Has Ratan Tata ruined the Tata brand image?

Although it has a finger in every pie, the Tata group has enjoyed a sterling reputation as a cut above the rest. Unlike the Ambanis and Birlas and everybody else, the group boasts of a “clean and incorruptible” image. Unlike others, it has been known to do things differently, keeping the “community” at the core.

Is that well-earned image in danger, judging from a bunch of recent incidents? And as he prepares to step into the shadows, having turned a quiet Parsi outfit into a global conquistador, will Ratan Tata—under whose leadership the revenue of the Tata group has gone up 40 times—go down as the dikra who messed with the holy grail?

For starters, the Tata group is smack bang in the middle of the Rs 173,000 crore 2G spectrum allocation scam. The tapped conversations of Ratan Tata’s chief lobbyist, Niira Radia, reveal how a gang of politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, and journalists re-inserted the tainted A. Raja into Manmohan Singh‘s cabinet in 2009.

# One key conversation (on 13 June 2009) between Radia and DMK supremo M. Karunanidhi‘s third wife Rajathiammal matches with the contents of a set of documents that were doing the rounds earlier this year, that revealed that the Tatas (through their subsidiary Voltas) had agreed to build a building in Madras, apparently as a payoff to DMK for keeping Dayanidhi Maran out of the telecom ministry.

# And, for another, the Tatas come out poorly in a Radia conversation that reveals that former Jharkhand chief minister Madhu Koda had demanded Rs 180 crore for a Tatas’ mining lease to be extended. Radia gets the lease extended through the governor Syed Sibte Razi, and she is rewarded a “success fee” besides a Rs 1 crore reward to her team.

In conversations with Radia ranging from the cute to the colourful, Ratan Tata reveals more than just passing interest in the retention of A. Raja in the telecom portfolio. “I’m surprised that Raja after all that you supposedly did for him is playing this game,” he says in one conversation. “I guess the only concern I have is that Maran is going hammer and tongs for Raja. And I hope Raja doesn’t trip or slip or…”

These one-liners only add grist to a delicious rumour, twice repeated, that Ratan Tata actually wrote a hand-written letter to Karunanidhi on Raja’s “rational, fair and action-oriented leadership” in December 2007. To now see the same Ratan Tata say that if the government did not step in and uphold the rule of law, the environment of scandals could see India slide into becoming a “banana republic” and to see that he is thinking of invoking the right to privacy and moving the Supreme Court is revealing in a Freudian sort of way.

Obviously, doing business in India and growing at the kind of rate the Tatas have, is not a walk in the park. Equally obviously, the Radia conversations do not represent the full story. Still, have the tapes removed the halo from around the head of the Tatas? Is Ratan Tata right in seeking shelter under right to privacy, or is he trying to hide more dirt from coming out? And has Ratan Tata proved no different from his much-reviled peers?

The most noise usually comes from the people who have the most to hide.

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50 Responses to “Has Ratan Tata ruined the Tata brand image?”

  1. Meghana Says:

    Shame on Ratan Tata – he is no different from the Ambanis and the Birlas of the world.

  2. div Says:

    another case of innocent until exposed!

  3. VTVenkataram Says:

    Ratan Tata is noway greater than or less than Ambanis and Birlas !!!

  4. Pseudo Pseudo Says:

    It’s too quick and easy to add Ratan Tata to the same rogues gallery that’s peopled by Raja and Yeddyurappa.

    We seem to take some vicarious pleasure in dethroning the icons and then seeing them eye to eye at the same level of corruption that we are steeped in ourselves. But again one never knows as the innocence is lost at a frightening pace nowadays.

    May be this tired cliche is true afterall – Mera Bharat Mahan, sou me nabbe be-imaan.

  5. Super Nan Maga Says:

    Why masquerade as a honest business man? Believe me people will understand if you aren’t as long as you make money for them.

  6. Narayana Says:

    Tatas are not running a charity. They have a duty to their shareholders. We can not expect Tata to be a saint when we absolve the corruption all around. Tatas turning venal is like shit hitting the ceiling. Rather than going after Tata introspect what makes every one corrupt in India.

  7. Kidigedi Says:

    So you expect Tata to be cut above the rest even when the others are openly indulging in easy shortcuts.

    How can you expect a business to survive when all these Ambanis are clearly forming not-so-open deals with select political parties?

    Haven’t you seen how Dheerubai’s cheap methods are supported in the movie “Guru”, that too coming from Mani Ratnam?

    So, you expect Ratan Tata to be a role model Kasturi Nivasa hero who will donate everything and finally will not have anything at hands? It is corporate business.. man, you need to follow the trend, or else get lost in the wilderness.

    I am very happy with the Tatas that they are still doing their best to bring something good to Shri Saamaanya.. They have the Nano, and of late I read about this project which aims to have solar power to poor households affordable (http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-tata-taps-mit-to-light-up-low-income-houses/20101126.htm). They have sponsored event like Chennai Open Tennis, other sports too.

    Can anyone say the same about the Ambanis?

  8. Lalitha VT Says:

    Ratan Tata even managed Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee for Nano Car plant at Singur, West Bengal. Other people like Ambanis and Birlas work openly and are exposed. For those who are in the know of Indian Business , this News is not a News !!.
    It is now clear that Raja alone is not to be blamed for 2-G Spectrum Scam, and there are many, many more people involved !!

  9. Niraj Singh Says:

    Tatas cannot be compared to other Indian companies. Abetting corruption is one thing and trying to play hardball in a rabidly corrupt system is another. I have personally seen companies managing bureaucrats and Tata’s getting left behind just because at the heart they are the company that wants to play fair. Sometimes you don’t want to plod the dirt, you get someone to do that for you. Enter Nira Radia.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:


    What do you think – what makes everyone corrupt in India?

    Let me get the ball rolling by making a statement – it is inherent in the Indian culture and way of life.

  11. Tarlemaga Says:

    Have always been stating that Corruption is a way of Life in South Asia.

    It is prevalent even in the religion and gurus who have been teaching.

    Reddy Bros got mining lease, they end up with a Diamond Crown at Thirupathy.

    Asif Ali Zardari is known as 10% in Pakistan.

    Barkha will be known for Barkhagate.

    Rajiv Gandhi known for Bofors

    Yeddiyurrappa is known as Corruptappa
    Now if the media, judiciary,Industrialist,Police, politicians are all painted with the same brush, whom does common man look for.

    It might be a bit cynical to state, if you cant win over them. Join them

  12. OneF9Day Says:

    Anonymous Guy
    corruption is universal …. after all humans originated in Africa… you see!!!

    it is not just us …. Greed is a survival instinct. In his place you might have acted in a more pathetic way. He seems to be far better than others.

    in emerging economies such things are common.. and with the HUGE population like ours, it is obvious to happen…unless you have strict laws like Arabs to punish the guilt. now i see why one marathi wants sharia in india.

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Sorry Rattan Tata lost it big time! Who is he to say to what purpose Radia tapes be used!!

  14. prasad Says:

    When you see all this Yedi is a dust particle in the storm cerated by the Corrupt Congress and its friends and 2G!

  15. twistleton Says:

    i suppose you are right, corruption can be forgiven, if it means the system ultimately delivers what it is supposed to.

    Why corruption exists? Considerable soul-searching required for this. One reason could be – we are a politically inert people, complacent and apathetic, educated/uneducated alike dependent on the State’s (or someone else’s) largesse.

    We have not entirely shrugged off our feudal mindsets, and have not realized our democratic potential. Also, those of us who can afford to change are too comfortable with the status-quo and are content with shaking our heads and clicking our tongues.

    One other reason could be that government servants are not paid sufficiently, but that still does not explain the need to accumulate crores and crores of rupees. Perhaps some primeval fear exists in us, that one day all this might be wiped away and then there will be nothing left for us. Perhaps corruption is taking the concept of “save it for a rainy day” a bit too far.

    Or it simply could be some button that is switched on in the brain when people cross an assets-threshold; those with a lot of money just can’t seem to have enough and always feel the urge to lay their gold ringed fingers on more.

    Which reason is true, do you think?

    How much corruption is allowable? It is not entirely avoidable, but what does one do, if people in power want to grow economic all of a sudden and start cutting corners when they shouldn’t? Corruption creating a hazard to peoples’ lives and/or well-being shouldn’t be excused.

    Probably the TATAs represent the one extreme of the corruption spectrum – the gray bordering on white end.

    Today there is only one principle at work: have money, will buy (be it success, honour or simply more money)

  16. Narayana Says:


    I think we have discussed this earlier.

    In every country there will be 10% of people who are honest and 10% of people who are extremely cunning and rest of the population is in between.(Normal Bell Curve) Polity works best when honest 10% make it to power. Social service reaches pinnacle when a person of probity who has reached self actualization gets involved.

    I would expect this Bell curve to be there in every country. I am still confident that there are people who are incorruptible in India.

    It is just unfortunate that Nehru became prime minister of India. Many of the problems started out with Nehru. Another country which got independence one year after India (Singapore) had almost the same culture as that of India. But Singapore was fortunate to get Lee Kuan Yew and now you can see the difference a person of probity makes to the generation that follow. This is one reason why India lagged and is now slithering into a hell hole. Its legacy of leaders.

    However it is only half the reason. There is also another multiplier that aggravates bad leadership. In India traditionally we have never used our brains to question questionable decisions of elders. That is again an Asian trait. This is a double edged sword. If there is a good leader at power , general obedience to him would help him accelerate development (as happened in Singapore) But same subordination of entire India to bad leadership took India down. That is our cultural part that needs to be seriously jettisoned if we are to jolt India out of the hell hole.

    Then we have smaller evils which at times can be disastrous. One is insecurity and other is a fatalistic approach.

    As a society we have insecurity deep in our psyche. Our education should have attempted to remove that insecurity. But we got education which British devised to heighten that insecurity rather than ameliorate it! Science was never a major education in British India and even now we are reeling from science deficit in most educated Indians including our super scientists who visit Sai baba before the satellite launch!!! Poor education probably was also the reason why we get poor leaders who can not think strategically.

    Next is a classic Indian trait .. inaction due to fatalism. There are many of us who simply want to keep quiet and wish that fate will serve Gandhi family or Yadiyurappas and Reddys and Rajas of the world! Where as in west they believe “Fate is what you make” as John Connor would say in Terminator. Recently I had a first hand experience on how Indians and Whites think differently. Bajpe air crash investigation concluded that Pilot was at fault as per investigators in India. However if you tap into professional pilots rumor network you will see another view by European pilots who felt even co pilot was responsible because despite repeated failures by pilot, co pilot who probably had more experience in flying that particular aircraft as well as landing in Bajpe did not forcefully abort the landing. As per European pilots landing can not be done unless both Pilot and Co pilot agree. So inaction by pilot after repeated warnings by copilot should have resulted in copilot not agreeing for landing. But his fatalistic mentality and subordination to boss what ever may come took his and other lives.

  17. Narayana Says:

    Now the solutions
    For Bad Leadership — Make retirement compulsory after two terms — like USA, even though Bush was a blunder.. America could get rid of him.
    Subordination to elders — Make letter of law more important than seniority of elder. Punish the wrongdoer seriously
    Insecurity – Educate ( Not what British did to India. But what British are teaching their own kids) — also to some extent I feel social security act of US is responsible for risk takers in US society– India too should get a similar social security..That may remove some motivation in the societal conditioning to respect elders.
    Fatalism- Again Scientific education will elucidate that Sai baba will not decide fate of satellite launch.

  18. BeeEssWhy Says:


    Nice try. I am pleased with your constant effort to provide me a large banyan leaf to go with my Emperor’s new clothes. I will allot you a prime corner site when I denotify rest of Bangalore.

  19. Goldstar Says:

    >>Now if the media, judiciary,Industrialist,Police, politicians are all painted with the same brush, whom does common man look for.

    Add the military to this list. so many scams, even before Adarsh, has tarnished its image now :-(. Nothing is clean now in India.

  20. Pagan Says:

    ayyo so much analysis.. bell curve and all! “corruption is because of brahmins and banias” is all he was expecting.

  21. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    My humble two paise on this.

    As any other human being on this planet, we Indians (most of us) are corrupt and conform to the norm of survival of the fittest. Contrary to the theories peddled about the possibility of us directly descending from heaven and thus being of superior values and ethics, we are essentially homo sapiens given to all the seven sins – greed being the foremost.

    So let’s not haggle on whether we are worse off or better than our African brethern. It won’t take us anywhere.

    The trouble is with lack of checks and balances in our public life. Reagan did say a page full of wise things when he was a tenant at Whitehouse. One of those things was ‘I Trust but verify’.

    So let’s all assume we Indians are prime piece of divine. But let’s not stop at that. If we put the fear of God (or early retirement in a 4×4 ill-lit cell @ Hindalga jail) into our bureaucrats, politicians and any one dealing with public money or policies, then we can certainly expect some change. Otherwise we would always be left with some loose change while these white collar thieves make millions.

  22. H.R.Bappu Satyanarayana Says:

    Tata’s ‘Walk the talk’ certainly diminishes his image but does not compromise to such an extent as to deserve the cynical comments about his incorruptibility. By and large his stature remains unsulled. For example see how there is such a frenzy in trying to draw redheering in the case of 2G spectrum scam. The very fact the parliament is in a stalemate over JPC probe issue for the 12th day is indicative that the Congress is on an overdrive The plain fact is that if it was only Raja who is involved I doubt the Congres would have been so obdurate for earlier JPC have been held and nothing tangible has happened. But what has queered the pitch this time is the taint may touch the PM for delaying permission for prosecution of Raja. In fact the observation of the SC leaves little doubt about the culpability of Raja and if it presses through the way it is going on it is feared that it amy draw many people in the web. The whole world respects PM as a man of impeccable integrity. The question is whether this integrity can override national interest? There are no easy anwers and he has been caught in the same dilemma as when Pandavas remained silent when Draupadi was being strippped before all. What happened?This silence whatever justification that may be advanced resulted in destruction of all except Pandavas. In the final analysis I can only quote Oscar Wilde in ‘ Lady Windermere’s Fan; ;Don’s put people on high pedestal and it is an uneasy perch difficult keep the balance. The situation in which both Tata and PM finds themselves is in such a situation.

  23. RA Says:

    What is the epitome of corporate niceties Ratan Tata, doing with questionable character like this lady lobbyist. Remember he made her the sole PR agency. Will he fire her now that her questionable tactics and reports of having proxy shares in real estate & fraudulent Telecom companies, are out in open ?

    If not, how different is he from the erstwhile Mafia bosses, who hire a hit-man to do their dirty jobs but keep their own hands clean.

    JRD Tata must be turning in his grave on hearing, how his beloved companies, have started functioning.

  24. twistleton Says:

    @ Narayana

    Comprehensive analysis that, but the fix-its you offer will also be plagued by the same attitudes. How do we get out of the vicious cycle?

    Does the change stem from a gradual easing into a higher enlightened state or does it have to be swift and sudden?

  25. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Good analysis. But as twistleton says about the solutions, it is difficult to imagine why the same attitudes which comes with our upbringing (fatalism, tribal/caste/religious loyalties, passiveness, herd mentality) will drag not everything down, when implementing any solutions.

    What I struggle to think of is what will cause any solutions to be applied and taken up on a scale where it will make any difference? What would cause the majority to become aware and start bootstrapping themselves (which currently only the politicians etc. know how to do)? Or will things go on as it always has?

  26. mounaprasad Says:

    I remember ULFA extremists were treated in a Tata Hospital in Assam and also stayed in a TATA guest house for some time during recuperation. This was long ago, I do not remember the time frame. It was quietly hushed up. So all this squeaky clean image of a business house is just media creation…like the squeaky clean image of MMS..it is a chimera.

  27. Narayana Says:

    @H.R.Bappu Satyanarayana

    Your comment “The whole world respects PM as a man of impeccable integrity”

    Included me by default. I want to walk out from your “world”!!!

    All that I am asking Indians in India is to think rationally. If you want to declare someone as impeccably honest first you need to create a few assertions on what integrity means and then conduct tests to verify if that individual meets the criteria.

    Merriam webster defines “integrity” as firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values .
    Firm adherence does not mean closing your eyes when someone else is looting the country under your leadership. Courts consider this as guilty by ommission.

    We have no leaders whom we can trust. Manmohan singh is fig leaf invented by Gandhi family and now defamed Delhi media to inculcate legitimacy to vastly feudal setup. It is sad that even learned people are singing peans to MMS where as he should have been doing his time in Tihar for his ommissions. Buck should stop there. If you are still not convinced look at other instances.. Remember RamaDoss incident. MMS was also sitting on that file for more than two years. I have heard from very credible sources much before(almost two years before) the MCI got exposed MMS was in the know of things but did not do anything to stop the loot.

    Yet another ploy to inject legitimacy is quoting great intelligence of MMS as an economist. Here tooo India has to be rational. He was a failed economist and failed the country miserably. When world bank had to write a check to save Chachawadi’s ass they put a condition that finance minister should be an economist. Which other economist could chachawadis think off except bobble head called MMS who would happily nod his head on everything Chachwadis said.
    I had blogged about real reasons on how MMS got FM post and real writers of the India economic liberalization in my blog sometimes back. Read it or study the controversial agreement GoI signed with complete micro level steps that needed to be taken. Some of these steps do not make sense even to a non economist like me. e.g. How can you have liberalization without repeal of 42nd amendment which took away right of property? Or why is liberalization is construed as any one can setup industry without environmental clearance!!!

    One last thing I learnt in business school is economy is too important to be left alone to economists. Crowd has to start asking questions about wisdom of these so called economic magicians!!

  28. ERR Says:

    Now why is Ratan all of a suuden praising Jawhar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi? What’s the motive behind that?

  29. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    anonymous guy
    I strongly disagree with your statement that corruption is inherent in indian culture. There are enough honest people in India but also they dont raise their voices and oppose. or may be they are silenced.
    It is all over the world: industrialising , industrilaised countries. In industrialisng countries, ordinary citizens have to bear the brunt, while in case of industrilaised economies, it does not affect ordinary citizens. They wont suffer so much for their food, shelter etc.
    Scams are rocking india in the 15 to 20 years or so.

  30. twistleton Says:

    @ Narayana

    That’s the nub of the matter. What if the crowd has lost its ability to question the State in ONE VOICE?

    And what does the crowd do if the State turns a deaf ear to all of the crowd’s questions?

  31. midil class Says:

    There is an interesting bit of news in today’s Deccan Herald, in the column ’50 years’ before’. On this day 29th November 1960, Acharya Kripalani and Lal Bahadur Shastri seem to have quarrelled in the Parliament over receiving money from corporates for ‘Party Fund’ . So… there is nothing new in the ‘give and take’ between the governments and corporate world. This has been going on since ages and in spite of occasional ‘Oh My God’ this will go on till the system exists. So keep blogging, debating, crying foul, cursing the perpetrators and our fate. Carry on Folks. Nothing will happen, nothing will change.

  32. Gouri Satya Says:

    Even during Nehru period, there were scandals – jeep scandal involving V.K.Krishna Menon, an Import licence scandal involving T.T.Krishnamachari, which was followed by Mundhra scandal.

  33. BeeEssWhy Says:


    Don’t read too much into his praise for JN and IG. He had praised NaMo too when he wanted land for Nano in Gujarat. Nothing wrong with that. They are businessmen and not saints.

  34. Narayana Says:

    One century ago, your great great grand parents felt exactly like you amidst atrocities of British. But still India got independence because of dare devilry of one individual of exemplary integrity who refused to sleep with enemy.(Unlike chacha and bapus of those day)

    Feeling helplessness is creation of mind when it does not want to come out of comfort zone. Most of the Indians who are feeling helpless are actually being part of the crime. If you read MLK you will know what should be the response.”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice”

    Regarding rational responses.. yes the window is closing. 10 years ago there was a window for southern states to seccede from corrupt north. But looking at news coming out of Karnataka now I feel Karnataka too is lost. Malcom gladwell mentions tipping points to describe systems which swing around from one extreme to other. We have to locate such tipping points to work for our advantage. Rather than fighting corruption at global level fight it at local level. I mean do not go head and tongs with Yeddys and Reddys instead just use the model panchati raj act drafted by Arvind Kejriwal and go to vidhan soudha when the session is on introduce this using your citizen’s right. I am sure there is a provision in Indian constitution to allow private bills. Shame the yeddys and reddys if they do not pass the bill and hold a seize to Bangalore using 5800 panchayats of Karnataka. till they pass the bill. Let it be like storming of Bastilles.

  35. Manivannan Says:

    Narayana and others,

    I agree with the bell curve analysis. 80% of the people are fooled by 10% of corrupt because, there 80% is fragmented into so many groups and no group is more than 10%!

    See what twistleton says! There is no unity! The root cause of insecurity is the diversity and stratification in the society. Probably (correct me if i am wrong), no other country in the world has a fragmented society as we have, both vertically and horizontally.

    Yes, Narayana, the education should have removed this barriers and insecurity. It didn’t. Because no leader in this country, till today, was ready to sacrifice his chair for the sake of future generation and make huge investment in education. They humored the present voting population with freebies to stay in power.

    We will never change, unless we removed the barriers, and thus the insecurity in us. That will make us stand together as 80%, against the 10% worse and choose from the 10% best.

    When will we have a leader who is ready to sacrifice his government for a better future of this country? Or when will we have the people themselves removing the barriers? (it is happening slowly) When will we unite as a country?

  36. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dr. Reddy,

    ‘There are enough honest people in India but also they dont raise their voices and oppose. or may be they are silenced.’

    My point about Indian culture exactly…

  37. Rajesh Mathews Says:

    Ratan Tata cannot justify his use of this lobbyist. He knew her use of unethical methods & endorsed them by the payment of 1 crore success fee .
    The salt to software company employs a shady lady for corporate communications. The fact that Ratan was caught on tape talking to her is a give away, how often does he chat with his top executives?
    It time he retired before damaging the Good name his predecessors built over centuries goes to dogs.

  38. One in the crowd Says:

    Probably electing a single party government with more than 3/4th majority and then demanding for a good governance would be an idea. All sorts of nonsense is going on in the country because we have leaders in dozens and dozens, each having control over a motely group of bandicoots, thus blackmailing the government. The government in turn succumbs to all sorts of pulls and pressures just to keep the government in running condition. In such a situation, nobody owns any responsibility, except all and sundry making hay in the sunshine. Instead of 15 to 25 party coalition government, a single party with a substantial majority will be answerable to the people.

  39. Hosa Belaku Says:

    For those who are in know, he has only lived up to it!

  40. mounaprasad Says:

    >>Read it or study the controversial agreement GoI signed with complete micro level steps that needed to be taken. Some of these steps do not make sense even to a non economist like me. e.g. How can you have liberalization without repeal of 42nd amendment which took away right of property? Or why is liberalization is construed as any one can setup industry without environmental clearance!!!>>

    Fully agree with Narayana here. As additional reading material one can read “Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang.

  41. ahsrah Says:

    Wait, this is the same Ratan Tata who said Narendra Modi is the ideal person to become PM? I think he bared his aces a long time ago.

  42. Narayana Says:

    Dear Ahsrah.
    With due respect to Lord and every religion that leads to Lord we need to grow up and realize the real enemies of civility are Chachawadis.

    Narendra Modi was tried in the media and pronounced as offender. Same Delhi press which has lost its shirt now after the Radia tapes was at the forefront of projecting Modi as though we was a Nazi running the gas chambers. They also went around the world saying how 2000 Muslims were roasted following a direct instruction of Modi. All the media smear campaign was done misusing freedom of press. You may jump at me and say that I am with Modi and hence pardoning his sins.

    I just go by facts and do not believe anything from Delhi press and Arundhati types.

    The first fact I want to draw your attention is the fact placed in front of Parliament. Indian parliament was told by none other than Union Minister of State for Home Shriprakash Jaiswal, who belongs to the Congress Party, in Parliament on 11 May 2005, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed in the riots. Doesn’t figure give a different picture than the picture that Muslims were being targeted? If this was the real figure how was the Delhi press allowed to go scotfree when they bandied about Muslims being butchered!!! How come figures presented by Congress to the parliament look more like a riot figure than a pogrom figure? Obviously figure given to parliament is the correct figure because it was given by Congress and also Parliament can not lied to. But how come Delhi press still went around pogrom figure of 2000 Muslims and no Hindus.


    The second fact is the number of bullets fired by police in first three days. Yes. This is an audited figure. Gujarat Police were massively outnumbered and yet fired 3900 rounds in the first three days! Imagine 3900 rounds. I do not think whole of Karnataka police have not fired that many bullets on the rioters ever since formation of Karnataka. You may say police fired on Muslims. You are wrong here 98 people died in police firing on first three days and majority of them were Hindus.

    Only Pogrom that has happened in India is 1984 Delhi riots were Sikhs were targeted. And Rajiv Gandhi went to town saying “When a big tree falls ground shakes” and observe Narendra Modi’s reaction. He controlled the riots within 72 hours despite having serious handicap of severely out numbered security forces ( Whole of state had 530 number of RAF forces to quell the riots — compare that to dime a dozen security forces manning all those Netas in Delhi which still burned for weeks in 1984!!)

    So Ahsrah believe in Indian unity. No one is baying for Muslim blood. It is only the fear in minority that chachawadis want to exploit by projecting a wrong image for Hindu leaders.

    Remember AB Vajapayee “Bhikhane ke liye bazaar me maal bahut the magar Kharidnewaala Koi Nahin Tha” statement in parliament when he lost by one vote and compare that to the level MMS went down in getting votes!!! Narendra Modi too walked out of power when factionalism similar to what you see in Karnataka BJP tormented was rampant in Gujarat BJP in 80s unlike what Yaddi is doing so shamelessly now. Those decision of integrity demonstrate the character of men like Narendra Modi and AB Vajapayee. These are the real men of honor and their victory will establish “Satymeva Jayate” despite Delhi press.

  43. One in the crowd Says:

    Very enlightening analysis by Mr. Narayana (all 3).

  44. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    Dear Narayan,

    Well said…

  45. Abhishek Says:

    When you criticize others, you only see the projection of the self. (zen saying)

  46. If Only Says:

    I think Ratan Tata is the best thing that has ever happened to Corporate India and it’s a matter of disgrace for people to jump on to conclusions. He is the most down to earth and humble person and truly a Jewel! People have gone to worse extends to achieve success. Beyondddd imagination! What’s the BIG DEAL? Obviously one will desire things for their best interest. He is far better off than any existing businessmen and has taken challenges head on. Let’s not forget how much he has done for the well being of the country and taken India to an International level. I can’t believe this debate or blog is even put up.

    Let’s now concentrate on who’s behind getting the phones tapped and orchestrating the whole show and what their intentions are and I can confidently say that is for a much larger interest.


  47. twistleton Says:

    the real reason for corruption :)

    Atheism is the best worship
    Jug Suraiya, 29 March 2010, 10:50 AM IST

    In the British comedy Bedazzled there is a scene where the Devil, played by Peter Cook, comes to earth and meets Dudley Moore, your average man-on-the-street. Moore asks the Devil, “Why did you revolt against God.” “Come, I’ll show you,” says the Devil. He perches himself atop a pillar box and tells Moore to kneel at its base. “Now, start grovelling and praising me,” says the Devil.
    Moore starts grovelling and singing the Devil’s praises. When he shows signs of flagging the Devil goads him into grovelling more obsequiously, praising him even more loudly.
    After a while Moore says: “Hey, this is getting boring. Can’t we change places for a while.”
    “Exactly,” says the Devil. “That answers your question as to why I walked out on God: worshipping Him is boring.”
    God-worship is not just boring; it is the ultimate in trivialization. It infinitely trivializes the boundlessness of the cosmos that lies, seamlessly, both outside and within us. God-worship reduces the Creator – the First Principle, the Big Bang, the Singularity, whatever you want to call whatever it is that started it all – to a Lalaji who likes to surround himself with sycophantic yes-men, forever extolling his virtues. Is the Force that created everything, from the gossamer glow of the endless galaxies to the rainbow sheen of the dragonfly’s wings, no more than that, a petty bossman who thrives on the most undiluted flattery? God help us, and the universe, if he is.
    And what does God-worship make of us, the devotees? In public, we say that when we pray, when we petition God for a boon, it is for all humankind, for all creation. We say we pray for world peace, for a cure for cancer, for a solution to global warming and climate change. And perhaps we do.
    In the privacy of our innermost desires, however, our prayers are almost invariably personal: Oh, God, help me to pass my exam, get a good job, find someone suitable to marry, get my green card, win the lottery of life.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong in wishing for any or all of these things. Indeed, they’re all good things which any sensible person would wish for. But why make it God’s job to get you what you want? Why give up your responsibility to make of your life what you can and what you will?
    A French sociologist has likened personal prayer and the giving of votive offerings to bribery. He has noted that in countries where the tradition of personalised God-worship is most entrenched –as in India, and in Roman Catholic Italy – the incidence of bribery in everyday life is also proportionately high. If God himself is a Babu who can be bribed to do your bidding with a prayer and a few diyas or candles, where’s the harm in slipping some currency notes to a bureaucrat or politician or policeman to do what you want done? Doesn’t God himself teach us to bribe? In which case, how can bribery and corruption be bad things, if they’re God-given?
    The atheist not only lives according to a higher code of ethics than that sanctioned by a bribable God, but also inhabits a higher plane of spirituality. This is far from being a paradox. God-worship, in which typically the devotee seeks to get personal desires granted, inevitably reinforces and entrenches the sense of self, of one’s individual ego which is special and separate from all other created beings and forms. God-worship is really self-worship, a deification of one’s ego, and as such the hardest obstacle to overcome in the journey of spiritual liberation.
    The atheist realizes that God did not create humankind in his image; humankind created God in its own image: selfish, gullible and by nature susceptible to flattery and bribes. Rather than pay lip service to such a God, the atheist chooses to disown God and God-worship. And in doing so, the atheist takes the first step on the path to freedom from the silken bonds of maya.

  48. Savvy Says:

    Dear Narayan,
    thanks for providing a good analysis of Narendra Modi.
    Regarding Tata, it is still one of the most respected corporates in India, but i feel its brand value and image has been tarnished to some extent. First Singur, then under performing Nano and finally leaked phone taps have done their part in tarnishing the image. Though i still believe that Tata group is still a company with with strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. In one of the earlier comments you have some good solutions to the problem of corruption in india. But are those solutions really applicable considering the huge population, poor education, feudalistic governance and Fake democracy that’s prevailing in India?

  49. Harsha Says:

    Whatever Ratan Tata is.. rusty or clean! he MUST subscribe
    to what TATA stood for. Dhamra, singur and now this telecom..
    where’s he taking the TATAs. The erstwhile TATAs did not look for
    global domination, but yes , they did attempt to keep away India
    from begging in front of the foreign community. (read Taj hotels,
    air india, tatanagar, tata steel, IISc, silk farm…and countless
    other) until it came down to Corus, land rover & jaguar,
    nano* which seem out of place! *why launch a petrol driven car,
    when TATAs have already bought over a practical solution of
    compressed air driven cars which can be worked out as a cheap car!
    is it the oil lobbyists!?

  50. foxxbats Says:

    Which SOB asked this question

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