Vishweshwar Bhat resigns from Vijaya Karnataka

Vishweshwar Bhat, the popular yet controversial editor of Vijaya Karnataka, the mass-circulation Kannada daily owned by The Times of India group, has resigned.

Bhat’s decision was announced to his staff this afternoon after a meeting with ToI chief executive officer Ravi Dhariwal and chief marketing officer Rahul Kansal who had flown down to Bangalore.

Bhat confirmed the resignation to, adding that, although he had no negative feelings for the company, he had begun to feel “slightly uncomfortable” in the last few months.

“I decided to quit when things were all right,” he said.

There is no word how long his name will appear on the imprintline or who his replacement is likely to be, although there is a rumour that E. Raghavan, who retired as editor of the Economic Times editions in the south and currently edits the Kannada weekend broadsheet Vijaya Next, may fill the breach.

The charitable version for the exit is that Bhat, who took over the reins of the paper 10 years ago, wanted a three-year sabbatical to go abroad and study which the Jains, who picked up the paper from Vijay Sankeshwar of the logistics company VRL four years ago, were disclined to give.

Bhat says he intends to pursue higher education now that he has been freed of his commitments, although the buzz is he may join a soon-to-be-started Kannada news channel. The no-compete clause in Sankeshwar’s deal with Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd also ends next year opening up new possibilities on the Kannada media map.

However, the press club gossip is less than charitable. This version has it that Bhat had reached the end of the long rope that had been extended him, during which period the paper veered overtly to the right, attracting the ire of Muslims, Dalits and Christians.

In a petition earlier this year, when Bhat was nominated for an honorary doctorate, the Karnataka chapter of Transparency International dashed off a petition, accusing the editor of being “primarily responsible for instigating and fuelling communal hatred by regularly publishing extremely volatile and offensive articles and editorials.”

Recent surveys also showed that Vijaya Karnataka‘s readership and circulation were moving southwards, to the discomfiture of the bosses, necessitating the change of guard.

All things considered, to Bhat goes the credit of turning a fledgling daily into a market leader and opinion maker, overtaking the 60-year-old Praja Vani from the Deccan Herald group in next to no time with a series of innovations and reader-friendly initiatives.

The prolific Bhat churned out a weekly Sunday diary, a Saturday media column, a Thursday edit-page piece, and wrote on a range of issues each week, besides regularly publishing books, compilations and translations. There was no inkling of the coming end even in Wednesday’s paper which carries a tribute by Bhat on page 7.

Bhat’s resignation is the third reorganisation exercise undertaken by VPL president Sunil Rajshekhar after shutting down The Times of India Kannada edition and launching Vijaya Next.

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159 Responses to “Vishweshwar Bhat resigns from Vijaya Karnataka”

  1. Halappa Says:

    Good development for Kannada journalism. Let truth and honesty prevail in journalism

  2. Kelu Janamejaya Says:

    A sad day for kannda journalism. We lost Sri Santosh Kumar Gulwadi and now this.

    I sincerely wish V Bhat will start another newspaper in kannada. Fed up of the advertisment menace in VK.

    By the way, will the leftist media brand everyone “controversial” if they have pro – hindu view point???

  3. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Ah, great! That means VK will lose all its good columns!

    So instead of Muni Shri Tarun Sagar’s translated column, VK will publish Shobhaa De’s translated column!

    If it isn’t for its columns, VK is a dud paper[that’s discounting rightist rants and articles translated from The Pioneer and The Indian Express(which I guess must be the Casus belli)].

  4. guru Says:

    today is great day for kannada journalisum, the longest sin of vijaykarnata is gone away.

    it is the time for toi group make vijaya karnataka is readable by everone. let the choose some one good.

  5. DailyBread Says:

    If Mr. Sankeshwar has a no compete agreement with TOI then Reddys or Rajeev Chandrashekhar should co-opt this gentleman to start a new newspaper.

    Note to self: Instruct newspaper boy to stop delivering VK to us from next month…….

  6. Meghana Says:

    sad indeed

  7. Fedup Says:

    Seems like I need to cancel Vijaya Karnataka..

  8. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Very bad, indeed!
    The paper was a joy to read under Bhat! I hope the columnists will stay.

  9. 'mudi'malnad Says:

    Bhattaru bittaru ViKa
    Goththagallilla Yaka?
    Irabahudha BSY/’kai’ Chalaka?
    [Probably he was third popular kannada daily editors to date after TSR & YNK]


    Is capt Gopinath or Sir Richard Bronson starting a new kannada daily by any chance?

  10. gangadhar Says:

    kivi mele hoovu: higher studies gaagi vijaya karnataka samapdaka hudde tyajisuttidene
    v bhat

  11. sarvagna Says:

    Unfortunate for secular Indians,Good for Everyone else in the state.

  12. Pooja Says:

    One could hope for something new in VK. Bhat is an awesome guy but change is inevitable. No one is indispensable in this world. VK definitely needs some freshness to it.

  13. vasanth Says:

    He must go. recently he made derogatory comments against dalits. yesterday Mysore university dalit student were stalled the classes for the same. The editorials in the VK was always against dalits and muslims. At last he has gone.

  14. suneel Says:

    what about the gossips that TOI removed him following non-journalistic allegations?

  15. taranga Says:

    good development in Kannada Patrikodyama. I hope Vijaya Karnataka would be cleaned..

  16. Shetty Says:

    Thanks largely to Bhat, Vijaya Karnataka rose to the #1 position among all Kannada newspapers. His ruthless crusade against corruption among all parties and especially the editorials condemning the Yeddi and his gang of theives is most appreciable.

    I have know entire families shifting their loyalties to this editor’s columns and views. The ToI bosses led by Ravi Dhariwal will now make this a stale paper to read.

    Perhaps joining forces with the soon-to-be-started Kannada news channel, backed by ample funds, will be a boon in disguise for Vishweshwar Bhat and all kannadigas.

  17. vishu Says:

    really was bored of the rotten ideas in VK. Hoping for a fresh air in it… Raghavan is well experinened it seems… but unlike Bhatta he has poor kannada writing.

  18. santhosha Says:

    Vishweshwara Bhat is what when a completely biased mind and extremely talented brain combines together. Prejudised social views, Hundreds of sweet coated Lies (NOORENTU SULLUGALU) are no more through Vijaya Karntaka. A healthy development in Kannada Journalism.

  19. Girish Says:

    Very sad news.

  20. Neeladri Says:

    To Mr. Bhat must go the credit of both increasing the paper’s circulation and giving it a definite rightist slant. For the claims of his being a prolific writer, sorry to say that plagiarism was a substantial cause of his output. Especially his Sunday columns, which were “inspired” by articles in English newspapers and journals. But it should also be admitted that he did manage to create a band of columnists for his paper, as seen in no other Kannada newspaper; columnists who also seemed to be subject specialists. Pratap Simha too with his vicious outpourings was a part of this band.

    VK under him instead of becoming a centre of right newspaper turned into a publisher of vitriolic and abusive material.

  21. div Says:

    not sure about Vijaya Karnataka, but I consider times of India as a cheap tabloid rather than a serious news paper. I have decided that it is better to eat masala puri in that news paper than read it!!

  22. ಮೈಸೂರು ಹುಡ್ಗ Says:

    U could already see the after-effects on VK after V Bhat’s exit…..

    The 2 good columns of VK, “Kshana Hottu-Aani muttu” by S.Shadakshari and “Nagna Satya” by Munishri Tarun Sagar ji is already missing…..

    More is awaited….

    ಯಾರ್ಯಾರಿಗೆ ಬದಲಾವಣೆಯ ಗಾಳಿ ಬೇಕೋ ಅವರಿಗೆಲ್ಲ…….ದುರ್ನಾತ ಬರಲು ಶುರು ಆಗಿದೆ…ಮೂಗಿನ ಹೊಳ್ಳೆ ಬಿಟ್ಕೊಂಡು ಕಾಯ್ರಿ ….:-)

  23. boring journalist Says:

    This is a case of talent being wasted. Mr Bhat was endowed with qualities which a good journalist needs, unfortunately floundered in his sojourn, caught as he was in a quagmire of selfglorification, narscisim and adulation. and strayed away from the path. Vijaya Karnataka in the process, turned out to be mouth piece of Bhat and his antics rather than mirror the voice and aspirations of the people in general, despite the good circulation the paper has picked up.

    It would be a travesty of truth to give him the credit for the circulation VK had picked up, which placed it as No 1 paper in Karnataka, overtaking the peers in the field. The credit should really go to Mr Vijay Sankeshwar, the founder of the paper, and his business instinct. As a businessman, he knows the art of marketing the product and priced the paper at a much lower knotch than the contemporaries, which attracted lot of readers. Besides, he also used the logistics available for reaching the paper to the distant areas by starting the satellite printing centres in the interiors and arranging for the transport, to a village, even for a lowly circulation of twenty copies.

    In the process, Sankeshwar set a record of sorts . At a time, when those in the Kannada newspaper managements were smug about the circulation and said that the plateu has been reached, Sankeshewar created around four to five lakh readers/subscribers. For the VK could snatch hardly around a lalk of copies from another newspapers. The rest had come on its own.

    While the edit page of the paper was intersting to an extent (while the persistence with the same cotery of writers was getting boring in thelong run), the news pagers were dull to the core. The reporting was the one area which suffered and there was hardlyany conscious attempt to give aspirations of the people of the region, the district and state in general.

    Raghavans non Kannada background gets overshadowed by the rich professional expirience which be brings to bear in his new responsibility. It is precisely what VK needs at the moment. Readers and the problems of the people deserve more space than the pontiification by the columnists and opinion makers.

  24. Ranga-Billa Says:

    Pakshakkintalu vyakti doddavanu anta torisikottiddu BJP highcommand. Adre vyaktitginta samsthe (patrike ) doddadu anta torisikottiddu timesgroup.

  25. harsha Says:

    VK will become one more mouth piece of TOI group’s marketing strategy and eventually would die down. TOI has got no knowledge of Karnataka and the new editor would make it even more worse since the understanding of Kannada newspaper might not be as good as Bhattru.
    I wish VB opens a new paper or joins the other popular daily..

  26. sairanjank Says:

    I am expecting News Corp to start a Kannada Daily :) [Just kidding]

  27. Ravi Belagere Says:

    Feel really sad and sorry. Bhat was lucid in writing, good at reporting, well informed and hard working. But his columnist and one of his Chief Sub Editors spoiled the game. His writings which are rabid in nature and terribly fanatic made the daily unpopular. They were projected as editorial policies of the newspaper. Vishweshwar Bhat tried to protect him and became unpopular with readers, newsman, intellectuals and finally with the management of Times.

    The chief sub-editor stands exposed in a nasty scandal of 50 lakh rupees. He shouted at the top of his voice against Yadiyurappa and his cabinet but made a shameless application for G category site at Mysore. He made Yediyurappa allot the site and Shobha Karandlaje helped to the fullest extent. But when the Management of TOI started enquiring, he got the warning signal and surrendered the site to Government. It was just a trick to hoodwink the Management. He introduced a disabled girl as his sister and got the same site allotted to her. This site measuring 2400 sq.ft. is worth 50 lakhs in Vijayanagar, 4th stage, Mysore. The girl got it for Rs.2,27,700.
    It is surprising and disgusting to note that the same girl was married by the chief sub editor on 17 Nov 2010 at Chikkamagalur.
    All the original documents attested by the officer at MUDA are with me. I can mail it to anybody, along with the invitation of marriage and wedding photos. My mail id is
    Few more resignations and dismissals are expected from the news room.

  28. H.R.Bappu Satyanarayana Says:

    I am sure many will leave. It will be no surprise if the circulation falls down dramatically. TOI will care less. We already know how two anchors have disgraced themselves.


    No doubt Mr.Bhat brought new dimension to the stagnant kannada journalism with innovation and reader friendly initiatives.Sadly,at the same time he embrased Modi brand of hinduthwa.Times group is more interested in oppointing an ad man to editors post rather than a writer.Its the beginning of the end for V.K.


    @Ravi Belagere:It is surprising and disgusting to note that the same girl was married by the chief sub editor on 17 Nov 2010 at Chikkamagalur.

    What do you have to say on your transgressions?

  30. sairanjank Says:

    I have sent a mail to your id . Please send those documents

  31. yesh Says:

    will surely going to miss Mr. Bhat’s excellent editorials….

  32. ಆತ್ರಾಡಿ ಸುರೇಶ ಹೆಗ್ಡೆ Says:

    Its a really sad news, which found no mention in the news paper!
    Its a kind of regretful unceremonious exit, for a person of such a credibility.
    I don’t know which paper to switch over to now!
    May God bless him!
    We would wait for his return from sabbatical, if its true!
    I too posted a blog this morning to wish him, in ASUMANA.

  33. Simple Says:

    What Ravi Belegere says about the manipulations of the sub editor is shocking.

    What is the credibility of a paper which has openly been favoured by the BJP?

    Is this the BJP’s way of muzzling the press?

    This is a bit like Pionner. BJP will give the editor a Rajya Sabha seat and the pioneer, in turn dutifully becomes a pamphlet of BJP.


  34. One in the crowd Says:

    No doubt, Mr. Bhat was a highly learned person, dynamic and was responsible for the dramatic increase in the circulation of Vi.Ka. But the news contents were not quite upto the mark. More emphasis was given to catchy (sometimes funny) headlines. The popularity of the newspaper was also greatly due to the columns by many persons (Hiremagalur Kannan, Shatavadhani Ganesh, C.R.Simha, Shrivatsa Joshi, Shadakshari, Swamiji, Prabhakar and others and also the one whom our respected Belagere sir intensely dislikes and lampoons (don’t know why!).

  35. Deepak Says:

    @Ravi belagere,

    We all know that u and the chief sub editor of VK had a tug of war from many days. Hope u r not fingering towards him because of that reason.

  36. Bengalooru Haida Says:

    Whole bunch of comments on this thread are interesting.

    What seems to be fairly clear is that he evoked extreme emotions in his readers. Some thought he is the best on this side of Suez while some thought he is actually sewage. That in itself is a not a small achievement in this age of fleeting attention. He made people sit up and take notice for good or worse.

    Au revoir Mr. Bhat. I liked your stewardship at times and squirmed other times. As age creeps up on me what I would like is a little mellowed yourself when we meet next and well some doubts about any ideology that you may espouse in the coming days. Absolute certainty makes for a boring copy mostly.

  37. Goldenlad Says:

    I understand Mr. Belagere. What you are saying is, that this great proponent of Hindutva went and married for profit the very girl whom he had earlier introduced as his disabled sister. Very interesting story teller Mr. Simha indeed is and I am sure we all must follow his brand of Hindutva which promotes moral incest. Mr. Simha calls himself a proud Hindu on his facebook page, I wonder what he would say if a Muslim politician in India calls himself a proud Muslim.

  38. U Says:

    It is Mr.Ravi Belagere who has spoiled the whole show. With his association Mr.Bhat was compelled to publish supporting articles on Reddy Brothers, Reddy Sister and Sriramulu. ToI management has taken serious objection to this kind of propaganda in support of dubious characters. Ultimately Mr.Belagere has succeeded in the exit of Mr.Bhat, as he was not tolerating the chief sub-editor getting prominence in VK.

  39. Shankar Says:

    Mr.Belagere is trying to muddy waters here. If getting site in G category is a crime , most of the top journalists in bangalore are guilty of the same. why single out this guy? Ranganath, head of suvarna news who pontificates on the subject eveyrdyay is also a beneficiary !!

  40. nilesh Says:

    @ Ravi,

    Shed some light about the bunglow at Rajarajeshwari nagar, estimated to cost 12 crore or more.

    Is it true??

  41. S Bhat Says:

    @Ravi Belagere, Sir I’ve been a avid follower of both of you.. But now you claim that you’ve the documents to show that PS is a schemer.. Now then, now then… How come you posses the documents?? It shows that you took all the trouble in the world to sling mud at PS… :( :( Didn’t expect this from you…

    @PS – Sir, I’ve been following your articles for quite some time. If what Ravi is claiming is true, then truly many students like me will be truly disappointed…

    @Ravi n PS : If you people continue mud slinging, then whats the difference between you journalists and politicians??

    Whatever happened to good manners… :( :(

  42. Pagan Says:

    If what Ravi Belegere claims is true, then it is wrong. No doubt about that.

    Just curious about this –
    >>All the original documents attested by the officer at MUDA are with me

    So Ravi Belegere is saying he has “original docs” relating to the chief sub’s property in Mysore attested by MUDA. Can anybody go to MUDA and get property related papers of anybody? What is the procedure? I would like to go to Hassan (HUDA?) and get all documents related to all of Deve Gowda’s property.

  43. Vishwas Krishna Says:

    Is this the sub editor being referred to ? I wish there was some kind of Radiagate in Karnataka. Tehalka has already named HR Raganath among others such as Stephen David, Rajendran and Indrajit Lankesh as beneficiaries of G category sites Don’t know what Rajeev Chandrashekar has got to say on this.

  44. timmi Says:

    really shocking…….one of the major attraction of VK was his columuns. We miis Bhat.

    Its Bhat who made me switch over to VK from decades of loyalty to Kannada Prabha. One evening, i was eating ‘CHURUMURI’ held in paper cone. Before throwing it, i just peeped into the article which was in that piece of paper. It was ‘Noorentu Maatu’ by Bhat. The writing was too gud and thought provoking. From the very next day, our paper boy was asked to put VK.

    Hey, Bhat, i wish you all the very best. Am a common reader, donot know the internal politics in journalism, not even our state / national politics (honestly, i dont read the front page of VK, dedicated to BSY & HDK fight).

    Can you tell me, where can i find your articles in future??


  45. Ravi Says:

    ಸುಟ್ಟ ಬೂದಿಯ ತಂದು ದಟ್ಟವಾಗಿ ಬಡಿದು
    ನೆಟ್ಟನೆಯ ಶ್ರೇಷ್ಠ ಸ್ವರ್ಗವ ಪಡೆ ವೆಡೆ
    ಕತ್ತೆ ತಾ ಪಟ್ಟ ಕೆಡೆನೆಂದ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ.


    ಆನೆ ಬೀದಿಲಿ ಬರಲು ಶ್ವಾನ ತಾ ಬೊಗಳುವದು
    ಶ್ವಾನ ನಂತಾನೆ ಬೊಗಳಿದರೆ ಆನೆಯ
    ಮಾನವೆ ಹಾನಿ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ .
    ಸುಟ್ಟ ಬೂದಿಯ ತಂದು ದಟ್ಟವಾಗಿ ಬಡಿದು
    ನೆಟ್ಟನೆಯ ಶ್ರೇಷ್ಠ ಸ್ವರ್ಗವ ಪಡೆ ವೆಡೆ
    ಕತ್ತೆ ತಾ ಪಟ್ಟ ಕೆಡೆನೆಂದ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ II


    ಆನೆ ಬೀದಿಲಿ ಬರಲು ಶ್ವಾನ ತಾ ಬೊಗಳುವದು
    ಶ್ವಾನ ನಂತಾನೆ ಬೊಗಳಿದರೆ ಆನೆಯ
    ಮಾನವೆ ಹಾನಿ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ

    ವಚನಗಳು ಎಷ್ಟು ಅರ್ಥಪೂರ್ಣ ಮತ್ತು ಸಮಯಕ್ಕೆ (ರವಿ ಬೆಳೆಗೆರೆ!!) ತಕ್ಕುದಾದುದು ಹೌದು !!

  46. Sanghamitra Says:

    One resident editor of VK and one chief sub-editor are responsible for Vishweshwar Bhat’s fall.

    Also, recent days V Bhat started going in full force against BSY and BJP for the sake of paid by times sure he can’t afford it.

    V Bhat is not a holy cow…

  47. N.N. Says:

    Someone says if obtaining a G category site is a crime then many top journalists should be behind the bars…

    Well obtaining a G category site is not a crime indeed but someone who preaches the world about great ideals of honesty and integrity through his weekly column (Naked World) should not have exposed himself by shamelessly appling for a site from the very powers that he denouces in his columns. If he really stood by the high (sometimes even low) ideals that seemingly espouses then he should have written a column for scrapping the provision for G category sites. Afterall, who is the chief minister to dole out the public property to men and women of his choice?

    And about Bhat… no doubtl his prolific writing abilities, his excellent PR skills, his capacity to be innovative were all great but he often displayed a very high-level of immaturity both in his writings and editorial decisions. …


  48. Sampangi Says:

    So now its complete: a newspaper with no Kannada touch to it, targeting “progressive” Kannada readers ..

  49. sunil Says:

    Off late VK was doing an aggressive Tirade against BJP Governament.
    (remember Halappas rape case )

    I am not sure if Bhat was behind this or not ?? or TOI mgt insisted on that.

    If he was, I believe this guy might join hands with Kumarswamy to start new news paper….. KASTURI news paper ….ha..ahaaa..haa..

  50. mounaprasad Says:

    Mr.Ravi Belagere,

    When you are at it, can you also please throw some light on your movable and immovable properties that you have made in Bengaluru and elsewhere to come clean, in such a short span of Hi Bangalore’s existence. Please do not tell us that you publish your accounts in Hi Bangalore every year…that is for the gullible and uninitiated. We are expecting something more serious from you. What was the reason for such stupendous earnings by a tabloid like yours…is it rollcall reporting..

    Thanks in advance.

  51. kunduraiah Says:

    ಭಟ್ಟರ ರಾಜೀನಾಮೆ ಮತ್ತು ರವಿ ಒಕ್ಕಣಿಕೆ- ಹಾಗಲಕಾಯಿಗೆ ಬೇವಿನಕಾಯಿ ಸಾಕ್ಷಿಯಂತಿದೆ. ಹಲ್ಕಟ್ ನನ್ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರವಿದು

  52. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Can churumuri write an article comparing the exit of two of its famous editors, Sri Santosh Kumar Gulvadi and Visheswar Bhat. It would give an insight into the values of news paper owners which are under public scrutiny thanks to Radiagate.

  53. Anand Says:

    Samyuktha karnataka kke Jai …………..Waiting for it to celebrate 100 years……………..Three Cheers to it ..

  54. RAGINI Says:


  55. ಆಸು ಹೆಗ್ಡೆ Says:

    @Bhamy V Shenoy:

    The two things are altogether different.

    It was rumoured that Late Santosh Kumar Gulvadi was sacked by VRL Group as the Editor of NUTANA on some financial issues.

    Though Gulvadi is appreciated for his contribution to the Kannada journalism as a Mumbai Reporter to Udayavani and Roopatara and later as the the editor of TARANGA, this NUTANA issue was indeed a blackspot in his profile.

    Now he left this world.

    Whereas V. Bhat’s unceremonious exit could in no way be compared to death of Gulvadi.

    We can expect a lot of contributions from Bhat in the days to come.

  56. Sanjeeva Says:

    Raviyavare! idaralli aane yaaru, shwaana yaaru? ……..

  57. paari paramaatma Says:

    Is Radhakrishna badthi too out of VK? His column is missing today…

  58. shas3n Says:

    Now Pratap Simha resigns too! But unlike ‘higher studies’ alibi, he has hinted at ‘something big’ Bhat and he intend to start.

  59. mounaprasad Says:

    >>Though Gulvadi is appreciated for his contribution to the Kannada journalism as a Mumbai Reporter to Udayavani and Roopatara and later as the the editor of TARANGA, this NUTANA issue was indeed a blackspot in his profile.>>

    Santosh Kumar Gulvadi was notorious for misappropriation, he was even sacked from Taranga for producing false bills to the company (Manipal Group) and later worked at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for some time.

  60. mounaprasad Says:

    Did anybody notice that RB has done his famous vanishing trick when asked pointed questions about his assets… much for fearless journalism, RB ishtyle.

  61. Radha ramana Says:

    Whatever you say V.Bhat is a total gentleman and a great journalist-editor. He proved it in Vijay Karnataka.

  62. A Janardan Says:

    Ravi Belagere is always behind this Pratap Simha. Why? If any body supported Gani Danis in Karnataka, it is Ravi Belagare.

  63. ranganatha Says:

    Pratap Simha says he will work only under V Bhat; also he says there is a BIG project in the pipeline! V Bhat and Ravi Belagere are closer to Reddy brothers. Pratap Simha has written a book against Reddy Brothers. Now, will V Bhat take Pratap Simha? Even if V Bhat and Ravi join Janashree, what happens to Pratap Simha?
    I request Pratap Simha not to shoot himself as he is just married; though he got a BDA site unashamedly without any ethical thoughts. I request him to disclose his assets before he shoots himself. Even if we take out bad mouthing by Ravi, will Pratap Simha’s cunning attitude gets an excuse? How these journalists take cover is really unthinkable.

  64. shishupal Says:

    Pratap Simha announced his resignation saying he can not work under any one other than Mr. Bhat and assured of returning to journalism with a bang. But Mr. Bhat says he will go to US for three years. Confusion..Confusion…Who is lier?
    Please enlighten

  65. scoop Says:

    All four are asked to resign…

  66. Cheddi Says:

    Thanks largely to the infighting and power equations among journalists, investigative journalism is now dead in Karnataka. In the midst of uninterrupted and unquestioned cabinet decisions worth crores, indiscriminately used discretionary powers and chronic temple pilgrimages, now I indeed have a most welcome breather! I am so happy to note that Journalism too is not free from the corruption malaise that I proudly represent.

    Until well known journalists like you join forces with that Bellary cartel and Janashree or team-up with Kumaranna, no force on earth (from WikiLeaks ro Radia Tapes to Nityananda’s confessions to Katta Jagadish Naidu and special deputy commissioner H Ramanjaneya’s stunning revelations to Lokayukta’s impotency to CBIs stealth Investigations) can dislodge me, my family and hardworking ministers from power!

    Rather than corruption, nepotism and kicks-backs which every ‘thief minister’ in the past practiced too, I sincerely hope the new journo’s in these newspapers will focus more on ‘participating’ in the goldmine from mushrooming pvt layouts, aerospace and mining, overnight hardware and software parks, BIAL, MSIL, KSRTC, new townships in Bommasandra, Mysore, Mangalore, benami factories in Peenya industrial area, Bidadi and Bikampadi industrial areas, as well as the star depts like KIADB, BDA and MUDA!

  67. ranganatha Says:

    Thanks for publishing my comment. Here is more:
    According to the information available, the issues of V Bhat’s BMW car worth Rs. 63 lakhs (?) and House worth Rs. 5 crores (?) came in the discussion and V Bhat could not give satisfactory explanations. Will V Bhat come up with a public note on his assets for the last FOUR years?
    Will Mr V Bhat enlighten us on his three year leave proposal for the higher studies? When is he leaving?
    If Mr V Bhat resigned following his decision to pursue higher studies, then why others including Pratap Simha should resign? Will they assist him in his higher studies? (Anyhow Pratap Simha’s oath permits him to do so).
    Writing on journalistic ethics is one thing and to follow is totally different.

  68. ranganatha Says:

    I wrote Pratap Simha to explain these things but could not get any response.
    1) How could CM allot a newly handicapped girl a BDA site which was given to Pratap Simha, just before her marriage to Pratap himself? Who introduced her to CM or how come CM understand her plight?
    2) Is G Quota allottment is eligible for cancellation and transfer to the to-be wife of the beneficiary? Is this the nationalism Pratap Simha argues in his columns?
    3) If he has surrendered the BDA site, then how come he accept the same allottment to his to-be wife? Is this not sheer napotism?

  69. Niranjan Hanchinal Says:

    Dear Bhat Sir

    All the best for ur new venture. We love you.

    Best Regards
    Niranjan hanchinal

  70. amygdala Says:

    VK berefit of VB,PS,Shadakshari,Tarun Sagarji,Ravi Belagere is just another daily.One can read any daily on net nowadays for news.
    VK was unique featurng articles by the above,which made it readable and very popular.Once again times group has succeeded in messing up with VK just like it did with Vijai Times.
    One hopes Jairaj’s and Taralabalu swami’s columns are retained and watch the progress of VK under Raghavan.

  71. shambhu nagnurmath Says:

    ravi belgere . kindly publish v bhat scandals in ur forth coming issues

  72. Anirudh Says:

    K. Jairaj’s Jaithra Yathre, is a unique opportunity the officer got to pat his own back and to praise SM Krishna whom he fell out with him, speaking against him while falling at Deve Gowda’s feet for the Commissioner’s post after his return from the US . It is said that K. Jairaj was accorded this unprecedented favour (never to any bureaucrat) only in return for his co-operation in setting up some benami mini power projects funded by some journalists.

  73. paari paramaatma Says:

    Remember what Basavanna said: “Follow my words, not me” … These guys are also doing the same … Others should follow what they say… But they dont follow…

  74. Raghu Says:

    Dear Ranganath,

    It’s nasty comments. Verify the facts about V.Bhat. As a VK staffer I know him very well. He owns Second hand Benz car 2002 model worth Rs. 7 lakh and he is struggling to complete his house worth may be 70-80 lakhs. Please don’t stretch your imagination regarding v.Bhat who built the paper and changed the course of Kannada Journalism. He will remain an icon and trend setter in Kannada.

  75. Deepak Says:

    hmmm yaava huthadalli yaava haavidyo devrige gothu.

    Before 15 years a man with Melkote bag wearing a very thin cotton kurtha and with a soda glass used to represent “Pathrikodyama”. But now everything has changed, Journalist are travelling in BMW to collect news.

    Corporate Pathrikodyamakke JAI :)

  76. Parasuraama Says:

    After Bhat,
    Radhakrishna Badthi
    resighned and more to follow
    from delhi, Bangalore, Hubli,Mangalore, Gangavathy …

  77. guruprasad Says:

    @all readers of this blog.. we know that resign of vishweshwar bhat has been a shocking news in the journalism world and also for the readers of vijaykarnataka paper. but some are using this for bad publicity against the people’s of VK itself . so i insist all to read the clarification given by the praratp simha regarding a tabloid news in his website before coming to a decision

  78. paari paramaatma Says:

    All Idiots against VB and PS,

    Please try to read latest ‘Duniya’ tabloid… You will get the answers..

  79. eeshwar Says:

    at last, times raised up to the occassion of maintainining its professionalism. rightist approach will get vanish from vk. the undue importance to some of kaavi clad wil favour one kaavi, he has gone out of his way even by misinterpreting at least 3 orders of highcourt orders and one supremecourt order. as a journo /as an elite editor he has overused vk. times made an eminent exit graciously. for times it is just a routine. with overtones and label of nepotism, favouritism, love of lust wil make vishu to find dificulty . a place in higher studies,in us wil be ideal place ,as the public memory is short.

  80. Karthikeya Says:

    I really hope Mr. Ravi Belagare comes back to this blog, reads accusations about him and gives satisfying answers. This man is really creepy!

  81. Tell Truth Says:

    Mr Belagere,

    u really prove to be opportunistic.We can’t believe u ,untill u answer following questions.
    Why don’t u come clean on your relations with bellary reddies?
    u write books on other mining companies but not on reddies?
    what about ur yellow journalism (writing favourable articles for money)?
    how can a person marry handicap girl for sake of property?

    Don’t follow Spit and run technique,as done by secular brigade.
    hoping some answers from u….

  82. Raghu Says:

    Rave Belagere has no moral rights to comment on Pratap. The whole world knows that Belagere is a wheeler-dealer and blackmail journalist. More than dozen police officers told me the corrupt practices of this so call great tabloid journalist. What is the contribution of Belagere to the society? Only negative contribution. He is a mean and cheap guy. He criticises Kumaraswamy for entering into a wedlock with Radhika and at the same time he marries Yashomati, his one time DTP operator. What a double standard? He is a third rate journalist.


    There is no comparison between V.Bhat and Belagere. Bhat is a class apart. He is a decent and thorough gentleman. He is basically non controversial. Many of his readers agree that he is non partisan. It was a treat to read vk when he was editing the paper.

  83. Raghu Says:

    Here is Pratap Simha’s repy to Mr Belagere Please do read. I was quite surprised after reading Ravi’s comments on Pratap. but after his clarification I still believe in Pratap

  84. ranganath Says:

    Dear Raghu
    Are you the chartered accountant of V Bhat to spell the market values of Car and House? If yes, then please provide full details of his income and expenditure for the past four years. Otherwise, dont comment with full of speculations. I have verified this from a very high source in TOI Mumbai. A close associate of V Bhat also concurs that the house must be valued between Rs. 3-5 crores. More over, itis for Mr V Bhat to clarify these with his own documents and not you.
    Now Pratap Simha has revealed that the so called honest minister sureshkumar got the MUDA site to him and later to his wife (even before the marriage). And Pratap also says it was V Bhat who suggeested to take the site in Arpita’s name (sic) and not in his name. This sounds very much like Chora Guru, Chandala Shishya! And it is better not to talk about sureshkumar, who has been writing in the same pages which Pratap Simha looked after. Does this need more linkages to prove the points?
    This is not imagination, but a presentation of visually seen facts. It is for both of them to come out clean by declaring their growth of assets for the last four years at least.

  85. arjun Says:

    the so called 4th pillar of democracy had cracked long back. It is just falling down now. Hope we continue to get the service of these esteemed journalists.

  86. Anant Says:

    If Vishweshwar Bhat has been supporting Pratap Simha, definitely ps is not at fault. I have confindence in vb. Ravi belagere is targetting ps bcoz, he had been exposed by ps earlier.

  87. Girish Says:

    I agree with Raghu.This ravi belagere has reached the end of his glory.Thats he is getting frustated and doing all these immature activities.We are all carried away by his glorifying love concepts which remained just theoritical now.He is leading a two faced life.Let him learn a lesson to live the life the way he writes…It is high time that you behave matured otherwise your paper will go down in no time..All bullshit things no reality in what you write.u say u r a great fan of osho.First thing osho says is be authetic..So u fail in the first step itself..Wrting articles with colourfull words will not stay long unless there is a is better u realize early and stop these stupid game of blaming others.

  88. prakashchandra Says:


  89. Abhi Says:

    Pratap Simha’s clarifications, unlike his rantings in VK, are convincing.

  90. mounaprasad Says:


    It was an excellent reposte by Pratap to this Ravi Belagere;)

    History repeats itself…Ravi Belagere did this same thing to P Lankesh and exposed him when he started his weekly tabloid….hi Bangalore…now others are exposing Ravi Belagere’s misdeeds and his roll call reporting…I once had the misfortune of meeting this moron RB and he came across as a very intellectually dishonest guy who will do anything for money.

  91. Sandeep Says:

    Bad time started for VK.. I stopped buying VK paper. I was reading VK only for Pratap,Bhat.

  92. Parasuraama Says:

    @ raghu , How and why ? pls explain

  93. ravi belagere Says:

    hi all,
    there is no vanishing trick or magic band. anybody is welcome to my office to check my property records, bank accounts, business dealings, vehicles and the other valuable material that i possess. my tax records can be checked by anybody. i am surprised, people ask ‘how one can get attested records from MUDA and HUDA. the right to information act allows any person to reach any record in any government office. just spend 10 rupees and get the necessary records. I stand by all the allegations that i have leveled against Pratapa Simha in my earlier mail. I have nothing to comment on Vishweshwar Bhat’s earning, property etc,

    The latest news is that one Yathiraj, chief reporter and group head at Hubli for Vijayakarnataka has resigned. He faced terrible allegations of swindling and blackmail. Prathapa Simha, Yathiraj and the gang are exposed by the BJP,RSS boys helping the press to investigate into thier misdeeds when this gang was busy preaching CHAL,CHALAN AND CHAARITRA the contents of Modi text book. Modi’s Jurisprudence?

  94. Deepak Says:


    One can see Ravi BeLgere’s frustrations towards Pratap in his column “VEVVEVVE” in each edition of Hi Bangalore. One who reads Hi Bangalore from years will know Ravi’s weakness. Once he finds a person is against him in terms of intellectually or personally, Ravi will start targetting that person using this “VEVVEVVE” and “KELI” colum. He has targetted Pratap in many editions indirectly using the word SIMMA.

    1 month ago, he wrote in Khasbath that he has some differences with Suvarna Ranganath. As expected, in the next edition, Ranganth was found in Ravi’s kindling columns.
    With Increased influence of Pratap in VK and increase in people’s response to “Bethale Jagathu” Ravi is trying to curb Pratap in this way.

    @ Ravi,

    Hope u wont continue such Sadistic journalism in future.

  95. guru zee Says:

    Mr. Ravi B,

    Simple Questions –
    1. Latest issue of “duniya” tabloid carries PS’s clarification. Can you refute that point by point? PS sounds convincing in his reply and yours and your reporters story do not hold water now – no matter if you still stand by your allegation!

    2. Don’t play with words – only newbies to journo will believe your cock and bull story of amassing property with “shuddha baravaNige” & “pustaka prakashana” – that will not buy argument!! Simple question – what is current market valuation of your movable and immovable assets? 10 cr? 100cr? come clean first! People are wise enough NOT to believe your yearly affidavit rituals!!

    3. When people and papers are talking about your second wife and other unethical things you conveniently forget to answer those questions instead touch on RTI and MUDA ;-) wise chap? or Selective Amnesia?

    Disclaimer : I have stopped reading Hi Bangalore long back – did not find content worth rupee spent on that paper!

  96. Sanjeeva Says:

    1. Pari! Where can I get Duniya? I have never seen such a tabloid in the bookstalls.

    2. Belegere sir, I know thousands of people (including me) have respects for your writings. But targeting PS as if there is some bitter personal enemity against him is somewhat strange. I neither follow him nor am I a fan of him, except sometimes tending to agree to his viewpoints in his writings. But using cheap language against a fellow journalist/writer is ugly.

  97. Deepak Says:

    Here is the one more version of story behind VB resignation.

  98. Anirudh Says:

    I must say something here. Ravi Belagere never claimed to be a saint. In his own columns he has been self effacing and to an extent he has written everything about himself. From his drinking to his interest in women to every weakness of his.

    This V Bhatta always posed as a saint while quietly working against his enemies and in some cases even using his ‘disciples’ to write against them. Pratapa Simha has used the most vulgar expressions to justify his case in reply to RB’s allegations and foul language. If anyone reads Duniya story one should put it away in disgust…. He indeed has responded in a way behooving of his great Hindu culture.

    Even if we don’t know the exact value of V Bhat’s properties, is there a way V Bhat can explain his numerous foreign trips? It is said that this year alone V Bhat was abroad for over 40 days (needs to be verified). Who funded all those trips? There was only one foreign trip that was funded by the TOI, while nobody knows how the other trips were paid for.

    V Bhat has always been a pretender, a man who is a wolf in a sheep’s garb. He suffers from irrepressible jealousy and malice. And he enjoys his own quiet machinations and comes out unscathed because he never gets involved directly.

    RB has been direct, maybe a loafer and lecher, but nothing is new about him to Kannadigas and his readers. He has always been like this and he will always be this way. He has supported different people at different times, like a true democrat. Nobody expects the VK language in tabloid.

    This is not the first time he has criticised and written badly about someone. Why only PS should be special? P Simha is a conceited, self possessed fool. He is carried away by the adulation he gets from the immature youth who are waiting to be provoked and titillated.
    RB is no Saint but PS is no less evil and VB is a confirmed moral hermaphrodite.

  99. BakaSura Says:

    @ Ravi Belagere…

    Mr… You argue to call bhadthi as ‘jala patrakarta’…. But since you write only shit and things on shit, can we call you as ‘mala patrakarta’…. Whats the need to ask you?? You are the “MALA PATRAKARTHA..”


    @Mr.Belagere your hate and love towards a person depends on whether they fulfill your demands or not.Just take the case of Mr.HDK & Shobha, you
    wanted playground for your private school kids free of cost,when both of them turned down your demand you started smear campaign against them.

    I have nothing to comment on Vishweshwar Bhat’s earning, property etc,:Why not ?Why this kind of double standard.Caesar”r wife must be above suspicion.

  101. BakaSura Says:

    @ Sanjeeva

    Sanjeevuu, you can find Duniya Tabloid in the same stores where you find Hi Bangalore.. But you might have not found it because it gets sold out much earlier than Hi Bangalore.. One more reason is Ravi Belagere purchases and hides Duniya in lots since it shows light on Ravi Belagere’s hidden ‘movable’ and immovable properties ….

  102. parvateesha Says:


    the primafacia around mr. bhat’s resignation has revealed huge

    amounts of breach of trust. Apart from

    this mr Bhat’s exit is a great relief to kannada media because

    being the market leader vijaya karnataka {under bhat}

    tried its best to promote right wing extremism and at the same time

    cornered other dailies to loose their focus-integrity. For any daily

    fighting for market share and monopoly is a different deal. but

    vk had no ethics.i hope TOI managers will try to give a facelift to

    vk.. but no sorry if they fail

  103. mounaprasad Says:

    Ravi Belagere,

    That was very sweet of you to invite everybody to YOUR office to show YOUR income tax return statements and property details…choo chweet…allelle kalla…read the reposte that PS has posted on his blogsite to your drivel in your rag and try to respond to that point by point..BTW was Y not one of your employees in the past…I remember seeing her photo long back when you introduced your staff to us all…tch tch what a shame…so much for your professing a heatlhy family relation to every body and their uncle..not that it matters who you marry and how many times…but do remember the saying ‘Preach what you practice’. I really feel sorry for those poor kids who study in the school run by you…what a role model they have to follow :(

  104. shankar Says:

    belagere , who is also a grandfather now continues to write love letters to 22 year old girl, less than half his age & younger than his daughters !


    I feel sorry that Bhat is quitting VK and I cannot imagine how these two can be separated.I was introduced to VK by my Prof. Gopala Rao about four years or more and my first paper to read in the morning is VK out of eight papers that i read from title to the last item of the page.Many people call me crazy as I devote two hours for this passion.I started liking VK and regularly share with my professor who is now 83 years young.Once he said that we should meet him and with great difficulty i took my professor to him.I appreciated his approach and felt happy meeting him.
    The most important thing I told him was that if there is lifetime subsciption for VK I would like to take that and he just smiled.
    I am happy to note his next plans of taking sabbatical and I am sure it will be highly fruitful.
    Both me and my professor have subscribed to VK with Bhat and it is difficult to get used to VK without Bhat

  106. Ranganath Says:

    My other comments are blocked. Anyway, it is your wish to do so. It is my wish to comment again!!
    Pratap Simha has taken out his detailed 3 page interview given to a tabloid and re-published in his website. Why? ANd see, unlike Churumuri, all comments in his website just bat for him…! How? Because this is a moderated forum.
    Why Ravi Belagere is hesitant to learn about assets of V Bhat is strange. When he can vouch for the honesty of V Bhat, why can’t we expect a fair statistical analysis of V Bhat’s assets? Why V Bhat is hesitant to announce his Financials for the last Four years?
    When there is a strong rumour that these fellows (including Yethiraj, who has supposedly resigned) were in fact told to put in their papers for want of legitimate response to the management’s queries on their assets, then we have every right to ask it. It may not be a legal necessity, but it is a social responsibility. Why can’t these preachers can’t declare their assets?

  107. Radha ramana Says:

    Kaleda aaru dinagalinda VK odalu aagtaa illa.
    VB illada VK, UB ginta kahi.

  108. Pratapkumar Says:

    Yaaru ene helali, VB is a great editor. He proved it. VK is the best paper till last week. VK will finish to raddi paper in two


    What will be the next move of VB along with pratap, Tyagaraj and Bhadti?
    Please tell us if you have any clue…

  109. Girish Says:

    Dont escape by answering the questions which makes u comfort.We want the answers regarding u having a second wife but preaching great love stories in hi bangalore which I madly followed till I got to know ur real face a year back.U think u r always right and every body else is wrong.not a good attitude.Every one knows about ur blackmailing and ur dark side by now…

  110. timmi Says:

    Hey, what is happening to kannada journlism? is this media meant to throw mud on one another, at the personal level? what are they trying to drive the message to the readers?

    Any common reader would enjoy the good articles in any paper be it Bhat, RB, PS in VK or any paper for that matter. By reading their articles regularly for many years, the readers would have created their own opinion on these columnists. But today when we see all these ‘kesarerachata’, our opinions are really shattered !! Sad to say this but true.

    My opinion on RB was that of a ‘sinner turned saint’ image. I had always admired him for his dare devil attitude of washing HIS dirty linen in public. But what’s happening today? Each one is giving a tough competition in washing OTHER’S dirty linen in public!!

    Hey RB & PS, will you pls stop this culture of “KESARERACHATA”?

    We want good articles from you all which stimulates our thinking, which will educate the mass. NOT THIS ANY MORE.


  111. Sanjeeva Says:

    After reading all these, only one thing comes to mind – WHOM TO TRUST IN THIS WORLD! In general, people never believed politicians, but there are still quite few who are good if not the best. People were wary and scared of bureaucrats and the police, but still there are quite a few here and there who carry good work silently. People believed judiciary. Judiciary betrayed. People believed, trusted and hoped that the great Fourth Estate will get the people a voice and rescue them. Now we are all seeing what is going on everywhere…….. WHOM TO TRUST in our country?! We can do only one thing. Read the newspapers just for news sake. Never read the columns. If at all we read, don’t take the columns or the columnist seriously. Read and forget it. Boycott everyone of them simply by not buying.

  112. manjunatha Says:

    finally i am not understanding what is going on here.
    i was not reading Papers and web for last 15 days because of my exams.when i back a lot was happened.
    in Facebook in twitter,in papers,in blogs,all are attacking on their opponents.
    and didn’t get a single reply from vishweshwara bhat here.
    i am confused.
    finally it is difficult to see vijaya karnataka without VB and PS

  113. Pratapkumar Says:

    What is VB’s move?

  114. Ramesh Naik Says:

    Whole episode has thrown light on depth of corruption in the field of journalism. After reading all these, I think many VK journalists are more corrupt than politicians. I donot know why mr. Ravi Belagere is silent on TV9 guys. Because already DH has exposed how one of its anchor got site from CM in the name of his father. Problem with all journalists is as most of them are corrupt, no one want to expose another.

  115. rajesh pai Says:

    ugly face of journalism is exposed. Thanks to RB, VB and PS

  116. Pratapkumar Says:

    Please do not make nasty comments on journalists. VK always active and remained anti establishment. VB and PS proved cautious while making unsavoury Allegations.

  117. deepak Says:

    can anyone tell me or send me the link where i can find out reply of pratap simha tp ravi belagere.

  118. ranganaatha Says:

    It is now removed from his website

  119. murali Says:

    VK has done well under Bhat,I dont know whether the articles were related to communal hatred or not.

    I am Fan of Bhat articles on sunday,thinking of cancelling VK now….

  120. Pratapkumar Says:

    I stopped reading VK since ten days. It’s sheer raddi.


    I miss u a lot. I know dat u r a reall star. spirit is always with u.Take it as a challenge. u may shine once again.


  122. devanna Says:

    myself is one of the senior reader of VK …now i stoped and changed to PRAJAVANI…..iam missing Mr. Bhat. requesting him to start one News Paper shortly with Mr. Ravi Belegere

  123. Pratapkumar Says:

    Let VB alone start a daily not tabloid. Whole of Karnataka will support him, no doubt

  124. twistleton Says:


    you’ll scare him speaking of spirits and all, why do you want the poor fellow to be haunted?? :D

  125. kumar Says:

    @ most all. V Bhat should start a daily with Ravi Belegere. We will supoort. They got lot of money. New project will cost just rs.250 crore only.

  126. shishupal Says:

    guys this weekz hi bangalore has answer for all our doubts
    Belegere this time exposed Mr. Bhat himself

  127. nalini Says:

    You have rightly written abt. RB. I too feel sorry for the kids studying at his school. He talks abt. how many packets of cigarettes he smokes a day, in his ‘bottom item’ advises people abt. morality.
    @guru zee,
    You are absolutely right. RB is very cunning and answered only what he wants to in this forum. Where are the answers for the rest of the questions you have raised? His second marriage, his love letter to 22 yr old, his sexual harrassment to numerous lady teachers at his school etc etc
    What a good observation. I too wondered why RB in ‘ve ve’ ‘keli’ etc writes in very cheap taste abt. Pratap, Shobha Karandlaje. He is jealous and can’t stand people who are popular. I enjoy watching Suvarna news just for Ranganath. He is really great. Now this idiot Belagere is after him. When will he stop this and start behaving like a true journalist. Like the ‘Duniya’ tabloid put it, he should go to Joida Forest he is so fond of and never return from there.

  128. sahana Says:

    Ravi exposed Bhat continuously for three consecutive weeks. try to read between lines. But, expose is very less. What is hidden by is much more. The karnataka media which report in length when policeman caught taking 100 rs as bribe but mum on some journalists, who amasses wealth more than a minister do in his long career…

  129. madhuri Says:

    Where can I find the article of Hi Bangalore on Pratap Simha on the net?

  130. mounaprasad Says:

    Madhuri, Try this website… There are
    several archival issues also which exposes RB.

  131. Pratapkumar Says:

    Please stop the unsavoury criticism against VB and PS. By
    criticising them, rb thoroughly exposed himself.

  132. apoorva Says:

    Agni Sridhar wrote about visheshwara bhats exit, its

  133. madhuri Says:

    Nice link Apoorva on Agni Sridha’s writing. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for providing that link.

  134. sheela Says:


  135. madhuri Says:

    @Sheela, I didn’t get it. I thought Agni Shreedhar is straight forward and honest. I like his way of writing. What do you mean by his willful wrong opinion? Would like to know, please.

  136. guruprasad Says:

    @all you can the writings and articles of vbhat in his website
    enjoy reading

  137. sheela Says:

    It was not Agni shridhar’s frank opinion. He willfully penned a piece against his conscious..

  138. timmi Says:

    thank you guruprasad for giving me bhat’s website.

    Hey folks, carry on with your “word wars” discussing about the same old stale topics….let me hook myself with bhat’s writings in


  139. Gayathri Says:

    VK is not interested to read now without Bhat and group.
    Directly u can sell it to raddi.

  140. krishna Says:

    So at last Bhatta gives it to Belagere:

  141. Murthy Says:

    Can some sane and media savvy person start a all Kannada media. Go out of karnataka and you just are left with churumuri.I heard a Telugu gaaru at Port Blair – a healthy mix of all south (as usual without Kannada sangha )and bengali population – saying Kannada was a mix of Telugu and Tamil. I wanted to extend that statement to tulu and malayalam as well but was not sure about his wisdom.

    We need an all encompassing Kannada media foregoing all egos immediately . media channels being nil outside karnataka , status of Karnatic!! music patented by Kongas and petty fights of these media idiots ( should I call them journalists)

    I see a sane Kannadiga outside India breathing swachcha Kannada even without any atmosphere. Can we ever create back atleast a shallow atmosphere?

  142. Nagachandra Gargish HS Says:

    Actually i am out of state from past 2 months, My coffee was always taken along with vk, but now it has become sugar less(v bhat) . hence i have all ready switch over to tea , but it is not as good as coffee.

    It is not a easy thing to start a new thing and bring it to the upstream with presence of giants in that field.
    Mr. V. bhat has achieved that. vk is the one paper which publishes bothe right and left articles at a time. is there any other dailies that will do?

    as for as concerned to media, i can say we are living in a environment like in Pakistan. if any thing written or talked with respect to pro nationalism or hindus, most of the people wil get itching.

    the main secret of vk(previous) or v Bhat is that it under stands the mind set of the people regarding the truths(pro nationalism).

    i am sure that the count down days has been all ready started for Mr Raghavan VK.


  143. Dr Hemant Says:

    Dear all readers,

    1.I was not knowing that politicians are better than journalists, Which is well exposed now.
    2.I know how VK become popular- By selling the paper to Rs 1.00
    3.The paper was very informative during VB period since few days I am feeling paper is not attracting readers.
    5.I also like writigs of PS&RB, wich should be continued in VK

  144. Ramesh K.S. Says:

    This is the link from Pratap Simha’s website.
    His and his editor’s greed reflect here..He says read V Bhat’s website to enrich knowledge..What a intelectual slavery?!
    Dear friends, our beloved editor Vishweshwar Bhat has started a website to reach out to his fans. Please use this opportunity to enrich ur knowledge.

  145. sahana Says:

    @ ramesh, to reach out six lakh fans..? Wonderful

  146. apoorva Says:

    Here is the first reaction about vishweshwara bhats website

  147. Pratapkumar Says:

    For the last 25 days VK is nothing but raddi paper. Short
    live Raddi Journalism!

  148. sheela Says:

    @ pratap, why you buying it ? why you buy against wishes of Times group ? They want reduction in circulation as a cost cutting measure..

  149. sheela Says:

    Process of Forgetting Vbhat..

  150. nagaratna rao Says:

    its horrible …….very bad happened with v all VK readers…….now no value for VK at all,Can anybody believe dat he can involve in such a scadnal,?……no he cannot….
    he was the power of a public…..
    Cant imagine VK withougt prathap simha sirs articles and vishveshwar sirs articles…..VK has got no life anymore…now if it has …got any life means its only bcoz of ‘paraagha sparsha’ article.
    sir v all r waiting for ur ahead step in journalism…..
    v all r all always with u
    wishing u all d best for ur ahead step …..

  151. sheela Says:

    SCANDAL…WHAT SCANDAL…Is it sin to build a palatial bungalow by an Editor ? buying BMW cars? why RB can only make money and file returns ? Why should not other editors ? I doubt missionaries ….Oohps

  152. Ananda NC Says:

    Everyday I was enjoying reading Vijaya Karnatak’s SPPORTHY, Vishveswar Bhatt column, Prathap Simha column, Shadaskashari Stories, Munushri Tharun Sagar Nagna Satya, Positivite Thinking and Rule call. This really changed my personality. No I lose all this and only found Junk topics. VK was playing a major role in changing India to developed country by inducing positive energy into the people’s mind. It is a great loss now and please let me know if these authors starting a new news paper …..

  153. vinod Says:

    Please protect the ethics of Journalism profession

  154. Amar B Says:

    I have been following V.Bhat’s articles from the past 4 years and never have I felt that he is biased. He has made comments even against radical hindu groups, saffronisation and dalit exploitaion. Its sad that people are only happy when the dark sides of hindu system is exposed and equally sad when dark sides of other religious system and mindset of current day politicians are exposed. He may have gone carried away with his viewpoints but he was never a one ideology biased being. I believe all true secular socialist people of the state share the same viewpoint as me.

  155. sheela Says:

    @ AMAR,

  156. sheela Says:

  157. Yashaskara Says:

    A very sad news. I really miss him in my life. Bhat sir, when and how will you come back? I am waiting for uuuu…

  158. Sanjeev Says:

    It is very sad that Vishveshwara Bhat’s and Pratap Sinha’s article are not there in Vijaya Karnataka Daily. I am fan of them since I started reading their articles in VK. They simply wrote the plain/bitter truth in their articles. And did not appease any one community like other dailies do….

    I am eagerly waiting for them to join or start a another daily…
    My well wishes and prayers to them…

  159. sunil R.N Says:

    i just follow my dearest friend ravi belagere s words .there s no other wordsd to say about this kind of loss for Mr Bhat .



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