Bangalore journos named in site allotment scam

It’s raining scams across the country—and the media is increasingly getting caught in the downpour with its pants down. In just the last few weeks, newspapers, magazines and TV stations have stood accused of conflict of interest, outright plagiarism, questionable business practices, and equally questionable journalistic practices.

In the backdrop of the Adarsh scam in Bombay which claimed the head of Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan, the preferential allotment of vacant plots and houses to media houses and mavens as a form of favouritism, if not subtle bribery, has drawn attention too.

Last week, in Tehelka magazine, the BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad raised the issue of media houses pontificating on ethics while sitting on land leased at one rupee (yes, Re 1).

Hundreds of plots around the country have been given to big media houses in Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida on Re. 1 lease. What about them? If you want to raise a question on discretionary quota, then please check every allotment.

In its latest issue, Tehelka runs a cover story titled “Land Scam 2.0“, in which it carries a “partial list” of Karnataka journalists who have been allotted expensive house plots in Bangalore under the controversial “G” category of the chief minister. And if the buzz is to be believed, one of those on the list has already had to pay a price for his apparent indiscretion with his job.

If Ashok Chavan’s relatives and B.S. Yediyurappa‘s could return their allotments after being caught, will the journalists?

Screenshot: courtesy Tehelka

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12 Responses to “Bangalore journos named in site allotment scam”

  1. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Kudos to Tehelka for helping clean the stables of journalism’s Augeases. Kudos to Churumuri for recognizing the effort.

    Nothing is more important — not even competence — than to redeem the integrity of India’s journalists and their craft through self-critical, introspective meditation.

  2. Abhi Says:

    Not surprising. Country is already leased to people with power. MLAs/MLCs get sites in premier locations with just 1 term. Don’t know who else get.

    This country is finished. There is no future. Stop wasting your time. Just try joining the other group and just be indifferent.

  3. Malnad_Huduga Says:

    “Innocent until caught” should be apt to describe Indians,
    no one is innocent here but waiting for some scam to expose their true
    Everyone tries to make mockery of system.. Fraud, nepotism, greed
    are inbuilt characteristics.. Look at our education, health and bureaucracy,
    Judiciary systems everything can be bought.. now media :(
    mera Bharat mahan

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yes Abhi. Who would refuse ‘expensive house plots’ in Bangalore?

    There is supply, demand and our inability to be efficient. Corruption is just an inevitable side-effect of the life/culture we live in.

    Besides joining in or being indifferent, you could risk your life and try to fight the system – and risk having the paramilitary or police trying to eliminate you for asking for justice due to you. I doubt if anyone who has access to the internet and browses these columns would belong to this group.

  5. boring journalist Says:

    Tehelka and in the process Churumuri deserve congratulations for ripping the lid out of the sordid deals between the journos and the persons in power.
    This kind permissive policy on the part of the politicians in winning over journalists is being practised by many of the state governemnts. In Karnataka, it has been happennings overtly from the days of Mr S M Krishna and policy has been scrupulously continued byhis successor.
    Story has been going round that some of the journos in Bangalore have got a quota of transfers for consideration.
    Not for nothing that the press has been losing credibility in the eyes of the public and the politicians have been treating with contempt.
    It has been common in Karnataka that politicians like DEvegowda is openly contemptuous of the scribes and not a single scribe who is otherwise touchy has dared to protest.
    A quid proquo in the process has been that no newspaper in Karnataka today carries in political analysis, for fear of annoying the benefactors in power.
    eIn Kor uehhad to be congratulated for

  6. prasad Says:

    Media like Nityanand & the Congress party are Clean as they do service to the people of India at large.

  7. S.R.Ayyangar Says:

    I was aghast to read in newspaper that even a BBMP road in Vyalikaval area was sold @27/-per sq. by our saint (Yeduriappa) to sons of great film actor Raj Kumar!!!

  8. Truth Teller Says:

    S. Rajendran, who made it to the list, is The Hindu correspondent covering JD(S). This crook has made crores of rupees kissing Deve Gowda’s arse. He is in the same league as the Prajavani journo, Jagadish, who is probably the trailblazer of them all.

  9. OneF9Day Says:

    looks like “saga of 2012” is happening in lives of “We, The People”…
    people are looting others like never before…. now i see why people are in such hurry. It is 2010 so we are left with mere 2 years…. carry on the drama. but make it a bit quick… you see!!! we are running out of time.

  10. midil class Says:

    They are worse than w****s

  11. Shankar Says:

    H R Ranganath, now with suvarna news 24 7 sits on judgement on landscams , preferential allotments of politicians everyday, when he is also a beneficiary ! such a shamelsss person !!

  12. arjun Says:

    Most of the sites were given by the congress and JDS. BJP had to do it to keep itself in power! however since this has been exposed and the CM has told he wouldn’t do it again, atleast he has taken a better step than others who reject it

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