Should swamijis start boycotting the scamsters?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji, fully covered in her shawl, had just finished her pooja of margashira masa, heralding the start of winter season.

Yeno anyaya? Looks like the whole of Karnataka might just cave in because of the landslide caused by endless land scams. The way scamsters are ripping off our State and subsequently flying off with impunity and their extended families to Jammu to get the blessings of Vaishnodevi is preposterous. Isn’t this our money they are looting and then visiting shrines on the top of it, as papa parihaara? ”

“It is Ajji, it is.”

“They indulge in daylight robbery (an alleged bribe of Rs 87 crore, no less, deposited in bank accounts) without any qualms and then, when caught by the Lok Ayukta, announce proudly that in order to ‘uphold the highest traditions of democracy and morality’, they are resigning from the cabinet.”

“This is the fashion of the day in Karanataka, Ajji. Resignation on a ‘matter of principle’ seems to come only when forced to face criminal charges for forgery and cheating.”

“Lok Ayukta is also called in some States as Lok Pal, isn’t it?”

Ajji was changing tracks, getting into the Hindi belt.

“Yes, Ajji. In fact the Lok Pal bill is pending before Parliament.”

“Lok Pal is a nice name, meaning somebody who will protect the world or our country or Karnataka against evil.”

“Very true.”

“Lok Pals in the ancient days were Krishna and Rama. There is a popular Kannada song too, ‘Swamidevane loka palane, the namosthu namostuthe’ in B.R. Panthulu’s School Master, starring Raj Kumar and sung by Komala, Renee and T.G. Lingappa with lyrics by Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry.”

How can one forget that song which was once even a school prayer?

“It’s great song, Ajji.”

Nodo! In Bhagavad Gita in 4.8, Krishna says: Paritranaya sadhunam, Vinasaya ca duskritam, Dharna-samsthapanarthaya, Sambhavami yuge  yuge (Meaning: to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I myself appear millennium after millennium.”

“He said he will come again and again to save dharma from evildoers. He said, ‘To protect the good and to destroy evil and establish dharma, I will come back whenever such a situation demands that.”

Illige hege apply aagutthe, Ajji?’

Just like Krishna counted 100 sins of Shishupala and finally killed him with his sudarshna chakra, our loka pala is doing the same for the present crop of Shishupalas amidst us. Hope he gets enough strength to wipe out all scamsters, past and present.”

Ha ha, chennagide Ajji, your comparisonu. It is very apt too.”

“Most of our ministers have amassed illegal wealth and land over the years, and I hope only Rourava Naraka awaits them. By making donations out of the ill-gotten money, they think they can buy off swamijis. How I wish the few good swamijis we have in the State would boycott them if they are true swamijis!”

“Correct, Ajji. The swamiji should put proscribe the cheats whoever they might be.”

“If the swamijis want to be respected by the public and respected by their own conscience, no matter which caste they belong to, they should keep the cheats away  until they publicly apologize for their sins.”

Sariyaagi HelDe Ajji.”

“Do you remember the song Apaara keerthi gaLisi mereve bhavya naadidu sung by G.K. Venkatesh, in Vijayanagarada veera putra? In the film, Raj Kumar enacts this while paying tribute to the people who strived to make our rajya great.”

Howdu Ajji. That song still make one’s hairs stand on the edge with pride; and GKV has  sung very well.”

Eega, such a song will have to be in the name of rogues’ gallery of Karnataka. We will need a 18-minute song to fill in the names. I don’t know whether any of our singers will agree to lend his / her voice. May be the rogues will themselves sing this as a chorus,” concluded Ajji.

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19 Responses to “Should swamijis start boycotting the scamsters?”

  1. murthy Says:

    >>‘Swamidevane loka palane, the namosthu namostuthe’ in B.R. Panthulu’s School Master, starring Raj Kumar and sung by Komala, Renee and T.G. Lingappa with lyrics by Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry.”

    School Master starring Raj?

    >>Apaara keerthi gaLisi mereve bhavya naadidu sung by G.K. Venkatesh, in Vijayanagarada veera putra? In the film, Raj Kumar enacts this while paying tribute to the people who strived to make our rajya great.”

    Really??? sung by GKV and enacted by Dr. Raj!

  2. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    “They indulge in daylight robbery (an alleged bribe of Rs 87 crore, no less, deposited in bank accounts) without any qualms and then, when caught by the Lok Ayukta, announce proudly that in order to ‘uphold the highest traditions of democracy and morality’, they are resigning from the cabinet.”

    Wasn’t this what the Congies did all these while??? What was the reason given for Raja’s resignation?? To ensure that the parliament functions normally!!!

    What is true for Karnataka seems to be even more true at the national level… only our state affairs are getting highlighted… thats the problem.

  3. vasanth Says:

    Is it possible? They are looting Karnataka. How come they join hands to oust scamsters. They wish that Yeddi should continue forever to make them rich and prosperous. So they are out there in the street to protect Dr Yeddi

  4. gaby Says:

    School Master: Director: BR Pantulu; Lyrics K Prabhakara Shastri; Music TG Lingappa; singers: Komala, RAnee, TG Lingappa; Picturised on Pantulu and a host of children.

    Apaara Keerthi: Vijayanagarada Veera Putra;Director: R Nagendra Rao: Music:Vishvanathan Ramamurthy; Lyrics; RN Jayagopal:Singer: PBS; Picturised on : Sudarshan(A standard quiz question for the Nagendra Rao, RN Jayagopal and Sudarshan combination).

    I hope Ajji’s tongue was firmly in cheek to mangle the details of two iconic songs- a little bit like all our political leaders and many times TV reporters do.

  5. OneF9Day Says:

    @ Kelu Janamejaya … only our state affairs are getting highlighted…

    well here comes a lalu from Karnataka… he wants to hide all scams form being highlighted. wow!! what an attitude…. more or less Maharashtrian way to say our state is crime free. come on no need to protect the criminals of this land…
    Are you one of the scamsters?
    here we are loosing our Kannada pride….. kannadigaru wake up!

  6. twistleton Says:

    this piece reeks of self-righteousness

  7. Complex Says:

    If Swamijis don’t boycott tainted politicians, people should boycott Swamijis.


    The answer should be yes,but its wishful thinking.

  9. Simple Says:


    What a sorry state! Every print publication and every TV channel has slammed UPA over the 2 G Scam. Day in and day out for the past two months. It has been on the headlines since many weeks. Churumuri too has not spared UPA.

    And now, it does just one posting on Katta after his resignation, and you immediately your antennae is up. Look how defensive you get about your regional party (YJP – Yedurappa Janata Party)

    Were you sleeping all these days? Have you not had enough of the entire media lambasting Raja and his party? Can’t you tolerate a single posting of Katta? Can’t you write a single scathing paragraph of BJP?

    I say let the CWG and 2G and other scamsters be hanged.

    Do you say the same about BJP?

    You are still silent.

  10. mounaprasad Says:

    ERR you have some factual errors(about the kannada songs) in your otherwise good article, as pointed out by Murthy and Gaby…it is surprising that Ajji belonging to yesteryears should miss out such important details about the it old age or is it alzehimers or both ;)

  11. mounaprasad Says:

    Simple Anna,

    I had posed the same question about summarily punishing the wrong doer’s in both Kaangress and BJP for their omissions and comissions in a different post…what say you..are you still up for this…and to make it more interesting let us look at all corruption cases post independence irrespective of the party that was in power…even then we will not have enough jail cells to accomodate the kaangress crooks…do you agree to this assessment ;)

  12. K.Balasubrahmanyan Says:

    Swamijis are hating the quality i.e corruption and not the individual! Money given as Dakshina is pure for helping the mutt.By coming to the presence of Swamiji all sins are washed away!.The fact is all swamijis are fakes.Real Swamiji is away from people and live simple life without publicity.They are not known to us through newspapers nor do they organise big gatherings.Bala

  13. OneF9Day Says:

    K.Balasubrahmanyan !! very true…

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Ajji is prone to mix up some facts in her mudhee vayassu. Paapa let her be.

    BJP/Cong corruption defenders. Your battles are becoming endless. Tell us honestly about what benefits you guys/your relatives are reaping from your favorite parties.

  15. Simple Says:


    Sad that you are not noticing the difference.

    I say hang all the corrupt in Cong and BJP and JDS and every other party.

    I go by objective facts. Kelu goes by blind hatred for Congress.

    Kelu does not have a single bad word for his BJP. He has till now, not said whether BSY should resign or not. Whether Reddy brothers should resign or not. Whether BJP is guilty of rampant dissidence in Karnataka. Whetehr Karnataka has acquired the most Corrupt states under BJP. Whether BJP has a low command that meekly succumbs to regional satraps.

  16. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    What’s with the heading? Shouldn’t it be other way round ie ‘Should scamsters start boycotting swamijis?’. Better still would be ‘Should people start boycotting swamijis and scamsters?’

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:


    There is no difference. Minor differences dont make much difference in this matter. As a poster used to say here: hamam mein sab nange hain.

    Also while dealing with religious/caste bigots – you cant change their mind or use logic. That is not a language cheddis understand.

  18. gola Says:

    scam propagaters are some of the swamijis.most of them are
    absconders frm competitive world, they shold be made to work for their bread, not for their laxury.

  19. gola Says:

    some swamijis are to be banned for their scams, sworn in
    the name of development , they pinch the pocket of their emotional blackmailing in the name of yoga, rama,
    geetha, ishawara ,naada, dhyaana, gou, and even their mutt of big
    budget they leavy the tax. so these must be stripped off from
    fundraising. then let us see how many swamis will be left as

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