An auto driver has a question for Yediyurappa

Bangalore-based political scientist Sandeep Shastri in the Indian Express:

“Every passing day brings an alarming new twist to Karnataka’s politics, with the competitive exposure of corruption between various political forces…. The State is going through a political free-for-all, where there isn’t a pretence of probity.

“This means that the season of allegations and counter-allegations is likely to go on for for a while. The administration is clearly going to be obsessed with the ghosts of past misdeeds, leaving little time and energy (or motivation and inclination) for any citizen-oriented action.

“An auto-rickshaw driver succinctly summed up public mood when he said: “We are fed up of hearing which leader did what wrong. Can someone show us what they can do right”?

Read the full articleAnything you can do, I can do worse

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28 Responses to “An auto driver has a question for Yediyurappa”

  1. Srinivas Says:

    We are ALL fed up. Yes. We are all saying ‘Saaku’

    We are also saying Lets build a citizens movement against corruption. We may not be able to fight this menace individually, but together we have a better chance as evidenced by nyayapara andolana ( and many such stories recently.

    On Dec 11th we want all of Bangalore to scream “Saaku”

    Request churmuri to inform about this event to all of their audience.

    Arvind Kejriwal, Justince MN Venkatachaliah, Jaya Prakash Narayan will lead the walk. Thermal and a Quarter will perform Kikcbackistan music. Single Pallavi will render Anti Corruption song ‘saaku’

    Request everyone who cares to regiter for the event at

    A Saaku baton will be touring all colleges in Bengaluru

    please contact

  2. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    “An auto-rickshaw driver succinctly summed up public mood when he said: “We are fed up of hearing which leader did what wrong. Can someone show us what they can do right”?

    As per what is written in the article, the auto driver said “which leader did what wrong “. Pray tell us, Churumuri, why the heading is made to sound that this was particularly referring CM???

    Goobe koodiso buddhi andre idena??

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Does this auto driver follow all the traffic rules?

  4. sisya Says:,

    thanks for the comic relief in these end of days. thanks.

    btw, make sure you have facebook page, orkut page, light-a-candle page and sign-our-petition page too in addition to ‘single’ pallavi singing ‘saaku’ and you screaming ‘saaku’. are the chaddi brothers invited too?

    and oh btw.. who did you vote for last time?

  5. twistleton Says:

    good one AG :)


    stop splitting hairs :D

  6. Rohan Says:

    When an auto driver can sum it up correctly why cant some of these commenters get the point??

  7. particles Says:

    @Anonymous Guy
    Churumuri already answered your question that the auto driver succinctly summed up public mood.

  8. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Nice one ‘X’ Guy!

  9. Simple Says:


    Because Sir, The CM Is the one in power, he is best seated to answer the question of the auto driver.

    I say’ let all previous CM’s guilty of land scam or any other scam face an enquiry and the guilty punished.”

    What do you say about the present CM?

    Your silence is deafening.

  10. Simple Says:

    Breaking news. Former UP chief secretary, Neera Yadav gets four years in jail in a land scam case.

    This UP Chief Secretary is currently a member of BJP.

    Neera Yadav, in a poll conducted among civil servants, came across as the most corrupt IAS officer in Uttar pradesh.

    Yet, BJP welcomed her and made her a member of BJP just last year.

    Surely, the low command of BJP has a lot to answer. Instead of stalling parliament endleslly, they should first throw the rotten apples out.

  11. Nans Patel Says:

    Kelu Janamejaya avre, yaake sir tumba Yeddyurappa avra defence alli ninthidira, article ellu Yeddy avranna point madilla. Generallagi dina nithya scams bagge helthare. Aadru idu yeddy bagge anta tumba guilty feel maadtha iddira.

  12. Gouri Satya Says:

    Yeddy is defending his misdeeds, saying others did it too!

  13. karihaida Says:

    I will sign up if you can ensure that I get all your candle, baton, T-shirt contracts ;) Humble karihaida at your service.

  14. Kirataka Says:

    Where is the solution to all this? Who is the solution? I can not find anyone who is honest, foresighted and acceptable to all in Karnataka.

    Siddharamiah could have been a good leader had he not restricted himself to be a Kuruba leader. Moreover, he lost his independence as soon as he joined the Congress.

    All others are as crap as this yeddy, or even worse. But the credit to making swami/mutt official partners in politics goes mainly to yeddy. The swamis have only given back what they received as cash and other profligacies of yeddy.

  15. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    AG’s question is the right one. Our auto chaalakaru exemplify the worst kind of darode on a daily basis in Bengaluru. The business should be privatized, with only bonded companies plying those three wheelers.

  16. prasad Says:

    Mr Yedi, are you a Dalit? If so you will survive till the end.

  17. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    @Nans Patel,

    I am not defending BSY. I will be the happiest person if this crook resigns. Read the article in full. You will know what I mean.

    @Sri Simple Sir….

    I would have had no qualms if this particular auto driver had pointed a question at CM. It was more of a rhetoric… it was Churumuri who gave the headline that he had a question for CM.

    Hope you understand the difference….

  18. Poli Hudga Says:

    Let me defend our Auto Rajas (auto rickshaw drivers) for once ….

    1. They charging exorbitant rates is not unknown thing but demand/suppy dynamics of free market economics. Why Price control regime for them when everybody is making hay?

    2. Average Auto rickshaw driver doesn’t break any more traffic rules than an average citizen. Two/four wheelers are the worst offenders of traffic rules ……

    3. Dignity of Labor is sorely missing our Society, we don’t trust them and treat them like shit. Drivers, etc … class of people are city version of Harijans.

  19. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Poli Huduga,

    Nothing specific against auto drivers.

    Auto driver breaking traffic just like average citizen does not put him in the right. Since when did 2 wrongs make a right?

    If traffic-rule breaking auto driver becomes a politician he will do whatever he is accusing others of doing.

    It is simple, overwhelming majority in India will do whatever it takes to make hay while the sun shines. Even if that means constantly breaking rules and laws set down in rulebooks and constitution left behind by the British for convenience of society.

    Auto raja asking this dumb, rhetorical question just needs to look in his mirror to get an answer.

  20. Bengalooru Haida Says:


    Sir unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock for last one month, you wouldn’t have missed Yeddy playing the Lingayat card to save his kurchi. Some play Dalit card, some play Minority card and then some play Lingayat card.

    Or do you really believe the honchos in Delhi thought Yeddy is surf-rinsed super clean and hence allowed him to continue? That would be a different matter altogether and in that case you would need help, some serious help.

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Namma Sathya Harishchandrana aparaavathara HDK yenu helthaare? I believe Kumar Brother denotified 167 odd acres in 45 minutes during his last moments as CM; only out of his sheer concern for the farmers:)

  22. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Going by your logic UPA’s standards must be low too for keeping Sonia Mata at the helm:) Work this one out. Can you?

  23. twistleton Says:

    Poli and Anonymous

    I agree with both of you. But i will agree with Poli a little more.

    Auto Raja has no need or reason to be honest and hard-working. He is not even guilty of receiving a decent education.

    Who was corrupt first? better to leave questions of comparable morality out of this because we are collectively at fault.

  24. Auto Raja Says:

    Illegal Mining in Karnataka: Truth Behind All Lies!

  25. Aghast Says:

    The so called nationalistic party is selling national resources to other countries at the cost of huge loss to my country.

    Low command of BJP gives a lavish certificate that all is squeaky clean in my state.

    No other party has been this brazen and transparent in its corrupt deals.

    No other party has had three brothers from a single party calling the shots.

    This is dynasty politics, BJP style.

  26. Savvy Says:

    The auto driver’s views are in a way similar to majority of common man all over india.
    But aren’t we ourselves responsible for the mess that we are in? @AG u have put forward a point that can’t be ignored at all. We can’t expect others to believe in rules, laws and honesty when we ourselves don’t believe in them. This goes for Sarkari Babus too who never think for once while asking a bribe but criticise the corrupt politicians and corporates like any thing.

  27. Ventripotent Says:

    Priya Bandhugale,

    I think all of you have missed the point and have taken it to be about politics. The Auto driver has been misled because of what he sees in the TV and reads in the Newspaper. That’s the reason he asks “We are fed up of hearing which leader did what wrong. Can someone show us what they can do right”? I think that the right tangent of discussion should be about the media “Print + Visual + FM” all have to show who did what wrong to get their TRP moving. All have sinned and only the sins on TV get the TRP. Who would bother to see a documentary on how the Govt initiatives help people? Would any autodriver worth his frickin double meter sit and watch a 1 hr program on rain water harvesting? Farming Techniques? Health Initiatives?

    So let us not make the auto driver as the voice echoing the common man, and let him be.

    Has anyone worth his salt visited a web site and surfed for anything good published anything worthwhile and informative? People highlighting the wrongs of one without speaking the good deeds done are just playing on the Human Psych.

  28. twistleton Says:


    Can you go one step further and tell us why this happens?

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