cronies are still make millions illegally and in broad daylight while laughing it out in front of the helpless public.

    Soon after the upcoming panchayat and local elections, the BJP high command may decide an end to the political and caste-based blackmailing by the most shameless and arrogant CM ever, Karnataka has ever had. However, in many ways the silver lining is that such a crooked politician has completely revealed the true color of the so-called clean and disciplined RSS & BJP workers.

  6. Shetty Says:

    Renowned Yeddi side-kick turned rebel matador, turned-again Yeddi disciple, and now the state excise minister Renukacharya, accompanied by his family (wife Suma, overnight millionaire brother M P Basavaiah and some 20 others) minus Nurse Jayalakshmi, visited Shri Kukke Subrahmanya temple on Saturday.

    He offered ‘Ashlesha Bali’, ‘Mahabhisheka’ and ‘Naga Pratishtha’ rites that are supposed to have cost around 18 lakhs in net cost. Renukacharya also got his dear son weighed in raisins and offered the equivalent of 45 kgs of them to the temple. The Gold offerings which were part of the rituals were kept confidential.

    Speaking to newspersons, he said that he offered special prayers for Karnataka’s savior, B S Yeddyurappa so that the 5-year term was completed, thus ensuring poverty is completely eradicated from the state. He also paid a visit to Shri Samputa Subrahmanya Math and sought blessings from Shri Vidyaprasanna Tirtha Swamiji.

    Belonging to the Lingayat community, excise king Renukacharya had betrayed the Reddy bros in the past and most recently showed the BJP in bad light by leading the 20 dissidents in a blind circle. Renukacharya claimed that the CM enjoys the undisputed support of the Lingayat Mutt swamijis since he had granted unaccounted Govt money to several Maths during the last 30 months apart from distributing premium real estate under ‘G Quota’ to all and sundry including key opposition leaders as well as peons in his own office. (http://www.tehelka.com/story_main48.asp?filename=Ne041210Servants_Drivers.asp)

    Renukacharya added that the RSS, BJP, Bagaranga Dal, & VHP people were firmly behind the continuation of Yeddyurappa and his own grand ‘Mahabhisheka’ on Saturday had their blessings. He further revealed that despite a busy agenda meeting pseudo astrologers, swami’s, real estate developers and NRI businessman, Yeddyurappa would soon visit the Subrahmanya temple once again to offer elephants and Gold from the state treasury after his pending visit to revered cave shrine of Vaishno Devi.

  7. Karavali Says:

    The common man feels very helpless in the midst of all these scamsters. Whom does one trust in such times?

    One had high hopes that atleast to regain the moral high ground, the BJP bosses will ask this crook to go home. But they showed us the people that they are no different than other parties except for the rhetoric.

    In that sense it is more nauseating to see their spokesmen holding forth eloquently in the media about corruption. They want JPC probe in 2G but they don’t want probe by Lok Ayukta in Karnataka about YeddyGate. They scream about missing papers in Adarsh scam but are tongue tied why the tainted CM Yeddy should be in gaddi who can do the same Saibaba trick with the papers related to his hundred scams.

    This is hypocrisy and makes one disillusioned with the alternatives on offer.

  8. Pseudo Pseudo Says:

    This man should go. Not that we have great incorruptible leaders waiting in the wings to take over. But if he survives it will make the politicos more brazen about the corruption. Also what message BJP & RSS think they are sending out to common people by latching onto this gomukhavyaghra?

  9. mindry.in Says:

    Here’s a satire of he recent political crisis in Karnataka.

  10. OneF9Day Says:

    looks like sushma’s kids are doing well …..
    looting people like never before… i have no idea why Kannadigas are so insensitive towards the turmoil being carried out by these politicos. Is kannadiga more or less a refined version of bihari?? may be an english speaking bihari…
    Until now Educated People were some hope for change in India… but the problem is that they are most indifferent to the soil they grow upon. always ready to fly to “greener pastures”. They are the one who betray the mother land. In such situations hope only shifts to farmers (son of soil) …..

  11. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Corruption is all over India like an epidemic which is going to kill or ruin many. Nothing to do with any language.
    Corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, media , eben teachers all speak one language that is of corruption. It is the same in even our neirghbouring states also. Most people from peons to presidents extend hands for money without any shame.

  12. arjun Says:

    most of you just comment based on what you read here and there. Go and visualise practically whats happening around. Every CM makes money- nobody can stop or deny that. Everyone needs money to run their party. In present scenario, there is no better mass leader than yeddi to run the state. Atleast he is doing some developmental work like bhagyashree, arogya kavacha, and he is the first to ban iron ore export from state. He has also announced 1% interest loan for farmers- first in country. In the end it must be realised that everyone is a thief- but it is impt to select a thief who can be a good friend than an evil like the congress or jds. Atleast this man had the courtesy to return what he took. What about the others? Also according to BDA info i have, he has not even done 1% of what others have done.

  13. BeeEssWhy Says:


    Thank you dear. With friends like you I will scale new heights and sell new land. It’s the jealous people who couldn’t see the good work I was doing for my family. See whole state is my family. I have to do good for them no?

    So I started with my family and covered till 4th brother-in-law of my great-grand-dad’s cousin’s father-in-law. I gave all of them a few sites and some money via benami companies so that they can build houses. This scheme is called Arthika kavacha.

  14. Vitlan Potli Says:


    Is that a typo? you seem to have introduced a ‘v’ in the last word

  15. BeeEssWhy Says:

    Vitlan Potli,

    Eh! Suryange torcha? My dear fellow, there is no typo. I can see that you are confused.

    Let me explain. One man’s poison is other man’s food no? Similarly one man’s kavacha is other man’s ka_cha. That is a novel scheme that will be launched soon and will be called Operation K. My sincere endeavour is to reduce most of the people to that state.

    In that regard we are launching a new company. Watch out for the IPO of Dr. Yeddy’s Laboratories. It will be a multi-sector play in Mining, real estate and Gas (lots of it).

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